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jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:01:53 PM »
Although the idea of a few days away from the same old classmates and petty drama had sounded mildly appealing at first, it turned out that life at Koldovstoretz was just about as boring as that at Ilvermorny. Annie felt she should have been able to predict this outcome; after all, the visit from their Russian-or-whatever-they-were guests in the fall had hardly lived up to the hype that the administration had tried to create. Professors had gone on about "international communication" and "lasting friendships" and "bonds across borders", but Annie knew it was all bull. There was some political motivation behind it all, and they were just being used as pretty pawns that the journalists and photographers could advertise to the broader magical community.

Not interested in the childish buddy system that the teachers had set up, Annie had ditched her "friend" by excusing herself for a bathroom break and insisting she didn't need help finding the stall. "I can shit without your help, thanks." It hadn't taken too long to wander her way through the caverns and out toward the grounds. Things were busy enough that, what with students hurrying toward the dragon enclosures or bonding in pairs over some beautiful intercultural connection they had made, starting up a path that lead almost immediately into a low cloud was easy. The misty air dampened her skin, and as she pulled out one of her cloves, Annie was frustrated to find that the tip wouldn't light. Apparently, smoking in a cloud was a challenge.

Wondering how high up she would have to hike to escape to drier air, Annie climbed on, feeling a low-intensity burn in her thighs as she ascended the path. She had no idea where she was headed, but the Wampus couldn't have cared less. There was no way it could be worse than the dormitory tours from which she had just escaped. After about fifteen minutes, the path began to descend again. Annie walked on, pleased to see that the air was much clearer on this side of the crest she had apparently scaled. The clouds were obviously not interested in the little snow-covered valley that she had happened upon.

It took only a few minutes to reach the edge of a snowy lake. Not particularly monstrous in size, the lake's water was still and partially frozen. The ice was thick along the shoreline but seemed to thin and even disappear in patches closer to the center. Although she was never a fan of winter -- too many memories of Christmases spent shivering in a Brooklyn apartment without heat -- Annie was also tough. She found a solid-enough looking tree and leaned against the trunk, pulling her clove back out and igniting it with the lighter she carried in her inner jacket pocket. She had only taken two deep pulls on the cigarette before her attention was caught by a familiar form approaching on the sharply descending mountain path.

"Gilbert," she called when he was within earshot. Using his full name felt like a special privilege, somehow more intimate because hardly anyone seemed to use it. It had a more mature ring to it, anyway. "Following me again?"

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Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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Forbidden things had a secret charm.

However, that charm surely wasn’t the amount of fleas that came hand-in-hand with being an illegal fluffball. The awful, wicked, maddening fleas. Bertie had initially thought that Minerva’s suggestion of using flea powder would have worked efficiently enough for his visit at Koldovstoretz to go well, but that definitely wasn’t the case. He hadn’t even been on half the tour yet and the Wampus felt like he was going positively mad. There was nothing he wanted more than to scratch. But, then again, he couldn’t just exactly morph into his animagus form and rub himself to a tree next to Jafar, the Zhivoystya student he was friends with.

He then had the best idea ever. Upon seeing the lake, covered with snow in several places, almost frozen, Bertie had an epiphany. If he were to morph into his animagus form and jump in the lake, stay there for a minute or two, surely all the fleas would just disappear (read: freeze to death like the little fuckers they are).

“I’m going to have a smoke.” Bertie told Jafar, pulling away from the small group of students they were with. He wasn’t exactly lying; the Wampus definitely needed a drag or two before jumping into the lake. Maybe one even after, to warm him up. Maybe he’d just smoke the entire pack – for safety. As he lazily started walking on the path which lead to the lake, the quodpot captain took out a cigarette and lit it with his wand, later on placing his wand behind his right ear. He needed to keep it close, especially because Bertie already started stripping.

The sixth year took off his warm coat, and let it fall behind him, not really caring enough to make sure his clothes would be all in one place. The itchiness made him go mad enough not to care if someone’d steal his stuff. Holding his cigarette in between his lips, Bertie started unbuckling his belt, and as he exhaled, pulled it out, the boy starting to undo his zipper.

Then he heard a voice. A familiar voice. The voice. He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t felt her scent around. It irritated him mostly because it was so obvious. Her own brand of cigarettes in particular was very easy to sniff even from a mile away. Fucking shit. Now he couldn’t turn into a dog. Bertie just had to jump in the water as he was. As a human. Fuck.

Nonetheless, the Wampus couldn’t deny how he enjoyed the way she said his full name. It had always attracted him. She always said it so elegantly, and it was sexy; so attractive that he wanted to push her against that tree. But no. His hate for fleas was much more intense and passionate than his chemistry with Annie.

“Julianne.” He replied nonchalantly, as clearly as he could with the cigarette in between his lips as he didn’t bother taking it out, instead just throwing his belt on the ground, and deciding to take off his vest and shirt first rather than the trousers. He started unbuttoning his vest, gaze turning towards his fellow Wampus. “Yes.” The sixth year smirked, playing along with her remark. “Thought you’d be up for some skinny dipping.” Bertie took off his vest, letting it fall behind him, as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Eyes were fixed on Annie, and her lips. He'd always enjoyed watching her smoke.

Anyway, if he had to go in the water in his human form, he might as well drag her along. Annie wouldn't exactly refuse, now would she? Bertie took off his shirt, and as he threw it on the ground on top of the vest, it took everything in him not to scratch. Truth be told, at this point, he didn’t even feel the cold. If anything, it actually felt good – no, great; no, excellent on his skin, slightly easing the itchiness, for he wasn’t wanting to rub himself off a tree anymore. He inhaled deeply, removing his cigarette from in between his lips, just so he could look at the lake properly.

He could do this. He could jump into it. Everything and anything for the demise of the fleas.

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Julianne Graves [ Wampus ]
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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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The smile that crept from behind her cigarette at the sound of her name was slight, but Annie determinedly fought to keep the hint of pleasure out of her eyes. An eyebrow cocked as she watched him pull off his belt and drop it lazily on the ground. She met his eye contact calmly as he began removing layers, simply lowering her cigarette and slowly blowing a cloud of smoke in response to his suggestion. She didn't love the cold, and jumping into a frozen lake hardly sounded pleasant. And she'd have to put out her cigarette. Simply watching Gilbert strip had its appeals, but, on the other hand, she doubted he would allow her to refuse. Better to play along.

Annie pushed herself away from the tree, grinding the tip of her half-smoked clove into the trunk before casually dropping it on the ground. She didn't think twice about the littering, but spared a glance for the clothes Gilbert was tossing onto the ground so haphazardly. His shirt and vest looked thick and warm, much nicer than anything Annie owned. Her school uniforms had been purchased second-hand two terms before, and though she did her best to keep them clean and mended, they showed signs of wear. Rather than drop her clothing in a rumpled pile on the snow, therefore, Annie removed her long coat and hung it carefully over the limb of the tree. Her knee-length cranberry dress was certainly not warm enough to be worn in the winter without clothes; the cap sleeves did little for protecting her skinny arms, and she was aware of the cold sting on her shins as she approached her shirtless friend.

"And how do I know you won't run off with my things the second I jump in?" she asked, tilting her head slightly as she examined him, looking for a hint of betrayal in his eyes. It didn't matter that she'd known the boy nearly six years, or that they'd spent plenty of time alone together. Just because he hadn't done such a thing before didn't mean it might not occur to him to start now. "Maybe it's your idea of a good joke to watch me strip and then make me walk back to that school in the nude."

She extended her hand to pluck his cigarette from his grip as he removed it, intercepting his motion and half-hoping it would incite him into doing something. One drag on the cigarette was all she really wanted, but she planned to hold onto the smoke as long as he would let her. Annie preferred the sweet flavor of her own, but she had abandoned the clove, knowing she would be getting in the lake eventually. There was no turning down such an invitation. Not from Gilbert, anyway. She stood quite close to him, still as could be, watching him watch the lake. She wouldn't make a move toward the frigid water until he did, but she'd be damned if he bested her at this game.

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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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The slight smile which made its appearance on her face meant only one thing: Annie would undoubtedly join him. He smirked mischievously, then focusing on the lake. The cold air made him feel much better than any powder he’s used, and Bertie, while still slightly reluctant about jumping in the water in his human form, was now becoming more and more sure that it was the best idea. Jumping. In the freezing Russian water. Those little pricks would get the death they’ve been waiting for.

He arched an eyebrow at her words. “Gu~url, please.” In all honesty, on a normal, regular, flea-less day, Bertie would have done something among those lines, so Annie wasn’t exactly wrong in her assumption. However, she got one detail completely and utterly incorrect, which got Bertie to be ever so slightly offended. The quodpot captain would have expected much more of his fellow Wampus. “I would never run off with your clothes. I’d just transfigure them into something you wouldn’t suspect, stay with you and enjoy the view.” He winked teasingly, before laughing at her next comment.

“Would you have a problem with that though?” Walking in the nude wasn’t exactly bad, now was it? In the end, Annie definitely didn’t have anything to be a prude about, but quite on the contrary. “I mean, if anything, you’d get at least half of Koldovstoretz wanting to transfer to Ilvermorny.” He turned around, to face her properly. “I could, you know, join you, and have the other half wanting to come to the States as well.” Bertie let out a cheeky laugh, placing his free hand on his trousers’ waistline, thinking that he should just take them off, and jump into the lake already.

“You can steal my clothes though. I wouldn’t mind that much. I mean, look at me.” He shrugged, lowering his gaze, and deciding to undo his zipper but stopped just in time.

Annie quickly and surprisingly grabbed his cigarette, so naturally, she caught his full attention. His gaze followed the cigarette to her mouth, eyes slightly narrowing as she took a drag. Bertie decided to draw even closer to her, so close that their lips almost touched. As he drew nearer, the Wampus took a deep breath – he enjoyed the scent of his cigarettes combined with Annie’s own. “Oops.” He said, placing one his right hand on her neck, fingers gently touching and going down her spine. “My lips almost slipped.”

If Annie wanted a kiss, she’d have to work for it much harder than this.

He took a step back, and unzipped his trousers. However, the Wampus decided it would best if he were to take off his shoes first. There should be a rock he could lean against to around; Gilbert wasn’t going to go anywhere near a tree, especially not with Annie around. The probability of rubbing against one simply out of instinct was just too high. He had to keep up the cool guy image.

“Dress off, Julianne.” He said, turning his gaze towards the forest, to spot a big rock somewhere. “Not quite fair I’m the only one half naked there, you know.” Bertie compromised and gently ran a hand through his hair. While the cold helped, it still wasn’t enough. It was itching so bad. He had to go in the lake.

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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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Her face hardened for a moment as she took in his arrogant words. Annie did not appreciate the implication that she would be trapped in such a situation, helpless and completely dependent on him to save her. If she wasn't able to get her clothes back, she certainly wouldn't be sticking around waiting for him to return them. A swift punch to the diaphragm and away she would march back to the school. Annie was on the verge of executing the first part of the plan when the wink and chuckle made her pause. Was that supposed to have been a joke? She glared up at him, trying to reign her temper back in before she did something rash. She knew how it upset @Alyson Graves when she got involved in fights.

"Do you really think," she asked, pausing for dramatic effect, "that you could actually do such an advanced transfiguration with me there, distracting you?" Girls less sure of themselves might have accompanied such a question with a stroke of the arm or a meaningful brush of skin, but Annie held her ground, simply gazing up at him with her heavily-lined eyes. The memories of their past times together would be plenty sufficient for Gilbert to catch her meaning.

Annie scoffed at his next words, arching her brow. "And what would I want with your clothes?" She ran her gaze deliberately over his torso, obviously evaluating him. It hadn't been that long since Annie had seen him shirtless, and he was toned and healthy-looking as ever. His body was out of sight soon enough though, as he approached her and her stolen cigarette.

She let the smoke blow gently over his face, not concerned in the least about whether that had been his intention. If he wanted to stick his nose right up close to hers, then he would have to face the consequences. As he gently touched her spine with his fingers, though, her body tensed again, ever so slightly. Chills ran down her spine, her pupils dilated, and she was on the defensive again. Annie didn't mind being touched by him, really; after all, she'd allowed it countless times before. But their encounter had lasted only a few moments and he was already making things physical. It probably wasn't worth being bothered over. He was just doing what she had taught him was perfectly fine. And she'd been flirting, hadn't she? There was nothing different to be expected from an adolescent boy.

If he was going to be making commands, he would have to hold her things. Annie closed the gap between them again, removing the borrowed cigarette from her mouth and carefully returning it to its rightful place between his lips. She then spun on the spot, stood tall, and lifted her hair from her neck. "Unzip, please."

Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2018, 05:08:47 PM »
Gilbert couldn’t help himself from wolf-whistling at Julianne’s remark. It had been a gesture out of instinct, nonetheless, he also meant it. Her self-confidence was especially attractive, sometimes, if he may add, even more attractive than her looks. Her personality was sexy. He’d taken note of the earlier change in her expression, however, Bertie appreciated that his fellow Wampus took his words for what they were – a joke. Nonetheless, at her flirty words, while he did enjoy her boldness, Bertie couldn’t help but feel slightly offended that she’d say he couldn’t pull off advanced transfiguration anytime, anywhere, anyhow. He didn’t mind though, but the pang on chest still caused him slight disappointment and discomfort.

“You’re absolutely right.” He smirked, casually shrugging one shoulder. “I would never be able to focus properly with you around.” Gilbert wasn’t technically lying; they’ve spent enough time together for him, for her, to know that there was truth to the statement. But, likewise, he was positive Annie wouldn’t be able to focus that much either with him around. It was an equal standing, after all. Especially considering how she was looking at his chest. “Nothing. Just the pleasure of them not being on me, I guess.” Bertie commented, his voice being a bit more playful than before, ending with a soft laugh.

Eventually, he spotted a nearby rock where he could lean upon. But before he even think of heading towards it, Julianne drew closer once more, this time closing the gap between them much more than before. Daring. He liked it. He liked her.

She returned his cigarette, placing it between his lips. Bertie lifted his hand slightly, as he took a deep drag and then slowly exhaled a cloud of smoke, while he grabbed the cigarette from in between his lips. Julianne turned around, however she made sure the distance between them wouldn’t be affected. Or, better put, the lack of distance. “My pleasure.” He replied, and placed his hand on her neck, fingers gently trailing towards the zipper. He gingerly unzipped her dress, quite slowly, making sure that his fingers also trailed down her skin as the zipper went down.

Bertie however couldn’t help himself from looking at her shoulder blades – so well-defined. He’d always loved her shoulder blades. To him, her bare back was especially beautiful. As he finished undoing her zipper, the sixth year’s hand smoothly trailed back to her neck, then followed the line of her collar bones. He drew closer, and placed a soft yet quick kiss on the back of her neck, a second later whispering in her ear. “Done.”

He backed away again, this time to continue undressing as well. Shoes and socks. The rock was nearby, just close to the tree Julianne had been leaning against moments ago. Upon reaching it, Bertie took off his shoes, and then socks. Stepping on the ground, on the snow, with no shoes on was an entirely different feeling now, as a human. In his pomeranian form he’d always found it fun, and somewhat adventurous, but now it just felt… cold. He got up, straightened his back, and let his trousers fall off, stepping out of them once they hit the ground.

He took another drag out of his cigarette – which until now had rested in between his lips – and as he exhaled, Bertie started toying around with the elastic of his black boxers. “Ready when you are.” Well, it was only fair they’d get completely naked at the same time, right? He drew closer to Annie once more, closing the gap between them again, and mimicked her gesture, placing the cigarette between her lips.

“This is will be awesome.” He added, this time a bit more excited than before. “Can’t wait to get in, you know.” Bertie titled his head in the direction of the lake, eager for their flirting game to speed up and for them to actually enter it. If Annie wanted, he would definitely make sure to play with her properly, but after the swimming session. He really needed to get in the water right now.

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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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The feeling of his hand on her neck as he gently traced his way toward her zipper and along her spine was enough to make the wispy hairs stand on end, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind his fingers. Annie fought the involuntary shiver that followed, though, unwilling to let him see how he was affecting her or admit that she rather enjoyed the sensation. Gilbert was just another silly boy, after all; there was no good in making him think she might actually be invested.

The kiss on her neck that followed, however, was enough to make her step forward. Gilbert might think they were having a simple flirtation but Annie saw this as one thing only: a game of dares. She was not going to be the first to chicken out, and showing any kind of weakness in response to his attentions might soften her resolve. Her friend had no business thinking that he could get the upper hand, or that she could be seduced.

Annie followed a few steps behind Gilbert back toward the tree where she had hung her coat, letting the sleeves of her dress slip off her shoulders as she went. Stepping out of the brightly-colored uniform, Annie carefully laid the fabric atop her already-hanging coat. She kept her distance, ensuring that Gilbert was focused on undressing and not taking in the view of her standing only in her underthings and tall black boots; this wasn’t a strip show, after all. It was a dare.

“Shut your eyes, then,” Annie responded, cocking her eyebrow and tilting her head to give him the same intense look that let him know she wouldn’t be stripping until he obeyed. Once his eyes were shut, Annie quickly removed the few remaining pieces of clothing that stood between her bare skin and the biting cold. Now fully undressed, she could barely hold back the shivers that were definitely a result of the cold air but perhaps also the adrenaline that was now pumping through her veins.

Annie allowed herself one soft caress of Gilbert’s bare chest with the tips of her fingers before, without warning, she bolted toward the lake edge. One hand covered her chest as she ran, while the other gripped her wand tightly. She would not appear afraid. She would not let him get to the half-frozen surface first. And she certainly not would be caught without her wand after his previous threat.
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Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: jumpsuit, cover me [april mp]
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"Pfft.” Gilbert let out, trying as much as he could not to make fun of her remark. Shutting his eyes first? What were they, little children? Surely Julianne was aware that he’d actually seen a naked girl before. Several actually. And once you saw one, it wasn’t as if the others were particularly different. Of course, he could understand his fellow Wampus not wanting to do anything that would affect her respectable reputation but this was a bit on the ridiculous side. Personally, Gilbert thought the two of them at least were beyond that.

He sighed, and closed his eyes. “Prude.” Was all he let out, deciding that the remark in itself was more than enough. Having closed his eyes, Bertie could somehow sense the biting cold much more intensely. Perhaps it was also the fact that he wasn’t moving at the time, but it felt amazingly pleasing on his skin. The itchiness didn’t feel as such a major issue as before, the boy starting to feel somehow numb.  It was an amazing sensation, feeling senseless and at the same time so sober. The Russian air was so pleasant, he couldn’t even feel the displeasure of the coldness anymore.

Julianne’s gentle stroke on his bare chest suddenly sent him a chill down his spine, the warmth of her own hand feeling slightly unpleasant on his cold skin. It irked him slightly, for normally such a caress would have been more than welcomed, and gracefully returned. He opened his eyes, hearing her rushing towards the lake’s edge. “Julianne…” He commented, even more annoyed now, because she was cheating. Gilbert took off his boxers and quickly made his way towards the shore, making sure that he took the wand from behind his ear and gripped it tightly in his right hand.

Soon enough, he caught up with Julianne, and then jumped in the water without any second thoughts. Finally… Was all Bertie managed to think as he let the icy cold water cover him completely. It felt like burning on his skin, but thankfully enough it wasn’t a disagreeable feeling, quite on the contrary. For the first time since the beginning of this semester, Gilbert felt actually good. Perhaps bathing in freezing water on a regular basis would be the perfect solution to all of his problems.

He swam back to the surface, exhaling deeply as he ran a hand through his hair. “This. Is. Awesome.” Was all he could excitedly mutter, in between two deep breaths. “Julianne, where are you?” Gilbert then asked, eyes scanning the lake for his fellow Wampus. He’d been so keen on getting in the water, that he hadn’t really noticed if he’d passed her or if she also jumped. “Julianne?” Bertie asked once more, splashing some water onto his face. It was the absolute best. Death to all fleas.

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