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{Feb MP}An Interesting Valentine's-day (OPEN)
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          Carey quickly shuffled his way across the morning lit court yard to the Great Hall holding his quill box kit out in front of him like it was cursed.  He was late for breakfast again, but this time it was not his fault, he had one of the must unusually morning at Hogwarts yet.

          This morning he awoke to find a gray and white cat sharing his pillow with him… in a start he scared it and the cat hid under his bed next to Carey’s quitch boots. No one in his dorm room claimed the cat let alone recognized it and the cat refused to budge. The thing hissing and swiping at Carey like HE WAS A CAT-KIDNAPPER! After Carey received a number of scratches to his hand, he finally chose to leave the bloody cat alone. Hopping it would not damage his quidditch boots, he concentrated on getting his book bag ready.  Grabbing an extra ink bottle, he flipped open his quill box to stuff his ink bottle in the empty slot and was immediately shocked. He closed the box and after a second was out the Fatlady's portal rushing to meet his friends for breakfast.

          He had to skid to a stop when he made it to the Gryffindor’s House table. “You guys are not going to believe this!” he placed his quill box between a halfway empty ham tray and empty platter that once held scrabble egg. With the attention of his table and a few others students, he flicked the lid open. To his enjoyment peering faces let out screams, shrieks and other astonished remarks.

           His quills were ripped to pieces forming a nest where is ink bottle should have been. Instead five little fat pink grub-worms like things sat wigging. Talking through a mouth stuffing with half of a piece of a toast Carey said “Who’s rat was pregnant?”
Unfortunately, Carey did not get a chance to enjoy the epiphany look on his classmates faces, because just then a group of delivering owls crashed into each other above the table. They were tempting to diving for what they perceived as a succulent snack in the box. Carey slammed the lid closed and pulled the Quill box towered him just in time as a second later a barn owls beak dented the table where the box once sat.

          No less then three owls landed in front of him dropping off 2 packages and a large envelope. “There is no way all three of them are for me.” Carey said reaching for his morning mail as his other hand kept the box tucked against his chest. The impatient owls snapping their beak and pecking his hand for a treat.

          “These are not for you!” He made flicked his hand back and forth with no avail.

          “Here!” Carey picked up some of spare ham and throw a piece at each owl. The biggest Owl eyed his box the longest before finally taking the ham and flying away.

            “Can you hold this?” He handed the box to the closest student before picking up the card and packages. "Just be careful not let another owl see inside." he instructed as he examined the mail he revived. It was not until noticed they the small one had hearts over the box, that he realized it was Valentine’s day.

             "Blimey," he said. "three gifts!" His mother usually gives him some sweets to share with his friends but she never given him three things. Maybe one is from a girl, but who? He opened the biggest package and found it contained a very fuzzy stuffed niffler toy holding a box of gold rapped candy with the note “Please treasure my heart. - Your Sweetheart.” 

              “Um….” Carey had no Idea who ‘sweetheart’ was. He looked at the other packages for clues. But under closer inspection they were all addressed to other people. He looked back at the group of students gathered around his box of pinkies. “This is going to be an interesting day.”
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