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Miyahara Misaki [ Inactive Character ]
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One, singular sensation [Ryūnosuke]
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:22:23 PM »
Misaki was still finding it difficult to get used to her daily life at Mahoutokoro. The academic part did not concern her, as she took to classes with the same determination and discipline as she did her acting or her skating. No, it was the stuff outside of classes that she found hard to adapt to. She did not have Asada-san at her every beck and call, and though she had her siblings and cousins there for support, Misaki had had to learn how to do some things by herself. The child actress disliked how much time it wasted, when she could be doing more worthwhile and important things; like learning her lines for a new project, practising her tessenjutsu or studying to be the best witch ever. And of course, she still had to deal with her parents pushing her every step of the way. The Japanese girl often received letters from her mother or father, telling her what to do and how to behave, and though the perfectionist prodigy took the advice and criticisms to heart, the confident and proud child also wanted to do things her way too. After all, she was Miyahara Misaki, famous across the Wizarding Japan and feared and looked up to by many of her fellow classmates. She already knew what to do.

The youngest Miyahara sibling had taken a knock to her confidence when she had first been sorted, for she was chosen to be part of House Kitsunebi rather than the House Mizuchi that her equally famous parents and siblings had been and were a part of. Her family had not known what to expect from this, and she had first received letters expressing their disappointment. After a while, having spent time in her house and getting to know the people within, Misaki took it as a sign that she was greater than her family, that she belonged to a better group of people and therefore, she liked Kitsunebi very much.

It was now March, which meant many acting jobs were being lined up for her for the Summer. She had been sent many scripts by her parents on behalf of other show-business representatives, most of which were for her to learn by heart, but as she sat in the dormitory reading them, the demanding actress felt angry again that she was not allowed Asada-san by her side. She needed her chaperone desperately, she was very dependent on her and Misaki had grown to appreciate her companion more now that she was no longer around. Misaki had no one to bring her tea, to fix her kanzashi, to stop people from entering and pestering her. The Miyahara needed time away from the scripts, but still needed to be productive, so that she could come back to them later with a fresh mind. Luckily, she had Kyūdō to look forward to as a healthy but purposeful break. Misaki considered herself to be better at tessenjutsu, but she still enjoyed the sport nonetheless.

The only part that the egocentric child found challenging was her senpai-kōhai relationship. She was the kōhai , which was the problem. Miyahara Misaki was used to commanding others, of being on equal footing with many of her elders and addressing another student as senpai still felt odd to the proud witch. Entering the dojo, Misaki made her way over to @Murakami Ryūnosuke, lightly bowing in greeting to him as she stopped in front of him. "Konnichiwa, Murakami-senpai. What shall we do today?" Misaki asked eagerly, eyes sparkling as she pushed the golden kanzashi in her hair in a little more.

Murakami Ryūnosuke [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: One, singular sensation [Ryūnosuke]
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“And again, why me?” Ryūnosuke asked, with a deep sigh, as one of his senpai from the kyūdō club suggested the Tsuchi would remain in charge of Miyahara Misaki’s training. While he knew they were supposed to be nice to their kōhai, Ryūnosuke thought he’d have done enough for the club already, considering he’s helped the seventh years ever since the beginning of term. But no, it seemed that it would not end there. He still had to help. It irked him especially because it ruined the flow of his day, Ryūnosuke generally preferring not falling out of his peaceful monotony. And it was such a nice day too, he’d really wanted to do some proper practicing of his own.

The senpai mumbled something about him knowing how to deal with famous people, and then moved on to his own practice. Ryūnosuke didn’t like the explanation, but he could at least see why they were making him, out of all people, be in charge of Misaki’s training in the club. However, Ryūnosuke disagreed; just because his own parents were famous, that did not mean that he was used to handling famous people. In the end, he never really regarded his parents as famous people; to him, they were just his mother and father. But the sixth year decided not to dwell on it anymore, deciding that it would be by far more tiring to even think about explaining this thought to his senpai. He just couldn’t wait until he would be a seventh year, so he could push on all the work to his own kōhai.

As soon as he finished putting on his uniform, Ryūnosuke went in the dojo, and carefully watched the senpai’s performance while polishing his bow. The first year Kitsunebi soon appeared, Ryūnosuke nodding his head politely in her direction as soon as she greeted him. “Hmm.” The Tsuchi let out, while placing back his bow in its rightful place, before picking up two arrows. “Let’s go on the porch outside.” He stated, turning around on his heel, and quietly making his way towards the dojo’s veranda. 

There, he took a seat on the floor, sitting in seiza. He waited for Misaki to do the same, meanwhile gently placing the two arrow to his left, on the tatami. “We’ll do some meditation today.” Ryūnosuke commented, carefully checking Misaki’s posture. While the Tsuchi had wanted to practice himself, he had yet to trust Miyahara with a bow and arrow. Of course, others would’ve let the young girl go for it, and start practicing properly, however Ryūnosuke was more leaned towards the spiritual side of kyūdō. If she had achieved an inner calmness through meditation, she could become one with the bow, and there would be no chance of failure. His methods had always proven themselves right, at least to him.

“When was your last meditation session, Miyahara-chan?” The Tsuchi inquired, wanting to know where they were at. In the end, if he was going to do this, Ryūnosuke was going to be as thorough and meticulous as possible. Misaki would become absolutely great at kyūdō should she follow his methods without questioning, he was sure of it.

w h y   d o n ' t   y o u   t e a c h   y o u r   h e a r t   t o   f i l l   a n d   g i v e   y o u r   l o v e   l o v e
m u r a k a m i   r y ū n o s u k e

Miyahara Misaki [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: One, singular sensation [Ryūnosuke]
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The actress watched him carefully, eager with the hope that she might actually be practising for real as he picked up two arrows. "Ok!" Misaki replied with a chipper pep to her voice, hesitating for a moment as Ryūnosuke turned away at out towards the balcony, before running after him to try and remain by his side. She wondered what they could be doing on the porch. It was a very nice day and Misaki appreciated that warm sun on her face,  but the Miyahara girl was positive that there weren't any targets outside of the dojo. The Kitsunebi witch was about to question him, but held her tongue as Ryūnosuke sat down on the tatami, clearly wishing for her to do the same.

She waited for a beat before sitting across from him, the meticulous witch attempting to copy him as best she could, her hands fiddling with her kanzashi once again. Her face fell as he mentioned meditation. In class, it was one of the actress's weaker subjects and as such, Misaki hated it, for she hated anything that didn't allow her to be the best of her peers. "Meditation?!" Misaki blurted out, her disbelief evident in her tone, "What for?"

Was too much to ask of Ryūnosuke to let her shoot some arrows, for once? The Kitsunebi ground her teeth together loudly, fidgeting in seiza with an odd look on her face. Misaki thought that meditation was unproductive, something that always annoyed her. She wanted to be being something important, not sitting around doing nothing and wasting her valuable time. "In class, last week," she replied bitterly, "meditation is silly."


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