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Author Topic:  this must be the place ~ erika  (Read 757 times)

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this must be the place ~ erika
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:34:41 AM »
"And when I countered the infamously ancient protective curse revealing the door to where the tomb was located?" Sebastien Proulx lay his chin on the palm of his hand, cerulean eyes that were uncharacteristically hazy under the dim lit Cambodian hut studied his partner of the last two weeks, anticipating her argument. He and Erika Trickett had known each other through work for years and it was not their first trip together, but it was without a doubt one of their most entertaining. "Also, just the product of your leadership?" The Frenchman spoke in clear English through a mischievous smile.

He and Erika had spent the last fortnite exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, on location for Gringotts. Although the two of them worked for different branches of the bank, it was not unsual that they were paired up together for missions that required senior level experience. Every time though, through the constant banter, they always managed to complete their mission. And  then some. In this case, that came to the tune of a whole room filled with precious jewels, long thought to have been lost forever.

Sebastien took another sip of the warm liquid from the tin cup that had been provided to the cursebreakers upon their arrival to the small local bar. The establishment was more of a hut than a bar, hidden among the vines and stone and protected from the night rain shower that had shown up unannounced. There was no menu, and instead they were treated to whatever the owner had prepared for them and the few other locals around them.

"Any idea what it is?" He picked up the small reddish piece of food and gave it once over before holding up to Erika to inspect.  If anyone was going to have a clue what the mystery food was, it was Erika Trickett. The woman had seen and done it all as far as Seb was concerned. She was fearless in her pursuit of adventure, and although he was jealous that she was the one that stumbled upon their bonus treasure, he ultimately had nothing but respect for her. Sebastien popped the surprisingly sweet round morsel into his mouth, his lips contorting in surprise.

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Re: this must be the place ~ erika
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