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[kew gardens] wild thoughts. [tag; torrence]
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It was hot in London.

Summer had arrived early and it had arrived with a vengeance. It was a cloudless blue sky with a high sun that made the colours of the capital city just that little bit brighter. There was lush green grass that was peppered with colourful pockets of wildflowers. The tall trees were in bloom with strings of bunting wound between their branches that stretched over the many tables and chattering guests.

The Bloom garden party was something Perdita's grandfather had started. At first, it had been a thank you for his employees and their families for all of their hard work through out the year. More recently, it was just awash with people she didn't know or care for. Music floated on the perfumed air that smelled like hay and jasmine, the strains of upbeat jazz and a fusion of other happy sounds that loosened up the otherwise stuffy guest list.

The park was awash with colour. From the bunting in the trees to the afternoon tea served on little floating trays. There were fat floor cushions and bales of hay draped in mismatching fabric, doubling as extra seats. People were all scattered about. They were in their own little clusters; family, friends, business associates and unsurprisingly, Perdita was by herself.

With a glass of champagne hanging perilously from her finger tips, she let out a yawn as she flicked the cat-eye sunglasses down over her eyes. Around her, the guests were dressed in pastel shades. Pale pink, baby blue, cream and she was dressed in red. It was a Bloom Mill design, a flatteringly cut bodice and modest hemline but that was before she'd altered it. Perdita had modified the neckline by pulling it down a little as well as removing most of the back. Now, the dress was open, showing the length of her spine as she enjoyed the spring sunshine. Her grandfather, as always, had tutted disapprovingly. Her short hair was curled gently as it swayed in the breeze and an understated - but expensive - set of diamond earrings glinted in the sun.

Perdita was already annoyed. As she stood, her heels sank into the grass as she scowled. She was raised to stay out of the spotlight, to be polite and unobtrusive but every now and again, her choice in attire was the only rebellion she got to take part in. It was only around three o'clock or so but she'd already been grumpy since she woke up. She'd met her brother's new girlfriend, Amber. Amber indeed, as the shade of her skin was the most troubling shade of orange after all that fake tan. Under the shade of the tree, she arched an eyebrow as the woman threw her head back and cackled as she clung to her brother's arm, the noise sounding like nails on a chalk board.

With care, she picked her way across the grass, balancing her champagne flute and her bad attitude, before taking a seat at a table off to the side. Perdita could be absolutely anywhere else right now; Paris, Rome, Milan or New York. Heck, even sitting at her desk would be preferential. With a heavy sigh, she angrily speared a nearby strawberry with a straw, popped it into her mouth and chewed grouchily.

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