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[Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« on: July 01, 2018, 05:16:05 PM »
Leandra was nervous. She was still pretty new to teaching and while she tried to be an authority, she had a hard time being really strict. She expected the students to behave themselves without her having to force them to. She bit her lip thoughtfully, pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and mused whether the students would like the challenge she had planned for them. They were just back from a year away at Durmstrang - a year that had hardly been pleasant. While she wanted them to feel welcome in her greenhouse, wanted them to enjoy her lesson, she also wanted them to put in some effort. If she was simply lecturing or asking questions some students might just sort of doze off. She wanted them to work together and use their brains.

Still, doubts were busying her like they were before each and every lesson to far. Why had she applied for the teacher position again? She was not a professor... The young woman exhaled loudly, reminding herself of why she had applied in the first place. She loved Koldovstoretz although her time as a student had not always been easy. She loved children and wanted to help them become the best adult version of themselves. Furthermore the former Zhivoystya loved Herbology and could talk about it all the time. Besides there was no better place to work with plants than here. Last but not least Leandra liked the idea of a status, the idea of a stable position.

She waved her wand again, this time to shut the blends of the entrance area of her greenhouse. The Devil's Snare was spreading quickly and her plan was to see if her students knew enough to get past it. It was a little challenge on their way into the greenhouse. This was a first task they'd have to get through in order to reach the next stage of her Herbology challenge. Naturally the young woman would keep an eye on the students in order to protect or assist them if needed. She did not want any of her students to get hurt, after all.

Inside she had a large table put up in the centre of the greenhouse with benches in front of either side. On the table there were baskets with soil, pots, watering cans and various plants. She had planned for her students to identify and categorise the plants she had put there. This was going to be a quiz where the students could earn points for their houses but most of all they should have fun and learn more about Herbology.

She felt how her heartbeat quickened as the time of her students' arrival came closer. Nervously the professor fidgeted with her hair, uncertain if it had been a good idea to leave it open or if she should have better tied it up. Damn, why was she so self-conscious? Her hand was trembling slightly when she wrote a brief note for her students on a huge piece of parchment.
"Beware of this plant guarding the entrance. 
Only try and get through it when you've worked out what you are facing.
Feel free to work in teams.
Good luck and see you inside!"

She took the back door out of the greenhouse to put the sign up in front of the main entrance and then went back into the greenhouse, waiting impatiently for her students to arrive. She could hear them well from the inside and she could see them once they'd open the door. Hopefully there'd be some that knew about the Devil's Snare.

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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
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          The Ilvermorny student couldn’t help but walk briskly around the cabins, her excitement barley contained. Herboligy! She could not believe she has a chance to take a class about plants in Europe! My father was going to be SOOO jealous! she thought. Magical Hubenstery as she turned down the last path that would lead her to the around the south side of the cabins and to the green houses. Sylvia was the first to arrive, and barely noticing the plant tendrils snaking along the cool dark earth. Instead her eye caught the parchment paper on a post of the structure a few feet away from the door to the green house and she slowed.
Worrying it told her that she class was canceled, she stopped at the parchment and her lifted her wand said the spell she had practice the most on this trip “Latina ad transferendum.”
          The slightly squiggly fast stoked cursive simmered before the letters reformed an English version the Ilvermorny student could read. She read it once to herself, before saying the first line out loud. "Beware of this plant guarding the entrance?”

          Sylvia lowing her wand as she glace towards the door to the green house, allowing the spell faded and words regained their initial foreign characters.  At the entrance is a medium size pot was a deep green tendrilled plant that snaked on the ground and around the doorway. It looked like her father’s FIllterbroom plant.

          "Beware this plant … there is nothing… OH!” Just after Sylvia took a few steps closer, a dark green thin rope like thendral uncoiled and move in with a speed she never saw the familiar sweet swaying tendrils FIllterbroom move  No, this plant must have sensed her walking towards it, and aggressively shot out a tendril her way. Sylvia jumped back and then stumbled landing on her bottom just out of reach of the out stretched green limb. Still Sylvia scrambled a backwards before feeling at a safe distance to stand up.

           “That is NOT a Fillterbroom!” Sylvia said standing up and brushing herself off.  Remembering how her and her brother would play with the Fillterbroom. It tend to move but not quite as fast more in random, purposeless movements and NEVER aggressive.
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
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Herbology was good. Plants were good. Much better than dragons and other strange magical creatures anyway. The Herbology professor seemed decent enough as well. Not as scary as some other witches and wizards. With these thoughts on mind Serafima made her way towards the greenhouse, expecting to maybe water some flowers or repot a plant. She figured the worst that could happen was that she got her hands dirty and, as far as it was common non-magical dirt, that was not a problem to worry about. The girl was actually smiling as she reached the greenhouse.

However, the smile soon faded when she saw an Ilvermorny student around her own age who was just getting up from the ground, brushing herself off afterwards. Was she so clumsy that she fell over her own feet or what had just happened? Frowning slight, Fima got closer to the other girl, still wondering if there were plants that could do any harm. She knew that, even in the muggle world, there were carnivorous plants but those ate insects and that was good because insects were nasty and basically just annoying.

"Hello," she greeted the other girl timidly, before spotting the professor's note and approaching it hesitantly. She had a sinking feeling that this note would reveal something to her that she'd rather not want to know. Beware of this plant...' Really? The girl sighed. Why did they have to deal with a potentially dangerous plant when they could also admire daffodils or tulips at this time of the year? They were pretty and colourful and, most importantly, entirely harmless.

"You know what that plant is?" she asked the American in broken English. Fima herself had absolutely no clue and would definitely follow the advice to only attempt to get into the greenhouse if she knew what she was dealing with. Therefore, the second year stood in a safe distance from the door hoping that some older students would arrive soon and help them out.

Valentina Teodorescu [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2018, 02:30:35 PM »
Lumos, Incendio, or Bluebell Flames? That was the true question. While Valentina didn’t necessarily like Herbology – as it was her weakest subject, she could recognise a Devil's Snare immediately. In the end, if anything, it was her favourite magical plant. She didn’t regard it as bad, as others would; for Valentina, Devil's Snare was a plant that protected its owner, and that was one of the most noble of acts. If anything, to its owner, Devil's Snare was something similar to a familiar.

There were two other girls in front of the greenhouse, much younger ones, one of which Valentina recognised from the Tigrova common room. As it was in her nature, she politely nodded in Serafima’s direction, and glanced towards the other girl. She was from Ilvermorny, that was certain. So far, the American students had proven themselves very different from the ones at Durmstrang, however, Valentina was still sceptical around them. Better safe than sorry.

“Hello.” She said in English, only now drawing closer enough to read Professor Floros’ note. She smiled, a bit with disbelief. Leandra was one of their most endeared Professors, always caring, and nice. Surely she didn’t want anyone to get hurt there. It seemed that perhaps she was on the same wave length as the Professor regarding the plant.

Valentina pulled out her wand, and decided that, in the end, blue was always her colour. The sixth year waved her wand, muttered the incantation under her breath, and soon enough a jet of bright blue flames came out of its tip, making the Devil's Snare retreat just enough for them to enter the greenhouse. “Let’s go, girls.” She added, in English once more, placing her wand in her robe’s pocket as she entered the greenhouse, not actually waiting for the younger ones to decide if they would follow her in or not.

“Professor Floros.” Valentina greeted the older witch in Russian, smiling warmly in her direction. “I decided to go with Cold Fire, hope you don’t mind. Figured Lumos or Incendio would be boring.” She shrugged, taking a seat on one of the benches, glancing curiously at the various plants around them. Out of many, she could barely recognise one or two. This was not going to go well. “I made sure I didn’t harm it though. The Devil's Snare. Beautiful specimen.” The Romanian added, pulling out her gardening gloves from her pocket, figuring out they would be very much needed this class.

s h e ' s   a   w a l k i n g   g a l a x y   s p a r k l i n g   e y e s   w i t h   p o r c e l a i n   f i r e

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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2018, 06:33:27 PM »
          The greeting slightly startled the already frazzled brunette.  She quickly turned to meet a long blonde haired Koldovstoretz girl who looked about her age. “Oh, hello.” She gave herself one last brush before looking up to see the girl walk hesitantly forward to read the teacher’s note. “Yeah, just be careful. That plant is not-so-nice.” Pointing at the plant snaking around the door.

          “Do I know what this plant is?” Sylvia repeated. She had been happy just how many Kolbovstoretz students spoke English. So far, She had not use her translations scarf she got from Japan much at all. Yet she knew that they might have a hard time understanding her, so she tried to use the few Russian words she memorized, which luckily included. “No, sorry.” She was forced to switching over to English to continued, “But maybe we could look it up.”

            She pulled out her schools copy of Magical Husbandry, out of her bag because it was easier than magically translating every page she wanted to read.  “It looks like my father’s house plant, Flitterbloom. But it is not. At least I have not seen one that aggressive. Do you think it has a curse on it?”

            She found the page on Flitterbloom and skimmed the page. Most of the information she already knew; Common Magical house plant. Tends to move at random…. Beautiful blooms…. Planting, Soil, Sunlight, and Watering needs. She looked for any reference to a variety of the plant being cursed. Instead there was a small paragraph on the bottom giving a warning that it might be mistaken for a different plant. Her finger stopped at the name Devil’s Snare. The name caused a chill to run down her body. She turned the book so the long blonde hair girl could share her finding.

          Hearing another greeting, Sylvia turned to see a witch with wavy hair and thick eyelashes and eye liner. If it was not for the Koldovstoretz school uniform, she might have mistaken the witch for a teacher. The new arrival came close enough to read the sign, and then greeted the scary plant with a smile.
             “Be careful! It’s super aggressive….” Sylvia tried to give the witch a warning about the plant as the witch took out her wand and soon produced a blue flame in her hand. “it um…” the moment the light of the flame lit up the corded vines, the plant pulled back.

           Sylvia took the invitation without question. She quickly closed her book and pressed it against her chest so she could follow closely behind the older student. It was not until she was safely inside the green house that Sylvia glanced back to made sure the long blonde hair girl made it through ok, while the unconcerned older student greeted her teacher in rapid Russian. Although her scarf  translated the Russian words, she was too distracted and caught only a few words;  Lumos or Incendio were boring... and Devil's Snare was a beautiful specimen. Sylvia saw the vines slowly slither back into place, now covering most of the dark shaded doorway.

          Trying to understand exactly what that plant was and how did the blue fire make it pull away, Sylvia opened her book and looked up Devil’s Snare. An image much like Flitterbloom greeted her as she read the subtle differences; prefers dark and damp areas, and it can “savagely strangles its victims with dexterous vines!” She read the most disturbing part out loud with a wide eyed fearfulled look. She glanced up at their teacher, who did not appear to be nasty sort that like to punish the students, like her Professor Applebottom. Still Sylvia made a metal note to me very careful in this class.
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2018, 04:59:03 PM »
Herbology class was useless. It wasn’t like plants do much of anything, besides sit there, soak up the sun and grow. She thought in a spout of frustration as she slipped between two cabins on the way to the greenhouse. She much rather be sneaking in an extra visit to Misha and Mişa but Herbology made it onto her OWLs list and this fifth year was determined not to have her sister get more OWLs than her. A sigh escaped her lips as she resigned herself to an hour and a half of boring plant knowledge.

        She glanced up as she approached the Greenhouse in time to see her red headed Deveritch Captain enter the vine draped structure, quickly followed by some skittery newbies. This wasn’t that unusual for ‘Gallant Valentina,’ as Esmeray got in the habit of calling her, back when she thought that Valentina’s acts were well an act. But since Valentina became Captain, Esmeray had more time to get to know the sixth year. Although their ideas of fashion and fun still differ greatly, she had learned to admire Valentina's analytical and technical mind, as well as marvel at herself sacrificing nature and ability to be so methodically organised it was scary.

         What struck Esmeray as unusual was a strange blue glow following them and a unusual draping vine which recovered the greenhouse entrance. She pulled out her wand from her turkish vest and slowed down to examined the plant. When the plant reacted aggressively to her prodding, Esmeray reacted with a quick severing charm. This proved to be even more dangerous for the plant's severed piece flared wildly, wrapping itself around a stray twig, snapping it in two before continuing its search for her. A repel charm gained Esmeray some breathing room from her and the rything piece and the rest if its angry limbs. Only after she retreated did she notice a parchment on a post. 

       A smile formed on her face as she discovered the challenge. With her knowledge of plants mainly consisting of their uses in Defensive Dark Arts as poisons or antidotes, Esmeray had to open her Herbology book. Her search did not take long... she vaguely remembered its name but had to be remind of its weakness.
"Light halts it, heat of a fire and flame makes it recoil." Esmeray said to herself in her native Turkish language.

       Without a second thought she pointed at the stick on the stoop and used this opportunity to practiced her wandless magic skill. It only took a second try for a generous flame to burst from the two pieces. A stooped Esmeray jumped over the flame and bolted through the doorway as the singed plant shrinked back. Once inside she extinguished the flame in the same manner. Stowing her wand, she beamed a Russian greeting at her Professor and other students with, "That was quite fun! What is next?"
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Polina Konstantinova [ Medvedev ]
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #6 on: July 17, 2018, 12:07:59 PM »
Herbology was Polina's next class, which was relieving for the Russian. She was finding it more and more difficult to make it through to the end of the day okay, her mind feeling fuzzy and blank most of the time now. She found she had to work harder than she used to in order to maintain her grades. Herbology came naturally to the Medvedev however, and it was even soothing to the teen. Plus, Professor Floros was one of her favourite professors, meaning the class was not stressful at all. Unless Aquatic Healing or Water Manipulation was timetabled, it would easily be the highlight of her day.

Between her previous class and her next, Apollinariya had further to go than was usual, so she knew that she likely would be one of the last students to arrive. This disappointed her, since the control freak was always trying to be as perfect as possible. As she finally approached the greenhouse, the Russian witch watched as an older Tigrova leapt through into the class. Polina stopped dead in her tracks contemplating what she just saw. She doubted anyone would be so excited for a class that they would literally leap through the doors, and so the practical girl slide her birch wand out of her pocket, holding it loosely in her hand, just in case.

Tentatively stepping closer to the door, she suddenly noticed the thick, moving plant covering the entrance to the greenhouse, recognising it immediately as Devil's Snare. The strange girl from earlier now wasn't very strange at all. Polina closed her eyes to think, recalling how light and fire would stop the plant in its tracks and even if it did grab her, all she had to do was remain calm and she'd be fine. Raising her wand, Apollinariya knew she didn't want to hurt the plant if she could, and she never had been great at spells involving fire, so she decided on the basic lumos charm. There was no need to be fancy, after all. "Lumos solem!" Wincing at the bright light now shooting out from her wand, she raised her spare hand over her eyebrows to shield herself, waiting for the plant to halt its movement before moving through the plant's tendrils and opening the door.

"Nox," she muttered, after stepping inside and lowering her wand to the ground. She looked around the greenhouse and smiled, realising that they would obviously be having a practical session for the day. "Hello, Professor Floros!" Apollinariya greeted the professor warmly, as she put her wand back in her pocket.

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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2018, 07:52:58 PM »
The American apparently had no idea what kind of plant they were facing either. She wanted to look it up in a book which was, of course, sensible enough but also a risk because if interpreted wrongly they might be in peril.

Serafima was, therefore, relieved when an older girl from her house joined them and seemed to know what to do. She smiled up at Valentina and gasped in amazement when she blue flames erupted from her wand. What was the sixth year up to? Burning the plant away? Was that something the professor would appreciate? Fima doubted it but couldn't help but whisper an "ooooh" of admiration when the plant retreated when Valentina approached it.

The second year was relieved when the older Tigrova invited her and the Ilvermorny girl to go inside with her. Although the girl still knew little about the plant she'd at least get into the greenhouse as one of the first students. That was something at least.

Once inside Valentina began to speak to professor Floros and, listening closely, Fima finally found out which plant they had been facing. The Devil's Snare. That did not sound like a nice plant at all. It surprised that professor Floros, who seemed to be a rather kind woman, confronted them with an evil plant that could probably even kill them. Well, fortunately Valentina had identified it correctly and led them in safely.

She was curious to find out how the lesson would proceed. Hopefully they would not have to deal with a deadly hydrangea or something equally scary next.

Adelheid Dostoyevskaya [ Zhivoystya ]
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
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Ada watched carefully from a distance as students talked amongst themselves to figure out how to make it within the classroom. She was more at a loss, tempted to turn around, give up, go back, curl up in her bed, and whatever else would have been better than the current situation before her. However, the witch continued to stay in place, at least until the older students Valentina pulled out her wand and provided a safe passage. Ada quickly rushed to the side of the Tigrova, despite her being relatively scary, the Devil's Snare was much more terrifying and she knew if she wasn't quick she'd have to face it herself once it began to regrow. Did they regrow? Eh. Ada didn't care.

Once inside Ada looked about the room, her eyes catching on the Professor who she shyly waved at. "Ah... hello," she smiled a little. The witch took a spot at the table looking at all of the things before her. She wanted to plant something pretty, and it would be nice if it was a calm class full of fun and learning. The beginning of the class had her heart racing, but she hoped that it would calm down a little. She took a deep breath, glancing at the bush with the pretty flowers before silently smiling to Fima.

The whole situation of exchange students made Ada a little uncomfortable, but she had made a friend or two with the Ilvermorny students as they came to classes and she went to their classes. It was interesting, but at the same time reminded her of the chaos the Durmstrang merge brought upon her to the point she changed schools. She hoped the two schools weren't actually going to merge. That would be too much.

But, Ada was excited for Herbology. She liked plants, most of them were harmless. She looked back at the Devils Snare at the entryway. She hoped she didn't have to deal with that thing upon exit.

Liu Yin [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Reply #9 on: September 16, 2018, 09:01:10 AM »
Herbology wasn’t one of Yin’s favorite subjects nor was it one she despised either. For her it was just a class she went to and did her best to pass. She wasn’t practically good at it or bad either she was just well average. Still she would try to get the best grade she could to be the brightest witch she could be for both her brother and her family. Today was a bit of an odd day for the girl. Normally one to arrive either early or at a decent time she found herself heading off to class a bit later than usual. She found herself almost lagging behind while heading to the greenhouses. Feeling worried she might be the last one to arrive she almost skipped past the sign that was the warning for the task they would be doing.

She had skidded to a halt before turning back to read the parchment with their instructions. “Plant?” Yin questioned as she looked up at the entrance. “Oh,” she said in shock. She almost didn’t even see the plant at the entrance. She could have easily hurt herself had she not returned to read the instructions. “Alright let’s see then,” the Tigrova said to herself as she examined the plant from a distant. Yin could see it moving as it almost paced the door waiting for someone to enter its snares. “Hmmm,” Yin muttered aloud before adding, “I wonder if.” She took up a pebble from near-by and tossed it to the plant to see how it would react. Upon the pebble hitting a vine it found itself almost attacked by it curling its tendons all around the pebble and keeping it in its grasps. She had read about this plant before, but she couldn’t place the name exactly. “Something snare,” she said a little louder than she thought she did.

She dug into her bag and grabbed out her herbology book and looked through the pages trying to find the answer. “Snare…snare…..snare,” she would chant to herself looking for something to pop out at her when finally she found it. “Ah ha!,” she exclaimed looking at the diagram and then looking back at the greenhouse entrance. Though the artwork was a bit different it had the similarities to show this was the plant she was looking for. “Devils snare,” she said in delight as she shoved her book back into her bag and pulled out her wand. She knew an incantation to help complete this it wasn’t exactly probably a more common spell or one she guessed her classmates used as it was one she remembered her mother used when she was younger. She pointed her wand out and said with as much confidence as she could muster, “Lumen flamma.” A light flame erupted from her wand and hovered for a short while in front of the vines. The vines retracted from the door and Yin was quick to enter the classroom. She had to as she knew this spell wasn’t one that lasted very long and if she was too slow the vines would have attacked her. Upon entering the classroom she noticed quit e a few people already there including the professor. Yin only hoped she wasn’t too late for the lesson.


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