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  • [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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    Catching up with Minnie was always nice, and the feeling was quite mutual, as her and Bertie would meet every other weekend to do so. That day, even if the weather was especially sunny and warm for the beginning of March, the two decided to go to their regular place, Grann Sosseh's Traditional Caribbean Bakery and Dessert Café, for brunch. It was late in the morning, yet not noon still, so it was the perfect way to spend their Saturday. As they reached the café, the two sat down at their usual table, the one they’ve taken a liking to ever since their fourth year; the one right in the centre, so they can always be in the spotlight.

    After pulling out her chair for her and making sure Minnie comfortably sat down, Bertie took off his leather jacket, revealing his Led Zeppelin tee, which perfectly matched his black ripped jeans, and sat down himself. He threw the jacket on the empty seat in between their own, and before Bertie could even think of calling for someone to take their order, someone from the staff was already next to them. “Haitian ginger tea. And some pancakes with strawberries, with extra chocolate syrup. Two of each.” The order was taken, and Bertie took out his pack of cigarettes.

    “You’ll like the pancakes, right?” He inquired, mostly out of courtesy than anything. Bertie’s known Minnie for years now, so he was sure she will absolutely love everything he ordered. The Wampus gently placed a cigarette in between his lips and quickly lighted it, later on placing the lighter on top of the pack. Bertie left it on the table, being positive that he will smoke more than just one cigarette. He then looked around, and realised that they’d definitely been lucky to find their table empty; the café was almost full. Ilvermorny hosting the final game in the quodpot championship at the end of the month had definitely gotten Shackamaxon much more populated. And it was still the beginning of the month; he couldn’t even imagine how crowded it will get later on. Perhaps even chaotic.

    “The quodpot game will be intense.” Gilbert commented nonchalantly, already spotting some Shreveport Shrikes supporters at a nearby table. The amount of official merchandise those dudes were wearing was ridiculous. “But… “ He turned his gaze in the direction of the Thunderbird, smirking as he took another drag of his cigarette and gently leaning in towards her, exhaling the smoke in her direction as he talked, the gesture however being rather teasingly done than with other intentions. “All the chaos should be good for your muse, right, Minnie Mouse?” Bertie was highly aware of the fact that his friend there was always inspired more by negative emotions rather than positive ones. The tension which would arise with an official quodpot game taking place there was definitely a possibility of everything ending with a perfect disaster.

    Gilbert dragged the ashtray closer to him as he pulled back, making himself more comfortable in his seat as he leaned against the back of his chair.

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    Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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    Minnie had always loved Bertie, not necessarily in the romantic sort of way, they had had their era as a couple and in the end ended things mutually. It was quite fun, the Thunderbird could admit that much, and it was also the reason it would never last. He made her too happy, Bertie was always sweet, considerate, and agreeable—the sort of romance that had grown too sickeningly sweet after a year. In the young witch’s mind, they were more like friends that made out rather than a real relationship which in her mind consisted of some torturous combination of emotional outbursts and distressing situations. Those types of relationships always ended worse than how they started. It was possibly because of this that Minnie and Bertie had been able to maintain a friendship, a rather close one, and were almost always seen together every late morning on Saturday at Grann Sosseh’s Traditional Carribbean Bakery and Dessert for brunch, gossip, and general upkeeping—the types of things good friends did.

    She nodded her head in appreciation when he pulled the chair out for her and sat down, she tilted her head watching him curiously as he took off his coat. Always the artist, Minerva had always been drawn to his features and style, the better part of her appreciating it for how truly aesthetic it was. She smiled lightly as he took their order, “Oh I don’t know Bertie, you’ve already ordered them so I better eat them, right?” she teased, before nodding, “Of course, I have a permanent relationship with dessert, extra chocolate syrup is just the icing on the very delicious cake,” she added. He had been this way when they had been dating as well. Not aggressive in that he wanted to control what she ate or to demonstrate some sort of unsolicited masculinity but that he knew her well and was well aware of the types of things she enjoyed, so much so that he could order on their behalf without hesitation. It was one of the many things she had liked about him.

    “You really should stop smoking so much, Bertie,” she commented, wrinkling her nose slightly when he lit his cigarette. “Enjoy the better things in life like dessert and my company to start,” she added jokingly. It had never really bothered her, somehow she found herself surrounded with smokers more often than not, it was considered the fashionable thing to do. At times she would indulge in a cigarette herself, not enough to form an addiction but enough to sound like a hypocrite when she criticized him for it but she cared for him, in her own way, and his health had always been important to her.

    She followed his gaze and almost burst out laughing when she noticed some of the Shreveport Shrikes supporters in the corner of the room, “Looking at that is killing my muse but yes,” she turned back to him, taking a deep breath when he blew smoke in her face with a grin, “A good fight will be perfect, or something scandalous like someone rigging the game,” she smiled. She looked around the café, trying to spot if their order was on its way, “I’m starving,” she complained with a pout, taking a look at the menu again, “Should we order more food?” she said with a laugh, before looking back up at her friend, “So Bertie, how’s your week? I’m thinking of taking a road trip during summer, wanna join? I’ll entertain you with my beautiful singing and fun stories,” she added. Minnie had never been a good singer, but it also never stopped her from trying.

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    Gilbert was always highly aware that Minerva had her moments when she was checking him out. Of course, he was also aware of the fact that she now did it in an artistic manner, observing – and admiring – his features, style, overall perfection. Still, in the moments when she was especially obvious, just like today, Bertie found himself unable to stop the impulse of teasing her. “Here.” He took a napkin with his free hand, and handed it over to his ex-girlfriend. “Wipe your mouth. You’re drooling.” The Wampus teased, later on taking a drag out of his cigarette, as he winked in Minnie’s direction.

    He felt a bit bad when she’d teased him about making the order, but he didn’t dwell on it. The sixth year knew Minerva’s tastes perfectly, so it would have simply been less efficient for him to not just order for them both directly. Plus, it was much better than to have the staff linger for too long. He didn’t enjoy not having private time when being out with a friend, especially since him and Minerva had only one day when they could catch up properly.

    Gilbert let out a laugh as Minerva commented that he should stop smoking. “Think of the aesthetic.” He joked, taking another deep drag, mostly on purpose this time. If someone told him not to do something, it only motivated Bertie to do the opposite. So many people have told him to quit smoking that, at this point, even if he wouldn’t enjoy smoking (which he did), Bertie wouldn’t quite just out of sheer spite and desire to disobey the prejudiced societal values that said smoking for one’s health. He refused to think that smoking was anything but beneficial to him; at the very least, it calmed him down when he thought that his animagus shape was a pomeranian, out of all possible creatures. At this point, Bertie thought even a troll would’ve been better. He sighed at the thought, and deeply exhaled.

    “How would I look eating strawberries with chocolate all the time instead of smoking?” He continued the idea, wanting to prove to Minerva that her insisting on his quitting smoking was a bad idea, for art’s sake. However, he did have to admit that perhaps the comparison he chose wasn’t the best one. Eating strawberries with chocolate could be amazingly sexy, depending on the person – if he was the one doing so, Bertie had no doubt he’d make several conquests. Perhaps it would be a good idea to experiment this sometime on the school’s grounds, for science.

    He abstained himself from laughing upon seeing Minnie’s reaction to the Shreveport Shrikes supporters. She elegantly handled the situation, simply commenting that the wizards and witches in question were killing off her muse. Gilbert had always enjoyed Minerva’s artistic side, being one of the many qualities that had attracted him to her. However, muse was a fickle friend, and he could completely understand. In the end, he himself found his muse in chaos, defiance, rebellion, independence, anarchy. Needless to say that especially at Ilvermorny, his muse was tragically dead unless on the quodpot pitch. Explosions had their own natural appeal.

    “Rigging the game would be chaotic. I’d love that.” He smiled mischievously, even the thought of going against MACUSA in such a manner getting him enthralled. “The order should be here soon.” Gilbert nodded, reassuring Minnie that they wouldn’t have to wait for long. He took a final drag out of his cigarette and put it down in the ashtray. “But more food should be fine, I guess. I’m going to do some training in the late afternoon to burn it all off, so I can splurge. What were you thinking of having?” Gilbert then shifted in his seat, as he picked up the package from the table. He pondered on the idea whether or not he should smoke another before their order would arrive. However, his attention was caught by Minnie, as she mentioned her summer plans.

    He smiled, this time around more genuinely and sweetly than before. This side of her was cute. When she got all excited about an idea, and started planning ahead, and was just all enthusiasm and eagerness. “You’re adorable.” Gilbert let out a soft laugh, and then tapped his fingers against the pack, as he lowered his hand on his knee. He gently swayed his leg under the table, thinking about his own summer plans.

    “I would join…” He lingered for a moment, gently moving his head to move a lock of his hair out of his eyes. “But on one condition: I’ll do the singing.” Bertie emphasised, especially because he did excel at singing, unlike others present. “Anyway, it also depends when you’re planning this. My dad’s taking me to England this summer.” He commented, realising that Minnie did not know of his newly-discovered English roots. Perhaps that was a subject to approach during their meal – which finally arrived. The two teas and pancake orders were levitated on their table, and Bertie recalled his earlier thought.

    After placing back the pack of cigarettes on the table, he picked up a strawberry, and after dipping it in the chocolate syrup, he slowly ate it, aiming to be as alluring and sexy as possible. He swallowed it equally slowly and then playfully licked his lips, ending up with biting his lower lip and offering Minnie a flirty gaze. He then smirked teasingly, letting out a soft laugh. “So how was that aesthetic?” Bertie waited for the verdict, although he was quite sure his Portuguese sensuality did its magic.

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