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    Sixth year had been very tense and stressful so far, and Ryūnosuke hadn’t realised how much until today. His birthday. He was officially seventeen years old, he would take his Apparition license soon, be able to practice magic outside of Mahoutokoro and, of course, hopefully succeed into advancing into his seventh year. His grades were great, the professors were generally pleased with him, so one would assume (and correctly so) that Ryūnosuke had nothing to worry about. However, both of his parents had dropped out during their sixth years at Mahoutokoro, and his own sixth year not having ended yet, Ryūnosuke was little said anxious. He wanted to bring back honour to both the Murakami and Yukimura families, for his parents not to continue being criticised by every other member of the two families.

    Truthfully, both his parents were great, and Ryūnosuke couldn’t be any more proud of them, and their achievements. His father, a successful shōgi player, and his mother, an equally successful and famous karuta player, were amazing, the wizarding community appreciating them. So, it felt even more frustrating when everyone else but their own families appreciated them. While Osamu and Yoshiko couldn’t be less bothered by this, Ryūnosuke was. And that day, his seventeenth birthday, was no exception from his general frustration with his grandparents. Of course that both his grandfathers had sent him letters, along with a monetary present, but the content of the letters certainly did not match the presents themselves, severely lacking. He had to take responsibility, be a competent young wizard, and successfully graduate to bring back the honour his mother and father so nonchalantly took.

    It was ridiculous. Ryūnosuke threw away the letters, and yet kept the money, which he used to take his two dormitory mates and close friends to a particularly fancy restaurant in Takamagahara. His friends later on had to go finish their homework (such irresponsible fellows, who wouldn’t finish their homework before the weekend, really) and Ryūnosuke remained in the wizarding village. His friends also told him it would be for the best for the Tsuchi to go borrow a nice book and get some tea in the quiet teahouse next to the lake.

    Ryūnosuke figured it would be much better than read manga back in his dorm – at least he could read something new that way. As soon as he’s reached the library, Ryūnosuke went to the fiction area, to pick up the third volume of a series he’d started a while ago, but didn’t get to continuing, as he’d focused on both his studies and his club activities. This year had been so busy he couldn’t even read for pleasure. It was outrageous. Spotting the book in question, the sixth year stretched out his arm to reach it, but his hand touched another’s, as someone else reached for the same book.

    He quickly retrieved his own hand, and turned around towards the other person, his dark blue kimono elegantly swaying in the motion. “I apologise, please – “ go ahead and take this copy. Ryūnosuke continued the sentence in his mind, as he noticed that the other person was nobody else than the one individual he’s been religiously avoiding for almost a half a year now, Nezu Nagisa herself. The former girlfriend. The one who took his heart, to do nothing else with it but rip it out and then shatter it into a million piece. He was calm, he was very calm. Not. As much as Ryūnosuke kept his outer demeanour as cool as always, inside he was burning. He thought that if he avoided her until she’d graduate, he’d have nothing to worry about. But there she was. In front of him. On his birthday, out of all possible days.

    And she looked as beautiful as ever. Of course, being the weekend, Nagisa took extra care of herself, as usual. Her freshly coloured dirty blonde locks, her dark make-up, her elegant appearance noticeable even by one glance. No. Ryū told himself, frustrated that he even took a second to gaze at her. The Tsuchi then quickly placed back his hand on the book, before she’d have a chance to claim it. “ – do realise I have been here first, Nagisa – “ No, no, no. He did not call her by her actual name. Why did this habit have to stick, even after six months of avoiding her? “ – Nezu-senpai.” The worst bit? Ryūnosuke had yet to recall that Nagisa herself was the one who even recommended him to read this series in the first place.


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