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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - February Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)

Volume 1. February 2002.


In early January, the French Ministry of Magic issued an official ban on indoor smoking within the building. As a sign of protest, part of the officials moved to work outside. Others remained indoors, suffering severe nicotine withdrawals, with several ending up in hospital. In late January, the syndicate's leaders became upset with the poor treatment the officials received and engaged in non-peaceful protests in front of the Ministry. The French Ministry's poor treatment of its employees is now starting to cause tension among its international namesakes, syndicates everywhere demanding their rights.


February at Ilvermorny is time for the annual Sweetheart's Dance! Held on the evening of Saturday, February 16th, it's an opportunity for students to get dressed up in their semiformal best and party with that special someone... or their friends, of course. This dance, like many events at Ilvermorny, has been planned by a student committee: interested Student Senators as well as volunteers from the rest of the student body. On Saturday afternoon, committee members (and some additional students serving detention) will assemble in the Dining Room to decorate and prepare for the night. For everyone else, the party begins at 8 p.m. after a special dinner served in house common rooms. First through fourth years should be back in their dormitories by 10 p.m., but fifth through seventh years are permitted to keep dancing until midnight.


As a special event in honour of Valentine's Day, a chocolate making contest has been organised on the 14th of February. Each student had to prepare a miniature 'Rascal the Raccoon' shaped chocolate figurine, and everything was going sweetly well until the middle of the competition, when two mischievous yōkai possessed two students and enchanted all chocolate statues to attack their makers. Beware, for little vicious chocolate raccoons are now attacking both students and staff. The great Mahoutokoro chocolate war has begun.


Madame Maxime fails to show up for breakfast one morning, and Herr Burgstaller announces that she will be taking a leave of absence for 'health reasons.' He has been left in charge while she is away, and students and faculty should bring any concerns to him. Meanwhile, the half-giants continue to live in their camps on the grounds, encroaching on student life; the professors continue to keep quiet about the politics that are beginning to shake France; and the halls of Beauxbatons are no longer the friendly and care-free place they once were. Rules are becoming stricter, lessons are becoming tougher, and a new Student Services option has been announced: defense tutoring. Students fourth year and above may volunteer to lead practice dueling sessions with younger students to help them advance more quickly through the Defense and Diplomacy curriculum.


The Order of the Dragon will enhance their presence in the school, taking over the Dragonology class for the month of February, while suspending the current Professor. The investigation concluded that students are not properly educated when it comes to their interactions with dragons, and will need a more competent specialist to discipline them. During February, the class is mandatory for all students, with no exceptions. Rumour has it the Order of the Dragon has some 'special' connections in Koldovstoretz, both in the faculty and in the student body, making everyone careful of how they talk regarding the dragons' situation. Students are prohibited from visiting the dragon stables unless they have special approval from the newly appointed Dragonology Professor.

Despite the Order's presence at the school Lunar New Year's festivities are still underway. The house elves have begun decorating in preparation for the upcoming celebration. Golds, reds, blacks, and silvers color the halls, lanterns hang from the ceilings, and the Headmistress's prized stallions have taken up residence in the Dining Hall for the time being. Students are encouraged to participate in the celebrations that will culminate on New Year's Eve with a grand magical show combining fireworks and fairies to welcome to the New Year.... what could possibly go wrong?


After comprehensive medical examinations, the Order of the Dragon confiscated the Peruvian Vipertooth and the Ukrainian Ironbelly, finding solid evidence that the two dragons were in poor health, in addition to being stressed by their living conditions. The Order will further investigate the dragons' situation at Durmstrang, committing to a second round of interviews, its focus being the student body in particular this time. It seems that several students have acted suspiciously and now Durmstrang could face the confiscation of even more dragons should the second round of interviews not prove itself successful in the school's favour. Students are forbidden from visiting the dragon stables until further notice. Rumour has it special permissions can be granted by the Order to students who offer valuable information regarding the treatment of dragons at Durmstang.

Students have the 24th of February free, in honour of the Dragobete celebration. Pupils are encouraged to follow either of the three traditions practiced during the festivity, and a special banquet will be prepared that evening. [More details regarding Dragobete can be found here, in the Durmstrang Guide]


The full moon is always a magically active time of the month and February is no exception. As the lunar body casts its light over the school, the staff and students will find their animal companions behaving strangely. Cats have taken to wandering from their owners' dorms, turning up in the wrong bed or in other impossible places. Rats are prone to burrowing into anything they can manage to get inside of. Owls are sleeping for much longer than expected and are getting confused about which students get which letter. This could make for some embarrassing mix-ups when students send Valentine's Day cards to the object of their affections. You never know who it might end up going to!


After a thorough inspection of the famous school's dragon stables, the Order of the Dragon noticed that the conditions aren't as good as previously stated by Durmstrang's staff. The examination resulted in the confiscation of the Peruvian Vipertooth and the Ukrainian Ironbelly and students are rumoured to go through a second round of interviews.


Despite growing concerns the Giants of Beauxbatons have yet to be ousted. The massive creatures continue to wreak havoc on the grounds of Beauxbatons laying waste to beloved trees and crushing the hearts of those who seek to read under them. Trust in the faculty is beginning to waver and a more sinister vigilante group is using the turmoil as leverage for their cause. Support for the bold and passionate group the Comité de Vigilance is on the rise. Some students may know the name of the organization and some adults may remember it from recent history.


Ongoro Island's mysterious blooming of its famous cherry trees during winter had caused quite the thrill and the panic among locals. While many interpreted the phenomenon as being a sign that 2002 will be a year filled with good luck, exorcists and other yōkai specialists announce that suspicious apparitions had been spotted on the island.


Due to an extremely passionate chef, Hogwarts students ended up visiting the Hospital Wing quite frequently during January. Rumour has it a house elf had gone wild with the ingredients, causing students unwanted symptoms, from blue skin to floating around.


Things are getting weird at Beauxbatons. Teachers are behaving abnormally, other teachers are missing, giants are making themselves at home, and brothers that have been known to not tolerate more than five minutes in the same room together seem to be getting along. Seriously, what is going on at this school? (x)


Proving once again that there is no such thing as bad publicity, Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass looked positively smitten at the St. Mungo's Grand Ball. Attending without a chaperone (and all parents conspicuously absent), the young couple complimented and complemented each other all evening while still managing to find the time to schmooze the right people. Does this gala appearance mark the start of the Malfoys' reemergence on the political scene? (x)


It's no wonder that the Order of the Dragon confiscated a couple of dragons from Durmstrang, considering its students can't even have a civil conversation about them. And are the dragons so starved at the school that they have taken to munching on students' legs? If the school can't even keep its students healthy, then maybe losing some dragons wasn't the worst idea. (x)


Differing opinions abound at Koldovstoretz regarding the dragons. Underclassmen are taking it upon themselves to sway the opinion of the Order of the Dragon inspections. Post-Durmstrang-Merge feelings are making themselves known in even the simplest of interactions. (x)


Perhaps meditating under a mysteriously-out-of-season blossoming sakura isn't the wisest decision, considering no one knows why it's happening. But Zero Rank students are known to be a step ahead of their peers -- maybe she knows something the other students don't? (x)


One feisty first year isn't afraid to fight back! Weapons have been chosen -- snowballs -- and hopefully nothing more than cocoa will be spilled. Does anyone dare try to reclaim the title of 'Super Snowball Fight Champion' that Headmaster Fontaine has held for forty years? There's only one way to find out. (x)


With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, along with the 2002 World Cup, love is in the air quite literally, as quidditch players seem to be very excited for lovers' day already. Harlan Bellamy was the first to attract the fiery love, for his mysterious redhead has finally been identified as the fabulous witch who runs Honeydukes. He surely got his dose of Valentine's Day chocolates earlier. Previously labelled 'best friends' Circenn Kekoa Teague and Veronika Petrova were spotted being quite intimate at a Scottish pub, later on the Magpies' captain even defending the Russian princess's honour. Has he finally become her knight in shining armour? Regarding perfect princes, Viktor Krum seems to have found his own. The celebrated seeker has been spotted in Paris with a Russian bonbon, being quite the love birds. Makes one wonder why the Bulgarian later on went to Neroli and was spotted canoodling with a young brunette. Is Viktor Krum's fame finally getting to him? Wanting one of each, what a dreamy life must it be.

Talking about famous seekers, Quinn Regan is finally returning to the pitch and her baby daddy's her first rival. Quite the dramatic return, and we are all eager to see if it ends with her cutting through wood. To add to the melodramatic couples, Morwen Rhydderch has been seen sporting a rather large diamond ring only a few months after she was rumoured to be dating an up and coming DJ. Still, no official statement. Hopefully we'll have a surprise for Valentine's. To end our lovers' corner, it seems that infamous playboy Hefin Howell was spotted twirling around with a young sweet blonde angel. Rumour has it they are cousins, but forbidden love is the best kind now, is it not? Either way, we hope to hear wedding bells for all our couples, including Mr. Krum's love triangle. All bets are off the table, ladies~


Mr. Volker Friedrich Blauvelt and Ms. Émilie Cunégonde Côté are pleased to announce their engagement, and are due to be married on February 14th, 2002.


Sacré bleu! The ban on smoking in the French Ministry of Magic buildings is très ridiculous! I blame the crétin from the British Ministry who suggested it! Those English are always trying to bring France down to their level, we will not have it! Vive la résistance! And the imbéciles in our Ministry who agreed to it! One of our prized Aurors Isidoro Baldassare ended up in L'Hôpital des Maladies Magiques Blanche Bonaccord after fainting from nicotine withdrawals! It is a tragedy! We protest! We protest! Liberté, égalité, désolé!


Looking for Muggleborns wishing to share their stories, thoughts, words. Anonymous. 020 7946 3825 Tues./Thurs. between 18:00 and 19:00.


Couple of the Month - January 2018


Post of the Month - January 2018

On his way to meet his fellow Order of the Phoenix member Darla Boyd, Jon Sr is mistaken as Santa by the children at St. Mungo's Pediatrics Ward, and decides to play the part. (x)


Thread of the Month - January 2018

Lionel and Jacqueline are patrolling the halls together and run into a drunk Clementine. A tense confrontation ensues. (x)


Check out the Broomsticks' Break and the Quidditch World Cup News for more information!

26 January 2002


To place bets and poke fun at last month's biggest losers please visit Bagman's Back Alley.

2 February 2002
[14] Cannons @ [5] Arrows
[2] Wasps @ [6] Bats
[1] Catapults @ [11] Wanderers

[5] Kings @ [11] Saints
[4] Metalmen @ [1] Diamonds
[7] Shields @ [9] Miners


This Quodpot season sure has exploded! (See what I did there?) The Maine-iacs have set a new world record: they were up eleven players to one (against the Bemidji Basilisks) but still managed to lose, failing to score before each and every one of their players were forced to leave the pitch due to exploding quods.

Foul conditions in St Petersburg caused havoc for the brave riders looking to qualify for the Annual Broom Race in Sweden later this year. The winner was Icelandic racer Jón Einarsson. Riders from Australia and Spain succumbed to the freezing weather, and the contestant from Brazil is still missing.


MACUSA's Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and Obliviators were in full demand in Phoenix, Arizona, when a local wizard created an enchanted hailstorm. Several No-Maj witnesses had to be obliviated, with the AMRS team working to dissolve the resulting ice. DeShawn Johnson, Head of the AMRS Southwest Branch, said he believed that "the spellwork was not malicious in intent" but that the suspect would be reprimanded and fined accordingly. Reports from witnesses claim the hail was the size of soccer balls, and that it was incredibly fortunate that no one was hurt, or worse, killed.


If one ever wanted to experience a piece of heaven, then they have missed their chance should they have not attended this year's St. Mungo's Grand Ball. While all Head Healers did a wonderful job, the most effervescent one had been Varvara Zakharova herself, having created a perfect environment for golden opportunities. As informed by John Lennox, the hospital managed to raise a generous amount of galleons for their research centre, and we wish them the best for all upcoming projects, along with some warm congratulations to all the staff who volunteered for the organisation.


The boys from Banshee have finally released dates for their upcoming tour. Their second album Electricity was released just before Christmas and as expected went straight to number one. The band will be playing their new material and an insider has told us that old favourites ('A Bludger to the Head', anyone? Classic!) will be sure to make appearances too. We recommend you get in quick as the dates are sure to sell out! Tickets on sale now.


Potage's Cauldron Shop are issuing an urgent recall of all solid gold size 2 cauldrons purchased between July 2001 and January 2002. The cauldrons have been found to be, in fact, a substandard pewter cauldron that has been dipped in a layer of gold. Due to the need to be coated, the pewter base is thinner than meets Ministry standards and several instances of the cauldrons melting or cracking, spraying innocent consumers in the contents of their potions, have been reported. Mrs Mildred Worple, of Mould-on-the-Would, claims her cauldron 'exploded' under the heat, scalding her in burns from her boiling puffskein stew, for which she had to be treated at St. Mungo's Hospital. The Ministry of Magic is investigating how the cauldrons were allowed to be sold, as Potage's was claiming that the product was 'solid gold'. Fenris Potage, proprietor of the Diagon Alley branch, has offered full refunds or exchanges for any defective cauldrons that are returned to the point of purchase.


No, your eyes are not decieving you! The Daily Prophet has returned to Magical Hogwarts and with it, so many wondrous things! The Admin Team and the Plot Committee have been hard at work to bring you the the most intriguing news, inspiring plots, and of course, the juiciest of gossip and we hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as we have loved writing them. This version of The Daily Prophet will be a mix of both In-Character and Out-of-Character news. Each month we will strive to both bring new plots to the board and wrap up the previous playtime month's mini plots and events.

In addition to announcing Mini Plots and Board-Wide plots the new Daily Prophet will also spotlight member driven content and threads and for this we will need your help! This is not a contest but rather a good way to highlight threads that are happening in an area that other drivers might miss. Is your character doing something that other characters should know about? Do you think a thread should get some extra attention? Are you really excited about a plot and want others to read about it too? Please send us all the threads!

Additionally, please feel free to write the article spotlighting these threads and it will be featured in the next edition. These threads do not have to be Mini Plot or admin-created plot threads and they can be about your own characters. The spotlight is open to ALL threads and plots. We hope the Babbling Cauldron will be your new addiction for all things rumor and gossip. In this section we would like to include stories written by members and admins alike. The articles should be light-hearted and good fun but in the spirit of Rita Skeeter, the original gossip queen, honesty is not required. Please send us your gossip articles; these can be written IC by a character about another character(s) or feel free to use the den of Seers working behind the scenes at The Daily Prophet as an omniscient author.


Out-of-Character, The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee and Admin Team. In-Character, The Daily Prophet is led by a newly appointed Editor-in-Chief named Llewella Leona Lloyd, an outspoken, middle aged, pathetically single Welsh journalist who refers to herself as the Grey Lion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to PM Samm or a member of the Plot Committee.


So much time and work has gone into the release of the new Daily Prophet and I would like to take a moment to thank the Admin Team and the Plot Committee for their wonderful ideas, effort, and writing! Thank you Lowri for coming up with the original idea to use The Daily Prophet as a vehicle for bringing plots and news to the board. Thank you Lena for your enthusiastic love of gossip and keeping things organized. Thank you Christine for coming to the rescue and re-coding The Daily Prophet just in time. Thank you Taed for updating us with the most current scores and Quidditch information. Thank you Olivia, Sarah, Sophie, Axel, Emily, Inga, and Katya for helping with testing the codes and creating articles and plot ideas!

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Hogwarts abnormal animals behavior making an interesting valentine's day

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Don't forget to Nominate threads for a Spotlight in the next month's issue of The Daily Prophet! You are welcome to write the article or just make the nomination <333 Please send Nominations to @Samm

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Don't forget to Nominate threads for a Spotlight in the next month's issue of The Daily Prophet! You are welcome to write the article or just make the nomination <333 Please send Nominations to @Samm

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