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on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« on: July 03, 2018, 12:15:59 AM »
Carolijn grinned as she hid behind a big purple curtain that cut her classroom in half, waiting for the students to shuffle in and take their seats. While the room normally had the desks evenly spaced and spanning from front to back, today all of the tables and chairs were neatly crammed at the very back of the room, with barely enough space for the incoming students to sit down in them. Good thing they wouldn't be sitting there for long.

When she thought that all (or at least most) of the students had filed in and it was time to start, Carolijn jumped out from behind the curtain, careful not to show what was back there, though the towering chef's hat on her head and the whisk in her had gave a clear hint to what they would be doing today.

"Alright!" She said, waving her whisk around in an attempt to gain the students' attention "Many, if not all of you have probably seen someone cook or bake something before, yes? If it was a witch or wizard, magic was likely heavily involved; after all, why cut up vegetables by hand if you can charm the knife to cut them for you while the pot is mixing itself on the stove, right? Obvioisly, muggles can't do any of that, so their cooking takes a lot longer than ours. Muggles are pretty clever though, and have created many tools to make things a little faster and easier." Carolijn paused her lecture as she strode over to the edge of the room, a big grin spreading across her features. "My goal is to help you gain an appreciation for the work muggles put into their cooking, so today we're going to have a little competition."

With that she yanked on a hidden rope, causing the curtain to fall to the floor and revealing several cooking stations. In the very middle of the room sat a long table, with recipes, ingredients, and a large amount of bowls of various sizes, as well as a bunch of whisks, rubber spatulas, and wooden spoons. At each station, there was an old-timey oven, charmed to be heated at a certain temperature, a variety off pot, pans, and baking trays, as well as a few pairs of old-fashioned hand mixers. IN the event that any of the students wanted to dress up or protect their clothes, there was a chest of chef hats and aprons in the corner of the room.

"Alright," she said, making her way back to the center of the room "everyone needs to find a partner, and it doesn't matter who, really. Then, you and your partner will have the rest of the class period to make some sort of dessert together. It doesn’t matter what you make, and you can use one of the recipes up here or one that you already know. I have a few prizes for the teams that make the best or most creative dessert. The most important part of this assignment though, is to have fun, and remember: no magic allowed, got it? Unless you want to make this whole process a little trickier that is. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!"

((ooc: Of course feel free to have your students use magic if they wish, however, if Carlolijn catches them, there might be some goofy penalties))

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 06:27:04 AM »
“At least we’ve got Westbroek next,” Louis said to @Donatella Bertinelli with a definite air of relief, “I think she’s still, you know.” The Bellefeuille cast a furtive glance around them, shifting his bag back onto his shoulder from where it had slipped down a little as the two fifth years made their way down the hall.

As the pair of them reached he classroom Louis stood to the side to allow Nata in first, then followed her through the doorway. A great purple curtain greeted him, reducing the space to half its usual size. “What in the…” Donatella took a seat and Louis followed her, leaving his things in his bag for now. “Do you think she’s gone loopy too—“ He started, just as the familiar, cheery face of their professor peeked around the curtain and stood before them. Louis hoped that Professor Westbroek hadn’t succumbed to the same… whatever it was that seemed to be affecting some of the other staff. She seemed herself, so far, but that could all be part of the act.

Louis shot a sideways glance around the room, then looked back towards the front. Professor Westbroek had what looked like a chef’s hat on her hear, was wearing an apron, and had whisk in hand. Louis jumped lightly at the Professor’s exclamation. He would be glad when the giants were gone and things could go back to normal. Or as normal as wizarding school could be. At least they seemed to avoid the over-the-top dramas some of the other European schools suffered. His penpals from Hogwarts had made Louis quite glad he hadn’t been old enough to go visit the British school during the Triwizard Tournament.

Louis nodded as  Professor Westbroek began her lesson, listening attentively. The curtain fell and all was made clear: they would be cooking something.

As she finished relaying her instructions and set them loose, Louis stood quickly. He turned to Donatella, “Have you ever cooked anything without magic before?” He asked, already trying to wrack his brain for ideas. “We could do a cake or... maybe a mousse. Crêpes? I wonder what recipes she has – but we might not win if we just make the same as everyone else. I don't know how to make anything fancy.” Louis' cooking skills were somewhat limited.

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2018, 11:33:11 AM »
Donatella was perplexed. Utterly and completely bewildered.

Professor Westbroek wanted them to cook? With no magic whatsoever? The fifth year Bellefeuille tried her best not to feel openly offended at the instructions, Donatella managing only to control herself as much as to put a hand over her chest, her facial expression however not changing. Her polite and endearing smile towards the Professor remained frozen on her expression, as she tried as much as she could not to take the older witch’s bold instructions to heart.

However, when Louis addressed her, Nata was brought back to the floating line. Her smile faded, and her eyes widened with shock, openly offended at her friend’s remark. “Me? Cook?” She took a deep breath, unrolling the parchment in her hand and folding it at its half, so she would fan herself with it. “People have house elves to do that for them, Louis.” Donatella remarked, thrown away by the fact that both the Professor and her dear friend had expected her to know a house elf’s job.

She adored house elves, and they adored her. Donatella had always treated them with kindness and respect, and all of the ones back home loved her beyond imagination. She often went as far as to spend time with them, talking about her daily life and everything. House elves were her friends. She wouldn’t do something as mean as to learn how to steal their job. What was next? Westbroek would have them clean? Was her aim to exterminate the house elves’ purpose in the world? So rude. So, but so rude.

“Louis…” She placed her hand over her friend’s, quite concerned that he seemed to be dealing with this far too well. “But won’t your house elf get upset if you learn and do their job? That’s offensive, and mean, and unwarranted. Your poor little house elf.” Each and every word had been especially genuine, Donatella actually feeling sorry for Louis’ house elves. Their master was so ungrateful that he actually knew how to cook himself.

“And don’t moldus have their own house elves? This is mean towards both species of house elves.” Donatella commented, carefully removing her hand from Louis’, as her gaze turned towards one of hand-mixers. Not that she knew what it was, but the Bellefeuille felt absolutely torn apart that a beloved moldu house elf had been deprived of their object of work. This was mean, and cruel.

How could Louis even think of food, it was beyond her understanding. If anything, Donatella already wanted to organize a protest to protect house elves’ jobs.

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2018, 02:14:20 PM »
Oh Hell. It was cooking.

"Crestfallen" was an understatement. Could Raphael cook? Sure he could. His pasta making skills were second to none, he could smash out a Greek salad like no one had ever seen but baking? Baking wasn't therapeutic. It was stressful and exhausting and so finicky. He eyed the mixer with the same sort of expression one might wear if one had just stepped in dog poo.

He managed to offer the Professor a weak smile as he looked around the classroom. Working by himself, he was sure he'd be okay. Pancakes were a dessert, right? The American buttermilk ones were,  he was sure. It'd take him a few minutes but he was sure he'd be able to dress up his plate with some squirty cream and fresh fruit to distract everyone from his distinct lack of effort.

Rafe looked around and his dark eyes fell on @Elisabeth Sturm . Well, beggars couldn't be choosers after all. His slim fingers picked up and flicked through the recipes. Soufflé was out of the question, obviously. Mousse, no. He didn't even know what a croquembouche was but he definitely didn't  fancy it. Swiftly, he swiped a recipe for a plain chocolate cake. Maybe they'd be able to pretty it up. If the cake didn't rise, they could just divide the mixture and make cupcakes instead; sorted.

"Oi, Betty," Raphael called out to Elisabeth rather rudely before plonking a chef's hat on top of her head and fighting the strong urge to say she looked cute. Gross. "You're with me and we're making chocolate cake," he replied, without giving her time to argue or resist. He offered her a bright smile before spinning on his heel, grabbing a mixing bowl and cracking three large eggs into it.

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2018, 05:12:56 AM »
Elisabeth’s eyes almost rolled into another dimension as Professor Westbroek began their lesson. Of course she’d seen someone cook and bake. Who on earth wouldn’t have? She fought the urge to look around the room as she did a mental tally of who was in this class. Of course, pampered little snots like Séverin and Donatella had probably never so much as lifted a finger to prepare their own meals. Oh, what a life they led. If Elisabeth hadn’t already been banned from a Quidditch match this year she would have (perhaps not politely) asked to be excused from this class. She was quite familiar with peeling potatoes and chopping carrots, thank you.

The need to not receive any further disciplinary actions kept her in her seat. Elsa eyed the various muggle contraptions revealed by the curtain-drop, feeling fortunate that she did recognise some of the equipment. Partners? Great. Westbroek finished her introduction and presumably went to relax for the remainder of the lesson -- typical of a professor in such a lazy subject. Elisabeth turned slowly to see who she might wish to work with. Ideally someone like Ludwig or Anne, both precise and attentive, skills which was required in baking.

’Oi, Betty.’

Elisabeth scowled, slowly and deliberately removing the chef’s hat that had been unceremoniously shoved onto her head, almost covering her eyes. “Excuse me,” she thrust it back into Raphael's chest, glaring up at him venomously, “If you want to work with me, we do it my way. And don't call me that.” She watched him start gathering bits and pieces, already making a mess of their workspace. The Ombrelune screwed up her face and grabbed at the recipe he'd chosen, “Do you even know how to use Moldu equipment?” Her dark eyes scanned the parchment quickly. “This should still work. You get started, I’ll get some extra ingredients.” With that, she stomped off to the temporary pantry that their professor had installed in the classroom, shoving a fellow student out of the way to reach the things she wanted.

Returning to their bench Elisabeth set down a large punnet of cherries and some double cream. “We’ll make it a Black Forest cherry-torte.” She gave him a look that suggested there wasn’t room for discussion. “I’ll get the whisk for the cream. Separate the mixture into three tins so we have layers.” She added in a slightly condescending tone, gesturing with her hands that she wanted height.
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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2018, 02:05:57 AM »
Sidonie felt partially prepared for this Muggle Studies lesson as her mother was a muggle and baked all of the time. Appreciation of baking was something the Belle could do and possibly enjoy. She couldn't imagine fully baking with magic anyway, as her dad was horrible with home economic magic and charms - it made more sense in her family for it to be done the 'slow' way. Slow meant you were watching what you were doing after all in Sid's opinion.

The pots, pans, and mixing equipment Sidonie was familiar with, although never really touched on her own. Maybe it would of been a good idea to help her mom with baking over the summer, but the witch wasn't too interested in it. But nonetheless she was excited to bake something. Probably simple.

Ah. Partners. Crap.

The sixth year never really enjoyed group work unless it was with someone who she got along with well. Otherwise her grades suffered because of someone else. They couldn't be a slacker, but also not a control freak. She let out a brief sigh. Surely she could survive group baking. If not, then she wasn't destined to be a baker - not that it was her goal.

The witch looked around briefly before she found a partner to work with, "ah, um, so I was thinking chocolate chip cookies," she said, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. "It's the easiest recipe I can think of, if you're new to baking, like I am..." she trailed off, feeling a little awkward. "I'll go get the recipe and stuff," she hustled off to the center table, nabbing the chocolate chip cookie recipe and a couple of bowls of various sizes, a few spoons, and a whisk. She returned to the cooking station with a small smile holding out the recipe card to her partner. "If you could grab the ingredients, I can set up our station."

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #6 on: August 02, 2018, 03:26:49 PM »
"Yes, sir," Raphael replied with a mock salute as he slipped on the hat that Elisabeth had rejected so heartlessly. He blinked, unimpressed. Had he ever used Moldu equipment before? He bit his tongue as he swallowed the reply he was going to give her. He was inches away from letting her know that yes, he could use Moldu equipment and no, she needed to check her attitude at the door.

"No," he lied as he picked up a knife and wrinkled his brow in confusion. "What's this for?" Rafe asked innocently.

He swallowed his giggle; it wasn't a case of wanting to work with her. It was nothing more than a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. That being said, he didn't want to fail. He also didn't want Elsa to scratch him. He shrugged as he cracked eggs. He didn't use the whisk. He cradled the bowl underneath his arm and tilted it, using a fork to whip up the mixture and work out the lumps as he added the butter, sugar and flour little by little, only looking up as she came back.

A Black Forest Gateaux. She trampled his idea of a tirimisu. "Would you like to pop a little German flag on top, too?" Raphael asked sweetly at her take over as he carefully poured the mixture into the tins as directed. He loomed over her shoulder, closer than he needed to be to read the temperature before leaving her to adjust the dial and carefully slide the cakes into the hot oven. He had a bit of issue when he fiddled with the timer. The buttons were small and complicated and he managed to set it for thirty five minutes as opposed to forty but that was close enough.

Watching Elisabeth battle with the cream, he offered no help. Instead, he chewed on a cherry and stuck his finger into her mixing bowl. Raphael didn't think he had any cherry liquor so he stole some of her cherries and began to macerate them into a rather liquid paste before using a grater to flake off some chocolate for the topping. "Want some?" He asked as he held out a chunk of chocolate before he ate the other one.

Elisabeth Sturm [ Ombrelune ]
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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2018, 01:46:47 AM »
Elsa glowered at him. Raphael was mildly irritating at best, wildly annoying at worst. She wasn’t sure where he sat on the spectrum today, but she was sure she’d find out soon enough. The Ombrelune rolled her eyes, choosing not to dignify his little show with a response.

The blonde watched out of the corner of her eye with interest as he worked on the mixture, pouring it into the tins. “Well you picked a recipe for chocolate cake,” she replied in a flat voice, “I thought we could at least make it stand out.” She was being logical, not patriotic. Elsa didn’t want to admit that she didn’t know of any ways to tart up a chocolate cake in a local fashion – the French seemed more interested in delicate petit fours than large gateaux.

She shrugged away from him as he invaded her personal space, shooting him a dark look. “It says forty.” She pointed out as he fiddled with the buttons, but didn’t step forward to change anything – she may not have been able to use a wand when helping her grandmother prepare meals, but that didn’t mean they used the likes of electricity or anything digital. She presumed Professor Westbroek had charmed these ovens to appear like muggle ones, ‘for authenticity’ no doubt. There was no way electricity would work here in the Palace – besides, she could see no wires. “I guess we’ll just count the last five minutes on a watch.” She conceded, not unkindly.

Elsa poured a sizeable amount of the cream into a clean bowl and began whisking it up, using the muscles in her arm to really work it up into a soft, whipped cream. She could see out of her peripheral vision that Rafe was, despite his objection, working on the cherries to emulate the liquor usually used in Black Forest. By the time the cream had started to resemble a soft, fluffy texture, Elsa’s breathing had sped up a little and some flyaways escaped her braided updo. She wasn’t a panting, sweaty mess, but she had clearly put some elbow grease in. “Right.” She announced, placing the bowl back on the bench and wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

She turned to look at him, pressing her lips together. Despite herself she held her hand out to accept the bit of chocolate, “Thanks.” She nibbled on it delicately, spinning slowly to rest her back against the counter and watch their peers. Louis and Nata seemed to be making some ground, slowly. She smirked and turned to her partner, “Don’t think Donatella’s ever seen a wooden spoon before.”

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #8 on: August 09, 2018, 07:38:51 AM »
Oh no. Louis could see the beginnings of a meltdown already. He knew Donatella came from a purely magical family – the Bertinelli’s were hardly welcoming of ‘outsiders’ as far as he’d heard – but to have never even made one meal seemed ludicrous. Not that he was some talented cook, but he could make basic meals (very basic). Still, he wasn’t sure how between the two of them they would fare with the moldu technology.

Louis just refrained from touching her on the arm to placate her, his hand stopping short and resting on the desk. Then Donatella’s hand found his. He glanced down then back up to her face. Using as diplomatic and non-condescending a tone as he could muster he broke the news to her: “Not… everyone has house elves Nata.” He paused for a second to let this life-altering news sink in. “I, my family doesn’t have one.” He admitted, strangely feeling embarrassed about this even though he knew it was more common to not have an elf than to have one these days. It was only really the old, traditional families that seemed to keep them now. Or the schools and hospitals.

He pressed his lips together in a sympathetic expression so as to prevent himself from giggling at the idea of moldus having house elves. He cleared his throat to hide any tickle of a laugh and followed her gaze. “They.. there aren’t moldu house elves.” He said quietly, hoping not to cause a scene should she decide to riot and start campaigning immediately.

In an attempt to distract her, Louis pointed at Elsa and Rafe, “Look, they’re making a cake. We could do that, or… cupcakes or something? Let me go get a recipe—” He zipped away before she could object, and grabbed the first recipe that didn’t have an ingredient list a mile long. “Here, let’s make—” he paused, reading, “—a crostata?” He grimaced. “What fruit do you want to use? Berries?”

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #9 on: August 09, 2018, 10:00:58 AM »
“Do you really believe that?” Donatella asked, eyes focusing on her friend’s figure. Or, the person whom she thought of as a friend, for apparently she knew nothing of Louis. The Venetian had heard myths of people not owning house elves, but those were nothing but folk tales. The girl highly doubted that there were actually people in this world to not have at the very least one. Beauxbatons also had its own variety of house elves, so it was the normal to assume as such. It was preposterous to even think otherwise. “Those are unfounded rumours, Louis.” She nodded in disapproval, not believing the words he was saying at all. It honestly came as a shock to her that he would even believe such children’s tales, that being the most surprising part of all. Donatella would have expected more of him.

But then Louis surprised her even more, by stating his family didn’t have a house elf. Donatella arched an eyebrow, her expression being more confused than before. She’d never taken her friend as someone to make such lame jokes. “Of course you don’t have one.” The fifth year shrugged, and then crossed her arms above her chest. “You probably have two or three, like any generous person wanting to offer them an accomplishing life.” Naturally, she expected the best from her friend and his family, and Donatella doubted that they weren’t the type of people to not help such lovely creatures like house elves. She’d always believed one of the reasons as of why Louis was so energetic and enthusiastic was because his house elves’ cheer rubbed off on him during his childhood.

Donatella frowned at his next remark. There weren’t moldu house elves? Was his mission today to make fun of her completely? Even he couldn’t believe his own words, reason as of why it was noticeable (to her, at least) that he was trying his best not to laugh. She’d desired to tell him to stop making such lower middle class jokes, but Donatella decided not to. In the end, Louis was a boy, and boys had a dumb sense of humour in general. She rolled her eyes, and then sighed as she glanced in Elsa and Rafa’s direction. They were making a cake? The Bellefuille hoped they’d get food poisoning from it – baking something so easily and not thinking of house elves’ welfare. Her school mates were all too self-absorbed, not caring about their house elves and their jobs. This was appalling.

But Louis did have a point; they had to get started as well, for as ridiculous and offensive as this class was, Donatella didn’t want to fail. Still, immediately after class, she would go to visit her Head of House and complain about what happened during today’s lesson. Professor Westbroek would not go unpunished for this appalling lesson. Furthermore, she would also visit the school’s house elves, for them to organise a protest together. How could Professor Westbroek offend them in such a crude way? And worst thing was, the witch was also one of their kinder lecturers. This was so ridiculous, Donatella couldn’t but feel betrayed by everyone. Heartless bullies, all of them. The poor house elves. Poor, poor little creatures.

Louis brought a recipe and Dona sighed at the mention of a crostata. It was one of the simplest Italian deserts, and it was an offense to even ask some of her own house elves. That’s how simple and tedious it was. Nonetheless, Professor Westbroek didn’t deserve more. She was mean, and cruel, and deserved the least exuberant baked good of all. “I can mix the berries with honey and sugar.” Donatella said bitterly as she looked at the recipe, and then turned around towards the large table so she could gather the ingredients, a bowl and a spoon.

“You’re much meaner than I thought.” The girl mumbled to Louis as they started their work, still displeased by the situation. If anything, she was both shocked and upset at her friend’s nonchalance regarding this situation. She’d have expected Louis to care.

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Re: on your marks, get set, BAKE! [All years]
« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2018, 09:33:55 PM »
Ooooooooo! They'd be baking today? Without magic?! How fun!

Maddie practically squealed in delight, enthusiastically clapping her hands together, after Professor Westbroek finished explaining what they'd be doing that lesson. The sixth year loved anything sweet, so she frequently ate desserts and pastries (much to her mother's dismay). She'd never actually made any herself though, her family always having hired a housekeeper to do all of their cooking and cleaning for them. The excitable Papillonlisse was, therefore, thrilled to have the opportunity to bake something with her own two hands that day. But what would she choose to make?! There were sooooo many yummy options! Cookies, cakes, tarts, mousses, all of the assorted pastries - not to mention the tall blonde's absolute favourite dessert: macarons! Her mouth was practically watering just at the thought of all the sugary confections.

First though, she had to choose a partner, someone worthy to create her delicious dessert with. Getting up from her desk, the young witch turned to look slowly around the room, hoping to spot a classmate who she both knew well and trusted enough to bake a proper sweet alongside her. Maddie didn't really care about winning the competition Professor Westbroek had set for them. She just wanted to make something that was pretty and yummy, sufficiently so that she was excited to try it herself.

Spotting her yearmate, Sidonie, the 17-year-old found herself beaming as she called out to the Bellefeuille, eagerly waving in her direction to get the brown-haired girl's attention. "Sidonie! Hi! Do you want to be my partner?" Maddie wasn't best friends with the other, more laid back witch, but she'd always liked and thought highly of her, all the same. They hadn't spent much one-on-one time together, particularly in the last few years, so she was looking forward to catching up a bit with her yearmate. The Papillonlisse hoped Sid had more experience with muggle baking than she did though, otherwise their yummy dessert might not turn out to be so yummy...

Maddie nodded swiftly at Sidonie's suggestion of chocolate chip cookies. "Sure!" They wouldn't have been her first choice, seeing as how the sixth year wasn't the biggest fan of chocolate, but they did sound quite easy to make, as the Bellefeuille had pointed out, so the tall blonde willingly went along with her yearmate's choice. "Yeah. I've never actually baked anything before, so cookies sound great to me!" Smiling cheerfully, Maddie waited patiently for Sidonie to gather the recipe and the various cooking utensils they'd need to make their cookies before readily agreeing to gather all of the ingredients, after the other girl had returned to their chosen station.

After quickly glancing at the list of required ingredients at the top of the recipe, the Papillonlisse lightly skipped over to the makeshift pantry in the middle of the classroom. She got distracted halfway there however by the large chest of funny looking hats and aprons that was nestled in the corner of the cluttered room. Grabbing one of the big, white hats, Maddie turned around to face the professor and enthusiastically pulled it on to her head. "Are these all for us, Professor Westbroek? Do muggles really wear these when they're cooking or baking?" Laughing sillily, the tall blonde quickly slung one of the aprons around her neck and attempted to properly tie it around her waist. Pleased with the additions to her outfit, she happily collected the ingredients she needed and returned to stand beside Sidonie at their station, messily laying the various sized packets and containers on the counter in front of them. "So, what do we have to do first?"


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