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    The merge of Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz had been reversed which was something that Sabina felt was partly also due to her doing. She felt that her appointment as tsaritza for Klyk Vampira was also a reward for her dedication when it had come to defending her school in the previous year. However, the girl felt like Durmstrang was not exactly the elite school she wanted it to be. She found that some students just didn't have the potential to be part of an elite.

    Sabina did not mind rule breakers as much as those who just were too unintelligent to live up to the expectations she had for students of her school. Rule breakers could be reprimanded, they could be brought back on track or not, some rule breaking was okay in Sabina's opinion although she would not let anyone quote her on that. However, students who were unable to keep up with the curriculum were a disgrace to Durmstrang.

    Her position brought responsibility and while it irked her if any Durmstrang students showed little potential, she was even more disappointed to find some of these in her own house. The tsaritza would like to prune the unworthy. Unfortunately her power did not go as far. Maybe one day she'd hold a position that allowed her to decide which students could enjoy a thorough magical education and which should be sent elsewhere where they could be as weak as they liked.

    Sabina's tsaritza badge shone brightly on her uniform as she made her way through the corridors of the castle after dinner. As she came across some younger students discussing to sneak out of the castle to see the new dragons, she confronted them and walked them back to their common room. She took her position seriously, after all and it was dangerous to go to the dragon stables now that Durmstrang accommodated young untamed male dragons. Only fools would go there without a person who knew how to deal with such creatures.

    Yet, Sabina was not really out to fulfill her duty right now. She was going to meet her friend Aphrodisia which was something she had been looking forward to all day. The fellow Klyk had a similar mindset and it was nice to spend time with her although, sometimes, Sabina thought that the younger girl was a little too full of herself.

    Entering the Weaponry classroom where they had decided to meet and spotting Aphra, a smile spread across Sabina's face. She was looking forward to a nice chat and relaxing a bit. Truth be told the girl rarely allowed herself an evening off. Usually she'd divide her time between studying in the common room, keeping an eye on her house mates and patrolling the corridors to catch students who ought to be in their common rooms already.

    "Hi Aphra!" she greeted the other girl as she approached her. "Sorry I'm a little late. There were some underclassmen sneaking out to the dragon stables..." she rolled her eyes as she took a seat next to her friend. "I had to step in before one of them ended up in the Hospital Wing. Apparently they thought it would be a good idea to go right after dinner because they assumed they'd be alone with the dragons then. No idea what they wanted to do there but I've stopped them at least for tonight. Some older students promised to look after them now."

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    “The dragons are so mean.” Aphrodisia mockingly repeated the words of a fellow house mate, a conversation she’s overheard at lunch, and has annoyed her ever since. Two idiotic fourth years had been complaining that the dragons didn’t see their superiority and didn’t bow to them, and listen to them. “Why would they even have personalities of their own.” She mimicked the ridiculous grimace of her younger house mate, all the words being said in Greek now. It’s not that she actually talked in the language a lot, not even within her own family, however Greek always surfaced when the girl was especially pissed off.

    It was a good thing she’d already planned to spend all her late afternoon and evening in the Weaponry classroom, sharpening weapons. The professor generally was quite glad when she would offer to sharpen the weapons – in the end, she was a Xydakis and they were well-known for being excellent armourers. Doing such a tedious task as sharpening however wasn’t beneath Aphrodisia; if anything, it helped her relax, bringing back swords and arrow heads and knives to the sharpness they were designed to have.

    “Why wouldn’t they let us ride them, filthy animals.” She repeated the conversation, irked. Finishing sharpening a sword, Aphrodisia decided she’d done enough of the classroom weapons. Instead, she pulled out from her boots her dual blades, the ones her grandfather had given to her for Christmas. They were sharp, but not sharp enough. In the end, they reached a point where she wasn’t even feeling them in her boots anymore, and that was never good. Feeling their sharpness against her own skin had always made her feel comfortable, along with knowing her weapons were always sharp enough to cut even through diamonds.

    The girl smirked, and placed one of the blades on the desk, as she picked up a stone made out of vampire fangs, just perfect for sharpening blades enchanted with fairy dust. The noise was music to her ears, and Aphrodisia finally felt that her mood was starting to get a bit better. Also, the fact that she was now imagining cutting those boys’ heads off with her blade was helping, but that was just a minor detail.

    A familiar voice could soon be heard. “Sabi.” Aphrodisia smirked in her friend’s direction, just for a moment, as her gaze soon turned back to the stone she was holding, the fifth year continuing her activity, slowly sharpening her blade. “No worries, I’m enjoying sharpening the weapons so much that I didn’t even notice you were late.” Aphrodisia took a deep breath, satisfied with how her work was going so far.

    However, as Sabina’s story advanced, Aphrodisia’s sharpening was becoming only louder and more intense. “I swear to a dragon’s heart – “ She started, obviously irritated by what her friend was telling her. “ – these underclassmen have no brains and no respect for anything.” The fifth year’s eyes narrowed, as a spark could be seen for a split second, as she continued her activity. “You should’ve let them go. Honestly, the dragons would’ve gotten some fresh food, and Durmstrang’d have gotten rid of some clearly inferior students.”

    Aphrodisia paused for a moment, gently turning in her friend’s direction, a sweet smile on her face. “I mean, if they can’t respect the school’s rules, or the dragons’ bedtime, I guess they’d even deserve it.” She let out a soft laugh, before turning back to her blade.

    “Older students are just as repugnant.” Aphrodisia remarked, not really finding ease in Sabina’s words. “The mess they leave in the library after studying is appalling, Marja and I have to clean up everything after them. The worst is when they rip off pages from books.” The younger Klyk Vampira took another deep breath, trying not to recall how she’s found almost half the pages missing from a Dragonology textbook. O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. students weren’t better than underclassmen at all.

    “What’s most annoying though is that apparently it’s not proper to use something as mild as Confringo on them.” She sighed, especially bitter about that fact. “I mean what’s the use in having a school position if you can’t discipline the troublemakers yourself?” The Greek asked, half-rhetorically, half-expecting Sabina to agree with her. “Wouldn’t you like that? To just… torture them a little.” Aphrodisia paused, throwing her blade in the air and then elegantly catching it. “I know I would.” The girl examined her blade, and concluded it needed a bit more sharpening still.

    i  f      i      c  a  n  n  o  t      b  e  n  d      h  e  a  v  e  n      i      w  i  l  l      r  a  i  s  e      h  e  l  l

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    Sabina nodded as Aphra remarked that she had enjoyed sharpening the weapons so much that she hadn't even noticed that she was late. That was typical for Aphra. Give her a weapon and the girl forgot everything around her. Sabina liked weapons too, though her most precious weapon was her wand. She could relate to the other girl to some degree but knew that she could not fully understand her. Her background was different after all.

    "I'm glad you haven't been waiting." Sabina said honestly relieved. She didn't want to be tardy and unreliable. The tsaritza liked to assume responsibility, be a role model and never wanted to disappoint. Sometimes it was hard to live up to her own expectations but most of the time the Czech girl managed just well.

    She should have known that her story of the underclassmen would irritate Aphra. Sabina bit her tongue. Should she have stayed quiet? Maybe, for the sake of a relaxed evening, she should not have mentioned any of this to her friend. The sixth year looked at the Greek and then sighed.

    "I know," she agreed in a pained voice. "We were different when we were this young. We had been taught proper manners already at home and were eager to learn and not so stupid and disrespectful."

    A soft laugh escaped Sabina before she shook her head. "No," she said calmly. "As much as I'd have loved to send them right to the dragons, I could not possibly do that - as you very well know... I mean, I am with you there. They deserve a burn or dragon bite but when I see them doing something stupid it's in my responsibility to stop them. Sometimes that's really a shame." She smiled at Aphra and then looked at the weapons that were in ship shape since Aphra tended to them.

    The state of the library was a topic that Sabina found very important as well. She nodded eagerly. "Yes! I know! I cannot believe they are treating books like that. They're treasures of knowledge, they are school porperty, we all share them to gain the most of them and then they treat them like that? I really can't believe it! I've been looking up something on carnivorous plants earlier this week and the page that was of particular interest to me was missing. Ripped out of the book as though it would grow back one day..."

    She mused a moment about what Aphra had said about punishment. Agreeing to some degree but definitely not fully. "I think it would be great to be allowed to punish fellow students in a harsher way than we can, than I can... but, truth be told, you never know if people can act responsibly with the power. There might not always been candidates for the student positions who are sensible and intelligent enough to make the right decisions. I suppose I could... but there might also be situations where not everyone would make the right decision..." her voice trailed off.

    "Reporting wrongdoers to professors is always an option but after last year I'm not sure I want to rely on school staff either." The girl shrugged.