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    When cugina Luciana had written to her, telling Donatella that she would be visiting the Chatoeil this Saturday, the Venetian couldn’t be any more pleased. With everything happening at Beauxbatons, tension and giants all over the place, nothing joyed the Bellefeuille more than a visit from her favourite cugina. Surely, Luciana’s own time at Beauxbatons wasn’t completely eventless, even if perhaps it lacked giants. Still, Donatella would ask for advice as to how to handle this situation, as it was slowly reaching the limits of her own patience. Plus, she’d also ask to be pampered. She needed it, especially after seeing those awful creatures on a daily basis.

    However, even if life at Beauxbatons was a complete and utter disaster at this point, Donatella couldn’t afford to look anything but perfect when meeting with Luciana. It was a good thing she had taken some extra clothes from home when returning to school in January, particularly some more elegant pieces of clothing. At first, Donatella thought that they occupied space uselessly, since she hadn’t need of especially elegant clothes at school, but with Luciana visiting, she was more than glad that she’d taken this decision back in January.

    Having picked a more simple outfit, Donatella took a longer path to the Chatoeil, instead of her regular one. This path wasn’t as populated with giants as the other one, so it offered Nata a higher sense of security. As much security as one could have walking on a country side road with seven centimetres high heels on. Still, she had to endure this trial, as Donatella couldn’t afford looking anything but like a doll taken out of a box, especially when around Luci. Her cugina was the embodiment of elegance and grace, her model in what regarded sophistication. Donatella couldn’t disappoint her cugina by not looking anything but perfect, right?

    She eventually reached the Chatoeil, and Donatella realised she was five minutes late already. The fifth year quickly made her way to Rebert’s, the agreed meeting spot. As soon as Donatella reached the café, she could see Luciana sitting at one of the outdoor tables, most likely both enjoying the light warm breeze while also being annoyed by Donatella’s unusual lack of punctuality. She rushed her way over the street, and approached the table at which her cugina was seated.

    “Cara mia.” She addressed Luciana, in Italian, as a wide smile appeared on her face. “I’m so sorry I’m late. I took a longer path to the Chatoeil, you know, that awful country road that takes forever and a day. I wanted to avoid the giants.” Donatella pouted, hoping that Luciana wouldn’t be too upset with her. In the end, having one of her absolute favourite people ever be displeased with her wasn’t something Donatella was extremely keen on. 

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    She was late.

    Luciana was always prompt and it irritated her when other people weren’t so considerate. Luckily for Donatella, she was family, so Lucia would let the mild offence slide – this time. Well, providing she got here within the next ten minutes.

    It was a bright spring day and the elemental was outside Rebert’s; the warm sun on her fair skin, enjoying the fresh sea air borne up from the harbour and through the cobbled streets on a light breeze. She had already ordered, thinking Nata wouldn’t be far away. Rebert’s really was the best hot chocolate in France, possibly even in Europe.

    The brunette was wearing a plain black tailored midi-dress with a low v-neckline, black stiletto heels and a black knee-length cape that was draped over her shoulders and fastened at her throat. The pale tone of her arms and chest stood out considerably against the dark colour of her hair and her attire; the exposed fair skin of her neck and chest drawing the attention of the waiter as he brought her hot chocolate to the table. The only pop of colour was the rich red of her lips and her nails. Luciana’s long fingers wrapped around the mug, the heat warming her hands through the porcelain. She looked every bit the fairytale villain sat surrounded by beautiful spring blossoms, the quintessential wicked stepsister, the evil queen.

    Luciana was in Chatoeil to visit the town’s library – they had a sizeable herbology section with some rare texts that were not easily found anywhere else, and she was hoping to find some sort of breakthrough in her research. Luci had thought it would be rude to come all the way to Chatoeil and not meet up with her cousin. Arguably her favourite cousin – after all, she hadn’t written to anyone else. Just Nata.

    Just as Lucia lifted her hot chocolate to her lips to take a sip her hazel eyes locked onto the familiar figure of her cousin approaching. She lowered the mug back to the table and waited for the younger Italian to reach her. The elemental reacted slowly, offering a close-lipped smile after a moment’s pause, standing to kiss her cousin once on each cheek, “La mia bellissima cugina,” she gripped Donatella’s upper arms with her hands momentarily before sitting back down, gesturing for Nata to do the same. “I suppose I can forgive you.” The former Ombrelune picked up her hot chocolate and took a sip, “Tell me about the giants.” It wasn’t really asked in the guise of polite small talk, more a demand, but the younger Bertinelli should be used to Luciana’s demeanour by now.

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    Donatella was glad that Luciana didn’t seem too upset. Her lack of punctuality was something of the unusual, and the younger Italian could only hope that, as time would pass by, her cugina would completely forget about this distressing incident. She kissed back Lucia on both cheeks, and felt a soft shiver down her spine as the former Ombrelune placed her hands on Nata’s upper arms. She’d been forgiven, but surely this will not be forgotten anytime soon. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, Donatella being more docile than ever as she arranged her skirt while taking a seat.

    Her cugina inquired about the giants, and Donatella found herself at a loss. How could she even begin to explain the situation when she couldn’t even grasp it properly? Nata sighed, and placed her hands around the mug that Luciana obviously had ordered for her. Yet another sign that she’s disappointed her cugina by being late. “They’re related to Madame Maxime, I think. And the Headmistress is now away, so Professor Burgstaller is replacing her.” Donatella took a sip out of the hot chocolate, enjoying the warm sensation on her throat. It was exactly what she needed after the long walk.

    “At first I was excited to see giants up close. I mean, it is fascinating.” Nata shrugged, figuring it was pointless to hide her previous enthusiasm and naïve, perhaps even childish curiosity.  “But… they’re playing catch with trees, taking baths in the ponds, breaking windows… “ She recalled a specific incident that occurred in Métaphysique, which was still haunting her. Donatella let one of her hands rest on her lap, as the other’s fingers wrapped around her mug, drawing it closer. Locks from her hair were resting on her shoulders and chest, despite having her hair gathered in her usual style, a high ponytail. Perhaps, in contrast to her cugina, she now looked like the perfect damsel in distress, an innocent princess that needed help.

    “It’s like… ecological terrorists moved in. Beauxbatons will soon become a swamp.” Donatella meekly crossed her legs under the table, leaning in a bit as she took another sip of her hot chocolate. She swallowed slowly, deciding that the sweet beverage was now everything she needed and more to brighten her mood. The drink and, of course, Lucia’s presence as well, which was the best thing that’s happened to her in weeks. “It’s just so sad. Seeing everything get ruined.” Nata let out another sigh, her gaze focusing now on her cugina’s figure. “Did anything like this happen to you while at Beauxbatons?” The girl inquired timidly, not wanting to have Luciana relive haunting memories on purpose.

    However, if her cugina had gone through something similar and could give her some pieces of advice, then it would be for the best. Perhaps asking directly wasn’t the worst idea, and so the Bellefeuille decided that she wouldn’t regret her choice of letting her curiosity take over. 

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