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[mp] nothing to fear {sabrina}
« on: May 16, 2018, 01:43:01 PM »
That day certainly hadn’t gone as expected. While his class had been entertaining and Volker was very satisfied with the overall student participation, its ending had been quite unpredictable. In the end, not even in his wildest dreams would he have assumed that a giant would break his classroom’s window to get a hold of ice sculptured stag, Hendrik. The situation however had been resolved much more smoothly that Volker would’ve assumed initially. The giant simply retrieved himself once Volker’s ice spell had broken, and simply started moping in a random corner of the school’s garden, while mumbling something among the lines of ‘shiny toy’. The thought that a giant would even think of his beloved Hendrik as a toy was disturbing, but Volker figured he should just be glad everything got settled in a rather peaceful manner.

Volker then headed to the hospital wing, to make sure all of his students had managed to get there safely and all managed to escape unharmed. Thankfully enough, the school nurse grasped the situation right away, and took control. She gave everyone a calming potion and carefully checked for injuries. It had been pleasing to know that the nurse was in control of the situation, for Volker didn’t know what he would’ve done if she hadn’t been so sensible. In the end, while he was perfectly capable of teaching Métaphysique, and he had great social skills, the former Papillonlisse was still too young to react perfectly well in a situation of crisis. Truthfully, he was glad he reacted quickly and managed to avoid any sort of unfortunate accidents.

He’d taken notice of Sabrina, who seemed as calm as always. The former Musketeer was as proud of her as always. While he hadn’t seem his former housemate, and now student, ever since graduation, Sabrina had evolved exactly how Volker expected it: she was an elegant, smart, and sensible young lady. While Sabrina did keep her composure both in the classroom and in the hospital wing, Volker was positive that she also had gotten her share of scare and shock. After asking the nurse to see if Sabrina could be released, Volker invited the sixth year to his office. Surely some time in private would also allow Sabrina to relax; in the end, as calm as she was, after such an event even the most patient of people had to take a break.

His office was still a bit messy, as Volker hadn’t had enough time to finish arranging all of his things. The room was very spacious, and its ampleness was only enhanced by the pale purple semi-transparent curtains, which matched the décor. The office in itself was decorated in a slightly baroque style; the desk was white and silver, and covered with several opened parchments, which consisted of Volker’s manuscript for his upcoming book. The bookcases were filled with books about métaphysique, philosophy, epistemology, logic, and ethic. Naturally, to enhance his German origin, in the space between the two large windows there was a white marble full body sculpture of nobody else than Friedrich Nietzsche himself. On top of Nietzsche rested Aimée, Volker’s pink pygmy puff.

In the middle, there were two white leather large sofas, covered up with silk covers, the shade matching the ones of the curtains. Fortunately for Sabrina, the temperature of the room was normal, as Volker hadn’t yet visited his office that day. However, one of the windows was open, so the air was undoubtedly fresh. “Come in, petit papillon.” Volker encouraged the sixth year to step inside, as he opened the door widely. “Take a seat wherever you’d fancy.” He commented nonchalantly, as the German headed towards the table in the corner, where he held his beverages. While Volker was tempted to drink some wine, he guessed it would be inappropriate to drink when meeting with a student.

“Tea?” He asked, running a hand through his long hair, as he turned around to face Sabrina. “Or some fresh juice?” Volker added, offering her more than just one choice.

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Sabrina Sasseville [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [mp] nothing to fear {sabrina}
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Well, she was definitely going to have to write to someone about her day! She hadn't decided who yet, but she'd write to her penpal for sure and probably Eliott... maybe even Antoine. The latter brother seemed to be connecting with her more and more as the year drew out, though Sabrina wasn't sure why. Still, some good had come from the unexpected event; she'd earned points for Papillonlisse and by doing so gained some more confidence in class, she'd learnt to take the giant 'invasion' a little more seriously and learnt from her mistake in underestimating their danger. Best of all, of course, was the beautiful, sparkling ice tiara made by the best Musketeer she had ever known.

When she had arrived at the hospital wing, she greeted the nurse warmly (after all, the poor woman spent so much time looking after the sickly girl, that Sabbie considered her to be a second mother) and tried to explain bits and pieces of what had occurred, whilst calming and comforting her shaken friends and classmates with some well-placed hugs, gentle touches and affectionate words of reassurance. Throughout it all, the ballerina remained calm, unfazed and patient with her somewhat panicked surroundings and waved off all concerns for her health with a mellow smile and a soft movement of her hand. Delicate though she was, a shock to her system rarely caused her illness, it was often physical causes and not mental. Nonetheless, the Papillonlisse was still relieved to see Volker when he entered the room, and she almost sighed, for she had been lightly concerned that something might have happened to him. He quickly invited her to his office which she gratefully accepted, appreciating that even now he was still looking out for her (in ways that her siblings just could not).

Standing patiently outside waiting to be welcomed in, Sabrina took the chance to covertly look around at the office, smiling at the decorations and visibly pleased. It suited Volker very well. Eventually stepping in as commanded, the ballerina's cheeks flushed as a nostalgic smile swept across her face for a second at the 'pet' name she'd been called. "Thank you," she replied warmly, "I love what you have done with the room so far." The Sasseville was materialistic by nature and she appreciated fine things more than the average person. The office itself was indeed a little messy, but Sabs hardly found that surprising considering how short notice his appointment as professor must have been.

Scanning the room for a suitable suit, Sabrina quickly chose a seat on the sofa closest to the open window, eager for some fresh air. Brown eyes attentively following her new professor's form, Sabrina took the opportunity to fix the tiara that was still perched atop her head. Smiling with her eyes at his offer, she gratefully replied. "Some tea would be lovely, thank you so much." Twirling a strand of hair around her gloved finger, the French witch mused about how Volker had always been so kind, and so attentive to her. She hoped that he knew how much she truly appreciated it.

Glancing sketchily at the closed window, remembering the shattering sound of the now-broken window in the metaphysics classroom, Sabrina piped up again saying with wit and mild amusement, "what happened to our unexpected guest from earlier?" The teen wondered for a moment whether the poor giant's hand had been completely frozen off by Volker's magic.

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Re: [mp] nothing to fear {sabrina}
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“Thank you.” Volker replied with a soft smile on his face, enjoying the compliment. His taste was exquisite in the end, and others being aware of it was always satisfying. He didn’t expect any less of a Papillonlisse. “I still have more to arrange, but didn’t have the time yet.” The German let out a soft sigh, mostly glancing at the empty walls. His photographs and pieces of art were still waiting to be hanged; it was a simple charm he guessed, however Volker decided not to pull out his wand and perform it now, since he wasn’t entirely positive his magic would end well. In the end, anything involving a wand wasn’t exactly his forte. Being an elemental had its downside.

“Tea it is then.” Volker turned towards the table and, although reluctantly, he pulled out his wand from his robe’s pocket, to prepare the tea. It was a simply spell, and even he could do it. “I only have Midnight in Paris, if you’ve heard of it.” It was the latest trend in muggle tea, and Volker was unsure whether Sabrina would be familiar with it or not. Nonetheless, he was sure she would enjoy it either way. As the tea was prepared, Volker levitated two white porcelain cups with silver edges towards the table in front of the sofa, placing it perfectly in front of Sabrina. He smiled, especially satisfied by his successful charm. The scent of the tea also spread in the room, notes of vanilla, fruity accents, and roses being now noticeable. It replicated its colour, deep red.

Volker then made his way towards the centre of the room, and took a seat on an armchair, opposite to Sabrina. He also enjoyed staying next to the open window, the soft spring breeze being particularly pleasant that day. As he picked up his own cup of tea, Volker arched an eyebrow at Sabrina’s question. The wizard straightened his back as he leaned against the back of his armchair, and crossed his legs in the process. “Hmm.” He let out softly, a gentle smile appearing on his face. “What do you think happened?” Volker asked, teasing the girl a bit. “Perhaps we have a new ice sculpture in the grounds.” The German lightly shrugged, as he elegantly took a sip out of his tea.

“Not to worry though. He left after my charm had broken, should be somewhere on the grounds now.” Volker glanced towards the window, a bit relieved that there seemed to be no other giant nearby. They were all Madame Maxime’s relatives, however to deny their danger would be quite foolish. In the end, that was why the Headmistress had called him in as a substitute, for she needed someone she fully trusted nearby. “He was just a big child. Not more mature than a five year old. Some are just scared of their imposing presence, but most of them should be harmless unless provoked.” Volker commented rather nonchalantly, as he took yet another sip out of his tea.

Then, he slowly turned his gaze towards Sabrina once more. “But how are you? I imagine your year so far hadn’t been the best, with everything going on here.” Volker sighed, genuinely feeling bad for all sixth and seventh years in particular. They all had exams to prepare for and yet they were living in fear, constantly making sure that they wouldn’t be attacked, or eaten, or worse. “Are your OWL preparations going alright?” He asked, naturally concerned. “You know, my office’s door is always open if you need help with anything.” Volker smiled once more, remembering how he’d always taken pleasure in teaching Sabrina, ever since he’d been a musketeer. She caught on things rather easily, and made very interesting connections; the young witch definitely had a lot of potential and it would be really a pity for a stressful atmosphere at Beauxbatons to affect her grades.

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Sabrina Sasseville [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [mp] nothing to fear {sabrina}
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"I'm not surprised," Sabrina began, grinning ever so slightly. "It must have been a shock to suddenly be requested to substitute." The Papillonlisse looked down at the floor, pushing the tiara back up onto her head as it slipped, a softer smile appearing. "I'm glad it was you. We've missed you!"

Her eyes continued to follow him, a tiny smile maintaining itself steadily on her face as she watched. Midnight in Paris? Sabbie raised an eyebrow. She had not heard of the particular tea blend before, but she certainly liked the sound of it. She'd only experienced a midnight in Paris just the once, but it was a beautiful experience and one the ballerina wanted to have again someday. Sabs hoped that the tea would live up to its name. "Ooh, no I haven't. But, I'm sure I shall love it." As he poured the tea, the French witch could smell the aroma wafting around the room and she breathed it in. It certainly smelled amazing! She sat there, merely observing the flight trajectory of the cup to the table and smiled appreciatively when it arrived in one piece, without a single drop spilled. "Thank you," she offered instinctively, bringing the cup to her lips gently so that she could sniff it again before blowing on the steaming liquid slightly and then taking a small, dainty sip. Sabrina sighed contently, "oh, it is lovely."

Placing her cup down, Sabbie narrowed her eyes at Volker playfully, a smirk tugging at her lips as she pondered whether or not to answer his question. She didn't need to, however, and at the sentence that left his lips, Sabbie gasped dramatically, an exasperated look on her face. "Professor!" The Sasseville exclaimed incredulously, "you didn't, did you? That's so mean!" But, partially deserved. I mean, he did break the window.

Giggling, Sabrina was only slightly relieved that the giant wasn't a big block of ice, but more amused that Volker had chosen to tease her. "A very, very big child." She chuckled, her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline. "Let's hope an adult one doesn't drop by next class." Her words were not serious, her tone playful and sarcastic, as she scooped up her cup again and took another few sips, relaxing a little into the sofa. Her free hand grabbed at a few strands of her hair, wrapping them around her fingers. She knew they didn't mean to cause the chaos that they were causing and she was sure that, in reality, they were probably very nice. "I didn't mind their presence here..." Until now, she wanted to say, but didn't, instead choosing to take another sip of tea.

As he asked after her, Sabrina's lips formed an 'o' shape. It should hardly have been surprising, she supposed but she wasn't expecting the question nonetheless. "Oh, well, I'm fine!" The ballerina smiled, grateful for his concern, whereas she would have gone crazy at her siblings. "I'm... used to having somewhat crazy years." Her gaze averted from him, looking down into her tea instead. They both knew exactly what she was referring to, as much as she hated to admit it. "Honestly, it has actually been better than my last year, so far. There were no giants, or random changes to staff but for me, it was... challenging." It seemed to her like the best word to get her point across without having to actually spell it out. She took a moment to take a deep breath, before letting out and allowing a calm, serene smile to form and let herself look back at Volker again. "I'm managing OWL stuff well, all things considered. I'm having to catch up with a lot of things but I've had a lot of help from my friends and I think I'm almost there." It was typical of Volker to care so much about her and her life, she was relieved that she could have him there to guide her once again, even if only for a little while. The younger Papillonlisse smiled brightly at his offer, knowing immediately that she would accept it. "Thank you, professor. You're very kind to offer. If I need help with something, I'll know who to turn to." Sabrina nodded her head at him softly, her tiara this time making no movements.

The ballerina put down her cup, folded her hands in her lap, and looked pointedly at her new professor. She was interested to know what he had been up to since he left Beauxbatons, and all that'd been able to accomplish. Sabrina thought that Volker was extraordinary, so she had no doubt that he had done well for himself. "And, what about you?" She asked, her eyes bright as she leaned in towards his direction. "What crazy adventures have you been up to since you left us?" She laughed, raising her cup again in order to drink her tea whilst he replied. "I'm sure you have some wonderful stories to tell me."


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