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[gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:47:15 PM »
Catching up with Minnie was always nice, and the feeling was quite mutual, as her and Bertie would meet every other weekend to do so. That day, even if the weather was especially sunny and warm for the beginning of March, the two decided to go to their regular place, Grann Sosseh's Traditional Caribbean Bakery and Dessert Café, for brunch. It was late in the morning, yet not noon still, so it was the perfect way to spend their Saturday. As they reached the café, the two sat down at their usual table, the one they’ve taken a liking to ever since their fourth year; the one right in the centre, so they can always be in the spotlight.

After pulling out her chair for her and making sure Minnie comfortably sat down, Bertie took off his leather jacket, revealing his Led Zeppelin tee, which perfectly matched his black ripped jeans, and sat down himself. He threw the jacket on the empty seat in between their own, and before Bertie could even think of calling for someone to take their order, someone from the staff was already next to them. “Haitian ginger tea. And some pancakes with strawberries, with extra chocolate syrup. Two of each.” The order was taken, and Bertie took out his pack of cigarettes.

“You’ll like the pancakes, right?” He inquired, mostly out of courtesy than anything. Bertie’s known Minnie for years now, so he was sure she will absolutely love everything he ordered. The Wampus gently placed a cigarette in between his lips and quickly lighted it, later on placing the lighter on top of the pack. Bertie left it on the table, being positive that he will smoke more than just one cigarette. He then looked around, and realised that they’d definitely been lucky to find their table empty; the café was almost full. Ilvermorny hosting the final game in the quodpot championship at the end of the month had definitely gotten Shackamaxon much more populated. And it was still the beginning of the month; he couldn’t even imagine how crowded it will get later on. Perhaps even chaotic.

“The quodpot game will be intense.” Gilbert commented nonchalantly, already spotting some Shreveport Shrikes supporters at a nearby table. The amount of official merchandise those dudes were wearing was ridiculous. “But… “ He turned his gaze in the direction of the Thunderbird, smirking as he took another drag of his cigarette and gently leaning in towards her, exhaling the smoke in her direction as he talked, the gesture however being rather teasingly done than with other intentions. “All the chaos should be good for your muse, right, Minnie Mouse?” Bertie was highly aware of the fact that his friend there was always inspired more by negative emotions rather than positive ones. The tension which would arise with an official quodpot game taking place there was definitely a possibility of everything ending with a perfect disaster.

Gilbert dragged the ashtray closer to him as he pulled back, making himself more comfortable in his seat as he leaned against the back of his chair.

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Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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Minnie had always loved Bertie, not necessarily in the romantic sort of way, they had had their era as a couple and in the end ended things mutually. It was quite fun, the Thunderbird could admit that much, and it was also the reason it would never last. He made her too happy, Bertie was always sweet, considerate, and agreeable—the sort of romance that had grown too sickeningly sweet after a year. In the young witch’s mind, they were more like friends that made out rather than a real relationship which in her mind consisted of some torturous combination of emotional outbursts and distressing situations. Those types of relationships always ended worse than how they started. It was possibly because of this that Minnie and Bertie had been able to maintain a friendship, a rather close one, and were almost always seen together every late morning on Saturday at Grann Sosseh’s Traditional Carribbean Bakery and Dessert for brunch, gossip, and general upkeeping—the types of things good friends did.

She nodded her head in appreciation when he pulled the chair out for her and sat down, she tilted her head watching him curiously as he took off his coat. Always the artist, Minerva had always been drawn to his features and style, the better part of her appreciating it for how truly aesthetic it was. She smiled lightly as he took their order, “Oh I don’t know Bertie, you’ve already ordered them so I better eat them, right?” she teased, before nodding, “Of course, I have a permanent relationship with dessert, extra chocolate syrup is just the icing on the very delicious cake,” she added. He had been this way when they had been dating as well. Not aggressive in that he wanted to control what she ate or to demonstrate some sort of unsolicited masculinity but that he knew her well and was well aware of the types of things she enjoyed, so much so that he could order on their behalf without hesitation. It was one of the many things she had liked about him.

“You really should stop smoking so much, Bertie,” she commented, wrinkling her nose slightly when he lit his cigarette. “Enjoy the better things in life like dessert and my company to start,” she added jokingly. It had never really bothered her, somehow she found herself surrounded with smokers more often than not, it was considered the fashionable thing to do. At times she would indulge in a cigarette herself, not enough to form an addiction but enough to sound like a hypocrite when she criticized him for it but she cared for him, in her own way, and his health had always been important to her.

She followed his gaze and almost burst out laughing when she noticed some of the Shreveport Shrikes supporters in the corner of the room, “Looking at that is killing my muse but yes,” she turned back to him, taking a deep breath when he blew smoke in her face with a grin, “A good fight will be perfect, or something scandalous like someone rigging the game,” she smiled. She looked around the café, trying to spot if their order was on its way, “I’m starving,” she complained with a pout, taking a look at the menu again, “Should we order more food?” she said with a laugh, before looking back up at her friend, “So Bertie, how’s your week? I’m thinking of taking a road trip during summer, wanna join? I’ll entertain you with my beautiful singing and fun stories,” she added. Minnie had never been a good singer, but it also never stopped her from trying.

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Gilbert was always highly aware that Minerva had her moments when she was checking him out. Of course, he was also aware of the fact that she now did it in an artistic manner, observing – and admiring – his features, style, overall perfection. Still, in the moments when she was especially obvious, just like today, Bertie found himself unable to stop the impulse of teasing her. “Here.” He took a napkin with his free hand, and handed it over to his ex-girlfriend. “Wipe your mouth. You’re drooling.” The Wampus teased, later on taking a drag out of his cigarette, as he winked in Minnie’s direction.

He felt a bit bad when she’d teased him about making the order, but he didn’t dwell on it. The sixth year knew Minerva’s tastes perfectly, so it would have simply been less efficient for him to not just order for them both directly. Plus, it was much better than to have the staff linger for too long. He didn’t enjoy not having private time when being out with a friend, especially since him and Minerva had only one day when they could catch up properly.

Gilbert let out a laugh as Minerva commented that he should stop smoking. “Think of the aesthetic.” He joked, taking another deep drag, mostly on purpose this time. If someone told him not to do something, it only motivated Bertie to do the opposite. So many people have told him to quit smoking that, at this point, even if he wouldn’t enjoy smoking (which he did), Bertie wouldn’t quite just out of sheer spite and desire to disobey the prejudiced societal values that said smoking for one’s health. He refused to think that smoking was anything but beneficial to him; at the very least, it calmed him down when he thought that his animagus shape was a pomeranian, out of all possible creatures. At this point, Bertie thought even a troll would’ve been better. He sighed at the thought, and deeply exhaled.

“How would I look eating strawberries with chocolate all the time instead of smoking?” He continued the idea, wanting to prove to Minerva that her insisting on his quitting smoking was a bad idea, for art’s sake. However, he did have to admit that perhaps the comparison he chose wasn’t the best one. Eating strawberries with chocolate could be amazingly sexy, depending on the person – if he was the one doing so, Bertie had no doubt he’d make several conquests. Perhaps it would be a good idea to experiment this sometime on the school’s grounds, for science.

He abstained himself from laughing upon seeing Minnie’s reaction to the Shreveport Shrikes supporters. She elegantly handled the situation, simply commenting that the wizards and witches in question were killing off her muse. Gilbert had always enjoyed Minerva’s artistic side, being one of the many qualities that had attracted him to her. However, muse was a fickle friend, and he could completely understand. In the end, he himself found his muse in chaos, defiance, rebellion, independence, anarchy. Needless to say that especially at Ilvermorny, his muse was tragically dead unless on the quodpot pitch. Explosions had their own natural appeal.

“Rigging the game would be chaotic. I’d love that.” He smiled mischievously, even the thought of going against MACUSA in such a manner getting him enthralled. “The order should be here soon.” Gilbert nodded, reassuring Minnie that they wouldn’t have to wait for long. He took a final drag out of his cigarette and put it down in the ashtray. “But more food should be fine, I guess. I’m going to do some training in the late afternoon to burn it all off, so I can splurge. What were you thinking of having?” Gilbert then shifted in his seat, as he picked up the package from the table. He pondered on the idea whether or not he should smoke another before their order would arrive. However, his attention was caught by Minnie, as she mentioned her summer plans.

He smiled, this time around more genuinely and sweetly than before. This side of her was cute. When she got all excited about an idea, and started planning ahead, and was just all enthusiasm and eagerness. “You’re adorable.” Gilbert let out a soft laugh, and then tapped his fingers against the pack, as he lowered his hand on his knee. He gently swayed his leg under the table, thinking about his own summer plans.

“I would join…” He lingered for a moment, gently moving his head to move a lock of his hair out of his eyes. “But on one condition: I’ll do the singing.” Bertie emphasised, especially because he did excel at singing, unlike others present. “Anyway, it also depends when you’re planning this. My dad’s taking me to England this summer.” He commented, realising that Minnie did not know of his newly-discovered English roots. Perhaps that was a subject to approach during their meal – which finally arrived. The two teas and pancake orders were levitated on their table, and Bertie recalled his earlier thought.

After placing back the pack of cigarettes on the table, he picked up a strawberry, and after dipping it in the chocolate syrup, he slowly ate it, aiming to be as alluring and sexy as possible. He swallowed it equally slowly and then playfully licked his lips, ending up with biting his lower lip and offering Minnie a flirty gaze. He then smirked teasingly, letting out a soft laugh. “So how was that aesthetic?” Bertie waited for the verdict, although he was quite sure his Portuguese sensuality did its magic.

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Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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His joke was met with a laugh of her own, a joyful and high-pitched giggle that resonated in the entire restaurant. She rolled her eyes at his comment, swatting his hand away as he handed her the napkin, “As a painter,” she said pointedly, “I appreciate a handsome face,” she added, leaning back in her chair and crossing her legs, “Yeah you’re cute, so what?” it was a little bold of her but nothing she had not told him in the past, “Don’t flatter yourself, yeah?” she arched an eyebrow in mock warning, the corner of her lips twitching as she tried to keep from smiling. He had always been an expert at making her smile.

“Think of the smelly clothes and eventual death,” she teased back, it was a much more morbid joke than she had initially intended but Gilbert would understand, she was sure, she had heard it before, her appearance and energetic demeanor betrayed her inter complications, or at least would have liked to hear it from somebody, she wanted to think it was one of the many things that attracted Gilbert to her—the dark and very somber Minerva Cavendish underneath petite and spunky Minnie. She sighed heavily, it was true, that jawline, those soulful eyes, and those delicate fingers holding a cigarette would have made the perfect advert in a fashion magazine, and so she tilted her head to one side then the other slowly, taking in the angle, his posture, and the background, “Yeah, okay, maybe you’re right,” she admitted, "aesthetic is everything."

“Now that would be a much welcomed change of pace,” she smirked, blushing slightly as her mind pictured it almost immediately. It was the curse of her artistic mind, her eyes and overactive imagination bringing almost any image she imagined to life in her head—while Minerva did not have a photographic memory, the collection of images and experiences she had had all of her life gave her the fuel necessary to create the perfect image. And from then on, her hands were in charge of transposing such memory onto a canvas. “Oh yeah, you know like wearing a white shirt and under a shower head,” she used her hands to explain as best as she could, “Meh, forget the shirt, wearing clothes is overrated anyway,” she teased, hoping that her joke would not go to his head but she was almost certain he would tease her on the topic.

“It’d be the most exciting thing that would happen at like one of those games, I almost fell asleep last time, they’re so boring,” she commented, stifling a fabricated yawn as if to make her point, she rubbed her tummy, groaning as her stomach growled. She had skipped dinner last night, had found muse for a painting at around two o’clock in the afternoon and had worked nonstop until it had been finished at around 3 in the morning. She was so exhausted that she simply fell into bed without giving anything or anyone else much thought, her stomach painfully reminding her that she had not eaten earlier in the day. And by the time brunch time had arrived, she was starving and becoming a little impatient as the time passed, “I hope so, I’m starving,” she added again for more emphasis, “Guess with all the smokes, you don’t even think about food much, huh?” she commented with a small smile. It had been why many of her friends chose to smoke, apparently it suppressed hunger and in turn helped them lose weight, possible health effects and eventual death was a price too high to pay for the young woman, anyway Minerva would have to lose her mind before she ever gave up dessert.

She pouted at his comment, “I am not adorable, Gilbert Lightwood,” she replied in a huff, her bottom lip poking out just slightly as she puffed out her cheeks, he had always managed to tease her just the right way and no matter how hard she tried to be upset with him, it was almost impossible for her to stay angry at him for very long. “Yeah you sing, I do the chorus and backup vocals, that’s cool,” she emphasized with a playful grin, she had heard Gilbert sing in the past, her eyes widening at him, “England? Ahhh—I’m so jealous! For like a family vacay or father and son trip thing?” she asked, Minerva longed to go to Europe but that would mean that she would have to see her mother and spend time with her, and it was something the young witch did not want to do ever again. “I have a friend that goes to Hogwarts, I’ll ask her for some recommendations unless you two figured it all out, what are you planning to do? Last time I went to London the wear was so bad, and it was summer too,” she added, licking her lips as the food was placed on the table. She reached for her fork and knife before the food was fully laid out on the plate, one utensil in each hand as she was ready to dig in.

“Bon appetit,” she said with a grin, cutting through a stack of pancakes before her eyes followed his hand on the strawberry, her eyes trailing up to his face as he ate it slowly, her eyes captivated by the image before her, his playful smirk taking her out of her trance and causing her to frown slightly, before she sighed and rolled her eyes, “You’re so full of yourself,” she commented then grinned, “Should I do the same, then?” she teased, poking into one of the strawberries with her fork and in similar fashion, dipping it in the chocolate, bringing it to her lips and liking the chocolate off of it slowly before putting it in her mouth, “Mmmhh” she moaned out, a smile of absolute satisfaction as she looked at him with a grin, “This is so good,” she added with a smile.

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Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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“You just said I’m handsome, so obviously I don’t need to flatter myself.” Gilbert teased her, playful smirk on his face. Minerva had always been quite sensitive to beauty and art, so naturally he took it as one of the highest of compliments. Regardless of their past, he was grateful that she could still openly talk about his flawless physical features in such a manner.

He sighed at her comment regarding the effects of smoking, and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Birth itself is a death sentence, whereas cigarette are one of life’s little pleasures.” The Wampus commented instead, deciding that if Minnie wanted to be morbid and negativistic, then he should reveal her the proper approach to how it was done. Nonetheless, she was dark and sombre without any help from his part, which was certain. In the end, the difference between her aspect and her personality was what made her so enthralling the first time. “Everything.” He agreed once more. In the end, visuals were something needed in every aspect of one’s life. Bertie regretted for a moment that he could be so openly shallow, nonetheless, with Minerva around, he didn’t feel like he could or should hide that side of his. In the end, he was known for not being easily satisfied. 

“Oh.” Bertie arched an eyebrow as he was listening to Minerva’s imagination being verbalised. Sometimes, it got the best of her, and it was quite fascinating to hear. But he enjoyed these moments, where she would get so immersed into her passion that she lost track of anything and everything, and simply spoke without any kind of censoring. This artistic side of her, he highly valued, especially as an artist himself. While he was not as devoted to it as her, Bertie enjoyed music and composing in particularly. And yet again, being uneasily satisfied, unless he was really inspired, Gilbert refused to even think of composing.

“So you just imagined me naked in the shower and voiced it in broad daylight, in public.” Gilbert shrugged nonchalantly, naturally amused by the entire situation. He let out a teasing laugh, enjoying how her imagination was running wild. Still, he was Gilbert Lightwood and playful commentary was naturally at the order of the day with him. “Guess you must be quite thirsty, Minnie.” He nodded in disapproval, and wanted to ignore her further comment regarding quodpot. It was a topic they didn’t click on, Bertie being quite the sportsperson. “You know, quodpot is the reason you’re imagining my naked abs in the middle of the day.” The Wampus let it slip, and winked in her direction. He would add nothing more, for it wasn’t a topic they agreed on.

“Actually no.” He shrugged. “Smoking makes me hungry too. Everything makes me hungry.” Gilbert sighed deeply. “You know, my late night training is quite exhausting so…” Naturally, he meant about when he practiced getting familiar in his animagus form. But he wouldn’t be blunt about it, and Minerva was aware of his situation, enough so he wouldn’t have to further expand his explanations. “Maybe I should’ve asked for more actually, since I do have practice in the afternoon.” Then again, he could always order seconds.

Then she pouted, and was as cute as always. “It’s such reactions that make you adorable, Minerva Cavendish.” He remarked, but was glad that she seemed to have gotten excited regarding his trip to England. A waterfall of questions came, and it made a warm smile appear on his face. “Well, I hope it’s a father and son trip thing, honestly.” Gilbert sighed, pausing for a moment. “In the end, I’d hate to be around my sisters even on vacation. It’s enough I see them here.” He rolled his eyes especially dramatic. “Y’know, I can’t promise I won’t transfigure any of them into weasels again if they piss me off.” The relationship between him and his sisters never was the best, but now it was worse than ever. Bertie just couldn’t wait to graduate so he wouldn’t be forced to see his siblings ever again.

“But that would be great, yes. I’ve never been to England before.” And knowing that his father’s roots were there made it even more of a pity. “Dad hasn’t visited in a long time too. Some newer places to visit would be good.” He nodded once in approval, and then decided to properly indulge himself with the food as well. However, Minerva seemed to have enjoyed the show, and decided to mirror it. Gilbert’s eyes slightly narrowed, taking delight in his friend’s reaction. “Now, Minnie, that’s almost obscene.” Bertie teased, and then picked up another and dipped it into chocolate, to stretch out his arm across the table, so he would feed it to the Thunderbird. “Let’s make it even more so.”

Truth be told, while he was enjoying their game, Gilbert also just loved the idea of making others uncomfortable in their presence at the café. In the end, the presence of ardent quodpot enthusiasts did ruin the café’s aesthetic, which he was more keen on keeping rather than Ilvermorny hosting the final game of the season.

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Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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Minnie had always found Gilbert Lightwood to be particularly attractive, not because of his face, his handsome features were undeniable. And as a painter, the physical had always drawn her attention first. But more than that, far below his extremely superficial persona, there was emotional depth. And there was nothing more that Minerva Cavendish prided in her partners than emotional depth, she blamed all of the angsty novels and sad, teenage movies she often watched with her father during school breaks. The line, though a little bleak by Lightwood standards was inspiring, and so she could not help but to feel touched by it. “I’ll have to write that down when I get back to the dorms,” she said, committing the line to memory. If anyone had the capacity of understanding her aesthetic it was him, the two of them shared an eye for beauty and even if they had their own ulterior motives, at some point in their friendship or possibly during their past romance, they had found aesthetic quality in each other. Minnie still did at the very least, it was obvious in the way she enthusiastically described the scene in her head.

She shrugged at his comment, he wasn’t fazed in the least, “Wouldn’t be the first time,” she half-joked at his comment, refusing to become flustered at his insinuation. There was not a lot of imagining to do considering she had, in fact, seen him naked before. However, that was a story for another time, and one that Minnie was not going to dwell on just yet, lest she did start blushing. It had always been this sort of game between the two of them, trying to figure out how to make the other slightly uncomfortable for the sake of a laugh. Bertie had never been mean-spirited about his jokes, at least not to Minnie, and because of this, the Thunderbird had always found his company especially stimulating. “I am not thirsty, Bertie,” she said decisively, crossing her arms as she rolled her eyes at him, the corners of her lips twitching in amusement. “At least not for you, anyway,” she added, before bringing another piece of the fluffy pancake dipped in chocolate syrup to her lips, savoring the treat before moving on to a strawberry. “Ugh, don’t get me started on quodpot, please,” she said once she had finished, using the fork to shuffle the food on her plate around. She was starting to get full, her eyes had always been bigger than her stomach.

“You can eat some of mine, I’m starting to feel stuffed,” she complained, pouting in an effort to incite some sympathy on his end. She straightened in her chair when he mentioned the training, leaning forward in her chair to pretend her words from falling on prying ears. “Have you been training on your own?” she asked though she already knew the answer. Minnie had been one of the first people to find out about her ex-boyfriend’s ability as an animagus, something she was still trying to wrap her head around. “But who’s doing all the hard work like scratching your ears and playing fetch with you? Tsk, tsk,” she joked. Minnie had not been able to resist doing either of those things in the past and to be particularly honest, there was nothing more comforting than having him curled up in her lap in his animagus form. Little dogs had always been her weakness.

Minnie looked around them, starting to feel a little embarrassed by their displays of fabricated affection. Everyone practically knew they had dated in the past, and many knew they were close friends. But, what if any of this reached her boyfriend? Would he become upset with her? Minnie considered how particularly jealous he could be, though she could not really understand why. Bertie was not the type to recklessly get involved with her knowing that she had a boyfriend and she was certain that the romantic feelings they once had for each other had disappeared soon after. Regardless, she leaned in to bite off the tip of the strawberry, licking her lips to make sure she did not leave any of the chocolate syrup behind. “Mhmm~” she said, smiling widely, as she noticed from the corner of her eye that they had attracted some of the attention in the room. “You know if you really wanted to make this obscene, I could lick it off of—” she started before her thoughts were interrupted.

A woman cleared her throat and it was then that Minnie looked over at the waitress standing there, a little shocked at their display and unsure of what to make of it. “Can I get you two anything else?” she asked hurriedly, almost as if implying that it was time for them to leave. “Can I get a look at the menu and a few minutes, please?” she asked as sweetly as she could before extending her hand as the waitress complied with a polite smile and marched off. Minnie set the menu down between them, looking at it as if she intended to order anything else, she leaned over the table a little. “They’re going to ban us from coming here if we kept acting out, Bertie,” she said with a grin, her eyes trained on the menu, “Still hungry? I could go for some coffee, I was up ‘till four, I’m so tired,” she continued and as if on cue, she yawned, bringing up her hand to cover her mouth. “But you know, if you need help with your training you can just ask, I’m happy to help and usually up ‘till late anyway. Or if you’re brave, I can bring you up as cute little Fluffy and you can sleep in the room with me, my roommate loves dogs,” she suggested. “Fluffy,” she laughed, “that’s totally going to be your name from now on.”

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Gilbert heroically resisted the almost automatic urge of rolling his eyes at Minerva’s comment that she was already full, only after a few bites. Growing up and living in a house full of girls he was always exposed to such lines, and most of the time they were such lies that Gilbert genuinely formed an allergic reaction to them. He was sure Minerva wasn’t full, that she was actually just saying that, despite the fact that she could have eaten much more of the sweet desert. He didn’t comment, just shrugged his shoulders as he continued munching on his own pancakes. Due to certain distractions, Bertie didn’t even properly get started on his own portion.

“Hm.” He arched an eyebrow in her direction, as she mentioned all the hard work she was doing for him whilst in his animagus form. As if she didn’t enjoy the ridiculous form he had, and the fact that he was always more playful than ever in his dog form. Nonetheless, while the magic in itself was amazing, Gilbert did not enjoy the shape he had taken; who said magic was amazing was right, but it was so in the worst possible ways. How could magic, how could the universe believe he had anything in common, personality wise, with a white pomeranian? Gilbert suddenly was reminded of his own frustrations, and simply took another bite of his pancake, munching the tiniest bit more aggressively. “You’re enjoying my pain far too much.” Honestly, if he ended up being Minnie’s muse for her art, Gilbert would request fifty percent out of all her winnings.

Their flirtatious game however had been more than welcomed. He enjoyed playing around, and with Minerva he knew that she was taking it as seriously as he did; meaning not at all. They were just especially close friends, who enjoyed fooling around. It was nothing bad about it, just creating a playful and relaxing atmosphere between the two of them, forgetting about everything and everyone else. It was as if they disconnected from the world, living in their own bubble. Sure, they were flirtatious, but it was shallow. It hadn’t always been this way, but now it was more among the lines of a friendly teasing game. It was known by everyone they were just friends too now, so there were never any sort of issues. Minerva had always been that way to him; soothing, relaxing, and just capable of having him disconnect from everything. It was nice.

Gilbert smirked cheekily as she continued voicing her idea, licking his own lips as she started explaining him her plans – but Minerva had been rudely interrupted by a waitress, and Bertie couldn’t resist the urge of rolling his eyes this time around. Such awful timing. He lazily turned his own gaze towards the waitress, and was amused to see that the witch was actually shocked by their public displays of ‘affection’ and a bit shy despite the tone of her voice. Of course, Minerva and he, as a combo, they were quite intimidating, he supposed. Before he could offer a cheeky response, his friend replied especially sweetly to the other witch, who just politely smiled at the two of them and then left them alone once more.

“They’d be stupid to ban us.” He commented, as he cut off another bit of his pancake, and slowly munched and swallowed the little piece. “We visit them the most out of all Ilvermorny students, they’ll probably cry when we graduate and don’t produce half their earnings.” He let out a slightly cynical laugh, straightening his back and he cut yet another piece of his pancake. “Until four?” Gilbert inquired, as he swallowed. “Were you painting something?”

Gilbert let his fork and knife fall on the place as he placed both his elbows on the table and covered his face with both his hands. Minerva could be especially cruel sometimes, particularly when she was highly aware how sensitive he was about his animagus form. Fluffy. She’d called him ‘Fluffy’. Might as well taken out her wand out and cast the torture curse on him. “Why?” He let out on an especially whiny and dramatic tone, slowly uncovering his face as he ran his hands through his hair, letting them rest behind his neck later on. “Why do you hate me so, Minerva?” Bertie added equally dramatically, nonetheless not at all theatrically. He really meant it. “Why must you be so cruel to my poor, poor soul?” It was more than enough that his soul was basically a fluff-ball, as she pointed out; he needn’t have Minnie rub salt on his wounds.

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Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
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“They wouldn’t dare,” she grinned in response, leaning forward as she rested her weight on her arms and grinned in her companion’s direction. There was much truth in what he said; Minerva and Gilbert had made the place their weekly brunch spot where they caught up on gossip and each other’s lives. The two of them shared classes at Ilvermorny and spent much time together there as well but over time, they had pursued completely different social paths. Then there was the boyfriend who had taken up a majority of Minerva’s spare time. Therefore this place an this time, Saturday around brunch, was the only time the two students could spend some much needed quality time alone focusing on uplifting each other with playful banter.

Minerva did not want Gilbert’s head to grow any larger than it already had but she was starting to realize that their time together had become such a habit that she found herself missing him during school breaks. “Imagine, banning the quodpot all-star over some indecent behavior, you’d turn all of Ilvermorny into a murderous mob,” she said sarcastically, Minerva did pay much attention to quodpot to know how her best friend was faring in the sport but knew he would love the compliment. She giggled at the thought of what scandalous headline could be chosen for such content. “Guess you might as well start getting your street cred while you can,” she joked.

Minerva nodded in response to his question, “I was,” she admitted, “And I had to catch up on a lot of homework, I ended up passing out until my roomie woke me up at seven and told me to go wash my face,” she covered her mouth, yawning as if on cue. “Anyway, safe to say I finished neither, my life is hard,” she complained lightly. Minerva had made it her goal to become a better student that term, not that she was ever terrible to begin with but from her last report even her father knew that she was not doing her best.

As a sixth year, Minerva often thought about her future but with such a great love for painting, she could not imagine doing anything else. Unfortunately, like her father had reminded her on several occasions, art was no get rich quick scheme and unless she planned to use her mother’s new connections, it would be difficult for her to get ahead in the art world without much creativity on her part. Determined to prove him wrong, Minerva had devoted much of her free time to working on her art but had also made the mistake of procrastinating on everything else.

But, the young witch did not have much time to dwell on her own troubles as she became distracted by Gilbert’s dramatic display before her, bursting into a fit of giggles funny enough to bring tears to her eyes. She noticed from the corner of her eyes, the faces of other customers turning briefly in their direction, the room seemingly going a little silent as they listened in to the commotion coming in their direction. With Minerva laughing uncontrollably and Gilbert whining dramatically, she could only imagine what sort of scene the two were making. “I’m kidding, I swear,” she reminded him, extending her hands out in his direction, palms up in an effort to make a peace offering. “But don’t you think I’d be better to come up with a name? I mean I could call you Bertie,” she leaned in closer, dropping her voice to a whisper, her tone growing increasingly playful. “But my roomie might get the wrong idea, she’s already suspicious cause I meet you for brunch every week,” she added with a smile.

“Excuse me,” the sound of the waitress from earlier startled the young witch, making her lean back in her chair and look up at her with an expression of guilt on her face. “Are you two ordering anything else?” she asked, tapping her feet in impatience against the floor, an unamused expression written on her face. “It’s busy and people’s been waiting for like an hour so if you’re done then you gotta go,” she added, a slight frown on her face as if that would intimidate the two of them into an apology. Minerva looked over at the friend, sighing a little as she rolled her eyes in her friend’s direction. “Bertie~let’s go before we cause a scene,” she encouraged her friend with a grin. “Maybe she’s mad because she’s thirsty,” she added quietly.

Gathering her things and moving her feet, Minerva said “I’ll go pay,” before bouncing off to the register and paying for their meal while she waited for Gilbert by the door. Maybe the two of them could walk around and get coffee elsewhere.



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