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Whomever first stated that ‘if you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub’ was probably referring to the Shunbun no Hi. Nothing could be achieved without effort, suffering or hardship, all of which had been included in the preparation of the festival. While the Shunbun no Hi was a holiday that the majority of the Japanese would celebrate with their families, honouring their ancestors, many Mahoutokoro students and staff had remained at school, opting to celebrate the effort they had put into the organisation of the festival by relaxing themselves in the warm and festive atmosphere which Takamagahara now embodied. Just like the day celebrates the arrival of the spring season and appreciation of nature blooming after a long winter, organisers could relate to nature itself, as all their hard work was now flourishing.

Just like the previous years, magical bonfires were present both in the school and in the wizarding village, offering the event more prestige, highlighting that Shunbun no Hi was the peak of the equinoctial week, one of the two times of year when day and night were equal and the veil between worlds was thin. The magical flames allowed one to feel the spiritual side of the festival, as it was a time when all kami were in harmony, and all honoured and remembered the past emperors who had kept the perfect balance between the worlds. Even if yōkai roamed throughout the island, causing mischief, tonight was a night when all spirits wouldn’t dare to cause any kind of trouble. It was peaceful, and yet festive.
The celebratory side was much more pleasant that other years; since many took the sakura blooming during winter as a sign of good luck, many students and villagers have outdone themselves that year, all booths being even more exuberant than in most previous years. The handmade masks were particularly beautiful that year, the kitsune one in particular catching Ryūnosuke’s attention.

Naturally, food was the highest priority for most. Yakitori, mochi, takoyaki, watame, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, ikayaki, choco bananas, karumeyaki, karaage, bebi kasutera, jaga bata, kakigori, shioyaki, taiyaki, dango, ringo ame, hotate butter yaki, ichigo ame – every must have at a traditional Japanese festival was present, highlighting the obvious superior Japanese cuisine and offering once more to Ryūnosuke the pleasure and delight of attending these sort of events. The sweets were especially good, and the Tsuchi was definitely a man with a very important mission: to taste them all. He’s worked especially hard in the organisation of this event just for the sweets, in the end – Ryūnosuke obviously deserved them all, each and every one, with no exception. 

Being a Mahoutokoro student, just like any other teenager in the Onogoro Island, the Tsuchi had participated in the organisation of the spring equinox festival. Thankfully enough, he managed to smartly sneak himself out of any hard work, and stuck with his origami club. He had come up with the idea of making enchanted origami for the event, little paper birds out of flashy colours flying around elegantly all over Mahoutokoro and Takamagahara. For those smart and agile enough to catch one of the origami birds, they hid some tiny good luck charms as a surprise. As he walked along the booths, the sixth year could hear people complimenting the playful origami, feeding Ryūnosuke's pride. He would definitely have to point out at the club that his idea had been the best of the best.

Midnight marked the end of the Japanese traditional dance and music shows, and the start of an extravagant fireworks one. However, that was still hours away, and there would be plenty of dancing contests, food and desserts eating competitions, and many other games – such as the forever frustrating kingyo-sukui – to entertain everyone meanwhile.

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