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  • love and other disasters [all years]
    « on: May 28, 2018, 12:28:28 PM »
    What was supposed to be a delightful breakfast when he would catch up with Minerva, it ended up with Sylvester substituting for a Potions lesson. He’d forgotten how sneaky she was, the cat; apparently her Potions professor was away with personal business that day, and Sylvester so conveniently happened to be there, in her office, just hours before that day’s lesson. Truthfully, this was something the Victorian should have expected from Minerva, for it was no surprise; however, not having seen the elder witch in a while, it had made him forget how cunning she could get, especially when knowing that she was around someone who wouldn’t refuse paying her a favour. Sylvester would definitely remember that next time.

    It was exactly time for the lesson to start when Sylvester stepped in the classroom. “Good morning.” He stated, his Australian accent very noticeable as he made his way through the desks, to the front of the classroom. He turned around on his heel upon reaching his destination, his dark blue robes swaying in the process. “Guess you’re stuck with me for Potions today. Sylvester Walker, for those who don’t know.” He smirked, glancing in the cupboard’s direction. He had no idea what the curriculum was, or what the Professor had in mind to teach them that day – however, since he was in charge now, Sylvester figured he could spice things up a little. In the end, his classes were always aimed to please him, and not the students.

    He took a sip out of the golden goblet he’s been carrying, not having even finished his tea. Thank you for your hospitality, Minnie. Sylvester thought ironically, later on swaying the goblet gently, as his gaze turned back towards the students. “I will take the opportunity to teach you today one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful potions.” The wizard took out the wand from his robes’ pocket, and with a flick, the name of the potion appeared written on the blackboard behind him. “Amortentia.” He said out loud as well, in case anyone was so behind (and unfortunate with thinking) that they didn’t even know their Latin.

    A teasing smirk appearing on his face, Sylvester continued, the tone of his voice matching his grimace. “I’m positive a lot of you did some extracurricular reading, especially regarding this specific potion.” Well, one couldn’t exactly deny the attractiveness of such a potion. It gave one a lot of power and learning how to brew it was quite the challenge. “What are its ingredients?” Shouldn't be hard, especially since they were the usual ones for a love potion: ashwinder eggs, rose thorns, peppermint, powdered moonstone, and pearl dust – the classics. Even a beginner in potions would know them.

    “And in addition, its effects and characteristics.” He then pointed towards a student who’d first raised their hand, to start with the answers.

    ooc;; some students would know Sylvester as he taught Flying during HBP and DH playtimes; he was very strict and didn’t have any issue with being very generous when deducting points. I’d like it if the answers to his questions are a bit spread out, so more than one student can get a right guess. Let’s have fun with this (:

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    Professor Walker would be subbing today’s Potions lesson? And she had been silly enough to think Hogwarts may have finally run out of curveballs to throw them, after last year…

    Settled in her usual spot towards the middle of the classroom but along the periphery, Keela barely stifled a snort of amusement when he then announced the subject of the day’s lesson. Could this get any more ironic? The retired Quidditch player, ruthless former Flying Professor… teaching them about Amortentia. Which was, incidentally, banned on school grounds.
    This couldn’t not be amusing.

    Potions wasn’t necessarily her strongest suit, but there were some things here and there that stuck in her mind a bit better than others – this was one of them. She herself had never considered using such a brew, but she had been part of enough conversations on the subject over the years to remember. The question was essentially a trap, given Professor Walker’s teasing comment on implied ‘extracurricular reading’. Fine, she’d take the bait.
    After a heartbeat of silence, the Quidditch Captain took the plunge and raised her hand. Hopefully Val wouldn’t draw any false conclusions from her knowledge on the subject…

    “Pearl dust is one of the key ingredients, since that’s what gives the potion its characteristic ‘mother-of-pearl’ appearance. Ashwinder eggs are a component of every known variation, as well.” As it were, she knew the remainder of the ingredients as well as what happened to the strength of the potion, the older it was… but in the interest of 1. not coming across as a monopolizer of the discussion and 2. avoiding the implication that she was dabbling in this particular concoction, she yielded the floor to the next student willing to chime in.
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    Re: love and other disasters [all years]
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    She liked Potions. She really did and yet when Carla spotted the professor for the day she did not feel like this could be a good class. To say the very least she found Sylvester Walker intimidating. He had something that scared her and she could not really say what it was. Well, it was his bluntness, of course. His ruthless nature. However, she felt that she did not cover it all by thinking of these aspects of his character. In her opinion this man was not meant to be a teacher. He was too dominant for her taste, not compassionate enough... Simply not a person she wanted to be around.

    The Ravenclaw wished to become invisible or at least as small as possible so that he would not see her, would not address her. She wanted to be left alone and be done with this lesson which, hopefully, was just a one-time event. However, she was soon surprised by this lesson's content. While Carla had not thought about what he could cover with them since seeing him mere seconds ago, she would never have guessed that Sylvester Walker out of all people would choose Amortentia as a topic for today's lesson.

    While there were girls in her year who would probably kill for a vial of properly brewed Amortentia, Carla was not one of them. She found this particular potion to be comparable to the Imperius Curse which happened to be unforgivable. So why was this potion generally allowed? It was not at Hogwarts but that was a different matter altogether. Even some pretty harmless joke articles were forbidden at school so this did hardly mean anything at all.

    Sylvester Walker, Carla refused to think of him as professor Walker again - Flying Class with him had been an ordeal; the girl feared heights and being up in the air on a broomstick was hardly anything she had ever liked and she had in vain looked for sympathy with this particular teacher - asked some questions which were not too hard to answer. In fact, Carla knew all the answer but she hesitated. Appearing too eager seemed like a bad plan with this man. Keela did not seem to be as reluctant though, answering part of the substitute teacher's questions quite adequately.

    Carla felt her heart beating quickly, which was usually an indication that she would give a response in class even though she was not yet fully convinced about that. She took a deep breath, thought to herself not to panic and raised her hand tentatively into the air.

    "Amortentia is a love potion. However, it does not really create love, of course... It makes the drinker feel an infatuation with the person who gave them the potion. It's... kind of a trick. People think they feel things they don't really feel. I think it's a really dangerous potion..." Her voice trailed off and she lowered her gaze before she could even look at the teacher's expression. She hoped that her sharing her honest thoughts on the potion would not lose her house any points. After all, she rarely spoke out even in classes she was good in.
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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #3 on: May 29, 2018, 12:50:49 AM »
    He was late, having had to diffuse a rapidly escalating situation between two screeching second years in the Quad. Valentine was still wondering where on earth twelve year olds could pick up such profane language as he was carefully clicking the door of the classroom shut behind him, when it rapidly dawned on him that the elaborately dressed tall man striding confidently about the classroom was not the familiar form of Professor Bane. Instead, Walker had returned, and apparently was acting as their substitute today. Walker had a bit of a reputation within the school as a hard taskmaster; a man with not much sympathy for those who could not keep up with him. He was most certainly an interesting choice for a replacement. With a confused expression upon his face, and his defences a little raised, the Head Boy took a seat by the left side of the classroom and silently extracted his textbook from his book-bag.

    He tried to make eye-contact with Keela seated in the same row as him, as he wanted to give her the international sign language equivalent for “so what’s going on here, then” via the medium of raised eyebrows, but before he could carry out any covert communication to his classmate, Professor Walker (assuming the former teacher would be going my his old honorific today) was talking about that old terror; that time-worn misery that would strike fear into the heart of even the most fool-hardy of Hogwarts students belonging to the male-persuasion: Amortentia. Walker was, naturally, smirking. The Head Boy rolled his eyes, wondering if the Professor’s gaudy goblet was actually filled with Firewhisky. Someone groaned loudly from the rear of the classroom.

    There were generally two camps on the subject of love-potions, at least within the confines of Hogwarts. One; those of a slightly more idealistic and/or insane bent, who considered them a short-cut to ensnaring the object of their desire. And then there was group number two; who considered them an existential threat to the fragile order that kept humans just that little bit above farm animals. Valentine was very firmly within the second camp.

    Bizarrely, Keela began to verbally list a dictionary-definition of the bloody potion, and in return Valentine flashed a horrified, bemused look along the row of desks at her, wondering what the hell she was reading before bed these days. Carla then followed up, but at least had the decency to say it was dangerous. “You can say that again,” blurted out the Head boy quickly in agreement. “It’s completely mad stuff."

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    Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #4 on: May 31, 2018, 05:48:11 AM »
    A heretofore unaccountable feeling of vague unease had settled over Alec from the moment he had set foot in the dungeons. It continued as he settled in his usual place, and it continued for the whole ten minutes before class started. He checked his schedule for a quiz he might have forgotten, but (un)fortunately, that wasn't the cause of it. Nobody else seemed nervous, anyway, so a quiz was unlikely. Perhaps an essay, or some potion project he'd forgotten—no, couldn't be that.

    A chillingly familiar Australian drawl erased his doubts and confirmed unease into dread. He knew that voice from first-year Flying. Walker? No way. No. No. Nooooooo.

    Alas, it was. Alec squirmed a little in his seat, hoping the substitute wouldn't notice him, wouldn't remember him. But why would he? He had taught Flying for how long, had no doubt seen how many hopeless flyers? How could he remember a particular student, a particular Scots-accented fool—okay, there was the accent. That was a pretty clear indicator. But surely Professor Walker had taught other Scots...right?

    As the lesson began, though, the lad found himself settling in a little. Amortentia—not that he said it that elegantly—he knew a little about, mostly on account of...her. Bah, why did she have to come to mind now? Alec tossed it aside and followed the conversation until it hit a lull. Aye, the potion was dangerous. Absolutely mental. However, there was something else to add, so he raised his hand.

    "Fairtunately, it's nae pairmanint," he said. "Et wairs off, I ken, in aboot..." He subsided to silence, paging through his textbook, as if expecting it to tell him anything useful about such a dangerous concoction. Huh, it steamed in spirals? A part of him wanted to brew a little of it just to see that! But that seemed dangerous. Probably best not to bring that one up.

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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #5 on: June 30, 2018, 07:01:14 PM »
    Potions was one of those classes Phillip tended to almost enjoy. They usually got an assignment and got to finish it, not too much socializing, no nonsense and that made it less annoying. He recognized the professor as he came into the room and Phillip sat back in his seat, leaning back precariously on the stool as the lesson began. He remembered how Professor Walker had been during his first year and although points didn't matter much to the Ravenclaw he hoped no one starting crying this time. It was just a stupid contest, it wasn't the end of the world but some students took the points so seriously. Of course, as a Prefect, Phillip was supposed to be one of them but honestly he still had no idea why he had this stupid badge. He tried to forget it in his dirty clothes and lose it on more than one occasion but the house elves always managed to return it to him. They were annoyingly efficient like that.

    Settling into a frown and his seat Phillip placed his elbows on the desk and cradled his head in his hands enthusiastically. Amorentia? "Great..." He muttered, looking around the room at the dewy eyed teenage witches and rolled his eyes. This was going to end badly. Students chimed in one after the next with answers and Phillip managed to pay attention to them long enough to hear Alec not finish his sentence. He waited a reasonable amount of time before growing impatient and succumbing to the horrors of group class discussion.

    "It wears off in like a day." He said, his typical attitude in his voice, he wanted nothing to do with this conversation he just wanted to get to the actual potion making. "Just long enough to make a fool of yourself." He tried not to eyeball any of the people he assumed were most likely to try and use this potion for their own benefits after class had ended. It wasn't hard to tell who the desperate ones were. Phillip didn't plan to use it on anyone but he could see the merits. Someone who loved him would tell him way more secrets than someone who didn't.

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    Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #6 on: July 11, 2018, 06:11:07 AM »
    Clementine was crap at Potions. It was too specific and not naturally creative enough for her. Perhaps it might have been if its principles had been innately creative, but it seemed the only people who had license to do that were already good at it and then took the reins to come up with their own stuff. She hadn't the patience for that, and she hadn't the patience for attending classes, either. There were only a few reasons she still continued to pretend to pay attention and care: she had to shape up, Quidditch was important to her, exams were coming up and she was involuntarily cutting most ties with her behavior. Professor Blevins had insisted she clean up her act, and unfortunately for her own selfish desires, she respected the things she had to say.

    She sat dejectedly in her seat, doodling random things that might've been blobs to anybody else's eyes with her quill on the edge of her parchment. The other hand was situated just underneath her jaw, curled into a tight fist to prop up her head. Life tired her out enough not to want to hold her head up at all as of late, so this was the best she could do.

    Apparently there was a substitute teacher today, and apparently it was Professor Walker. Goody. The last time she'd seen him she'd been in first year and so Clementine wagered it would be impolite to judge based on her eleven-year-old-self's interpretation of him. She'd significantly changed her stance on Slytherins since then, anyway. As far as she knew, he hadn't gone to Hogwarts, but she was almost positive that if he had he'd have been a Slytherin. He seemed the type.

    "I assume its characteristics are quite similar to the real thing," Clementine spoke up boldly and surprised herself. Perhaps it was because of the subject matter that it was having such a strong impact on her, but she didn't like where this was going and she didn't like that she was barrelling on despite all of the dangerous presences in the room who could spread things around and make things harder than they already were. "You know. Con job. Completely unable to control or dismiss what you're feeling."

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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #7 on: July 14, 2018, 02:43:22 PM »
    Professor Walker was back. Deirdre couldn't say that this made her day better or worse. She didn't care enough to form an opinion on that. He was just another professor, just someone teaching them something. The Slytherin naturally remembered Sylvester Walker from the last time he had been part of the Hogwarts staff and knew that he was rather strict. Strict professors weren't a problem for her. Potions wasn't either.

    Indifferently the girl had taken a seat in class, eyeing Keela and Val suspiciously. Were they a couple or just friends? She didn't spend enough time in Gryffindor circles to know this. It wasn't of much importance to her either. She rather liked Val. Somehow Deirdre couldn't deny (although she would if asked) that she had a thing for Gryffindor boys. They were easy prey. They were usually fun, outgoing and easy to manipulate.

    The lesson started and Sylvester Walker announced what they'd deal with. Deirdre looked at the professor, trying to figure out if this was a good or a bad idea for a lesson. Amortentia was an interesting potion, it helped manipulating the weaker gender, meaning boys, of course. Deirdre knew how to brew it but had never really tried it out. Usually the girl found that she could get what she wanted without going the safe way.

    The prefect began to doodle a little on her piece of parchment. She didn't need to take notes on the potion because she knew a lot about it already. Hence doodling seemed like a better way to occupy herself. After some of her classmates had spoken and had partly given decent replies, Deirdre decided that she could participate a little herself.

    "Shall I name all the ingredients?!" Deirdre's voice sounded pretty indifferent. "Keela already mentioned pearldust and ashwinder eggs," the girl summarised. "Rose thorns, peppermint and powdered moonstone also belong into the potion. So we will actually brew it here today? Will students be allowed to snatch a little vial for later use?" She offered one of her rare smiles. As a prefect she'd naturally have to punish each and every one using the potion on others but it would also be quite fun to watch the chaos unfolding and, truth be told, Deirdre would not mind trying it out on someone herself either.

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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #8 on: July 14, 2018, 03:57:44 PM »
    Leaning back, two feet off the ground and hands folded across his chest Phillip began to stare at the wall. He had completely lost faith in the ministry and the education system at Hogwarts that things like this didn't even surprise him anymore. They pissed him off, but they far from surprised him. After students battling a war inside the Castle grounds and then being locked inside a magical dome and forced to fight for survival he was pretty sure he was ready for whatever they could throw at him.

    Girls and love might be a whole different monster though.

    He had tried, but failed, not to point out in his head exactly which students he assumed would use it for their own nefarious means. Of course Deirdre made it too easy to point herself out the way she had smiled when asking about taking some home. He rolled his eyes at the thought of these girls getting their hands on the love potion and started to grow bored from the conversation. "You're not seriously going to let them have some are you?" He asked the professor with another frown before he began to chew on the cut on his lip that was still healing from a few days ago. Phillip didn't even want to imagine what it would be like if they got their hands on this stuff.

    Finally leaning forward in his chair he slouched over the top of his desk, pulled a text book from another class out, and started working on an assignment because clearly this discussion was going no where. Phillip often grew bored during class but at least today he was being semi-productive. He was a fairly smart student, smarter than some but not the very top of his class, and his boredom was often a result of that. Of course, didn't help that he was pessimistic and argumentative. Scratching away with his quill Phillip tried to finish the assignment for Ancient Runes quickly. He didn't get the best grades not because he was unintelligent but because he rarely worked on assignments after class. If he couldn't finish it during the school day he usually forgot or worked on his own personal projects instead.
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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #9 on: July 14, 2018, 09:34:20 PM »
    Potions was not quite Jari's best subject but he tried to at the very least not set the person sitting next to him on fire. As long as that didn't happen he usually wrote the lesson off as a win. Smiling as he entered the class and took a seat next to someone he knew he gave them a quick bigger smile before settling into his seat and his natural resting smile. Jari was the type who was always happy, he was lovable and annoying all wrapped into one chunky mess. His hair was tussled, his pant legs were too long, and his tin foil hat was hanging hazardously out of the pocket of his uniform robe but he was smiling. As the lesson began he paid close attention until he heard it was Love Potion day and then the thirteen year old boy grew anxious.

    Couldn't they make like a potion that gave them dinosaur teeth or let them fly about the room? Why did it have to be a love potion? How boring. Jari didn't understand the nature of romantic love yet, he didn't quite see its appeal, but he wasn't long for the rich innocent world. Soon enough he'd understand the pull of at the very least physical love.

    Today however, he'd much rather be a dinosaur.

    Still sitting forward he wrote down the ingredients in his notes as Keela and Deidre spoke about them. His foot tapped underneath him as he tried to stay focus and not think about aliens getting their hands on love potions. That would be bad, the witches and wizards would be powerless against that. And suddenly Jari found himself much more interested in the lesson. If not to use the potion then to, at the very least, learn how to create its antidote and stop the effects. He was on the defense as always as he raised his hands.

    "Is there an antidote Professor? How do we stop it?"
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  • Re: love and other disasters [all years]
    « Reply #10 on: Today at 12:59:25 PM »
    The reactions to today’s potion were all exactly what he’d anticipated. Amortentia generally stirred people up and it was quite the touchy subject for many. Naturally, girls were much more interested in the potion than boys, nonetheless it wasn’t the irregular. Teenage girls could get extremely passionate about their crushes, to the point that it did get slightly horrifying. But for this lesson it was just perfect. With each excited answer he got, Sylvester felt more and more amused, to the point that when Miss Coltrane asked for a little vial for later use, the Australian burst into laughter.

    “Alright, alright. Settle down everyone.” He motioned with his hand, encouraging everyone to calm down. The classroom ended up in a debate, and while Sylvester enjoyed it, this was potions, not ethics. “First of all, it seems that only two students took into account the most important question I asked, meaning the potion’s ingredients. Both Miss Doyle and Miss Coltrane are correct, and because they prioritised the ingredients, they will get 30 points each.” He smirked in Keela’s direction, his gaze later falling on Deirdre.

    “Regarding the rest of the comments. To summarise, I asked for the effects. Amortentia is the most powerful love potion up-to-date, and it causes powerful infatuation, to the point of obsession to the drinker. The second part of my latter question remained mostly unanswered. Miss Doyle mentioned indeed that the potion has a mother-of-pearl sheen, but it also has a spiralling steam, and its scent is multi-faceted and varies based on what the person likes.” Sylvester snapped his fingers and the potions’ ingredients and characteristics appeared written on the blackboard.

    “While the infatuation is not real, the scent is, which is what makes Amortentia so dangerous. You are drawn to it, tempted to drink it, because its scent appears to be what you are attracted to most, and even the scent of person you actually like, regardless of whether or not you are yet aware of the fact that you like the person in question. Therefore, the potion not only causes obsession after drinking, but also creates obsession with it when around it.” He cleared his throat, and then pointed towards Phillip. “Mr. Donnelly correctly mentioned it wears off in a day. Consequently, the potion must be constantly administrated, otherwise, the effects will wear off and the… victim will regain their own free will.”

    He then gazed in Clementine’s direction. “Yes, it does feel like the real deal. Even if we analyse the effect as obsession, the victim feels it like true love without which they cannot live at all. The feelings and passion are very much real.” Sylvester then glanced in Jari’s direction. “No, I shan’t teach you an antidote today, Mr. Trickett.” Or ever, really, considering he was only a substitute and he’d fancy seeing some serious drama among the students so they would make the class even more entertaining for him. “Today it is about brewing the potion.” Sylvester nodded and then pointed towards the cabinets with his wand. With a flick, a cauldron and ingredients levitated in front of every student and gently landed on their desks.

    “You have one hour to prepare a perfect Amortentia. When you finish it, raise your hand and state what scent you sense.” Sylvester took a deep breath, and straightened his back. “Before you start, 10 points for each and every person who has contributed to the talk. Mr. Pym, it’s understandable that as Head Boy you must tend to other things as well, however as Head Boy you also need to set an example. Therefore, I won’t deduct any points for your tardiness, but you will be assisting house elves in their cleaning activities all of this weekend, from dawn until nightfall. I will let the Headmistress know of it.”

    Sylvester then started walking among the desks, and stopped in front of Deirdre. He lowered his gaze at her, smirk appearing on his face as he tapped his fingers against her desk. “Miss Coltrane, while I would gladly allow you to leave with a vial, it would be useless, since it’d be a one-time use. So I shall not allow that. If you want to have a proper victim, you’ll need to brew a lot more.” He let out a soft laugh and then pointed his wand towards another cabinet, a cauldron and ingredients being levitated to the professor’s desk. “I will brew three vials of Veritaserum for the best potions though. As a reward, along with points.” Sylvester then turned around on his heel, and headed to brew the potion himself.

    “You may begin.”


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