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Volume 03. April 2002.

Is the End of the World at Wand?

Willmar Rabidustell to stand trial this May.

"I did not believe him. At the time, I thought he was just trying to rekindle our relationship." --former wife

Astronomer asked to investigate end of the world claim
Wizard Willmar Rabidustell was arrested for attempting to initiate panic among German muggles. The German Ministry of Magic caught him after he had already stunned multiple muggle aurors, also known as police officers, as he ran through his town in his night robes and cap, yelling they need to ‘rebuild bunkers for the end is near’. Once sober, Rabidustell still claimed he was trying to inform the people of the incoming doom of a fast approaching asteroid, threatening to destroy both wizards and muggles. Rabidustell’s former wife would not comment of her ex-husband’s mental state, but did admit that Rabidustell had told her of his claim a week ago. ‘I did not believe him. At the time, I thought he was just trying to rekindle our relationship.’ Although German Ministry officials are firmly stating that they ‘are not taking Rabidustell’s claims that the sky is falling seriously’, it has been discovered by investigative reporters of several outlets that authorities have approached a world renowned astronomer to confirm or deny the validity of Rabidustell’s claims. However, it could be only part of the investigation before his trial, scheduled to be held next month.

Banshee are well and truly into their first tour of the new album, which kicked off in London on March 1st. There were concerns in February during early rehearsal gigs, where frontman @Charlie Baker seemingly forgot the words to some songs midway through one of the performances, but if the gigs throughout March are anything to go by the boys are well and truly back. New band manager and publicist (and on-again off-again girlfriend of Baker) @Kate Duenas appears to be working the boys hard, setting up a number of meet and greets with fans -- PR stints have never been the staple of Banshee before, perhaps this is all part of a plan to overshadow the negative press the band has received in recent months. The boys are set to cross the ditch over to the States later this month, but with the chart performance of the album and shows selling out, we have the feeling the boys may come back and do another round of Europe before taking a break. Banshee will be in Hogsmeade on Friday 5th of April in The Three Broomsticks for signings and photographs.

Being cooped up inside all winter, the feline residents of Sugar and Spice seem to have gotten the babymaking bug, because recently, the critter cafe has been overrun with nearly ten litters of full- and half-kneazle kittens! This month, many of them are finally old enough to be given to loving wizards and witches who can give them a caring forever home. To celebrate, Sugar and Spice is hosting an Adoption Day during the April Hogsmeade weekend. Feline-themed decors and refreshments are being served, such as Catbernet, Purrgundy, Meowtinis, and MosCATo. In a cheeky bit of marketing, a few young wizards were hired to pose with the cats for promotional photos, as well as to showcase the adoptables during the event. Admission to the cafe is free and open to all, but Hogwarts students who haven't got a familiar are especially encouraged to adopt a kneazle kitten to be their school companion. 

April Fool's Day arrives at Durmstrang with a pleasant surprise. The Order of the Dragon has replaced all the dragons they’ve previously confiscated with younger, healthier and more vivacious specimens. They’re all in their late teens, male, and untamed, making them all particularly rebellious. The Order of the Dragon, however, decided to put an end to their presence at the school, leaving the taming to the Durmstrang staff. It needn’t be mentioned that with teenage dragons around breaking their chains, burning trees, and biting staff (as they enjoy eating very fresh meat), Headmaster Sevastyan Yeshevsky has decided to postpone the Faculty vs. Students Quidditch match until further notice. All students are advised to avoid the Dragon Stables or going outside past 8 p.m. unless they want to end up in a dragon’s belly.

As the first warm breeze blows through Mahoutokoro, the school welcomes spring's arrival as the first sakura trees bloom. Along with Hanami that's held on the grounds every year, it's also time for students intent on passing the First Rank test in May to buckle down and prepare in earnest. In an effort to relieve the stress, Mahoutokoro faculty are making an exception and allowing karaoke to be a part of the event this year. There will be the usual spread of special bento boxes as meals are take outdoors, and classes are cancelled for the afternoon. However, students are advised not to be frazzled by some of the yokai who might have hit the sake a little early in the celebrations..

Things within the French government are getting strange. There's a lot of whispers behind closed doors and the distinct feeling that something may be afoot. The Beauxbatons students are starting to take notice and stand up. They're tired of their concerns being brushed aside and a small group of students are planning on doing something about it. An underground student lead group has been established, in hopes of overthrowing the French Ministry. The students meet and discuss ideas and they're trying to get to the bottom of the mystery befalling the school under the cover of darkness.

ilvermorny & Koldovstoretz
The month of April is a buildup to the second unification of Ilvermorny and Koldovstoretz! This time around, students from the American school will be visiting their Russian counterparts at the end of the month. Once again, the visit is generously sponsored and fully funded by MACUSA. After an assortment of activities the first weekend (including a meet and greet with the new dragons!) students will attend Koldovstoretz classes throughout the week, living a day in the life of a Koldovstoretz student. Students from Ilvermorny will be paired up with a Koldovstoretz student (drivers may pair students IC or refer to an NPC) whom they will shadow throughout the week. Temporary dormitories will be crafted in the common rooms of the four houses. Certain Ilvermorny students are using this trip as a last ditch effort to boost their candidate appeal for the upcoming school elections.

beauxbatons recap
Although still on sabbatical for her health, Madame Olympe Maxime, headmistress of Beauxbatons, has been submitting regular letters regarding the running of the academy, according to @Waldo Burgstaller, acting headmaster. Parents are being assured that the school is running smoothly and more tightly than ever before in this time of transition. Herr Burgstaller has informed several reporters that changes at the school simply reflect the French public's increasing interest in preparing students for the real world and the many threats that it poses. Letters to the editor are encouraged, from French and international families alike.

ilvermorny reacap
Golden Gate Gophers win over Ilvermorny “The match of the century!” was all we could hear as fans left the pitch after the Quodpot final match held at Ilvermorny. The Golden Gate Gophers and the Shreveport Shrikes both played impressively, the score being especially tight until the very last moment, when the Gophers scored an amazing tie-breaker. The Gophers’ win was not luck though, but proof of their captain's one-of-a-kind strategic skills. Despite ending up in Ilvermorny’s hospital wing after explosively crashing into the ground, Kylie Clark was praised by all Quodpot fans for her tie-breaking goal, Shrikes’ supporters also stating they’ve never seen such an “inflammable witch” before. The carnival games had historic gains, and MACUSA officially stated that the professor-led gambling ring allegations were nothing but rumours started by a rebellious group of house elves.
koldovstoretz recap
Baby dragons love Koldovstoretz Inspector Živka Dragović is pleased to announce the official names of the dragons that the Order of the Dragon has gifted Koldovstoretz! Tigrova’s House’s Romanian Longhorns are now known as Misha and Mişa, Zhivoystya House’s Chinese Fireballs are Zenli and Meyli, Rayasov House’s Antipodean Opaleyes are officially Lamya and Hala, and last but definitely not least, Medvedev House’s Peruvian Vipertooths are known as Habibi and Habibti. Despite some of the names not being especially enjoyed by the Inspector, the baby dragons seemed to have taken a liking to them, so Dragović could not refuse the final nominations. She could only state the following: “I hope that the Romanian Longhorns won’t be disappointed in the future that their names are pronounced the same and that the Peruvian Vipertooths won't take a special liking towards darker weather.” The Order of the Dragon wishes luck to all students in all their future dragon caretaking adventures and have officially left Koldovstoretz.

hogwarts recap
After a cup of tea on the bean bag chairs in one of the Greenhouses the Herbology students venture out into the mysterious wilds of the Forbidden Forest. Along for the trip is Loomley, woodland half-plant half-creature often found lurking during lessons. Led by Professor Nazreen Ajay the students are given a ruck sack of supplies including a magical star chart so they won't get too lost, snacks, and a tent. Nazreen begins the lesson by stopping at the site of a few growing Alihotsy shrubs. Soon what is supposed to be a pleasantly academic adventure out in the forest becomes first hand exploration as overeager students make the mistake of eating the Alihotsy leaves.

A first year, a second year, & a third year walk into the library....
There always seems to be homework needing to be finished but some times its worth it to take a minute's pause and make a few new friends. @Thorson Pockesmith, a muggleborn first year, is full of bright wonder and curiosity about the magical world and asks other students around him about their favorite parts of it. @Aase Trickett-Cassoway, a third year Hufflepuff from the ever growing Trickett family has too many things to list, not that we blame her. @Carey Baisley, a second year Gryffindor answers immediately in an adorably Gryffindor way: the Quidditch Pitch. The young wizard names the famed arena as his favorite place in Hogwarts because he gets to fly there, unlike in his garden at home but this only makes us wonder what happened in the garden? More importantly, are the Screechsnaps okay? Link

phones, puppies, & proposals
Over a couple of beers in a muggle bar two friends @Kendrick Silverman and @Charlie Baker chat about recent events in their lives. They make fun of silly Americans with their underground cities and newfangled telephone technology. And most importantly the bombshell that famous musician Charlie Baker drunkenly proposed to none other than @Kate Duenas on New Years after a lot of Tequila. Link

worlds & words apart
Unfortunately some pen pals just aren't meant to meet in real life. Sometimes an ocean between them is exactly what two wizards need to pretend they aren't completely incompatible. This was the case for @Ludwig Baumann  and @Murakami Ryūnosuke during the Bunksai event at Mahoutokoro. Fifth year Ombrelune Ludwig reluctantly traveled to Japan to meet his less than thrilled pen pal Ryūnosuke, a sixth year Tsuchi. The two seemed to have very little in common, including language, and things only grew more awkward from there as Ludo attempted to use the chopsticks. Link

tea & coffee, respectively
In this thread, which began during September playtime, two close friends share breakfast and so much more with one another. @Dennis Creevey wakes up early in order to cook breakfast for @Dean Thomas before shipping off to Hogwarts for yet another year. Despite the darkness and pain both characters have had in their lives they some how managed to find the light in one another. Dennis has been staying with Dean over the summer, enjoying the simple muggle life and a growing relationship with Dean. The idea of Dennis leaving for his final year at Hogwarts weighs on both of the wizards but yet they still seem to have a light optimism, like the daylight is waiting, no matter how long the night might be. Link
happiness can be found
After an ultimatum that could have broken them in two @Ryan Hadditch and @Justin Finch-Fletchley have managed to create a strong and lasting relationship. The two wizards, despite the odds, found a true happiness in one another and their holding on tight. In this thread Ryan is setting up the perfect evening in hopes that Justin will accept his invitation to move into the apartment in Shoreditch, London. Justin comes home to find Ryan cooking him dinner with fresh flowers and chocolates waiting. And if the spaghetti doesn't seal the deal the adorable stuffed teddy bear with a key around his neck just might. Link

the most important truths
Learning to navigate the tricky and trouble waters of love @Daniil Krylov finds himself in the stables with @Marja Kirkkomäki, his best friend who he's been avoiding, during a snow storm. Marja quizzes him to find out why he's been avoiding her and finds herself emotional by the answer. Daniil, a halfblood, is scared that Marja, a proud pureblood, will reject him based on her hate for the Koldovstoretz students from last term. Tearfully Marja apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. Link

Mr Ammon Mahmoud, of the Lake District, has been brought before the British Ministry of Magic's Wizengamot charged with illegally breeding winged camels. The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures claims that Mr Mahmoud has breached the Ban on Experimental Breeding (1965), which prohibits the creation of new creatures. The prosecution states that Mr Mahmoud somehow smuggled camels back from his native Egypt (believed to be in his carpet bag, which has raised further concerns from the Beast Division and Creatures Rights Activists) into England following a recent holiday to the African country, before beginning his experiments. Mr Mahmoud is pleading "not guilty" and claims that he simply found the creatures in his back garden, and that the Cumbrian countryside must be a natural habitat for the species. The Ambassador from the Egyptian Ministry of Magic has expressed interest in the new breed, amidst concerns from the International Confederation of Wizards.

How not to die when you absolutely should have died: a tale of awesome
The much awaited book of young researchers and ancient runes and artefacts specialists @Memphis Gredel and @Volker Blauvelt is finally here! “How not to die when you absolutely should have died: a tale of awesome” is a guide of the two adventurers’ travels, in which they combine elements of the wild with wizarding history, myths, and the desire to explore the unknown. The book is of both scientific and cultural value, being both a source of knowledge for academics, along with a motivator for young students to thoroughly prepare for all the adventures that will await for them, should they pick the path of exploration.

We have managed to get an exclusive excerpt from the book, which surely lights passion in all literature lovers: “When I first noticed the Amazonian ghost, I have never felt closer to death, yet at the same time, closer to life itself. Almost touching an ancient spirit is mostly exhilarating than anything: it makes one wonder how life itself can be infinite, and one never truly ends. But our purpose was to get the rune stones it was protecting; our purpose was to defy the infinite death itself and take what rightfully belongs to the living.”

The two researchers/adventurers will be holding a signing event in Neroli at The Third Aett on the 3rd of April; tickets available at any local Ministry of Magic.

the ministry's department of miseries
Luck. For some, that's the only credit to their survival. Lucky enough to leave town before it was too late. Lucky enough to find not just one, but four travelling companions. Lucky enough to evade snatchers for so long, then once their time ran out: lucky enough to not be murdered along with his mates. Lucky enough to survive the Battle of Hogwarts with a borrowed wand. Lucky enough to not need those N.E.W.T.s he was forced to miss. Lucky enough to have survivor's guilt.

Who decides who's lucky? Who survives? The Ministry made that initial decision to single out muggleborns (and even undocumented halfbloods), the decision of luck would never have needed to be made. But they did. And it was.

The Ministry's luck has run out.

[[ooc: To ensure the safety of those involved the author and subject of this interview have been kept anonymous in-character. Click here to read @Dean Thomas 's full responses to @Edith Holthouse 's questions.]]

fan mail in response to last edition's exclusive with harlan, our bel ami
"Grandpa" or not Harlan Bel Ami has the best bod in the business and boy does he love to show it off! It's like the man refuses to wear a shirt during practice. Not that were complaining of course, gives us something better to look at than the soggy ground of Gravesend in May. Looks aside, he's got a a great captain mentality and a killer arm. When he brings out the big guns and really goes to work with that bat the Falcons had better watch themselves. Were coming for you this season birdies!  If anyone can lead the Griffins to the title it's him, no questions asked, and his team his 100% percent behind him.

An anonymous fan and definitely not @Roxanna Rathbone

Our elite interviews continue with @Quinn Regan, who had freshly returned to the Quidditch pitch after giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. While it was especially hard to reach her, as Ms. Regan’s schedule is as busy as always, reporter Melissa Randall has managed to obtain an exclusive interview, with detailed insight of the famous Seeker’s regarding the Quidditch season and much more. Ms. Regan was, as always, accompanied by her manager, and her demeanour was as confident and imposing as always. We wish her the best of luck in everything, and can only hope you will enjoy the interview. Please owl us your letters to Ms. Regan for our next issue!

Melissa Randall: Today we have the honour of having next to us nobody else but the absolutely magnificent Falmouth Falcons Seeker, Irish prodigy, Quinn Regan! It’s great to see you in person, and thank you very much making time for this interview. How are you?
Quinn Regan: Never been better.

MR: How is it being back on the pitch after such a long break?
QR: It’s been wonderful. I missed it. It missed me.

MR: It definitely missed you. We all missed you. How would you classify the Falmouth Falcons’ performance without you as main seeker?
QR: [manager gives her a look] I think they did as good as they could considering they had to do it without me. [manager half-smiles]

MR: Do you predict the Falmouth Falcons will have win after win now that you’re back? Would you encourage betting enthusiasts to take your side?
QR: Well, of course I could never encourage betting [pause] but I’m confident we’ll take the league again. We’re flying better than ever.

MR: What about other teams in this league? Which would you recommend us cheering for to be defeated by you?
QR: Certainly not United [manager nudges her] No one is going to defeat us [manager relaxes] assuming Gardner doesn’t let me get maliciously transfigured again [Quinn nods, manager sighs]

MR: [laughs] surely Mr. Gardner would not allow a slip to happen a second time. So embarrassing for him. But what about other leagues? Any specific foreign Quidditch players caught your attention, skills-wise?
QR: Wolanski, for sure. Ukraine's the one to watch in the cup now.

MR: So we should take it you consider Ukraine to be Bulgaria’s main rival in the upcoming world cup as well?
QR: Ukraine will be playing Egypt.

MR: On to less professional matters, congratulations for your new status as a mother! You must be very delighted to have a baby girl~
QR: Oh [clearly taken aback at the change of subject, but she recovers quickly] Thank you. She’s my new good luck charm.

MR: How lovely! In that case, how would you respond to feminist and childrens' NGOs accusing you of child neglect — so harsh! — as you returned so quickly on the pitch?
QR: [shifts a little] If they have an issue, I surely haven’t heard about it [looks to manager]

MR: Oh then do let me inform you. Apparently the accusations also involve [reads from notes] improper misbehaviour during the child’s formative months, for she would lack proper breast milk meals due to your packed schedule.
QR: Oh well thank Merlin for this fancy new way to travel quickly. Easy to go back and forth from home. Have you heard about floo powder?

MR: Sources say the petition against you playing is gathering many signatures, being very popular among witches of all ages.
QR: You forgot the one where they say I can’t have possibly had a real child since I’ve lost my baby weight and that it’s all for the publicity [manager clears his throat, Quinn shrugs]

MR: Oh, so you have heard of these petitions and actions [smirks] well, I’m sure that all witches have your daughter’s best interest in their hearts. Wouldn’t you say that’s what drove the petitions?
QR: [manager tries to interrupt but Quinn ignores him] I’d say it’s jealousy more than anything.

MR: Jealousy, for what?
QR: [still ignoring manager] Being happier and healthier and more successful, no doubt.

MR: Are you stating that anyone who doesn’t play quidditch isn’t healthy?
QR: Not playing certainly doesn’t help them not be fat.

MR: Are you implying fat witches are ugly?
QR: Apparently so [manager leans over to whisper something to her “No, she clearly wants this kind of interview. We don’t want to disappoint”] [manager stands anyway and turns to Melissa] “Thank you, that’s all.”
MR: No, thank you.

March 3rd Results

March 9th Results

Check out the Broomsticks' Break and the Quidditch World Cup News for more information! To place bets and poke fun at last month's biggest losers please visit Bagman's Back Alley.
March 16th Results

Nathalie Wilkins & Harvey Landsdowne
Couple of the Month - April 2018
nathalie wilkins
Post of the Month - April 2018
Luck Be a Lady
Quinn Regan & Hefin Howell
Thread of the Month - April 2018
We Are Legends

the daily prophet needs you!
You may have noticed this issue of The Daily Prophet is a bit smaller than previous months and that is because we want to use more member written content for it. We would love to have more stories written by members and input! Do not be shy, we accept all stories about anything you can think of! It can be random blurbs about your characters, other characters (with driver permissions), and non played characters! Don't feel like writing the article yourself? That's fine too! Just send us a PM with what you would like to read about and we will do the work. Any thread can be spotlighted regardless of what "playtime" it is set in or when the first/last post was. Tell us what your characters are up to, announce their upcoming big life events, make up stuff, we want it all~

how to contribute
Out-of-Character, The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee and Admin Team.

In-Character, The Daily Prophet is led by a newly appointed Editor-in-Chief named Llewella Leona Lloyd, an outspoken, middle aged, pathetically single Welsh journalist who refers to herself as the Grey Lion.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to PM Samm or a member of the Plot Committee.
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