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Valentina Teodorescu [ Guest ]
[mp] butterflies and hurricanes {leandra}
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:04:02 PM »
Valentina was nervous. Each time she had to meet Professor Floros in private, the sixth year felt as if she was suffocating, as if something was pressing especially hard against her chest, and there was nothing she could do to control it. Leandra was pleasant and mild, and while the girl was aware of it, Valentina couldn’t feel but a little ashamed that the older witch knew she’d had a rough time recovering after her stay at Durmstrang. Valentina was still struggling with what’s happened to her during the previous year, and she could only remain on the normal line by taking the potions her healer recommended her, and thus continuing her treatment and recovery.

However, those weren’t delivered to her at Koldovstoretz – Valentina didn’t want that. She didn’t want everyone knowing her business, her troubles. Unsurprisingly, she’d approached the sympathetic Professor Floros for help, asking the witch to pick up her potions from the Merirosvot Lahti’s owlery. Her Herbology Professor had been kind enough to agree, and sometimes even check the potions for Valentina, to make sure they’d arrived in time and consequently were still fresh and good for use. Of course, the Tigrova was beyond grateful. Nonetheless, the fact that she was so openly exposed to Leandra was still hard for her, even almost an entire school year later.

They agreed to meet, as usual, in front of a quieter café, in one of the village’s more lonely alleys. Generally, Koldovstoretz students and staff wouldn’t adventure in that area, it being reserved for residents rather than visitors. Valentina was waiting in front of the café, anxiously arranging, rearranging, and messing up with her gloves. She was wearing her nice ones, the ones her father had sent her for her birthday – Romanian Longhorn leather with Chimaera fur. The young witch wasn’t exactly sure why her father decided to send her clothes which weren’t muggle-made, nonetheless she’d appreciated the gesture enough to wear them. The rest of her outfit was cosy more than anything, dark grey jeans tucked in knee high black leather boots, a navy jumper on top of a dusty blue shirt, and a cognac-coloured coat, the latest fashion in the muggle world, with a matching scarf. She’d decided against wearing a hat, and placed it in her coat’s pocket, having felt suffocated upon having it on.

Valentina wasn’t sure why she was more nervous than usual. The weather? It was a bit colder than normal for this time in April, which had made today’s deveritch practice a bit tougher than usual. Perhaps though it was also the fact that Ilvermorny students would be arriving as soon as the weekend would pass by. Valentina herself had visited the American school, so the exchange had been only fair and only a matter of time until it had to happen. However, the girl was unsure as to how to feel with strangers around home, around Koldovstoretz. It’s been different when she’d had done the visiting; now Valentina somehow felt as if her secure space was being invaded.

She heard footsteps, a familiar pattern, elegant and delicate. Valentina turned around, her earrings making the slightest noise in her movement, making the girl even more aware that she was there, outside, meeting the Herbologist. “Professor Floros…” Her voiced trailed a bit, a polite and shy smile appearing on her face. “Did everything go well?” Valentina asked, a tint of guilt being noticeable in her voice. In the end, she did feel also bad for bothering her Professor in such a way, bad because she couldn’t and wouldn’t pick up her prescription by herself. Hopefully, Leandra didn’t mind too much. She was nice, gentle and kind, but Valentina was sure the other witch would rather spent her Saturday afternoon in a different way as well. It made her feel bad thinking that she was disturbing Leandra’s possible time with her beau.

“Shall we go inside?” The girl added, pointing towards the café’s door. It was quite chilly outside, and she was sure Leandra wouldn’t mind getting something hot to drink, especially after going to the owlery too. As always, Valentina could only hope her healer hadn’t sent an owl that bit, and cause Leandra even further discomfort.

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Leandra Floros [ Professor ]
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Re: [mp] butterflies and hurricanes {leandra}
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2018, 09:44:15 AM »
Leandra sometimes felt like she was more a therapist than a teacher. A lot of students had been suffering during the merge of Koldovstoretz and Durmstrang and were still traumatised. It came as no surprise, knowing what had happened during that year. It was natural that in particular the Koldovstoretz students could not get over what they had experienced. Leandra still couldn't believe that the merge had even happened, thinking that it had easily been on of the worst ideas in the history of both schools.

She was glad to be at Koldovstoretz now, at her good old alma mater. Teaching and working with kids came naturally to the young Herbologist. While she could not hide that she was nervous before every lesson she usually eased up more and more in the course of it. She wanted to be there for the students, wanted them to trust her and to confide in her because only that way she was able to actually help them with their fears, to assist them become the strongest and happiest people they could be. It pained her to see students in distress but as long as she was able to make things even only a little bit better for them it was all worth it.

Valentina had approached her when the term had only just started and Leandra, still very new to everything, had felt flattered, overwhelmed, overburdened at first. She had struggled to decide if it was good to help the girl but in the end she had cast all her doubts aside - if Valentina asked her for help she'd get it. In the end it was as simple as that. Now that a few months had passed she was not sure if it was wise to keep it up but when was the time to talk to the student about it? Now? Or rather another time? So far Leandra had always thought that the next time would still be early enough. There was a pattern to this now.

Nonetheless Leandra was worried that the girl would get addicted or at least too used to the consumption of her potions. There was always this risk, after all. Besides it did not seem to do her very well to be secretive about it all. Leandra hoped that the girl would overcome her trust issues and confide in her friends, not being ashamed of her own weakness. And last but not least, Leandra thought that if she wanted to get at least something positive out of the whole situation Valentina should find ways to help herself, should work on perfecting her potions skills and expand her knowledge on Herbology. She'd happily help with that, of course. After all, even before and after the lessons the professor spent most of her time in the greenhouse and she had no problem with some company every now or then.

Leandra had got the potion, there had been no problem with that, so the professor made her way to the café in a lonely alley of the village. She was wearing a long wool coat and below that just simple jeans and a sweater. Her brown leather boots looked worn out because she often used them around the gardens, walking through mud and grass. However, Leandra didn't want to get new ones as she loved how comfy her old ones still were.

While she generally had no problem in spending some time in the village, Leandra was a bit in a hurry now, not that she'd let it show, of course. The professor would always take all the time her students needed. However, the Ilvermorny students would arrive soon and she wanted to help prepare everything for their arrival and also decorate her main greenhouse. After all, Koldovstoretz should make a good first impression. However, Leandra wasn't quite sure the timing of the exchange so briefly after the reverse of the merge was a good idea. Generally it was an amazing opportunity, of course. International magical exchange could only be beneficial for the young witches and wizards and should happen a lot more often and, if possible, with schools from different countries.

"Hello Valentina," Leandra said, offering the girl a smile. "Everything went smoothly as always." While everything had indeed gone well, she would not bother the student with any little mishaps anyway. There was no point in that, after all.

"Sure, let's go in and warm up a little," the professor agreed. "How are you today? How do you feel about the exchange students?" Leandra was a little worried that the Tigrova was not looking forward to their stay and might be experiencing more anxiety issues than normal. Hopefully she wouldn't overindulge in potions then.

Valentina Teodorescu [ Guest ]
Re: [mp] butterflies and hurricanes {leandra}
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 11:54:16 AM »
If there was something Valentina absolutely and undeniably loved about Professor Floros, then it would be her taste in fashion, meaning her liking towards muggle clothes. Obviously, they were much prettier and superior to wizarding wear, nonetheless few realised that. It was a pity, especially if the individuals in question were muggleborns and halfbloods. The practicality and elegance of muggle clothes was much better than some old-fashioned robes, pulled out straight out from the Middle Ages. Purebloods were really stuck centuries ago in every possible way, but it showed much more through their old-beyond-comprehension preference in regards to clothes.

Her anxiousness started, even if slightly, fading away as soon as she heard Leandra’s voice. The other witch always had a soothing effect on her, despite Valentina being especially weak at the subject the Professor was teaching. It was a pity, really, and the Tigrova did feel a bit of guilt when thinking about it. Nonetheless, it wasn’t her fault she just wasn’t compatible with the long Latin names of plants, wasn’t good at handling them at all, and overall lacked passion for Herbology. The universe was her interest, for it spoke to her.

“I’m glad.” She replied, her warm smile getting wider. It would have displeased her if Leandra encountered any difficulties when helping her, especially since she was already sacrificing some time each month to help Valentina. As her Professor agreed to go in the café, the deveritch captain hurried to open the door for the older witch, allowing Leandra to enter first, Valentina only obediently following her, loosening her scarf and unbuttoning her coat. She quietly followed the other witch to a table her Professor picked, sitting down after Leandra did, on the seat opposite to hers.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Well, she’d been anxious all day, however, Valentina didn’t want to bother Leandra with that as well. Her cheeks slightly blushed, but the gesture could easily be perceived as a reaction to contact with warmer air. “I am a bit nervous about that.” The Tigrova admitted, glancing towards a waiter as he gave each of them a menu in passing by their table. “But!” She started, a bit more cheerfully. “I… well, it should be alright. Hopefully. The tarot cards said everything would go well for me. The crystal ball too. And, surprisingly the stars are aligned in favour too…” Her voice trailed a little, but she nodded once in approval, curls bouncing, as Valetina let her coat slip from her shoulders and onto the back of her chair.

“And!” Valentina added, a bit more excited this time around, as she straightened her back and let her hands fall on her lap as she crossed her legs at the ankles. “My buddy from Ilvermorny is coming too, and I really liked her – she’s called Mary Lou. She’s quite lovely, and I’m excited to show her the Romanian Longhorn babies we have up in the Tigrova common room, Misha and Mişa.” She nodded once more, reassuring both the Professor and herself that everything would go well, trying to push away her anxiety as much as possible.

“I’ll try spending most of my time with her, so I’m hoping to avoid any possible incidents…” Vale’s voice trailed off once more, the girl taking a deep breath as her gaze fell from Leandra to her own menu, gently opening it so she could check out the hot beverages selection.

Leandra Floros [ Professor ]
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Re: [mp] butterflies and hurricanes {leandra}
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2018, 08:23:40 PM »
Leandra picked up on Valentina's anxiety. However, she was aware that this was not a singular occurrence. She knew that it had been hard for the student to ask her this favour in the first place and whenever she went to get her the potions she experienced a similar situation. Leandra wished that the girl would relax, trust her and just accept that she was no threat and asking her for a favour was no imposition. Even if an owl had bit her or if she had stumbled over something in the process of getting the vial, which incidentally she had, that did not mean that she had a problem with the task at all. It was all fine but maybe Valentina would need more time to not only know that but also feel like it.

Valentina stated that she was fine but the professor did not quite believe it. The girl looked tense, she blushed a little as she said that but the blush could, of course, have other reasons. Leandra offered a comforting smile and nodded when Valentina said that she was nervous about the Ilvermorny students visiting. That came as no surprise at all. The professor generally considered the exchange between the wizarding schools of the world to be worthwhile but wasn't sure that in the light of recent events concerning the merge of Koldovstoretz and Durmstrang an exchange was wise right now. Then again it was probably a good idea to make the students of Koldovstoretz realise that the exchange with another school could indeed be beneficial for all. It was, nonetheless, a tricky business.

The approaching waiter interrupted their conversation briefly and Leandra took the menu from him. Truth be told the professor didn't know what to order. While they sometimes went here when Leandra got the potion for Valentina, she never really planned it. It was confusing in a way. The woman flipped through the well known menu, barely looking at the contents. She'd take a cup of herbal tea anyway. It was nicely warming and she didn't need more anyway.

She smiled again when Valentina's tone got more cheerful. She admired that the girl could take confidence from Divination. Leandra herself liked Weather Divination but struggled to actually believe in tarot cards and failed to see anything useful in crystal balls. It was maybe because she doubted that it could be possible to actually divine the future that way. Wasn't it coincidence which cards were picked? Weren't it mostly reflections in a crystal ball that were then interpreted to be something entirely different?

"I'm glad to hear that," Leandra said earnestly. "If the cards, the crystal ball and the stars say that it'll be fine that should give you enough confidence and strength to deal with the situation."

She kept smiling softly as the girl told her about her friend from Ilvermorny. Truth be told Leandra had not expected to hear that she had a friend at the other school who she was eager to meet again. However, it was a pleasant surprise indeed. She was not entirely sure what kind of incidents the girl was dreading but with a friend from the other school at her side she would probably get through the time of the exchange well enough.

"Oh that's nice. I'm sure you'll have a good time showing your friend around. It's probably comforting that you already know some of the students who come from Ilvermorny. That does take away some of the pressure, doesn't it?!" The teacher hoped it did anyway. Maybe if the exchange went thoroughly well the trauma of the time at Durmstrang would fade a little. Maybe it would help Valentina to cut down her potion consumption as well. Leandra hoped so at least. While she considered the potion Valentina took to be acceptable, she felt that it could not be a longtime solution. She'd have to talk to the student about it at some point. After all, as a professor, she had some responsibility.


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