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Volume 2. March 2002.


Ministry syndicate protests all over the world have taken amplitude. While peaceful at first, protesters have become violent in both language and behaviour because their demands are not being met. In most countries, several departments haven't been working for over a month now, and everything is stagnant, causing most governments severe problems. Negotiations haven't been successful at all, and high-ranked officials also joined the protests. It is slowly becoming a manifestation against the unsuccessful policies of Ministers. Private information about Ministers of Magic started leaking from the inside, and everyone is shocked about how individuals with such high salaries and privileged positions can't and won't cooperate with the masses. 


March Madness is upon us! Quodpot teams from all over America have fought long and hard to make it to the Final Four (surprisingly not present: the Maine-iacs, who, after last month's embarrassing defeat, have yet to make a public appearance). And for the first time ever, Ilvermorny is playing host! The final match between the Golden Gate Gophers and the Shreveport Shrikes will take place the evening of March 31st on the school grounds, preceded by a weekend full of tailgating, carnival games, and fun. There have also been hints of a professor-led gambling ring, but these allegations have yet to be proven. Generous discounts on tickets have been offered to Ilvermorny students and faculty, but everyone else will still be required to pay full price. Despite the protests, MACUSA has gathered themselves together enough to not let the sport suffer -- for portkey prices and schedules, please contact them directly.


Two engaging events take place during the month of March at Mahoutokoro: White Day, on the 14th, and Spring Equinox Day, on the 20th. On White Day, male students who have received chocolates from girls during Valentine's Day are obliged to return the favour, gifting them either white chocolate, cookies, jewellery, or marshmallows. While sanbai gaeshi is encouraged, please do not gift any kind of white lingerie to female students. If any staff member discovers such gifts, they will be confiscated and all students involved will face proper punishment. Throughout the month of March, all students will help with the organisation of the Shunbun no Hi (Spring Equinox Festival), which will take place on the 20th. Students have a free day to enjoy the event, but are warned to not try and purchase more than one good luck and fortune charm from the local shrine. Owning two bad luck ones won't turn it into a good luck one.


As a result of the extended official inspection (and with the Russian Ministry of Magic's approval) the Order of the Dragon confiscated all of Durmstrang's dragons, aside from the Hungarian Horntail. It seems that not only all confiscated dragons were in poor health, but were also so depressed that they weren't properly eating anymore. The Hungarian Horntail was labelled as too dejected to be moved and is now in quarantine. Wanting to cheer up the student body, Headmaster Sevastyan Nikolayevich Yeshevsky has decided to organise a Professors vs. Students Quidditch match during the month of April. In March, not only will the Professors practice their Quidditch skills on the pitch (practices are open for all students to view), but there will be official try-outs for the students' team, as it will incorporate students from both houses. On the 8th of March, Women's Day, all female Professors, staff, students, and house elves have the day off; male Professors, students, staff and house elves are required to attend class and work. A feast will take place in the evening, to celebrate the occasion - all pink and gold decorations, be sure not to miss it!


As a reward for successfully passing the Order of the Dragon's inspection, Koldovstoretz has been rewarded with eight baby dragons (only two months old!), one male and one female for each house. Tigrova House has been rewarded with Romanian Longhorns, Zhivoystya House with Chinese Fireballs (Sanja's younger twin siblings), Rayasov House with Antipodean Opaleyes, and Medvedev House with Peruvian Vipertooths. The baby dragons are still small in size, no bigger than fifteen centimetres in length. Until they reach a year in age, the baby dragons will reside in each house's common room, and the students will take turns in taking care of them. Female students will take care of the male dragons, and male students will be in charge of the females. By the end of March, each house is required to vote on names for their dragons, and submit the final decision to Inspector Živka Dragović, who will remain at Koldovstoretz for the month of March, to help students in their first month of dragon caretaking.


With Madame Maxime still on "sabbatical", the environment at Beauxbatons continues to slowly but surely change. The student body has been made aware that a stricter curfew for all is now in effect, and no students are allowed out of their dorms after dinner. Professors have been acting strangely as well: students might pass them whispering in the halls, notice them assigning extra readings on the history of wizarding wars or the complex theory behind advanced defensive magic, or join them in leading groups into the grounds to try to drive the giants and half-giants out of their camps. Meanwhile, the political atmosphere in France becomes increasingly more tense as the Comité de Vigilance is gaining favor before the upcoming elections. Look for an upcoming special issue of the Daily Prophet that covers the strange year and changes that have been occurring at Beauxbatons and the French Ministry since the summer.


Hogwarts is hosting a spring woodland festival in an effort to bring students out of the castle after a long winter. The event is a celebration of magical forests intended to raise student awareness of both the dangers and the magic in the Forbidden Forest. Professors hope students will gain a greater appreciation for the ways woodlands, trees, and forest creatures support and enable much of the magic that is practiced at the school. Students can sign up for small group activities like Muggle Wilderness Skills, a Four-Leaf Clover Search, a Wand Wood Forest Hike, or a guided Forest Creatures Adventure. These groups are led by professors, prefects, and/or advanced students in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. N.E.W.T students and prefects should consult their house bulletin boards to see what they have been assigned to lead. Additionally, students should be on the look-out for a special extra credit Herbology session led by Professor Nazreen Ajay where students will get to spend a night learning magical camping skills and sleep under the stars at the edge of the forest.


After further investigations, the Order of the Dragon Inspectors have submitted an unfavourable report to the Russian Ministry of Magic in regards to Durmstrang's treatment of its dragons. It seems that the Peruvian Vipertooth and the Ukrainian Ironbelly weren't the only dragons in general poor health and suffering of downheartedness.


Order of the Dragon Inspector Živka Dragović offered Koldovstoretz a very positive review, in addition to acclaiming its students of superior quality. Koldovstoretz will be soon rewarded by the Order, as soon as the Dragon Masters decide on what would please students the most.


After the chocolate incident that took place at Mahoutokoro on Valentine's Day, it has been officially confirmed that a group of mischievous yōkai are roaming free on the island of Ongoro. The Japanese Ministry of Magic is working on forming a specialised team of exorcists to solve the issue.


As high-ranked officials joined the protests all over the world, the syndicates have even more reasons to enhance the magnitude of their manifestations. While the media is divided between the people and the Ministers' sides, the overall wizarding community is starting to side with the syndicates.


Professor Winchester reveals to students the art of Arithmic Prediction, a branch of the subject that is often referred to as premonition. The class became more interactive as Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans were given for the practical experiment, however it seems that beans are as confusing as calculus. Poor beans. (x)


Seems like Professor Wilder's Latin skills had scared students from answering her questions. Or perhaps, it is the unusual decoration of the room's walls, and the desks being placed at random, that turned the atmosphere into being as dead as the language. Veni, vidi, bye bye. (x)


Erik Fisker thought it would be a good time to take his students out for a ride. What could possibly end wrong with children steering a ship in the middle of winter? Especially when some of the students in question are keen on having others return to the school swimming. This writer thinks that now would be a good time to introduce Lord of the Flies as required Durmstrang reading. (x)


Neko Neko Nya has added more cats to its vast collection! Our Japanese Bobtails were feeling a bit lonely, so some very special guests have been invited over for a very meowtastic holiday, all the way from Taipei. During the Shunbun no Hi, all costumers will be able to see, greet, and play with our guests, while also enjoying their purrtastic coffee blends. Please do not remove any of the Hawaiian garlands from the visiting cats, but instead compliment their exotic look, for they do enjoy the attention, meow!


Order of the Dragon Inspector Dragović introduces Sanja, a young Chinese Fireball, to the students. While many are scared of tiny Sanja, as part of their re-education pupils are encouraged to treat the young dragon in an endearing and respectful way. Rumor has it boys will fare very well in this task. (x)


The Unforgivable Curses are the topic of Herr Burgstaller's class. Students are both terrified and confused, especially because some just realized Protego can't actually protect one from everything.  However, perhaps it's the lack of the usual assortment of cheeses provided by Professor Burgstaller that's gotten everyone on edge, as it's been replaced by a plastic tray of cubes of processed mozzarella, each speared with toothpicks. Professor Burgstaller, when asked for comment, said the students "better suit up" and "get over" the lack of a proper cheeseboard. (x)


For our very first interview of the season, reporter Melissa Randall has managed to finally get a hold of Harlan Bellamy, the renowned Captain of the Gravesend Griffins. Mr. Bellamy was accompanied by the ever-present Tierney Talwit, his PR manager, and has gracefully answered all questions without difficulty, proving once more that he is the perfect gentleman. Our personal opinion is that he was a bit tense, but we'll blame his closed-off body language on the mid-season tension, rather than on butterflies in the stomach due to stress caused by our interview. In the end, we're always fun to be around, right? Regardless, we hope you, our beloved readers, will enjoy the interview. Please owl us your fan letters to Mr. Bellamy for our next issue!

Melissa Randall: Today we have been graced with the presence of famous Quidditch player and Captain of the Gravesend Griffins, nobody else than our bel ami (see what I did there), Mr. Harlan Bellamy. Thank you very much for making time for this interview. How are you?
Harlan Bellamy: [winces] I'm fine, thank you for having me.

MR: Your manager has informed us that you are particularly booked this season. Would you say it is a good one for the Gravesend Griffins?
HB: I'd like to think so. The team's put in a lot of effort this offseason and the training has been admittedly gruelling... but we're more connected on the pitch than we have been on a long time, and that's a good sign.

MR: How do you feel about the other teams in the British and Irish League? Any team caught your eye? What about players?
HB: Hmm.. [rests his hand on his chin] Rhydderch has had an interesting start. One hell of a chaser, if that arrogance doesn't get in the way. The Harpies as a whole, really, appear quite ready for a successful season.

MR: What about the East Slavic League? Any teams and/or players that caught your attention?
HB: Petrova doesn't make herself easy to ignore... [clears his throat] but to say her game is average would be a lie. It's no secret that the we don't agree on, well, most anything, but I've got to respect that level of play.

MR: On a lighter note, Mr. Bellamy, despite you being excellent at your job, it seems gossip tends to catch fans' attention. Rumour has it you have a very passionate relationship with a redhead. Would you care to ease the fans' confusion regarding your affair?
HB: [shifts in his seat] Rumors regarding my personal life are just that, rumors -- as they have nothing to do with my career, I won't be commenting further.

MR: It seems that another hot topic among fans is your age. You're one of the few active players over 30. Your performance is truly amazing, congratulations! Hope your practice schedule isn't becoming a burden for your body? Just wondering. For science.
HB: Thank you. Physically, I'm in the best shape I've ever been in in years and haven't showed any signs of slowing down yet. At any age, the game takes a toll on your body, but I feel no different now than I had ten years ago.

MR: Any comments on the rumours that 18-year-old reserve players call you 'grandpa'?
HB: There's a reason they're reserve players -- [Tierney clears her throat]

MR: Last, but not least, any messages for your fans?
HB: Be ready for a good season. The Griffins appreciate the continued support.

MR: Thank you very much for your time!
HB: Thank you.


My name is [redacted] and I have been in the Canadian Department of International Magical Cooperation for some time and I've seen a lot of things, regimes rise and fall, light and dark at war, and even a giant held on trial inside the ministry.... Not sure how they got his giant [censored] in the courtroom but they did. But this new idiot boss is something else altogether. He needs to be forcefully removed out of a second story window and dropped on his head repeatedly until his marbles come back. It started off small, enchanting the offices to resemble more realistic workplaces.

Doesn't seem too bad right? Wrong. The Bermuda office had a [censored] [censored] hurricane and a ninety year old witch was nearly lost to the triangle. The Italian office was covered in ash and lava from a Mount Vesuvius outbreak. There was a [censored] ton of [censored] paper work lost in that ridiculous disaster. You can't change the temperature in witch's offices, we don't work well when were cold, we're human beings, not [censored] yeti. If I have to spend another minute shivering my [censored] off I swear I will [censored censored].

I think it is wrong that he is allowed to dance in the hallways when we are supposed to be [censored] working. He should not be dancing, this is a place of [censored] business. It's always after his morning "meditation" session but I think he's back there drinking the special brew. And if the dancing wasn't bad enough he's taken to hanging moving portraits of himself on the walls of our offices doing guess what? Himself [censored] dancing.

He enchanted the calendar on my co-worker's desk to bark like a crup when the deadline was approaching and its annoying, irritating, and makes me want to [censored censored censored]. Time in Azkaban be damned. I hear the sound of that dog in my sleep now and it's driving me crazy. If I can't sleep I can't work and if I can't meet my deadlines he will enchant my calendar and thinking about that makes me not sleep. Last week he made all of the clocks flash with lightning strikes on the hour, so we were always on time, but it's hard to be on time when your [censored] robes are on fire.

I demand reimbursement for my robes.

And maybe a boss that isn't bat [censored] crazy.

A disgruntled employee who needs some [censored] sleep.


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Beatryx has come to Gaius Purcell be a new devotee of an old cause. (x)


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The young women are going through old family things together, including the trophies Farren's mother collected from those she killed. (x)


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Cathy and Annie have snuck off to New York City to pursue an adult adventure, or at least the teenage version of whatever that means. (x)


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Not only is the incorporation of the Beauxbatons plot interesting and exciting, but all the students are making thoughtful contributions to the class discussion that really reflect their different characters and upbringings. (x)


Check out the Broomsticks' Break and the Quidditch World Cup News for more information!

16 FEBRUARY 2002

23 FEBRUARY 2002


To place bets and poke fun at last month's biggest losers please visit Bagman's Back Alley.

3 MARCH 2002
[5] Catapults @ [8] Bats
[6] Falcons @ [7] Arrows
[3] Harpies @ [11] United

[1] Lynxes @ [6] Bricklayers
[12] Panzers @ [10] Castles
[3] Kings @ [7] Diamonds


Over half a class had to report to the Hogwarts Hospital Wing (with many more too scared to report, surely) after receiving injuries during a flying class. Although there were attempts to keep it quiet, this reporter found out that a 'flying exercise' was performed by the recently hired flying professor and previously fired, alcoholic (ex-Catapults chaser) Fflur Blevins. Described by one student as 'appearing quite hungover', Blevins personally controlled a bludger in an effort to hit each Hogwarts student repetitively. This resulted in physically, and in some cases psychologically, injured students; some have refused to 'ever fly again'. Needless to say, many of the victims' parents are outraged and they believe Blevins, in an alcoholic rage, desired to permanently injure and maim their potential Quidditch Star children. Hogwarts Headmistress Minverva McGonagall did not deny that she condones this treatment of students. When Blevins was reached for comment, she laughed. It is unknown if the Ministry will demand for Blevins's immediate dismissal. (x)


This reporter caught up (after very persistent requests that she do so) with Mme Émilie Blauvelt in Berlin this past week. Her wedding to M Volker Blauvelt was undoubtedly a hit, according to insider sources. One may recall they made a previous attempt down the aisle in 1999, so it was a bit of a relief that they were finally successful. Mme Blauvelt's ring was visible even from the back row; we can only speculate how many Gringotts vaults they had to rob to afford it. The ceremony and reception decorations perfectly fit the theme of 'everlasting love', with no shortage of white peonies and pink champagne. There were rumors of a fight breaking out among the guests, but these have yet to be confirmed. M and Mme Blauvelt would like to extend their warmest thanks to everyone who was able to attend and express their regret that they won't have another opportunity to have additional wedding fun.


Between 6-18 March, witches and wizards all over the world can attend the annual Dance Umbrella Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. Famous dancers include: Imani Furaha, Zane Eze, Shaka Mamabolo, and Maha Okereke. Tickets available at any Ministry of Magic; prices vary from 100 to 600 galleons.


It has been reported that things got violent at a wizarding daycare in Moscow, Russia. Two five-year-olds were enjoying an intense game of wizard's chess, when one of the players' pygmy puff fell on the chessboard. It was soon mistaken to be a piece, and all knights started attacking the pygmy puff, in attempts to destroy the invader. The pygmy puff was rescued quickly, as soon as the daycare witch managed to stop the chess pieces, losing a few fake nails in the process. As pygmy puff hero Praskovya Vladimirovna Dorofeeva stated, the little creature is fine and is only missing a few hairs. The Wizard's Chess Association refused to comment on the matter.


Recent reports to the local hospitals state that a large amount of witches and wizards presented themselves with flu symptoms all over Mexico. All occurred during the full moon, and head healer Luz María de Mendoza Alcalá has stated that all patients had contact with mooncalfs. A code red warning has been issued stating that no one is to get close to mooncalfs until the situation is solved. Herbologists are advised to stay away from mooncalf dung.


A disaster occurred at the annual Calligraphy Competition "Du Peng Fei" held in Beijing, China, when all of the provided quills for the calligraphy contest have started getting ticklish upon touching the parchments, making it impossible for participants to reveal their art. The quills, made out of high-class phoenix feathers, have started not only twitching and twirling upon making contact with the parchments, but also floated around the hall, spreading ink all over the "Liu Shi" conference room reserved for the event. Reports from participants claim that they are now too troubled to ever touch a quill again, and the sponsors have released a statement claiming that "the quills were still too new to use". A group of elite magizoologists gathered from all over China are now checking the quality of the phoenix feathers, and an official statement will be released once they'll be able to catch and gather all the ticklish feathers.


It’s been 1399 days since the Battle of Hogwarts. That’s 1399 missed opportunities for the Ministry to make amends with those witches and wizards falsely accused of stealing magic -- witches like one particular muggleborn who spent the better part of a year in Azkaban because her parents were nothing more than world-renowned university professors… and muggles.

Azkaban: the perfect place to incarcerate murderers. And muggleborns.

A year passed since her release, though she has likened that year to ‘a lifetime’. Unable to socialise, it took her that year to be able to seek professional help -- professional help that should have been sponsored by the Ministry, the direct cause of her issues. And even now, 1399 days later, she’s still not her ‘normal self’.

How many more days does the Ministry need before they even attempt to make things right?


Special thanks to: Lena for contributing above and beyond; Chaw for contributing the Ilvermorny plot and Hogwarts Flying Class recap; Christine for coding and contributing; Gage for working with Lena on the interview, and to Harlan for being the first [victim] celebrity spotlight of our new TDP series; Samm for contributing; Sophie for contributing; and Taed for quidditch scores.


Out-of-Character, The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee and Admin Team. In-Character, The Daily Prophet is led by a newly appointed Editor-in-Chief named Llewella Leona Lloyd, an outspoken, middle aged, pathetically single Welsh journalist who refers to herself as the Grey Lion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to PM Samm or a member of the Plot Committee, or simply reply directly to this post. Any IC fan letters to Harlan Bellamy will be published in the next issue.

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