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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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{April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
« on: June 26, 2018, 08:20:36 PM »
            Syvlia took another sip form what she was pretty sure was beef and potato stew. It is quite good. she thought, as she let the rich flavor swirl around her mouth before she swallowed. At least it was not the strange dishes they served us at Japan. Her mind wondered to her memories of Mahoutokoro Institute Of Spirits And Magic and her excitement she once held about visiting and experience another country.  What little of what she had seen of Japan was so different, it seemed like a total different wizarding world.

          The American Witch of glanced around the Koldovstoretz Academy Of Magic’s dining hall. The tree gave the feeling you were still above ground, in a way Shackamaxon did. Yet there were still so much major differences. The hash tongue, strange manors, the furry dress and the uprooted trees for brooms never let Sylvia believe that she was anywhere close to Ilvermorny.

           Still in Japan there were well welcoming organizations and tours. Here Kolbovstoretz teachers and students’ kind of just excepted you as something like a fellow student. Although this did not seemed to bother most of the Ilvermrony student, for they did not seem to be trapped in Sylvia’s mellow coli. Instead, they took this chance to re-bond with their partners form October or pair up with friends. This was impossible for young brunet girl, who found what she assumed was a very jealous looking girlfriend hanging on her partners arm. Luckily, she had enough smarts to keep her distance.

          Sylvia stared down at her now empty bowl and pushed it aside with a sigh. Putting her elbows on the table to support her chin. A habit her mother would have corrected her if she was here. “What is wrong with me?” she said under her breath. She gave another sigh as desert pop up in front of here. Deep down she knew. She was to stressed about the elections to really enjoy her visit.

           She just applied to run for a position on the 2-year senate council, right before she left. It was her families Idea. Well, truthfully, they just asked her if she was planning to run and said it would be easier to get into the senate as a lower classman. Sylvia always was taught that she represented both the Crowne and Franklin Wizarding family and know if she did not at least try, it would be a talking point among the family’s. Sylvia hated to try something and not do it right… or worst fail.

         Sylvia felt like the trip was a waste of precious little time she had to companies. She had to figure out her slogan, make posters and some sort of giveaway pin or gift to hopefully get votes.  Where was little she could do here in Russia. She picked up a fork and poked at pancake like thing, shile saying a few slogans out load, “Vote for Crowne, … your year will be renown? A vote for Sylvia is a vote for…. the fun she will bring ya?“ Sylvia failed to notice she was starting to get the attention of other at the dinner table.
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Margarita Gavrilova [ Tigrova ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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"...Why you talk to pancake?"

Margarita Ilyinichna leaned in, looking at the girl seated diagonally across the table from her. The table wasn't full, yet, considering it was still pretty early in the evening, but the few pairs of eyes that were at the table were starting to get interested. She scooted over, lining herself up so that she was seated directly across from her. She was an Ilvermorny student; even if it wasn't obvious by her uniform and use of English and general otherness, Rita recognized her from when the Koldovstoretz students had gone to Massachusetts. Rita's former partner hadn't made this trip, so the girl was otherwise unoccupied with Americans.

She was bored.

Her English wasn't the best, just what she had been able to glean from music and television, but Rita knew enough to get her point across. "They can't talk." She nodded, leaning closer so she could speak with a low voice, as if she was telling the girl a secret. But she was smiling, not genuinely making fun of the other girl. She straightened up, sticking out her hand above the pot of stew, for a as-firm-as-two-eleven-year-olds-could-make handshake. "Margarita Ilyinichna Gavrilova," she said, more out of habit than expecting the girl to remember her name.

She sat back, ripping of a chunk of brown bread from the loaf in front of her. She might have missed home, but she certainly didn't miss the not-as-delicious-as-Koldovstoretz food she was served there. Taking a bite, she chewed for a minute before asking, with a mouth half full, "What is 'renown'?" She tilted her head, repeating the rhyme she had heard a few minutes before. "Vote for Crowne, your year will be renown?"

Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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Having walked into the unfamiliar area she'd just found herself in, Leah looked around for a few moments. She'd just walked down a long tunnel and entered through a door at the end of the tunnel, following other students. In the area she found herself in, once inside the door at the end of the tunnel, was a large staircase. As it was the only way to go, and she needed to catch up with everyone else who'd left while she was looking around, Leah walked down the staircase, her knee-length, black, pleated skirt and ponytail swishing as she walked. She held onto the railing so she wouldn't accidentally lose her footing and fall down the stairs, especially in the one-inch heels her shoes provided her.

Once down at the end of the staircase, Leah walked further into the large open room in front of her. There was a large tree in the middle of the room, with clusters of tables around it. Leah noticed a couple of girls sitting at one of the tables and quietly walked over to it.

"I don't mean to interrupt anything, but would either of you mind if I sat here? I'm a part of the exchange program between Ilvermorny and this school. I just enrolled at Ilvermorny and I'm a First Year Horned Serpent student. My name is Leah Miller, but please, just call me Leah. If you're not my parents, and you're not angry with me, there's no real need to use my last name."

That was the most she'd said ever since she'd arrived at Ilvermorny, and she wasn't sure how to feel. She was an introvert, meaning she didn't really interact with others very often and she mostly preferred to keep her nose in a book or in a notebook, pen in hand, and listening to music over headphones while writing. She was nervous about how the other girls were going to react, as Leah thought she, maybe, was coming on a little bit too strong for her personality. She was also a bit afraid that her last sentence would make the girls get the wrong idea about her.

"I'm sorry about what I said about my name. I didn't mean to come off as rude or anything like that. I'm not really like that! I'm just," she trailed off a bit, collecting her thoughts, "I'm just really nervous about being in a new place and I'm not exactly very outgoing and extroverted. I feel so much more comfortable with books, music, and pens, but I also wish to make friends during my time at school."

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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        When she heard the words, I took her a second to realize that it was directed to her. Her head jerked up and she met the blue eyes of a Kolbovstoretz student staring at her from the other side of the table. “I’m sorry. Why you..what?” Sylvia then glanced down at the Pankcake like dish ( Blini ) and back to the girl.  Why you talk to…. pancake? replayed in her head.

          “Oh, I. I …oh. I was not talking to the pancake.” Sylvia’s olive shin stated to have a pink blush spread out from her cheeks. They are going to think I am a total basket case. “I was just talking to myself.”

          Oh gosh, that sounded worse She thought as the she watched the Russian girl scooted over to sit more across form her. Obviously to get a better view of the crazy American. There was a second delay before Sylvia , mimicked the blued eyed girl’s movements and leaned in. Hearing the words, Sylvia scanned the crowd the direction of the nod. Among the table, she found quite a few other Kolbovstoretz student staring at her and one was even pointing her direction while whispering into an ear.

          Sylvia yes widened, something was caught in her throat and her ears now shared the same color of her cheeks. Sylvia glanced down, as her mind raced. I wasn’t acting that weird was I?
She debating on excusing herself form the table, when a hand shot out over her plate. A smile came to Sylvia’s lips and her manors kicked in. "It is nice to meet you. I mean,…zdrah-stvooy-tee Margarita Il-yini-chna Gav-ril-ova, my name is… menya zovut Sylvia Crowne.” She attempted the Russian greetings she memorized before the trip. Realizing that Margarita used three names, she worried that it might be a custom for Russians to using their name in full. She corrected the statement, she added “Sylvia Ella Crowne, that is."

          The Margarita seems so friendly that Sylvia started to relaxed, but a new wave of embarrassment quickly replaced the first. “I was trying to come up with a Campaign slogan. Like a rhyme that will help me get votes, because I sighed up to run for student council.” She tried to explain, before answering Margarita’s question. “Renown means… um" As Sylvia was trying to collect her thoughts of how to explain renown in the simplest terms, when she was interrupted by a voice near her.

          She turned to find Leah, a very intelligent fellow Horned Serpent who had outscored Sylvia in a class or two. They hadn’t had a lot of time to talk and let alone to get to know each other over the course of the year.  All the school work, volunteering help to set up at events, and the Bird brothers ( @Sunny Bird & @John Henry Bird VII ) kept Sylvia busy.

          “Oh, Hello Leah! It is nice to meet you, formally. I’m Sylvia Crowne and this is Margarita. Margarita Il-yini-chna Gav-ril-ova.” She corrected with a nod and smile to the nice blue-eyed girl that Sylvia was so grateful for not thinking she was a total loon.

           “Oh, please sit.” Remembering the girl first asked to sit down at the chair near her.

           The girls ongoing rambling made Sylvia slightly uncomfortable. She glanced at Margarita, hoping she would forgive Leah’s oddities as she did her own.

            Trying to make the girl feel at ease Sylvia attempted to find common ground. “I do too. I love books, music and pens. Do you play an instrument or just collect music?”
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Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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"Hello, Sylvia. It's nice to meet you." Leah smiled at her housemate. She turned to the other girl. "And, hello to you too, Margarita. It's nice meeting you." Leah smiled at the other girl, hoping she didn't sound like a colossal idiot in front of another school.

When Sylvia told her she could sit down, she nodded and took a seat at the table with the other girls. She noticed the other girls were in the process of eating, though she had no food in front of her. It wasn't that she didn't have an appetite or that she wasn't hungry, it was that she forgot to get herself some food. She'd never eaten international food like this before, so she didn't know what to expect from it. She knew she should at least try the food before leaving the school, as she didn't want to cause any kind of incident over food. She sat in her seat, musing over international food, when she heard a voice begin speaking to her. She realized that she must have been rambling earlier when she first introduced herself to the girls and she felt horrible.

"Oh, um, no. No, I don't play any instruments. Well, unless you count the piano belonging to my grandma. She's happy to try and teach me to play, but I don't think the piano is my cup of tea. It's so hard to get all of the notes just right and my music sounds horrible. So, I just collect music and listen to it. My dad has a collection that I like to listen to, but I'm slowly collecting my own music too. In addition to listening to music, in my free time, I also like writing, hence liking pens." She let the girls soak in all the information for a bit. "So, what do you girls like to do in your free time?"

I wonder if Margarita can understand me well enough? I can't speak Russian, but I shouldn't assume she can't speak English, as that would be rude, and my parents didn't raise me to be rude. I should just make sure that I don't seem weird in front of everyone, and I'll be fine, though I think I already proved I could be weird in front of everyone. I can't believe I rambled in front of everyone. What was I thinking? Now, everyone's going to think I'm weird for sure and no one will want to be friends with me. No one wants to be friends with a weird person.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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          Sylvia nodded in response. She had to remind herself, that not everyone is adapt at music like her family. Sylvia decided against mentioning that she was quite good at playing piano and love to play the violin. She did not want to seem that she was bragging. So, instead she let Margarita answer the question first and busied herself with one of the folded pancake in front of her, while she thought about what she did in her free time. She did not have time to play her violin, since she came to Ilvermorny. She felt she did not do much in her free time, just sleep and eat. The school kept Sylvia incredibly busy and now with the campaign, she felt like she had no time.

          Although theses skinning cakes did come with a glob of cream and jam decoratively placed in the center, Sylvia first tentatively bit at a plain corner. It did not taste bad, although not totally like a pancake. Her next piece she first places dipped a corner into the jam and then another into the cream sauce. She nibbled the pieces of the fork.

            Her mind wandered to her father who would make the family pancakes. She remembered he was the only person in the family that did not play any musical interments, although he love music. His last owl talked about the Banshees playing in Shackamaxon. He was doing to try to get tickets. Unfortunately, Sylvia was pretty sure the trip to Kolbovstoretz would conflict, and still being a first year, she was not likely be able to be to go to Shackamaxon anyway. Sylvia was bummed about not being able to attend the concert, forgetting that she would likely spend the whole time stressing about homework. She had become a fan of the Banshees when she heard their single “Honey” get played by a fellow Horne Serpent in the dorm room.

          “My parents are going to the Banshee concert in Shackomaxon.” She looked at other two. She then realized that she might not making much sense.  “Oh.. I mean. I don’t seem to have much free time since I came to school, but I would not have minded to go to that concert. I love their song ‘Honey’, and their Christmas song were fun. I am kind a bummed I missed it.”

           Worried she was being an ungrateful guest she looked to Margarita, “Oh, but I am really excited to be here, too. I um… I heard we get to see your dragons.” She said the word dragons in a almost whisper, as if she said it to loud that they would storm into the room and ask who summoned them. “They're not too dangerous, are they?”
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Margarita Gavrilova [ Tigrova ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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“Privet, Sylvia,” Rita responded in Russian, her smile getting wider. They shook hands before she relaxed, sitting back a bit in her chair, ladling herself out a bit of the stew into the bowl in front of her. “Student council,” she repeated, not fully understanding what was going on, but wanting to let her new friend know that she was at least following along with what she was saying. But Sylvia didn’t have time to explain the word Rita had first asked about; Rita looked up, wide eyed, as another girl approached them.

There were a lot of words, very quickly, and Rita had trouble following. She heard her name, though, when Sylvia spoke again, and Rita smiled again. “Hi,” she offered with a small wave, holding her hand out to shake again when the new girl sat down. She dug into her soup as the other girls continued talking, glancing up every now and then, recognizing most words that were being said.

“My babushka teaches piano, too!” Rita interjected, happy to have understood enough to know that she and Leah had something completely in common. “But I dance ballet,” she added, not wanting to talk about things that weren’t herself for too long. She didn’t know what a Banshee concert was, or if Shackamaxon was a town or a disease, but Rita smiled as the other girls talked.

Rita clapped her hands together a few times as Sylvia mentioned the dragons. “Yes! Misha, my favorite.” She had come up with the name for Tigrova’s baby boy dragon, and she wasn’t shy about telling people. “Not dangerous,” she reassured. They weren’t mean to her, anyway, and that was all that mattered. “You want to meet?”

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
« Reply #7 on: July 03, 2018, 07:19:05 PM »
          The dark haired Ilevermrony girl realize she felt a lot more comfortable with these girls, then she normally did in class. It was likely due to the fact that they were her age. Although Leah seemed a little nervous, it put Sylvia more at ease to know she was not the only one who acted nervous at times. Margarita smile was just so warm and friendly.  Although the Kolbovstoretz studnet had an accent and would replace words like “Babushka,” for grandmother, it only took a second for Sylvia to connect the dots and get a good Idea what she meant.

             “Oh, dance Ballet, you mean as a ballerina. Oh, I know some ballet!* I love all forms of dance.”  Although it had been a year since she took classes, she did not realize she missed it until now. She had not even have a chance to performed.  She did see a clip of a professional perform ballet and although it made her feel inadequate. Still she now day-dreamed of dancing. Sylvia scooped up other pieces of her food note enjoying the flavors as well as the conversation.


            Margarita’s enthusiasm startled Sylvia. “Misha?” Sylvia repeated, making sure she said it right. She was not sure if it was the Russian name for the word dragon or the name of the dragon. If the dragons were Margaritas favorite then maybe there were other beasts living in the caverns. Sylvia half way expecting to see some large eyes staring at her from the shadows.

             Sylvia looked a little dubious with the statement which clear meant that they are not dangerous. They are dragons, how could they not be dangerous! her thoughts screamed, yet Sylvia was taught to never to argue with people, (although her brother did not count.) So she kept her mouth closed for a second, chewing in the pancake desert as well as on her own thoughts.

             Silvia remembered an animated image of a baby dragon hatching form an egg in a book she saw at Ilvermorny’s library. The Baby Dragon looked like a cute large winged lizard, with a big head and crumple little wings. She remembered reading that quite a few dragons can breathe fire at a very young age. Thinking it might be very young, and so less dangorous Sylvia asking, “Are the dragons… I mean is Misha young? Does it breathe fire?”

         “What type or dragon is it?” Her curiosity peeked, out weighing some of her fear. There were ten to twelve known dragons in the world. Sylvia was trying to recall the list. What she did remember thinking was that it seemed the dragons with the name of horn, fireball and viper in the name were exceptionally dangerous.  Maybe it was a nice friendly, Welsh Green.

            “Meet what? Meet the dragon, errr Masha.” the girl’s fork of food hovers forgotten. “Right now?  Don’t we need professors with us?”

  *correction made forget Sylvia took ballet ><
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Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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Leah just sat quietly, listening to Sylvia and Margarita talk. She didn't understand the Russian language, but being in another country, she was willing to learn some of it so she could communicate better. She'd never even heard bits and pieces of the language before coming to Koldovstoretz like she had German, Spanish, and French, so she wondered if Russian was just as exciting to hear as German, Spanish, and French. When Margarita brought up ballet, Leah raised her eyebrow a bit. Prior to attending Ilvermorny, she'd taken a few ballet lessons, but she never continued those lessons.

When Margarita had spoken to her and offered her hand, Leah said "hello" in return and shook the offered hand. When Margarita spoke about her "babushka" teaching piano, she cocked her head to the side, confused. She had no idea what the word meant, but considering Leah had been talking about her grandma and her piano, she could only assume that "babushka" was the Russian word for "grandma". Then, the topic switched from piano to ballet.

"I've had a few ballet lessons before coming to Ilvermorny, but it isn't something I do anymore. I haven't had a ballet lesson in a while. After ballet, I took up gymnastics, which I was doing up until attending Ilvermorny. Oh, and I'm curious about something you said before you mentioned ballet. I don't know much, if any, Russian, but you mentioned the word "babushka". I'm assuming that is the word for "grandma"? I'm only assuming because I mentioned my grandma and her piano and then you mentioned your "babushka" and hers, which led me to my assumption. I'm sorry if I got the meaning of the word wrong."

After putting in her two cents on the topic of ballet and asking her question about the Russian word, Leah noticed that the topic had changed to dragons. She'd never seen one up close before, and she wasn't sure she really wanted to. She tended to stay away from dangerous creatures, even the small ones who could still do quite a bit of damage. She listened to the conversation once more, acting as though she wasn't interested, when in actuality, she was very interested and curious about the dragons at Koldovstoretz. This would be a good chance to learn more about the magical creatures of the world, and maybe learn some more about a new language in the process.

"I think meeting your dragon would be interesting. I've never met one before, but I'll try my best not to be scared. Dragons don't scare me, but any loud sudden roars just might."

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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         An impressed Sylvia nodded and gave out exclamations “Gymnastics! That sounds fun too.” She was only slightly jealous. She had taken some ballet but never thought about taking Gymnastics. Maybe she could ask her mother to enroll her in something over the summer. She started to wonder if there was much difference between ballet and gymnastics, and if she could be just as good at gymnastics. She wondered if there was a difference between wizard and muggle versions of the sport.

  Sylvia turned to Leah when she mentioned meeting a dragon would be interesting. She half expected her to make a joke, whose punch line would be similar to; Interesting, if I want to be a roasted sausage. But Leah did not seem to be joking. Sylvia wondered if Leah thought about becoming a dragonologist.

       When Leah mentioned that she would only be scared if it roars Sylvia could not help but giggle. “Roar. You are scared if it roars? Most dragons can bite your head off or roast you alive. I personally don’t care how loud it is, as long as I am still in one piece and not crispy after I meet it.”

        “Oh,” Turning back to Margarita “I mean… I am sure your Masha, are very nice and tame.” Sylvia said this even though she never heard of anyone taming a dragon. The closest she heard of people taming dragons, was when they kept them to guard bank vaults. Even then, the dragon would never be “tame” like a crup or a griffin. Instead they were more like a mad half-starved wild wolf.

        She couldn’t imagine Margarita doing something like that to her dragon. She seemed to really love it. “I have heard of people keeping dragons to guard things, but I can’t imagine it would be good for a dragon. You are not planning to keep the dragon forever in this cave, right?” 
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Margarita Gavrilova [ Tigrova ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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Rita shrugged. Leah was saying a lot of things. Still, she nodded like she had fully understood, not wanting them to think she was dumb for not knowing what was going on. She recognized most of the words, at least, but there was just so much all at once. “Babushka is grandma,” she said simply, hoping there wasn’t any other question she wasn’t answering.

“Misha,” Rita repeated with an enthusiastic nod, turning back to the other girl. “And one other named Mişa,” she added with a laugh, though she was sure the joke would be lost on the other girls; the names sounded exactly the same, after all, and they couldn’t tell that she had said one name in Russian and the other in Romanian. Too bad for them, really. “Babies,” she reassured with another nod. “Small, only smoke.” She moved her lips into an ‘o’ shape like she was exhaling from a cigarette, mimicking making smoke rings.

Rita was drawn back from her pretend smoking and smiled again, happy that Sylvia was interested in their dragons. “Romanian Longhorn,” she said proudly, happy that she was pretty sure she was remembering the English translation correctly. She held her index fingers up the the side of her head, mimicking two horns, just in case she had been a little off with her words. She turned back to Leah, not dropping her horns from her head. “Quiet, sudden roar only.”

She laughed, listening to Sylvia go on about the dragons eating her or frying her alive. So silly. She did her best to suppress her giggles, but when Sylvia looked back to her, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Misha very nice,” she confirmed with another laugh. “No, no, they are still small. No flying yet.” They weren’t going to be kept inside indefinitely, surely. Never mind that there were full grown dragons outside they could meet after Misha and Mişa.

“Let’s meet,” Rita said as she pushed herself off the bench. The dragons were usually in the common room, but they had been told that the visitors weren’t allowed in there; so the dragons had been given new temporary spaces, and Rita had already been to the Longhorns’ space three times that day, so she knew exactly where to go.

Thankfully, there was no crowd around the little dragons, who were certainly much smaller than even the smallest of the three first years. They had a sort of ball constructed of wires between them, with treats -- dead rats -- inside for them to try and fish out, not unlike a toy one would give to their dog. “Misha,” she pointed to the boy dragon on the left, “and Mişa,” she pointed to the girl on the right, who looked exactly the same right now save for the small mark on the top of her head that almost looked like a heart.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {April MP}A Start of a Russian Campaign(OPEN)
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Sylvia nodded with understanding. The dragons were named ‘Misha and  Mişa.’ She repeated the names to her herself. How could they have those names and not be cute. “The dragons are babies?” she confirmed then giggled when Margarita mimicked breathing out smoke as if she was smoking a cigar.

She was now feeling quite excited about seeing the cute little baby dragons and pictured them as little chubby wing lizards. That was until Margarita said they were “Romanian Longhorn,” who illustrated there was only two horns, one on each side of their head. Maybe there grow their horns later, like deer. Sylvia hoped, but she knew that dragons were about as far away from deer, as you could get.

Still Margarita insisted they were nice and reconfirmed they were small.  Sylvia thought it would be plum rude if she said no. So, Sylvia nodded her head and stood up to follow Margarita out to wherever they kept the dragons. She was a little too nervous to eat the rest of her food anyways. Sylvia followed her new Koldovstoretz dragon guide through the caves to a room that gave off a odd smell, that Sylvia could not place.

A pawn entering the room, Sylvia first noticed the scratches on the floor and a clanging noise made her turn her head to find a large lizard batting a ball of wires just a little larger than a quaffle. The dragon was a lot bigger then what Sylvia imagined a “baby” would be. It was nearly the size of her little brother!

Lucky the dragon only stopped a second, to glance their way before returning to the wired ball. It was trying to use his small gold horns to skewer some furry dead things in the ball that Sylvia tried not to focus on. Margarita then announced the dragon's named pointing to 'Misha,' who played with the ball and then to "Mişa" a curled dragon on the right who Sylvia did not notice until now. Mişa looked like she had been lazily watching Mash play with the ball before they enter the room. At the sound of her name she uncoiled herself and stretched her long muscular body to an impressive length before she gave her emerald green wings a bit of a batting. Being more the shape of a long necked and leg iguana, Sylvia thought they would move as such. Yet instead Mişa moved like a large cat, with a lazy stride as she made her way over to Margarita, while admitting a small chirp bird like sound. Mişa sniffed Margarita, releasing a small tendril of smoke. It reminded the brunette how her Kneazle- cat acted like when he was expecting a treat or to be pet.
Sylvia who had taken a few steps back from her host and approaching dragon, watched wearily, although slightly relieved that they did not look to be aggressive. “She seems to know you.” Sylvia said hoping to get an affirmative. It was a good sign, for Margarita did not look like she had been mangled or scarred recently.


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