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Alla Chaikovskaya [ Durmstrang Adult ]
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Live and let die [all years]
« on: June 24, 2018, 06:08:30 PM »
Alla had always looked up to and liked to talk to Necromancy professors. During her time at Durmstrang Anton Petrovych Knyazyev had been both headmaster and Necromancy professor. To be honest, to her he had been even more than just that. Anyway, Alla had also been in touch with Amir al-Busuri, Anton Petrovych's successor, discussing Necromancy with him as well. After all the young witch was always eager to learn from more experienced Necromancers. She had offered to assist him in a lesson, eager to prove herself but now she was standing in a classroom all alone, destined to teach a group of students herself. Well, maybe she was not all alone, Alla had naturally brought her pet skeleton Burmin with her to Durmstrang.

Of course the young Russian knew enough about the subject to entertain a class but she was incredibly nervous all the same. Yet, it was not only nervousness the Muscovite felt. She was also proud and excited. Getting this chance meant a lot to her. Even if she would only teach for once in her life this was a special moment. It was an acknowledgement of her Necromancy skills.

She had taken a day off from her usual job at the funeral parlour to substitute at Durmstrang. It felt unexpectedly strange to be back at school. She had heard a lot about the merge with Koldovstoretz in the year before and now that she paced up and down the classroom, the girl thought about scenes from her own time as a student. She remembered how she had always been particularly excited for her Necromancy lessons, even receiving private tutoring from the headmaster himself. She had definitely tried to make as much as possible of her time at school.

It was hard for her not to give one hundred percent. She had done so at school and after graduation she had continued her Necromancy experiments and research with full power. In fact, the young witch had exaggerated more than a little, putting herself in a weak and vulnerable state. She was a little more careful now, taking her time to recover after draining experiments rather than just keep going and going. That was something that should be addressed at school too, Alla thought. Necromancy was not simple dark magic, it could be dangerous for the Necromancer as well.

From a recent encounter with a student, Alla was aware that she might be facing people in this class who had little to no idea what this branch of magic was actually about. Hopefully most of her students today were better educated though. She hardly wanted to start from scratch with today's lesson.

She glanced at Burmin who was wearing red socks that her sister Lyudmila had knitted which served to reduce the clacking sound his feet made on the stone floor. Other than that Burmin was his pure and perfect bony self. Alla on the other hand was naturally properly dressed, wearing a light blue long sleeved blouse, a black knee length suede skirt and black leather boots. She subconsciously pulled on the sleeves of her blouse, making sure they hid all the scars that did not properly heal anymore because she kept cutting herself to gain blood for her experiments. Her straight and silky hair was falling onto her shoulders. As her face was naturally pale, Alla had taken some time to apply some make up to make herself look a little healthier.

Her plan was to start the lesson by asking the students to summarise what they knew about Necromancy. Then, depending on their knowledge on the topic, she'd either continue with the theory or give them a chance to test their skills in a little experiment. For this she had brought a large box; the content of which was still hidden from sight. It was standing on the floor next to the teacher's desk, looking rather inconspicuous, particularly given the human skeleton that had by now taken a seat at the desk. Alla had retreated to the window, standing there in the back light, a mere silhouette to those coming into the room.

Students entered the classroom now and when they were all properly seated at their desks, Alla took a few steps into the room. A nervous smile spread across her face and she cleared her throat, eager to start the lesson but not quite sure that she was really ready for it.

“Good morning everybody,” she began, “my name is Alla Artyomovna Chaikovskaya and this,” she pointed at the skeleton, “is Burmin.” Her bony assistant waved at the class at the mention of his name.

“I'm here to substitute for professor al-Busuri today. I'd like you to start by introducing yourselves and telling me what you know about Necromancy so I see your state of knowledge.”

[[OOC: since Alla is only a substitute professor for this class there's no official sign up list. Just post in here if you'd like to participate and have fun! <33
Older students might still remember Alla from her student days as she was the Klyk Vampira tsaritza and already had Burmin from her sixth year on.]]

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Mihaela Lupesco [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Necromancy was one of those defining subjects, at least in Mihaela's eyes. She'd come to notice that there were always people on both sides of opinion when it came to what they were learning. Some students seemed uncomfortable with the idea of communicating with the dead, the possibility of blood magic, and some of them even seemed scared of it. Mihalea was on the other side of the fence though, she found this subject fascinating, especially with the book she'd found last semester. It had mentioned things that seemed like necromantic magic on more than one occasion and she wondered if maybe this substitute would be willing to help her decipher it. She would be hesitant to show the book to any adult though, in fear they might take it away from the group.

The young Romanian was extra chipper as she entered the room and took a seat somewhere near the middle. She waved playfully at the skeleton near the professor, finding it all so exciting. It didn't creep her out like it might some others. Ghosts and monsters were something she was more familiar with than most. She'd grown up knowing death was temporary and especially magical and this class only served to prove the point. She plopped her bag down the on the ground beside her combat boots loudly and just in time for the class to begin. She took a quick glance around, naturally looking for Lev, before the professor started to talk. After she'd introduced herself and the skeleton the students in the class started to go around the room to introduce themselves and talk about what they knew.

By the time it had reached Mihaela she was ready with an answer. "Mihaela." She said to the professor, assuming the students already knew her name, and then continued while bouncing around in her seat. "I aint no expert but I do know that bone man is Necromantic magic. He linked to you?" She meant life force, how was she keeping him standing and sentient? Sure asking a question like that might not of been appropriate but it was on topic and honestly that was impressive coming from Mihaela. She usually stopped paying attention to the class before she even got inside of it.
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Sabina Sarkova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Necromancy was not Sabina's best or favourite subject. However, the girl found that it simply belonged to Durmstrang and a thorough magical education. It was crucial to know about the light and common as well as about the darker and more dangerous magic. She found Necromancy and its possibilities quite fascinating although she was not sure summoning the dead was high up on her list of priorities. She gave her friend Aphra a nod, indicating that they should go to the classroom now so they wouldn't be late. Upon entering the room, it became immediately clear that professor al-Busuri was not present today. Instead, on his chair, there sat a skeleton wearing socks! Sabina came to an abrupt halt and stared at the skeleton. She had seen it before - well, not necessarily exactly this one, she could not claim she had memorised the exact size about the only other animated skeleton she had seen. However, she had seen a skeleton wearing socks before, years ago. Her gaze wandered through the room, resting on a young blonde witch and it dawned to her.

The witch was Alla Aryomovna and apparently she was going to substitute for professor al-Busuri. Sabina remembered the graduate from a few years ago. She had been the Klyk tsaritza then, had animated a - most likely this - skeleton that had followed her around and there had been rumours that she had been receiving private tutoring from nobody else than the headmaster himself. That being said, the Czech girl was excited that Alla Artyomovna would fill in for their regular Necromancy professor. It was not that she liked the older witch. In fact, she didn't. However, she admired her for the position she had held during her time at Durmstrang - just as she hoped younger students would admire her now - and, of course, her proficiency in Necromancy. Maybe she envied her a little too as the graduate was definitely a powerful young witch.

She took a seat giving Aphra a 'Merlin, this is amazing' look and waited for the lesson to start. She rolled her eyes at her former friend Mihaela as she spoke. Truth be told the other girl had little chance to do much right in Sabina's opinion. While they were not fighting much anymore, Sabina still held a grudge against Mihaela for looking into her most private journal.

Then it was her time to speak and Sabina offered a small smile. "Sabina Pavlovna, current tsaritza for Klyk Vampira," she felt like she had to say so in order to set herself apart from people like Mihaela. "I remember Burmin and you from a few years ago. Your control over him is amazing," she flattered the older witch without showing much emotion there. "To answer your question - Necromancy is dark magic, using blood as a magical essence. Necromancers can summon the dead and control them to do their bidding. I've read that it can also be used for healing but that it's not used at most hospitals because you basically heal a person by sacrificing another." She was not entirely sure about that last part but if it was true then she surely understood why at well known hospitals they did not use Necromancy to heal their patients.

Aphrodisia Xydakis [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Aphrodisia was weak at Necromancy by choice. She loved herself too much to dwell into the depths of openly self-destructive dark magic, to the point of putting her own life at risk. The kind of dark magic she enjoyed was more about tearing one’s soul apart, not literal flesh and bones. She found Necromancy cruel, and people who practiced it especially self-destructive and foolish. In the end, why be in control of a corpse if you couldn’t bring back the soul as well? It was pointless, one of those especially sick hobbies she wasn’t keen of.

Alla Artyomovna was their substitute today, and Aphrodisia couldn’t help herself from gazing curiously in Sabina’s direction. Did her friend know why Professor al-Busuri was missing? If there was any gossip to know, she wanted to be in on it. Each and every detail. Regarding Alla Artyomovna, Aphrodisia recalled her for being exactly one of those people with twisted hobbies she’d avoided during her early years at Durmstrang. Her physical beauty was wasted on useless dark magic. Pity.

Regardless, Aphrodisia took a seat next to Sabina, and carefully listened to both her and Mihaela deliver their answers to Alla Artyomovna’s question. Mihaela’s answer had been raw, and Sabina definitely wanted to show off and impress their substitute. Aphrodisia couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her friend emphasising that she was the Klyk Vampira tsaritza. And it hadn’t been done out of desire to reveal that she was a newer, better version of Alla Artyomovna’s, but to impress that very person.

The younger Klyk Vampira didn’t reveal her emotions, since, in the end, she did like both Sabina and Alla Artyomovna. If anything, out of solidarity, she smirked pleased in Sabina’s direction, satisfied of her colleague’s correct and impeccable answer. Aphrodisia’s turn then came, and the girl elegantly flipped her hair over her shoulder, offering her former house mate the sweetest of smiles. “Aphrodisia Rheia.” She presented herself, a bit sure however that Alla Artyomovna would still remember her, or at least know of her – in the end, there weren’t as many Greeks at Durmstrang as there were Russians.

“Equivalent exchange. Your life essence for theirs.” She explained, leaning against the back of her chair and crossing her legs in the process. “As my house mate mentioned, it’s blood magic. So this kind of dark magic doesn’t focus on the deterioration of the caster’s soul, but rather on their actual physical body. If anything, I suppose you need to stay especially hydrated and be particularly well-nourished for this kind of magic. The stronger you are, the stronger the connection is. The weaker you are, the weaker the connection is. For example, should the blood amount in your body be insufficient, Burmin here would just…” Aphrodisia gestured with her hand, ending with a shrug. “Fall on the floor, end up just a mass of bones.”

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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Zviad had not yet caught up with Necromancy. It was one of the subjects he hadn't known prior to attending Durmstrang. While the boy found the class pretty interesting, he didn't like that he had almost no base to work with. He had done some reading, of course. However, he wasn't too confident when he made his way towards the classroom. It did not help either that they'd have a substitute professor today because they probably didn't know about his background and he'll stick out as one of those students who were not up to par.

As he stepped into the classroom, the boy saw the skeleton first and wondered for a brief moment if it was possible that the skeleton was the professor. It made no sense to him but he couldn't deny that he could still be surprised. However, he soon spotted the young woman who was apparently filling in for professor al-Busuri.

She looked like she could be a raised dead herself given her pale complexion but Zviad thought that she was most likely pretty much alive. Zviad took a seat next to Mihaela and tried not to attract the attention of the young teacher. However, it seemed like chances for that were bad as they were all supposed to introduce themselves. The boy rolled his eyes. This was bound to end embarrassing for him. However, his class mates already knew that he was from Koldovstoretz, they already had their opinion on him. It was only the substitute professor who might judge him because of what he'd say now.

He glanced sideways at Mihaela, hoping for some comfort but she already spoke, introducing herself and speaking about Necromancy. Fortunately the Klyk tsaritza decided to go next so that nobody looked at him and after her Aphra spoke. He looked around, hoping for someone else to introduce themselves but nobody raised their hand. Instead Alla Artyomovna looked at him now. He swallowed. He wasn't a shy guy or afraid of anything really, but this was no fun.

"Zviad," he said briskly. "The others have described it really well. I couldn't do it any better. Necromancy is blood magic and serves to animate skeletons and create inferi and..." his voice trailed off. Really, he had no idea what he could add that hadn't been already said. His knowledge just didn't reach far enough for that.

Mihaela Lupesco [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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After she'd spoke Mihaela leaned back in her seat and gave Zviad an accomplished little smile. The young witch thought she had been productive in the class conversation, but of course she was soon overshadowed by none other than Sabina Sarkova. Scowling at the back of the annoyingly-proud-to-be tsaritza Mihaela stuck her tongue out at her for a split second and smiled. The pair had been friends once but it seemed like another lifetime. Every time they made a step toward maybe reconciliation they took two steps back. Usually it was Mihaela's worn combat boots stomping all over the potential make up but she was a bit too stubborn to realize it sometimes. Her eyes flickered from Sabina to Aphra as the other girl began to speak and she smiled at her friend. Mihaela liked when the class was made up of people she mostly liked, it made it more fun. As other students chimed in and finally the conversation rounded back to Zviad and her table she nudged him slightly with her shoulder. She was trying to be comforting, trying to be a good friend.

Once he had said his piece she whispered to him "Inferi, nice..." The idea of Inferi had always sparked her interest but that was to be expected. She lived in a town of hunters facing down strigoi and monsters on a nightly basis so Inferi were right up her alley. Turning back toward the professor Mihaela did not raise her hand or make sure it was okay to speak before pipping in once more.

"Is this gonna' be another one of them 'theoretical' lessons or you gonna' to teach us to raise the dead?"

She used her hands to make air quotes around the word theoretical, her obvious dislike clearly written all over her features. Mihaela didn't do well with thinking type classes. She liked doing. She was far better at doing. In a strange way she actually kind of hoped the young professor would say yes but she didn't much think she would.
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Alla Chaikovskaya [ Durmstrang Adult ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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One by one the students began to introduce themselves. Alla listened and nodded encouragingly at everyone who spoke. Necromancy was advanced and dark magic and not every student had a talent for it. That was fine, of course. The world would be quite boring if everybody kept a pet skeleton, after all. Speaking of which, as the students spoke, Burmin got to his feet and began to scribble notes onto the blackboard so that there was a summary of the Necromancy definition given by the students.

"Thank you," Alla said when the last student had spoken. "I see you all have an idea what Necromancy is. Your definition is not thorough but that's perfectly alright. I don't expect an expert level of knowledge from any of you. You're attending this class to learn more and I hope that I can help you a little with this lesson."

She smiled a little as she began to respond to what the students had said. "Yes, Burmin is linked to me." She looked at the skeleton fondly and made him sit down at the teacher's desk again as he had finished writing his notes in the meantime.

"Necromancy can be used for healing, yes. And you're right, it is not often used at hospitals because healers do not want to save one life and sacrifice another. Though, admittedly, there are ways to use necromantic healing without sacrificing another person, weaken them, yes, but it's not always one life for another."

Looking at Aphrodisia Alla nodded. The girl spoke the truth, to do necromantic experiments successfully a person had to be in a good physical condition. "You're absolutely right. You need to be in a good physical and mental condition to successfully perform advanced necromantic magic as it will exhaust you further."

Alla looked at Mihaela again and she shook her head slightly, a hint of an amused smile spreading across her face. "I take it you'd rather not have a theoretical lesson," she stated, remembering how she had always preferred the practical approach herself. "I'm not convinced that you are all far enough advanced in this subject to actually do experiments," at that she glanced briefly in Zviad's direction, "but I suppose if you work together and follow the instructions closely we could give it a go."

While most witches or wizards would use their wand to levitate the box onto the desk, Alla made Burmin heave it onto the table. "We will try and animate dead mice today." Alla explained, stepping closer to the desk and opening the box.

"Each of you should take one of the mice and a rune. I hope you all have a dagger, if not I can help you out. You will all carve your runes with the symbol 'algiz' on one side and the symbol 'yr' on the other. Once that's done you will use your blood to draw a circle on your desk around the mouse - make sure it's closed - then you drop some blood onto the 'algiz' side of your rune. Put it into the circle with 'yr' on top. Then turn the rune and say 'surge!'. In order to make it work you must focus on the mouse. Look at it and concentrate. Don't be disappointed if your first attempts don't succeed. Just repeat the process with the rune and the incantation. When you do it right and are properly focused the mouse will wake up and move within the circle. You won't be able to make it do anything as this experiment basically just 'revives' the mouse within the boundaries you set. Once the blood line is broken or you remove the rune the mouse will cease to move. However, this is one of the rather risk free experiments that are safe to try in class..." Alla would have preferred to make the students go for something darker and more dangerous but this was okay as well. It was a practical lesson, after all.
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Aphrodisia Xydakis [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Aphrodisia felt a shiver go down her spine as Mihaela suggested they have a practical lesson. Necromancy was pointless if one couldn’t bring back the soul. And repulsing. Dealing with actual corpses was so distasteful and so beneath a person of her own bearing. She had hoped that Alla Artyomovna would keep it strictly theoretical, nonetheless, luck hadn’t been on her side. The fifth year sceptically eyed the skeleton as it brought the box of dead mice to the Professor’s desk.

She wanted both the chips and the praise, so Aphrodisia decided not to expose her inner feelings at all. The fifth year got up from her chair, and approached the table as she took out a white silk handkerchief from her pocket. Reaching the desk, Aphrodisia picked out the smallest mouse, thinnest as well, and grabbed it with her hankie, turning around on her heel and placing it on her own desk, leaving the handkerchief nearby, for she’d use it again upon the returning of the tiny corpse.

The Greek then took out a small silver dagger from her sleeve – she always had several hidden underneath her clothes, but Aphrodisia decided for the most accessible one – and followed Alla Artyomovna’s instructions precisely. Nonetheless, the girl couldn’t but feel a bit repulsed that she was wasting her own blood over such a useless spell. Blood magic was interesting, but not in the context of Necromancy. As she finished drawing the circle, Aphrodisia sighed, and continued following the former Klyk Vampira’s further instructions, performing them all with precise accuracy. She was determined not to lose too much blood over this, so the fifth year did her best to succeed it from the first try.

“Surge.” Aphrodisia said the incantation sharply, gaze focused on the dead mouse. It soon started moving, making a satisfied smirk appear on the girl’s face. Watching it move in the small blood circle was kind of… cute. The Klyk Vampira lowered, placing her knees on her chair and bending enough so her eye-level would reach the desks’, so she could see the mouse’s reactions closer. “Hmm.” She let out, a bit sceptical. Perhaps it was its white colour that got her to feel not as repulsed about it. In the end, white had always been her colour.

The girl sighed once more, with slight relief this time, glad that she’d gotten the spell right from the first try. Still, Aphrodisia simply remained silent and focused on her own mouse, with the hope that they wouldn’t have to do any more complicated spells. This had been more than enough. “Hello.” She whispered at the mouse, as Aphrodisia gestured so it would roll once within the circle.

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Sabina Sarkova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Naturally it was Mihaela who was the first one to step out of bounds and ask about a practical lesson. Sabina rolled her eyes. It was not that she was not interested in a practical lesson herself but it was quite impolite to ask a substitute professor such a question. Alla Artyomovna had most likely made plans would not change them just because an obnoxious student asked her to make a practical lesson. However, their substitute professor seemed rather amused which made Sabina frown ever so slightly. Alla Artyomovna, former tsaritza for Klyk Vampira, for her house, did not smile at Mihaela now, did she?

As she spoke, Sabina listened closely, nodded along as she said that they might not all be far enough advanced. Of course, the sixth year caught the glimpse at Zviad. Naturally. Sabina had no problem with Zviad per se, just with him holding them back. The boy should have gone back to where he belonged. Although, quite frankly, Sabina understood that he preferred Durmstrang. It was the better school. Nonetheless his presence in their classes kept them back. They could not move on quite so quickly because he hadn't yet caught up with them. Sometimes Sabina wondered if it was her task, as the current tsaritza, to spend some of her precious time giving him extra lessons so he'd catch up quicker.

She discarded this thought now as she had done countless times before. Now it was time to focus on the lesson anyway. Sabina wanted to do everything perfectly fine. She could not bear failure at all, especially not when she was in a class taught by one of her predecessors in the tsaritza position. She took some quick notes when Alla Artyomovna mentioned the instructions, not wanting to miss anything. She nodded when she finished her notes and retrieved a little dagger from her school bag to place it on the table already before getting to her feet and picking a dead mouse from the box. The expression of her face changed from relaxed to disgusted as she retrieved it, touching its tail with two fingers and grabbing a rune from the pile without hesitation.

Sitting back down next to Aphra, she shot her friend a brief smile before glancing at her notes again and doing as they had been told. She carved the rune first, then she pricked her left index finger and drew a circle of blood around the dead mouse. Did she imagine this or did the mice smell rather unpleasantly? Maybe she was imagining things because, well, dead mice were nothing she fancied, after all. She added the rune to the circle and turned it around, saying "Surge!"

The mouse stirred and Sabina shuddered in an involuntary response to that. This was creepy. Necromancy was creepy. Impressive but really creepy. The mouse lifted itself to its tiny legs, its nose on the ground and walked towards the red line, trailing along it in circles. Relieved that she had done it but still a little wary, Sabina leaned back on her chair, observing the mouse carefully.

Kęstutis Astrauskas [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Necromancy was an interesting subject to Kęstutis. The idea of bringing the dead to life was fascinating and could be used for some great pranks on people if he could perfect his training in the art. Still when it came to being in the actual class he found himself less enthusiastic. He believed it was the learning environment didn’t play to his personal values on study. Still he couldn’t change how the school functioned so he dealt with the tiring days of spending time with other students in a classroom. He would of course end up teaching himself the same stuff by himself afterwards so it wasn’t a true loss of his attention.

Despite his lack of enthusiasm for being in a classroom he still made it to the class in a timely manner and he was greeted with the site of a skeleton in the classroom. He arched an eyebrow in intrigue at the being that was in the classroom. He then noticed the person who looked like might be their professor and realized what was going on quite quickly. He gave a small smirk and muttered to himself, “Interesting.” He sat himself down and waited for class to start.

When class did start Kęstutis sighed to himself at the professor’s words. He would have to introduce himself? Really? Was this class really going to be this dull? He rolled his eyes a bit and propped his arm under his chin listening to the answers of the other students. When it became his turn he said dully, “Kęstutis and I don’t have much to add outside of what the rest of the class has said.” He paused for a second and decided to continue with a question, “I do wonder if Burmin has a personality independent of his own or did you create one for him in your reanimation process?” If this was true it would prove very useful for his studies later in the school year.

When Mihaela asked if they would turn the class into a practical one Kęstutis’ face lit up a bit and he was no longer leaning on his arm. His posture was suddenly upright and his attention was drawn instantly. A practical lesson would prove much more entertaining to the young man and he began to wonder what they could do. Maybe they could make their own Burmin that would certainly be something. Though when the professor told them they would simply be reviving mice he felt a surge of disappointment through his heart. His smile faded back to his normal scowl of a face. “Great,” he muttered to himself in annoyance. What were they first years? Still it was his task and he would complete it none the less.

He got the rune and mouse and brought them back to his desk where he pulled out his dagger, he always had it on him just in case, carved the symbols into his run and cut a small section of his right pinky to create his blood circle. Putting pressure into his cut he made the blood ooze out at a slightly faster rate in order to get an even circle on his desk. He then dripped some blood on the algiz side of his rune and then placed it in the circle with the bloody side of the run facing down. He then turned the rune to the side, cleared his throat, and said clearly, “Surge.” The mouse came to life and Kęstutis, with his dagger, twirled it around in his hand. “Well that was child’s play,” he muttered to himself as he looked around the class to see how the other students were doing.

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Re: Live and let die [all years]
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Inna was never quite sure what to feel about Necromancy. It was an interesting sort of magic that kind of creeped and grossed her out. But at the same time, it was kind of cool in the Krov's quiet opinion. She watched the human skeleton, named Burmin with narrow unsure eyes. Sure, she knew some Necromancy, in theory, through reading books on the subject for the class, but she hadn't really figured out how to get the practice part down. Any movement from anything dead made her own skin crawl. Nonetheless, Inna listened to the other students state their own knowledge of the subject. Sabina mentioned Necromancy could be used to heal someone, and her head tilted with slight interest. She read a little bit on that, but not too much. The witch jotted down a little note to remind herself to check the library again for necromancy and healing. She'd much prefer to do the blood spells on a living human... rather than a dead one.

The fifth year had introduced herself simply, and then sat herself down without much of a way of sharing what she knew. The witch believed her classmates summarized it all. The youngest Ilyin listened intently to the substitute professor, Alla Artyomovna Chaikovskaya, listing off additional information on the subject matter. Her eyes widened the moment she said they would be reviving a mouse.

Oh how Inna disliked mice, almost as much as spiders.

She looked around the room briefly, gauging other students reactions, before she took out her small little special dagger, and a rune and heading up to get a mouse. Oh, she wouldn't dare touch something dead. She'd rather bring a plant back to life. Was that possible? Could they do that? Inna shivered slightly as she stared down at the mouse within the box, before looking up at Alla. She pulled out a silvery silk decorative handkerchief from her pocket and delicately wrapped the mouse in it, doing the best she could not to touch it. "Oh, ew" she whispered to herself before she dangled the ball of silver to her desk.

She carefully unwrapped the mouse, dropping the handkerchief into her bookbag where it'd likely get tossed into the common room fireplace after the lesson. It was obvious Xydakis understood the quality of a good handkerchief as she too used one. The witch carved the algiz symbol on the front of the rune, and then a yr symbol on the back. To her, the hardest part was blood. Cutting herself was not something an Ilyin did. It was distasteful, and it could put her in harms way. Inna poked her left index finger enough for a papercut, giving a slight raspy inhale due to the sting. She drew the circle as best as she could on her desk, thinking to herself that this was how she was going to die - death by infection from the desk.

The Krov intently stared down at her dead mouse, frowning at its pitiful existence to be used as a prop for a class. In a way it was barbaric to her to animate it to life. But again, Inna was weirdly fascinated by Necromancy, so it was a strange feeling of curiosity and disgust that coursed through her veins. If her family knew she had curiosity towards Necromancy, she'd surely find herself homeless or something. Inna had to play semi-dumb, in the event someone was watching her. She focused more heavily on it before speaking the incantation, "Surge." There was movement, which gave Inna a jolt of electric fear as she lurched back from her seat and away from the mouse. It twitched a few more times before it began moving around in the circle. She approached her seat cautiously before sitting down and watching her little creation move about.

Oh that is so gross.

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Zviad looked at Alla Artyomovna. He could tell that her opinion of him was low. It was not that it mattered much. She did not have to like him. She was just a substitute professor and she looked like she was barely older than the students in the room. He was a bit torn when he heard that this would be a practical lesson. He was unsure what was better for him. Likely he'd fail both a theoretical and a practical lesson. Still, he hoped that he would not embarrass himself too much.

He was one of the last students to take a mouse and a rune from the professor's desk. He eyed Burmin quite suspiciously as he did so. Truth be told, he'd like to know more about how the animated skeleton worked but he didn't intend to ask now. He'd rather go and read about it in the library well hidden from others who'd judge him for his lack of knowledge. As he returned to his table he grinned at @Mihaela Lupesco , whispering to her in passing "I somehow would like to learn how to animate mice in a way that they do not have to stay in the circle. Imagine sending a couple of zombie mice into a girls' dormitory..." He assumed that Mihaela, despite being a girl herself, would find this amusing as well.

He glanced around, observing how the other students were doing. Most of them seemed to have no problems at all to get the mice move around in the circle. Maybe this really wasn't so tough. He pulled a dagger out of the pocket of his robes and carved the runes with the symbols Alla Artyomovna had mentioned. Then he pricked his thumb and drew a thin circle with the blood that emerged from the wound around the dead mouse. "Surge," he said but nothing happened. For a moment Zviad just stared at the mouse before he saw his mistake. He had not put his blood onto the rune and had forgotten to turn it around. Concentrating more now, Zviad did everything just as it had been explained and said "Surge!" again.

The mouse stirred and began to wobble around. The boy chuckled with laughter. "Is that my fault or is something wrong with the mouse? It looks like it is drunk." The former Koldovstoretz student had not spoken very loudly but still probably loud enough for the students closest to him and maybe also for Alla Artyomovna to hear him. He reached out and poked the mouse with his index finger. The tiny creature toppled over and didn't move anymore. Frowning at it, Zviad decided to refresh the blood on his rune and start the process anew. The mouse moved again but it still looked funny as it stumbled across the desk.


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