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[tarragona] fragile as a dream. [tag; sylvester]
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Jessica wasn't meant to be here.

This happened every single year, though. Without fail, the Ministry made her take two weeks off. Why? Because she never took holidays. She didn't particularly like the beach, so summer holidays sort of lost their shine. She'd broken her leg when she was younger on a skiing holiday, so she didn't really like winter ones, either. Each time, she fought to stay. Jess liked to keep busy, she thought it was better for her. She liked routine. It made sense for her to keep to it to keep her healthy. She didn't think that she'd be the type to burn out but with her complete nervous breakdown three years previous, she was slowly starting to rebuild herself. She was not the same woman that she used to be and while that was a wonderful thing, it took some getting used to.

The only place that she'd consider being parcelled off to was Vid Del Castillo, her family's vineyard. Up high in the Catalan mountains of Spain, the air was fresh and the climate was hot. It was spring everywhere else but up here, summer had arrived. Since her brother's wedding, Jessica had rediscovered a link to her heritage. Her family, though surprised, were glad to see her when she turned up with a backpack.

It didn't take long for her to pick up the rapid pace of her almost-forgotten second language and she felt herself smiling. Country life wasn't really her thing. In fact, it had taken her two days to get used to how still the nights were here. In London, car horns and the trundle of traffic acted like a sort of lullaby but here, everything was tranquil. The air was so fresh, too. Dry and warm, she looked less worn out. Her father's English genes had taken care of her pale skin that was now tanned but her mother's side provided her with her dark curls and fiery temperament.

It was only around eleven in the morning. After collecting eggs from the hens (called Poach, Scramble and Florentine) Jessica decided to go for a wander. The sun was high in the sky, dotted only with a few wisps of cotton wool like clouds. Dressed casually, her long bare legs wandered through the pristine rows of the vineyards as Emilio, the Belgian Sheepdog, gambolled in front of her. Emilio was her grandfather's dog and he was still going strong, the only signs of his age were the flecks of grey in his muzzle and his terrible hearing. Still, he was sprightly, happily weaving in and out of the sticks that supported the fat black grapes, wagging his tail very hard.

London seemed so many miles away. She'd be here for the next two weeks and honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. Things between her and Evander hadn't worked out, for obvious reasons. Not to mention his mother was a colossal bitch. They just didn't fit. They had chemistry no doubt but no future. She'd like to be friends but once someone had seen her naked, she wasn't exactly keen to have a catch up over coffee. The Healer hadn't made any contact with her and being in the middle of nowhere, she was sure he wouldn't be able to.

As she walked her way back down to the farmhouse, her slim fingers ran through the large vine leaves, pleased and proud that the vineyard was still thriving. It was doing well and it would still be doing well without the help of magic, she was convinced. Jessica didn't drink any more, much to her grandfather's disappointment but she didn't need to down a glass to realise that this year's crop would be just as good, if not better, than the last.

It was just nice to be in the sun for a change. The winter was long in the city and she was determined to leave everything behind. At least half way up a mountain, there wouldn't be anything to annoy her --

Popping up from the crest of the hill was a familiar head of dark hair and Jessica froze on the spot. In a split second, she wanted to run away but she was wearing a stripy blue dress and there was no where to hide. Emilio bounded over and licked the man's hand, waiting patiently for a pat on the head before he yipped happily and headed back towards the house. Traitor Jess though darkly, wishing she could have the same sort of freedom as the dog as he ran off. The familiar sense of righteous anger bubbled up, hot and dark as she looked at him. How long had it been since she'd last seen him? A year? Two? Frustratingly, he still looked well.

What the Hell was he doing in her part of Spain? It was so remote that she had no idea how or why he'd shown up here. She wanted to scream. Instead, she plastered a rather tense smile on her face he drew closer. "Sylvester," she greeted her ex-boyfriend in what she hoped was a welcoming tone but to her own ears sounded rather squeaky and restrained. "Are you lost?" She asked, unable to fight the sarcasm that wanted to escape her throat.

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Re: [tarragona] fragile as a dream. [tag; sylvester]
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Jessica Smith [ British Ministry ]
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Re: [tarragona] fragile as a dream. [tag; sylvester]
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