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slow show [all years]
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:42:32 AM »
It was too early for this. Anything before noon was too early. How long did she need to work here before they would take her preferred schedule into consideration? Fflur squinted into the morning sun, still far too bright even through her tinted lenses. It had stopped snowing, but the blanket of fresh powder was bright white and only making the sun that much worse. She had made the first few lessons back after the break indoor ones, but there was only so much quidditch trivia and flying maneuvers one could cover in a classroom. They needed to fly.

She straightened out her robes as she stood on the edge of the quidditch pitch, brown eyes narrowed as she watched her students approaching. Why they didn’t just fly down to the pitch was beyond her, but she really didn’t want to encourage anyone to attend her class. That would only create more work for her.

"Get your brooms. Line up," she said once enough students were within shouting range. “When I call on you, go get one of those ribbons.” She pointed up and across the pitch toward the far goalposts, where she had tied large ribbons the night before. “Beginners over here,” she pointed to her far left, “Intermediate just there,” she motioned to where the students were currently standing, “And experts,” she pointed to her right. “Choose wisely because you’re locked into your choice.” She waited a beat before adding, “Hop to it.”

Fflur enjoyed letting the students decide how good at flying they thought they were; by now the smarter students should have figured out that the expert tasks were far more involved than the other levels. It was just one way she liked to remind her students that they weren’t as good as they thought they were.

“You’re up.” She pointed at a student at random, locking eyes to let them know they had been chosen. Beginners were going to be flying without obstacles. The intermediate flyers would be flying with only their weak hand (and she knew by now who was right- and left-handed thanks to all those quidditch drills) and dodging a bludger Fflur would be controlling with her wand -- no need to exert herself with a beater’s bat. And the experts? The experts would be fetching the ribbon and dodging the bludger while blindfolded, which she would fasten once they had mounted their brooms.

Should be fun.

[[ ooc: don’t wait for me to call on you, just go ahead and say fflur called on your kid. feel free to successfully dodge the bludger or not, i (and fflur) don’t mind injured students. however, fflur will not be aiming to give anyone a head injury at any point so please don't do that. it’s a fun elective class, have fun! if you have any other questions please pm [member=23692]Christine[/member] ]]

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Re: slow show [all years]
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          Carey had enrolled in Flying AGAIN to fly. You know, get some practice for the quidditch team. Although he did not make it this year, if he practiced regularly, then he was sure to make it one of the upcoming 5 years of school. But in order to practice one has to… you know, PRATICE FLYING! Deesh. Bad weather … does not stopped real quidditch players. They had been stuck in doors to long. He was on the verge of canceling the class.

           A fist year was practically bouncing next to him. They turned to him and asked if he was excited.

          “What? No.” He saw his young friends face fall. “Well, you know, I been waiting to get out forever. I mean, quidditch trivia and indoor flying maneuvers are um…. nifty and all. But the open skies are where wizards are meant to be.” Merlin’s beard, what was wrong with him, he sounded like a holiday gram. Thank Gryffindor’s sword, his other friends ahead of them and did not hear him. They would have been repeating him for a week.

          The Field opened up, and their teacher stood at one end. Fflur was looking like his sisters did during an early morning family outing after a night out with friends. Suddenly, she started baring orders. The first years and other bloomless students grabbed their school brooms, while Carey and a few of the upper-class man that had brought their own fall into lines then chose the right side. Some stayed and your youngest usually went left.
          Compared to everyone here Carey considered he was just about even with the top. I mean he was young and he lacked precision but he had speed. You have to compete against the best to learn. He mounted his broom ready. The goal seemed easy enough. Fly to the flag on the goal post, grab it and fly back. Where was the challenge?

          The Beginners did gawk at the height. I mean honestly, how would any of them ever expect to fly anywhere?

          When the she then called on an intermediate and told him to fly with his non-dominate hand and dodge a bludger. Carey started to get interested. He watched the kid jerk and fly like the broom had a mild curse. The only saving grace was the kid over reacted and practically grounded himself when he dodged the bludger. 

          After a few flyers Carey was called out of the expert group. She stopped him before he took off and ties a blind fold on him. Carey took a second to a just it, as he did so a friend called out that a bludger headed strait for him. Carey kick off and launched himself into the air. Arching away from what he hoped was the bludger, that he felt shortly after brush his face.

“Bloody! What was she trying to do, kill her students off!”

          Carey attempted to adjust his blind fold allowing a sliver of light to see, while changing course. He heard someone yell something down below. He pulled the handle up and the bulger just barely missed his broom. He was going to get his Broom BROKEN! Orientating himself though the crack in his mask he made a v-line to the ribbon. The faster he gets it the more likely he will save his broom. Something hits him hard in the middle of this back. He almost fell ass over tea kettle off his broom. A series of cuss words streamed out of his mouth. Barely holding on he tried to swing his legs over his broom barely missing the bludger again. “Screw this!” he swings on to him broom and rips off his mask.

           He sees the bludger stop mid arc and aim for his face. “SHHH….” Carey takes off. The bugler seemingly possessed, gains on him and he notices he is just about to run into the goal post.  He just barley slows down before he hits the Goal post ring with his stomach. He tried to swing his broom a way with one hand and grab a flag with the other. Now hanging on the goal post like he was a kid swinging on a swing with his belly. The bludger just barely missed his head as he lowers it to prevent himself from falling off.  The bludger is in front of him. He sees it turn, timing it he pushes off the goal ring, gets the broom under him and pulls up like him life depended on it. In the air he gripped the handle with two hand the dark ribbon flutters between his fingers and the staff. He zig-zags like mad back to the class and the his crazy teacher. The bludger brushes/bounces off his shoulder but it hurts and almost knocked him into the ground. He gets to his classmates and dismounts to them yelling. It is only when he lands does he hear them saying… he had the blindfold in his hand NOT THE RIBBON.
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Re: slow show [all years]
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Blinking stupidly in the brilliant January sunlight, Keela made her way out onto the Pitch, her boots crunching in the freshly-fallen snow as her trusty Cleansweep Eleven swayed gently over her shoulder. To her left she spotted Carey Baisley in her peripheral vision and gave the younger boy a friendly wave, but didn’t stick around to chat. The kid certainly had energy and a decent degree of dexterity when it came to Quidditch, but still had plenty to work on as well; though, as only a Second Year, he had plenty of time to improve. Her stomach gave a strange sort of lurch when she remembered – again – that she wouldn’t be around next year to make that decision. It still felt surreal, and she wasn’t even graduated yet.

Letting out a long, slow breath, the former Prefect slowed to a stop with the rest of her classmates and waited for further instruction. Professor Blevins started calling out the groups shortly thereafter, and Keela drifted off to the far right while the ‘intermediate’ group was still being delineated. As the Gryffindor Captain and a Seventh Year, to boot, she could hardly place herself in anything but the ‘expert’ group; not only would Professor Blevins likely call her out on it, but the youngest Doyle would rather slightly overestimate her capabilities and give herself a bit of a challenge than undercut an opportunity. If she’d learned anything over the past couple of years, it was how to shelve at least some of her pride and recognize that one could always improve in some way.
Never mind that she wasn’t yet sure what the ‘expert-level’ challenge entailed… it was always a bit of a wildcard with the Flying professor.

Two minutes later, she couldn’t say she was disappointed. Squinting quickly became unnecessary as a blindfold was snugly secured, and she had one last fleeting glance at her target before all went dark; though she could still see her target – a fat orange ribbon – fluttering in her mind’s eye. From the few minutes she’d had to map out her route, Keela figured it would take her somewhere between ten and fifteen seconds to get there at her casual cruising speed. She had no idea what actual numerical speed that was, but she knew the pace by feel. She’d also need to drift a little ways to the left… but not too much, or she’d overshoot. It was tied at approximately the four-o’clock position on the middle goalpost, so a slow ascent should put her right on target. It was the height at which she typically started, and so hopefully with her sight gone she would be able to ‘feel’ when she was in the right spot.
Because getting there and back was the least of her problems; she’d also need to dodge a Bludger, not deflect one like she’d trained to do for the better part of the past six years at least. This also meant she couldn’t stray far from her pre-planned course, or else she’d never find her way there or back. The tentative plan was to fly straight for as long as possible and mix in some barrel-rolls when she felt she needed to. In game situations, sometimes she could swear she ‘felt’ the Bludger coming before she actually saw it… but this was a different environment. Hopefully her instincts would be good enough.

The wind was in her face, she noted, so as long as it didn’t decide to change direction she could use that as another means to stay oriented. Despite the chill of the day, her palms had begun to sweat slightly with anticipation as she waited for her professor’s signal. When it came she kicked off firmly from the ground, trying desperately to ignore the sensation of the bottom dropping out of her stomach. It was amazing how heavily vision played into balance.

‘… four… five… six…’
She was maybe halfway to the posts when a tell-tale whistling noise sounded behind her. It was coming from her left, that much she could discern… but was it coming in from above? Up from below? She hadn’t the slightest idea, and with no bat to defend herself in her blinded state she had less than a second to pick something and act.
Sucking in a sharp breath, she yanked sharply upward on her broom handle – and felt the ripple of air on her pant leg as the Bludger zipped past her ankle. She’d guessed right… this time. Hands trembling slightly with adrenaline, she realized in a moment of wild panic that the distraction had made her lose count. How much further until the goalposts? She also needed to drop back down – but how far had she ascended just now? Adrenaline and reflex had clouded her judgement; now she was truly flying blind.

Muttering darkly under her breath, she flew at pace for another few seconds, descending slightly as she did so, and had no choice but to extend an arm and try to feel for the hoop before she collided with it. Keela didn’t think she’d deviated to the side during the proceedings – no, the wind still felt the same – so with any luck she would just… run into the goalpost.
And she did.
Her left forearm collided with the post instead of the hoop, which told her she’d dropped back down too far. Realizing she probably didn’t have much time until the Bludger made another pass, she quickly walked her hands up the post and followed the ring outward, snatching up the first ribbon she felt – even though it probably wasn’t the one she’d initially set her sights on, which elicited a flicker of disappointment in the Gryffindor Captain, but that was water under the bridge now. It belatedly occurred to her that she wasn’t sure if she had to return to her exact original starting point or not, and the few seconds she spend deliberating and not moving at full speed back to the line cost her. She heard the whistling approach of the Bludger all too late, and before she could react there was a sickening crunch in the region of her left elbow, closely followed by a wave of stomach-curling pain that spread from the point of impact clear down to her fingertips like molten lead. The fingers on her left hand went slack, and the first conscious thought was the ridiculous notion that she’d had the foresight to transfer the ribbon to her other hand.

Keela barely bit back a shriek, reflexively pulling her left arm in and taking off like a shot to avoid being a sitting duck any longer, never mind that she couldn’t see where she was going. She was high enough off the ground that she wouldn’t risk bowling anyone over. She was going to finish this task as it was meant to be done, damn it.
She almost made it.
After perhaps six seconds of breakneck speed, she caved and tore off her blindfold with her uninjured arm and made like hell for the ground. Her head was spinning dangerously, and as she touched down she prayed she wouldn’t teeter over right then and there. Or puke. She’d broken her nose once or twice, sprained her wrist, dislocated a pinkie… but had never broken a major bone before. It was considerably more painful than she’d imagined. Lancets of white-hot pain shot down her forearm with every footfall, despite the thick cushion of snow (and the fact that she was cradling her arm like it was her firstborn child); it was all she could do not to gasp aloud.

“Professor,” she called out as calmly as possible as she approached. “I… might’ve broken my arm. Permission to nip up to the Hospital Wing? I can be back soon as it’s fixed.”
It wasn’t meant to be a self-promoting or show-off statement; she was completely serious about returning for the remainder of the lesson. Things were coming down to the wire for Keela: graduation was less than five months away, and she wanted to make it in the League. Skipping out on any opportunity for additional flying or to try new drills – no matter how strange or unconventional… or dangerous? – was simply not an option for the seventeen-year-old.

A wave of nausea rolled over her, and she swayed slightly on the spot. Merlin, let her not spew her breakfast for all to see…
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Re: slow show [all years]
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          “I am fine. I am fine.” Carey said dismissing a friend concerns, before flopping down to lay in a fresh patch of white snow to catch his breath. He made it all the way to the post and back and did not grab a ribbon. How could he have mistaken the blindfold for the ribbon? His neck and cheeks felt hot with embarrassment and shame. This dumb task was insane. He told himself. I was lucky he did not have to go immediately to the Hospital Wing. Still, he was pissed he could not keep the blind old on the whole time and he did not even grab the ribbon. Carey let out a long sigh. Well, at least the snow felt good on my back. Carey rechecked his body.  His back seemed okay. It was a blunt hit, on a lot of surface area of his back while the was moving the same direction. So, that hit mostly knocked the wind out of him and well he did almost fall of his broom. While his right shoulder… He rotated in circle in front of his chest, his shoulder was very sore. Hopefully it will just sport a massive bruise. 

          The next classmate was called. Carey tried to lift his head to see the flyer. Keela Doyle, the Gryffindor Quidditch co-Captain was tying on the blind fold. This was going to be interesting. Carey tried to sit up. His back protested. He used his left arm and reached for a friend hand, to help pull him up so he can watch.

          Keela seemed focused, and calculative. She was on target the whole time, and somehow, she could sense the bludger nearing her. When she grabbed the first ribbon totally blindfolded everyone cheered! Just bloody Brilliant! No wonder she was Co-Captain!  Unfortunately, the bludger got her on the way back. The crack was just sharp enough to hear above the classes shouts and cheers.  That did not sound good. Still she handled it like a pro, she tucked her arm in and stuck the landing. It was only when she took the blindfold off that he got a notion of just how bad it was. Her face was pale.  “Bollocks.”

          Carey made his way to her and the Professer. He made the mistake of trying to use his right arm to push through the thrilled, circling crowd. A pain shot throw his shoulder. When he got through, Keela looked even worse than he first thought.

          “I’ll escort her, Professor.” He said chivalrously without thinking. He was planning to watch the rest of the attempts and pick up some new flying techniques or find a better strategy for a second attempt. But he could not, not now. Not when she was barely looking like she could stumble back to the castle. “I’ll come right back.” He said more to himself. He stepped up to her right and tried to stable her with his left arm. He was a head shorter then her. He had to use all his weight and his good shoulder to keep her balanced.  Thank Merlin, that it was the opposite shoulder than the one that was bugging him, otherwise they would make an invalid pair.
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Re: slow show [all years]
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It was a beautiful morning wasted on a pointless class. Well, pointless for Reina since she would never ever ride a broom if she had any say in it and there were other alternatives. She dragged her feet all the way from the castle to the quidditch pitch, her whole demeanor screaming, ‘I don’t want to do this!’ She hovered behind her classmates and uncharacteristically tried to appear as small as she could so that she wouldn’t be chosen to fly so soon. Reina was a confident girl but when it comes to flying, that confidence flies out of the window. She listened to the instructions while looking at the ground, focused on attempting to make a shallow hole in the snow with her shoes.

Her head snapped up when she noticed the other shoes in her peripheral vision had moved away and quickly joined one of the lines that was formed. Reina squinted her eyes in an attempt to see what the professor was pointing at and only saw the goalposts, giving up trying to see the ribbon due to the sun’s glare. That was considered as far for her. She had hoped that it’ll be something easier, nearer and closer to the ground. Not… not what they were supposed to do now. When they were told to move into their skill level groups, Reina quickly scrambled to the professor’s far left, not wanting to be stuck in a high-level group. When she noticed that most of her classmates were holding a broom, she doubled back and grabbed one of the school brooms, hugging the handle close and ignoring the way the bristles were poking her legs. She had more pressing problems to worry about such as how she was going to survive the class!

Reina hugged the broom a little tighter when she watched what the Griffiebor boy had to go through. That boy was in the expert group, right? The professor would not put a bunch of beginners through that, yeah? It was without a doubt rather comical that the boy had the blindfold in his hand rather than the ribbon but after seeing him dangling on the goal post and the blubber sort of hitting him near the end, she didn’t have it in her to even crack a smile. The horrified expression would be a permanent fixture on her face throughout the class. What happened to the older Griffiebor girl didn’t alleviate her concerns about flying on a broomstick at all. Reina was slowly moving to the far edge of the beginner group, shoulders hunched and head bowed in hopes that the professor won’t notice her. She even went as far as ducking behind the student in front of her, ignoring the weird looks that she was getting and the way the broom’s bristles were scratching her legs. She wondered if she could escape the class while the professor was busy with the Griffiebors. She was soo engrossed in trying to escape the professor’s notice that she ended up slipping and falling onto the snowy ground with a single, loud yelp escaping her lips and alerting the others of her presence.

Because of that fall, Reina was now standing at the starting point with her cheeks puffed up in both displeasure and embarrassment.  Reina gripped her mounted broom’s handle tight as she kicked off the ground and squeaked as her broom suddenly lurched forward. “No! No no no no no stop this thing!!” She shrieked out as it began to move erratically. How did people even control this stupid thing soo effortlessly?! She tugged on the broom’s handle and it suddenly did a nosedive before swerving right before impact. “Stop it, stop this! Please behave, you stupid broom!” Reina hit the handle with one hand and as a result, she was flung off the broom and landed on the snowy ground before she rolled a few metres away from it and stopped near the base of the goalpost in a spray of white snow.

“Ow, fresh snow is not as soft as it seems,” she winced as she tried to gain her bearings while wiping the snow off her face, looking up at the goalpost. She could see something fluttering up high but she didn’t feel like riding that death contraption anymore. Speaking of which…

Once she felt less disoriented, Reina stood up and stalked over to the broom. “Stupid broom! I’m never gonna ride you or any other broom ever again!!” She vented out her anger on it by stomping on the broom before kicking it and walking away. Remembering that it wasn’t her broom, she grabbed it with an angry huff and dragged it as she stomped her way back to the professor and where her classmates were gathered. She was really thankful that she was flying low before the broom launched her off of it like some raging animal who didn’t want to be rode. Never again… she’d rather fail the class than entrust her life on a stupid broom whose true purpose is to sweep the floors, not fly!

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Re: slow show [all years]
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Henry lifted a hand to his forehead to shade his eyes and blinked up at the sun. It was a bright, chilly day, the sort of air that it would sting to fly too fast in. Surely they could have waited at least until the snow was gone. He’d been looking forward to having practical lessons again—Professor Blevins was fun to listen to sometimes, with her tendency to go on tangents and lack of a professional veneer, but flying would always be a more worthwhile use of time than talking about flying. Today, though, Henry was cold, and still sleepy, and had Herbology homework that he’d been hoping to finish surreptitiously during lecture. Resigning himself to more missing work, he picked up a broom and trooped across the pitch with the rest of the class. At least this period was a nice break from the school day. He took Flying just because it was fun and it didn’t matter.

It didn’t take any deliberation for Henry to align himself with the intermediate group. He’d been flying as long as he could remember and was competent enough, but he’d never really tried to improve or anything. He just liked to coast around his yard. As the class settled in their places, he looked over at the line of advanced flyers and raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t fathom the hubris it required to declare oneself an expert at anything. The longtime quidditch team members could get away with it, he guessed—he had seen @Keela Doyle move over to the group on his left. But there were some younger kids among the alleged experts. Henry didn’t doubt there were twelve-year-olds more capable than he was, but he was still surprised by their confidence.

He was near the front of his line, so he wasn’t surprised when he was the first of the intermediates called. Henry stepped up, looking toward the multicolored ribbons across the pitch. Before he mounted his broom, though, he was instructed to fly only with his weak hand. Henry glanced down at his right hand and opened and closed it a couple times. He’d tried to write with it before, when he was a kid, but he couldn’t recall ever being dumb enough to try relying on it to fly. His broom was wavering slightly as he climbed on and hovered. Carefully, Henry rose into the air, kicking his feet together a couple times to shake off the caked snow from his shoes.

Though perhaps a little slow and shaky, he at least found himself doing pretty well at staying on course. Henry looked up at his destination again, and then in his peripheral vision he realized Professor Blevins had gotten out a bludger. As it swooped over him he gasped and dropped heavily sideways. Bludgers were his least favorite part of quidditch—when playing it, anyway. Grumbling an oath, he righted himself. Now there was something else to focus on, which was the last thing he needed.

The bludger drifted around, seemingly biding its time. The professor must have been controlling it rather than just letting it go, or else it would truly be a nightmare. Henry knew it would come at him again, though. When he was almost to the goalpost he saw the ball start to speed his way again, and this time he was ready to dodge. Unfortunately, his right hand flung him toward the ground with a little too much force. Henry clung on to avoid tumbling over the front of the broom. He heard faint laughter from the students at the other end of the pitch as he rose back up again, and sighed. Well, they’ll have to do it next.

Finally he reached the post and untied a purple ribbon with his cold fingers. He returned with it and gratefully reassumed his place in the class. And then a kid was called up from the expert group. The professor produced a blindfold. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Henry mumbled to the person next to him.

It went about as well as one would expect. Professor Blevins seemed to be using this lesson to humble every one of them. He watched one of his younger housemates get banged about by the bludger and winced. Keela looked like she was managing to dodge a little more successfully until the ball collided with her arm at the goalposts. Henry looked around him to see if anyone else was feeling as incredulous as he was. Was Professor Blevins going to send the whole class to the hospital wing? Keela would be fine, of course, and this wouldn’t be the first time for her anyway—anyone who played quidditch had inevitably been injured in any number of ways. But even though bruises and breaks were easily fixed, no one liked receiving them.

Thankfully the bludger was put away for another beginner to fly. The young Slytherin girl, however, was not having a much better time. As soon as she took off she was shouting in panic, and it wasn’t long before she was in the snow. Henry bit his lip as he watched her angrily curse her broom. He wasn’t sure she’d look up, but he tried to make eye contact and give her a sympathetic smile. It was the right thing to do. He understood, after all, what it was like for a class to put your weaknesses on display.
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Re: slow show [all years]
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Despite the snow, it didn’t take long for Reina to reach her gathered classmates. The power of anger and good stamina! She shook her head to clear her thoughts (she thought she heard a small few talking about her but it might have just been her imagination), Reina took a deep breath and straightened her back as she proudly walked pass her classmates to resume her original spot before she was called to fly. She glared at the broom in her hand and felt super tempted to just throw it to the ground but decided against it for fear of getting into trouble – it was not even her broom to manhandle (not that she’d waste money on a flying broom. Brooms were for sweeping!). 

Reina looked up when she felt like she was being watched and caught the light brown gaze belonging to an older Griffiebor boy. His face looked familiar but then again, she did stay at the Griffiebor’s dorms during that whole nightmare so she might have crossed paths with him every now and then. She was taken aback by his smile and blinked stupidly at him as she rubbed the hand that was holding the broom. After her return from the holidays, she mostly kept to herself and while she didn’t necessarily try to make herself inconspicuous, she hasn’t been garnering the positive reactions no thanks to her careless words.

After some deliberation, she decided to return the smile. And instead of a bright looking smile, it looked like she was trying hard not to cry instead… which she wasn’t. Reina would never cry over something like embarrassing herself in front of her classmates. Not at all. She hoped that the class would end soon so that she could return to her room and maybe jog her stress away or something.

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Re: slow show [all years]
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In his first year Jari was one of the worst flyers, he was uncoordinated, unbalanced, and frankly afraid of his own shadow on the ground but things had changed quite a lot since his first year. The happy go lucky innocent Hufflepuff had been put through trials even some full grown wizards would never have to encounter. The gauntlet being the biggest of them. Jari felt like he had lived two separate lives really, there was everything before the beginning of term last year and everything after. He'd been forced to break his comfort zone, escape his bubble, and get brave in not much time and that made the challenge of flying seem less nerve wracking than it had only two short years ago. Sure he was still afraid of getting hurt but after he moved past that the third year had realized that Quidditch was just like a grand board game played with friends, basically, it was the best thing ever.

He went to flying lessons with more enthusiasm than ever and he was dedicated to learning the skill. He even had dreams of trying out for the house team, maybe next year, but he mostly kept those dreams to himself for now. He wan't miraculously good at flying but he was getting better and climbing the first obstacle of being scared had definitely sped up the learning process. He didn't get too far ahead of himself though, considering himself a beginner despite being a third year. Jari was a lot of things but he was never presumptuous. He was his own worst critic.

When it was his turn to go the Hufflepuff spent a good thirty seconds giving himself a less than silent pep talk before finally climbing into the skies and rushing for the ribbon. The bludger was going to come at him, he knew it after watching all of the students that came first, but that didn't make it any less scary. He swallowed hard, knuckles white and holding onto his broom tightly, as he saw the brown ball whizzing toward him. He heard the whistle of it first but as soon as his eyes locked onto it he nearly froze. It was coming fast. He wanted to move but his body was stuck. He was scared. He was going to get hurt. This was bad. And then out of no where his mind commanded his hands to tug on his broom, whether it was instinct or skill didn't matter as he moved out of the way just in time. His body was mere inches from the bludger as it blew past him. He felt the wind it generated and his heart beating in his chest as time seemed to slow.

After the death ball had passed he reached out for the ribbon and returned to the ground. His heart was thumping with the adrenaline and a surge of pride he was far from used to. He liked the feeling.

Thorson Pockesmith [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
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Thorson woke up excited. Well, waking up was not quite the term; since, due to the great anxiety of the next day, little or nothing actually slept. He spent the night thinking things like "it would even be possible to fly with a broom". or "what if I can not?" or "Many students will be there who have flown many times, and I have just begun."
Overall, he really liked anything that involved getting out of bed early in the morning.
Of course, the concept of amusement for Thorson always involved many books and some very quiet place; They were not, by far, his good point. By the way .... "flying on a broom is a sporting activity?" Thought the boy, curious. "Okay, if we're talking about Quidditch, yes, but in a more general way?"
90% of Thorson's thoughts invariably end in a question. This time it was no different.
Ever since he had entered the wizarding world, he had realized that most of the things Muggles think about the wizarding world is completely wrong.
But flying - and still on top of a broom - is the kind of activity that fits snugly within the vision that brings them over all that.
When he learned about this class a few weeks ago, he was euphoric but frustrated; they were classes on how to fly on a broom, but he simply did not have a broom, nor did he have the means to buy one.
But a few days later, he discovered that the school has a small collection of brooms, which are made available for students to take the class.
And then came the euphoria again.
Remembering that when we speak of Thorson, "euphoria" means only a few badly sleepless nights and a significant increase in the amount of books the boy would read. Nothing so apparent. Anyone who did not know the depth Thorosn could hardly say the whirl of thoughts that was in the head of the boyAnd finally the moment had arrived.
There he was, facing the funny-looking teacher.
Thorson's nervousness was getting to worrying levels, until the teacher separated all the beginners, putting them somewhere on her left.
For those who were just starting out, the goal was simply to fly, with no obstacles or major challenges.
Thorson was very happy when at the first command of his voice the broom came gently to meet with his outstretched hand.
And the second surprise of the class when he mounted under the object and managed to gently get off the ground, guiding the broom in a way safe and easy. logically taking into account to be an "ex-muggle"
For those who were just starting out, the goal was simply to fly, with no obstacles or major challenges.
Thorson was very happy when at the first command of his voice the broom came gently to meet with his outstretched hand.
And the second surprise of the class when he mounted under the object and managed to gently get off the ground, guiding the broom in a way safe and easy. logically taking into account to be an "ex-muggle"
and he thought, "Just look, finally something I can do without the help of 27 books!"
And he smiled, feeling a freedom and satisfaction with himself that he had seldom allowed himself to feel.

Fflur Blevins [ Board Mod ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
« Reply #9 on: April 28, 2018, 02:28:36 AM »
It's not that she wanted the children to fail -- and she only got the tiniest bit of enjoyment when they did -- but there should have been two, maybe three expert flyers in the school. Four, if Fflur was including herself in the count, which she was. Point was, she wasn't expecting much out of anyone, especially the blindfolded ones. It was a bit of an impractical exercise, but it was either this or sit in the classroom. Again.

Quidditch injuries were fixable.

Fflur didn't do much more than blink as students took off and came back, minus the small wand movements for the bludger. She wanted to be awarding points, but she also needed someone to earn them first. It took a few picks before there was a truly successful return with a ribbon, and she nodded as Murphy returned to the ground, ribbon in hand.

Baisley was no surprise. A second year 'expert' who didn't succeed in the task set out for him. Doyle was even less of a surprise, but in a much better way. She knew she was biased, but it was hard not to be -- former Gryffindor captain, current Gryffindor captain, who could blame her? She felt the slightest pang of regret in injuring the captain, but there was plenty of time between this class and the next match. "By all means, nip away." She held back a smile, knowing it could be mistaken as something other than just being pleased the girl had been successful at the task despite the injury. Then, as an afterthought to the second year's offer to escort the older girl to the hospital: "Suit yourself."

It was time for a Slytherin to fly. Again, she wasn't surprised, sighing and making a mental note to see if the girl cared about flying enough to want some help outside of class. The way she was kicking the broom didn't seem too promising, though. Soon, it was a Trickett's turn -- she couldn't remember which one -- and she offered another nod as he returned to the ground unscathed, ribbon in hand. And then there was a muggleborn first year, who Fflur couldn't help but root for.

She had exhausted her selection of students, had even less than she started with, though she had injured less than she had bargained for. "Right, so," she started again. "That's," she paused to do some quick mental math -- why hadn't she bothered to keep track of this as they went? -- "fifteen points for Gryffindor and ten for Hufflepuff." Her eyes scanned the crowd again. "Now that you're all warmed up, if you'd like a second go at it, feel free. Everyone else, we're going to run drills."

She explained the drills quickly, not giving too much explanation because they had done all of these exercises before. Essentially, they would be paired up and flying the length of the field, making quaffle passes as they went. She took a step back as the drill students set off and prepared her bludger for the students who decided they wanted to win a few more points for their House.

[[ +5 for Henry Murphy, +10 for Keela Doyle, +5 for Jari Trickett, +5 for Thorson Pockesmith ]]

[[ ooc note: please post your closer whenever you want-- thanks! ]]

Janne Trickett [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
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By the time Janne was called on, she was feeling more than a little apprehensive. Jari had joined the beginner group just like her, and she had accidentally bit through her cheek as she chewed on it in anxiety, watching him dodge a bludger. Maybe Professor Blevins had decided he needed a little bit of a challenge since he was already in his third year. When he touched back down on the ground with a ribbon, though, Janne clapped proudly, offering him a huge smile. Her older brother had managed to complete the task successfully even with the extra obstacle.

Janne mounted her broom and kicked off the hard ground, trying not to look down as her classmates shrank beneath her, faces turned up to watch her attempt. The first year had been on a broom a few times before coming to Hogwarts, and the drills she had practiced in Flying class had given her a bit more confidence, but she still lacked the fine motor control to manipulate her broom how she wanted to. Janne wouldn't have been bothered about becoming an expert flier (she found quidditch interesting enough but never felt any particular draw toward athletic competition) if it weren't for the fact that she was planning to go on quite a few trips with her brother once they graduated. She wanted to fly with the muggle space stations! The floating houses were beyond bizarre and she wanted to understand how they managed to stay in the sky.

After a few wobbly moments, Janne touched back down, no ribbon in hand. She had made it about fifteen feet up before starting to feel a bit queasy and heading back down. Still, she had gotten nearly all the way to the posts where the ribbons were still blowing innocently in the breeze. It wasn't a success, but it was progress.

When Professor Blevins announced that they could try again or pair off and practice drills, Janne tapped her brother on the shoulder. "Do you want to be my partner, Jari? Or do you think I should try again for the ribbon?"

Oighrig Jardine [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
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Ever since Jeremy graduated this girl found herself lacking nay true excitement in her schools days. He made every day more interesting for this boring studious girl. Still she couldn’t just sit a wallow in how much of an influence that man was on her life. She needed to go out and do things she never tried before and one of those things was quidditch. Oighrig had learned all about quidditch in her first few years of school, but she never found it interesting. In fact if she hadn’t wanted to try new things she probably would just ignore it some more, but no she needed to at least try her hand at it. What could it hurt learning a new skill anyways? Though she had to admit putting away her potion ingredients and books for a broom was a very weird sensation to the ravenclaw.

Making her way to the pitch in this early was something Oighrig would have to get used to. If it wasn’t for the harsh brightness of the sun they had the added effect of the snow reflecting said light. Being used to the crackling sounds of a fire in a dim room made it a bit hard for the avid reader’s eyes to adjust. Once she could stop blinking profusely she found herself looking around at the pitch. It was weird being on the field instead of the stands. Everything looked much different from this position. The looming stands almost made her feel a bit intimidated luckily they weren’t filled with people like most qudditch games were. She chuckled to herself as she took a deep breath to calm the sudden nerves that began to fill her lungs.

When she told them they would be separated by skill level Oighrig felt a bit dejected. Being that she was a sixth year she should at least be in the intermediate level group, but since she never really tried to fly a broom she had to move to the beginner group. She felt a bit ashamed to be with the group that consisted more of younger students. She stuck out like a sore thumb and even if no one was looking at her she felt some eyes on her. Looking over at Keela whom went to the expert level group she began to wonder if maybe she could ask for lessons from the lion before the year ended. She turned her attention back to the professor whom explained what they would be doing and she began to call on students.

It wasn’t long before Oighrig was called upon and the claw felt her nerves flare up again. She shook her head to get her mind back on track as she mounted the school broom she was borrowing.  Her grip was firm as she had read about and her legs were in position. She took one more breath, closed her eyes, and kicked off and felt her float in the air a few feet off the ground. When she opened them she was wondering how far up she was off the ground and looked down only to see her barely off the ground. “Great,” Oighrig said sarcastically to herself as she angled her broom up to fly higher. The higher she went the more she could feel the breeze of the air above the pitch. It was certainly a nice feeling. Her hair would dance upon the wind though she soon realized it would have probably been a good idea to put it up in a bun or ponytail as it was starting to get in her way a bit. “This isn’t going to end well?” she questioned herself as she flew around the pitch a bit more trying to get use to the control of the broom. It would slightly jerk every now and then as she would become unsure of where she should put her weight on the broom.

She eventually made her way to the goal post where the ribbon was tied waiting for her.  She gently flew towards the side of the pole and tried to untie the ribbon. She didn’t notice though as she was doing it that she had let go of her broom and was only holding onto it by her legs and she could feel herself sliding off it. She quickly gripped her hands back onto her broom, but she ended up flipping almost upside down in the process of it. Hanging on for dear life she tried to adjust her weight by swinging herself around hoping the momentum would bring her back up right. In doing this though she accidently hit her leg on one of the posts and felt a sharp pain in her shin. She yelped and let out a small expletive before realizing her true position. Sure she wasn’t able to flip herself over, but she was next to a stable surface she could use to get right back up. So she hugged her broom tightly with her legs and let go once more. Using the goal post she grasped it firmly and pulled herself up by used the pole as leverage. Once she was back into her sitting positon she finished untying the ribbon and made her way back to the ground. Feeling the slight crunch of the snow made he feel happy to be back on the ground. She returned to the professor and said, “Well that was certainly an enlightening experience.” Oighrig could feel her shin swell a small amount from hitting the goal post, but she did her best not to show her pain. If she wanted to try and be a better flyer she would have to get used to these injuries and more.

Keela Doyle [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
« Reply #12 on: July 26, 2018, 01:58:08 AM »
The youngest Doyle nodded her thanks and turned to go, white-faced and clammy with cold sweat.

“I’ll escort her, Professor.”

Mortified at the thought of needing to be accompanied, Keela tried to shake her head and insist it wasn’t necessary – but the gesture made the world swim dangerously around her again. Clamping her mouth shut in hopes that it would quell the sudden urge to vomit, she tried to wave Carey off with her good arm but the sneaky child had already materialized under it, attempting to support her. The former Prefect swallowed the urge to laugh at how absurd the pair of them must look – but for his small stature, his stability was surprisingly reassuring. She mumbled her thanks and they set off for the castle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Less than a quarter of an hour later the Quidditch Captain was back on the Pitch, successfully Episkey’d and then splinted for good measure, followed by a swig of Pepper-up Potion to bring some color back into her face. Madam Pomfrey had clucked disdainfully at her when she explained her injury – and even more so when Keela declared her intention to return to the cause of it as soon as humanly possible. As the older woman had ushered her to a bed, the Gryffindor could have sworn she’d heard her mutter something about ‘dangerous activities’ under her breath.

As soon as she’d set foot on the grass again, she nodded her thanks to Carey but her pale blue eyes were already searching; trying to deduce what was going on now, determined to make up for the lost time.  A few students were still attempting the earlier task but most had moved on to a Chaser’s drill, by the looks of the Quaffle arcing back and forth between two broomsticked figures – before one of them bobbled it and it dropped to the grass below.

Keela was a Beater by trade, of course, but she could play the other three positions with at least somewhat reasonable competency. Her greatest trouble with this drill, she mused, would be resisting the reflexive urge to hit the ball away as it sailed towards her…
The Gryffindor’s gaze slid from one classmate to another, contemplating. Professor Blevins typically left them to choose their own partners – so long as they attempted the task provided, she didn’t seem to care how they did it. Or if they were even successful, for that matter. But Keela wasn’t particularly bothered by it: she operated off of her own internal drive, anyways.

She appreciated Carey’s robust determination, she really did – but she wasn’t certain she felt up to the possibility of partnering him for this next endeavor (though a small part of her felt the tiniest bit obligated to offer). The younger boy seemed to draw chaos to him like iron to a magnet, and she wasn’t particularly keen on re-breaking her arm in the half-hour or so that remained in the lesson. But just then she spotted Henry standing off to the side, and she was decided in an instant. He was on the quiet side, but a good kid, and he’d stepped up to the task and filled the Prefect shoes nicely. She rather liked him.

The Beater sidled up to her younger Housemate and convivially bumped his shoulder.
“Shall we have a go at it?” she asked with a flash of white teeth and a waggle of her brows.
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
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@Keela Doyle  seemed to sober up as soon as he was under her arm. Thankfully Keela did not need to use him to support her full weight and only leaned on him occasionally when she seemed to sway. He really just  wanted to make sure she got to Madam Pomfrey. He hated to think of what would happen if she became further injured, and could not coach the quidditch team.

At the hospital wing he attempted to slip out as soon as Keela took a seat, but he made the mistake of rolling his sore shoulder and Madam Pomfrey demanded him to stay for a checkup after she attended to Keela’s brake. Luckily Carey wasn’t severely injured and after waiting for the application of some ointment to prevent bruising and sore muscles, he was quickly out the door and ran back to the quidditch field. He wanted another try at the ribbon. He got there just as the last few students took their first shot at collecting the goal post ribbons. He waited until the teacher offered another try and joined the que for a second attempt.

Carey had just finished laughing at an upperclassman comical attempt at flying, when Keela returned.

“All right?” he asked. He gave a nod as she thanked him and he attempted give an excuse to his horrible flying earlier, but he could see her attention moved on.

He gave himself a shrug. Watching quite a few of Hogwarts lamest flyers worked wonders for his self-esteem and when he was his turn for another round of 'Professor Blevins beater beating' be eagerly blindfolded himself and jumped on the broom. Even though he kept the blindfold on this time, his second try ended up worst than the first.  Even with a low flying zig-zag pattern, he was knocked off his broom without crossing half the distance of the field. The third proved better. He tried a more arattick zig zag changing both his height and direction. He had somehow managed to stay on his broom after only being hit once on the way to the post.  As he flew back after obtaining the ribbon, he missed judged the ground and almost unseated himself. Before he could right himself a precisely aimed beater hit him in the shoulder and ensured his final resting place on the ground.

Tired, sore and bruised he held up his ribbon with a smile. Although he did not make it back... he had got the ribbon and he was happy with that, although a little beaten up to continue. He eventually lifted himself up from the ground, with a self promus of a break before he found a partner for drills.

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Keela Doyle [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: slow show [all years]
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The Gryffindor Captain shook her head slightly as Carey immediately attempted the blindfolded task again; however she couldn’t hold back the smallest of crooked grins. At least he was persistent… perhaps unwisely so, but it was something.

Once she’d run the drills a few times (and dodged Professor Blevins’s Bludger a few more), the final whistle sounded to adjourn the lesson. Keela rubbed her elbow absently; it was still stiff – Madame Pomfrey had warned her that it would be for a few days, yet – but already felt significantly better than it had less than a half-hour ago. As she touched back down and made her way back to the group, the Irish witch was mildly amused by the expression on many of her classmates’ faces: exhaustion, mixed with relief. She couldn’t say she disagreed.

Offering a parting fist-bump to Henry and a nod of farewell to Professor Blevins, Keela shouldered her broom and made her way back to Gryffindor Tower.
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