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Nakamura Yuki [ Inactive Character ]
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[mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:41:21 AM »
Yuki took a deep breath, taking another look at herself in the mirror as she took special care to tuck her hair neatly behind her ear, exhaling once she had secured the golden flower pin with a click. It had been the very same pin she had worn on the day of her entrance exam to Mahoutokoro Day School and the same pin she had worn to every test since she had started the boarding school program at eleven. It was her good luck charm, the one thing that until now had given her the courage necessary to do her very best. And Yuki knew that she would need the same courage today. In fact, Yuki had been unable to sleep most of the night, and almost gave herself a fright when she woke up startled only to find out that she had only slept through the first of several alarms she had set. Her roommate had not been pleased with Yuki’s approach to waking up, especially on a Saturday, but this was one date that she certainly could not miss.

She had been surprised when she had received word that Murakami Ryūnosuke, the very object of her affection and the sixth year to whom she had so boldly given homemade chocolate to on Valentine’s Day had asked her to meet him in Takamagahara. For days, Yuki and her friends whispered in the corridors about the meaning of the gesture. Could this possibly mean that he was returning her affection? Was he going to confess that he, too, had fallen in love with Yuki? Her friends thought it possible and while Yuki wanted to remain optimistic, his track record with girls left much to be desired. But as they reasoned with her, no boy would go out of his way to take a girl out if he wasn’t even remotely interested. And so within a day or two, Yuki had convinced herself to expect the best but to not look too disappointed if he rejected her confession. The fact that she would be spending time with her crush, alone was enough to make her cheeks redden. But it was also her opportunity to show him just how worthy of his affection she was, even if she was significantly younger.

Yuki scoured over fashion magazines in preparation for their outing, though she could not contain a smile at the idea that this was indeed a date, and hopefully the start of many more to come. In the end, she settled on a white cardigan and a plaid skirt, it was the most mature thing she could find in her closet. She wanted her senpai to see her as a woman that was worth his attention, not the little girl he had probably seen her as every time she hid behind the bookshelf when he approached her or how her face became red when he greeted her. What had he thought of her when she had offered him the chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Had he gone back to his room and teased her behind her back? That was not possible. While she had not spoken to him much in the past, he had always seemed kind, and somewhat distant. At least that’s the image he had secured for himself in her mind through the many club activities they did together. It was a little weird now that she thought about it, but Yuki had always been drawn to him. 

The trip to Takamagahara did not take long, and she had left with plenty of time to spare. She was aware that March was his birthday, like hers, how she knew that was beyond her but probably best left unexplored. She looked up at the gate to Takamagahara, the maneki-neko above reassuring her that she was waiting at the right place. She had arrived much earlier than necessary and had busied herself by walking around, in part to ease her nervousness, and in part to reacquaint herself with the area. She wanted to buy him something for his birthday and settled on a small trinket from one of the handmade shops off the main road. Soon after, she had hurried back, checking her watch several times to make sure that she was not late. It was not her first impression, Yuki was certain that she had already ruined that, but it was the first time he would meet with her in an outside setting. She had given herself the same pep talk for days, she would be successful and she would do her best. She checked her watch one last time before looking up, her eyes lighting up and her lips morphing into a bright smile when she spotted him in the crowd, she waved towards him a little shyly.

“Senpai, over here!” she called, walking over to meet him halfway, “It’s a bit chilly out today, have you eaten lunch already?” she asked with a smile.

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Murakami Ryūnosuke [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2018, 12:50:41 PM »
White Day wasn’t exactly a day Ryūnosuke particularly enjoyed. Or, he didn’t enjoy it much that year, since he was single. By choice, and definitely not due to lack of offers, for only on the specific day he’s realised how many presents he’d needed to return. A tragically huge amount, and him interacting with all those bold girls wasn’t exactly something he was keen on. However, the Tsuchi was grateful for all the chocolate he’d received on Valentine’s Day, and returned all of them as nicely as possible, gifting all the girls white chocolates, especially bought for the occasion from one of the best shops in Tokyo. His mother had sent them to him a few days before, carefully making sure her son was prepared for the event.

That year though, he’d received a particularly good present – homemade chocolates – from an underclassman, and Ryūnosuke figured that just giving her some white chocolate in return wouldn’t be worthy of all her hard work. In fact, he felt that it would even show a lack proper appreciation. In the end, she was a third year, a young little one, who had worked so hard to make him some chocolate, and had seemed too shy to even approach him. For, on Valentine’s Day, Nakamura Yuki politely asked him to accept the chocolate she’s made before making a run for it. He was impressed by her courage, and therefore figured that he could at least take her out for a more special treat, to return the favour.

He felt very much like a senpai to her; the fact that she was much younger reassured him, as Ryūnosuke figured she probably only admired him, in a very innocent and naïve way, not having any other feelings. Hence why, the Tsuchi felt comfortable when inviting her out to Takamagahara. He was thinking to take her to Neko Neko Nya, and have her play with some cats, along with drinking some of their beverages and eating a cake, or two, or three. He was going to spoil her that day, and be a proper senpai. It was also a nice change that, for once, he’s received chocolates without a confession. She also deserved to be praised for that; not many girls were like her, giving chocolate to a senpai just out of respect.

Ryūnosuke arranged his dark purple kimono as he’s reached Takamagahara’s gate, and their meeting place. Yuki seemed to have noticed him first, and walked to meet him halfway; such a polite kōhai she was. Her attire lacked in his opinion, however Ryū was aware that he was perhaps more on the conservative side than others. “Nakamura-chan.” He nodded politely in her direction, arranging his glasses in the process. Her questions made him let out a soft laugh. “Well, let’s get you somewhere warm then.” Ryūnosuke replied to her comment regarding the weather, and then, with another nod of his head, gestured Yuki to follow him, as he made his way towards one of the quieter alleys.

“Have you been to the cat café here yet?” He asked, wanting to know if their own visit there would be something the girl will enjoy.

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Re: [mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2018, 05:37:00 AM »
Her cheeks became warm when he addressed her, it was nothing to write home about, addressing her by her surname followed by the honorific was no indication of affection but hearing those words come from his mouth made her smile, and feel somewhat reenergized. She wanted to ask him so much, though they were in several school clubs together, she rarely had the chance to talk to him, she wanted to, of course, but by the time she worked the courage to say anything he was already in conversation with someone else or on the way home. But in her head, he was the ideal guy. And the fact that he was taking her out like this, on what she presumed could be considered a first date, strengthened her believe that he was the type of guy her favorite manga had always told her to be on the lookout for.

She nodded at his comment, it was simple but incredibly sweet of him to care about her, she followed closely behind him, admiring how the dark purple kimono swayed as he walked with much authority. She wondered if he was nervous but was certain that he had had plenty of practice, although she did not like to read too much into the rumors she had heard, he apparently did have a bit of a reputation with the other girls. It did not matter; his past did not matter to her. She wondered if he had eaten the chocolate and enjoyed it. She had spent a considerable amount of time planning and practicing, almost a month in fact, but would never admit to it. The last thing she wanted was to give him reason to feel that it had been a burden to her. In fact, she had enjoyed it so much that she had even prepared some more treats for him which she intended to give him later. She had overheard in passing that it was his birthday and thought it impolite to meet him without a gift.

Yuki was sure that he had received a lot of chocolate for Valentine’s Day but she hoped to be the only girl he had taken out, he wouldn’t be the type to take out several girls at once, was he? She wanted to feel special, even if just for a little while, and was determined to do her best and leave a good impression, maybe if she did he would be interested enough to ask her out again. And over the course of a few months, Yuki was sure that she could win his heart over. She had read about this scenario in so many of her favorite books it was as if she had been prepared for it. She would not fail.

“C-cat café?” she said, his question taking her out of her daydream, the surprise in her words making it obvious that she had been quite distracted by something else, “Ah no I haven’t been, but I saw the flyers, they are so cute,” she mentioned, quickening her pace to walk beside him, as best as the young girl could. He was several inches taller than her, she wanted to ask but it did not seem the way to follow the conversation. She had read about this in magazine, topics for young teenagers on a date. Nevertheless she could not remember any of them; “Do you like cats, Murakami-senpai?” she asked quietly, then shook her head at the stupid question. Of course he liked cats, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be taking her to a cat café, “I mean, do you have any pets? I have two cats at home but my favorite animal is the sloth,” she said, quieting down when she realized how silly she sounded.

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Re: [mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2018, 10:51:04 AM »
Yuki seemed distracted. The moment he’d asked her if she liked cats, it seemed that the younger student had been in an entire different place. Ryūnosuke’s inquiry regarding the café undoubtedly caught her off guard. It was rather impolite, not paying attention to the person one was with, especially if that person was a senpai. However, the sixth year decided against commenting on the matter, and specifically pointing out to Yuki her impoliteness. Instead, he let out a rather cynical “Hmm.” and with the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the girl’s figure as he continued making his way on the alley, turning left at the corner.

“Yes, they are cute.” He remarked, agreeing with her on the matter. Neko Neko Nya was a nice café, and rather than crowded and loud, it was just relaxing. The cats were well-behaved, which was quite the pleasant surprise. “No, I do not.” Ryūnosuke answered the younger one’s question, admitting that he, in fact, wasn’t especially fond of cats. “It’s not that I dislike them especially, just that they’re everywhere.” Just as he said that, a cat jumped off a fence, the Tsuchi stopping for a moment in order for the feline to cut her way in front of them. They were really everywhere; if Japan had a surplus of anything, then it would be of cats and racoons. They weren’t special, and Ryūnosuke did not particularly fancy anything that lacked innovation and originality. Cats weren’t any of those; they were just a constant presence in the daily life of any Japanese.

Yuki went on to explain that she had two cats at home; it was good, it meant that she would enjoy what he had planned, which definitely made everything easier for him. Ryūnosuke then arched an eyebrow at her mentioning that her favourite animal was the sloth. “Huh…” He let out, while arranging the glasses on the bridge of his nose. The sixth year, in all of his seventeen years of life, hadn’t heard that one; the sloth being someone’s favourite animal. Then again, it would fit in perfectly with his kōhai not paying attention to him before. “I guess sloths have a sort of monotony and stability in their lives which is appealing.” He commented, as he lifted one of his arms and ran a hand through his hair; Ryūnosuke regretted not arranging his hair, for his fringe had gotten a bit too long for his taste.

“I like dogs.” The Tsuchi answered Yuki’s question; he was more of a dog person, for dogs were not only playful, active, dynamic and loyal, but also extremely smart, especially compared with other animals. “I have three shiba inus at home.” He commented, a wide smile appearing on his face. It was rare for Ryūnosuke to smile, however it always happened when his three boys came up in the discussion. “Yuzuru, Kanata and Ritsu. They’re all such good boys; sometimes my parents or my grandfather bring them to Takamagahara on weekends so they can see me. They always jump on me, the little ones.” He was excited for the following weekend, for his mother had promised Ryūnosuke she would visit, let it be with Kanata only. She had karuta match in a village nearby on Saturday, so on Sunday Yoshiko would drop by to see her son.

Upon turning right at the following corner, the two reached the cat café. Ryūnosuke opened the door for Yuki, and as soon as she stepped in, he followed. He then went to take off his shoes and put on the cat friendly ones that the café provided. “Where would you like to sit?” He asked, deciding to allow Yuki to pick a room in the house. In the end, if he was going to treat her today, Ryūnosuke figured he could also allow her the slight honour of deciding in a senpai’s place.

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Nakamura Yuki [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
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She looked over at him in surprise as he confessed to not liking cats. Was he going just for her sake? The young Mizuchi wondered, and such an idea only encouraged a very unlikely scenario: that he had painstakingly chosen to take her to the cat café even though he cared little for cats because he liked her. And the thought that her sempai held such feelings for her made her feel warm inside. The thirteen year old was not the most intuitive person in the world, the fact that she spent most of her free time catching up on manga detailing unlikely romance between the most opposite of people was a testament to the amount of realism that the young girl possessed. “But cats are so cute,” she noted, jumping a little when an actual cat made its away in front of them, squealing in delight as she turned towards the cat, crouching down and extending her hand out, clicking her tongue as if to beckon it. In true, cat like manner, it barely turning its head to acknowledge her before running off into one of the bushes in the corner. She sighed in defeat, rising to her feet once more.

“You’re quite funny, sempai,” she said with a giggle at his description of her favorite animals. It was most likely an unlikely choice, sloths did not top the list of many manufacture’s choice for a mascot. Yuki had first come across one at eight years of age on a trip to the zoo as she wandered off from her family. The young girl watched the animal, entranced by its slow movements in a group of children visiting the zoo with their school. It had been as the sloth had finally reached the other end of the tree branch that her mother had finally found her. Since then, Yuki had been secretly obsessed with the animal but rarely made mention of it because of the odd glances it would earn from her classmates. “Sloths are quite cute…like Murakami-sempai,” she says with a smile decisively before looking up at him a little embarrassed by her outburst, “I mean the stability part not the cute part,” she adds in a hurry before looking away.

“Shiba inus? I wish I could raise a dog as well, but my mom wouldn’t be too happy about taking care of the dogs on her own,” she replied, her eyes widening a little as he smiled. Even like this, Yuki could not help but to admire him. She had always noticed him from afar, or at least ever since she joined a club he was a part of. From a distance, he had always seems rather strong and somehow very mature but upon seeing his smile, Yuki felt butterflies in her stomach flutter. Up close he was different, there was a softness to him, a kindness that was underneath the tempered nature he presented to others and it drew her more to him. She stepped a little closer to him, it was a bold move but used the traffic of people on either side of them to justify her actions. “I would love to meet them, next time they come,” she says, “In our baking club we’ve been learning about pet treats, I can try to make them some next time, if you’re okay with that,” she adds shyly. They were learning how to make treats for people, not pets, but she was willing to learn, in hopes that her dedication may somehow make her feelings for him clear.

She followed him in silence as they finally reached the café, it was her first time there but she was much too shy to tell him so. She stepped into the café, looking around, part of her curious to see if other classmates were there. Would they suspect there was something between them should they see them together? She reached down to unbutton her shoes, taking them off and putting on the cat slippers, smiling as she admired their cute shape. She looks around the room and points discretely to a spot in the corner near the window, a high tower with three cats climbing up, “What about there?” she suggests, “I brought my camera,” she reaches into her bag to show him a little, “I’m not sure if we can take photos but if we can, the lighting is good, I think,” she adds to justify her choice. “Want me to order our drinks?” she adds with a big smile, turning towards the counter and bouncing off to pick up a menu before returning. She hold out the menu in his direction, using the opportunity to step closer to him. “Any ideas?”


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