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Jeremy Edwards [ British Ministry ]
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[mp] embrace the glorious mess. [henry]
« on: July 14, 2018, 06:04:01 PM »
After graduation most students went through an 'adjustment period', some felt sad about leaving Hogwarts, some excited for their future possibilities and potential, most a little lost but not Jeremy. The red headed wizard felt like everything was falling into place even though it was more likely falling into pieces. He was oblivious to the fact that he was going to run out of money, had very little marketable skills, and that his days at the Ministry were numbered. Danny, Egan, and he had managed to land themselves some cushy jobs at the British Ministry making very little sickles and literally annoying everyone around them. Jeremy had no idea how he got the job, assuming it was by Merlin's grace alone, but he had a good idea about how he was eventually going to lose it. He was always late, he was lazy, rarely finished projects, was the worst at refilling the coffee pot, and generally a messy individual. He always showed up happy to work though, all smiles and friendliness, that had to count for something right? They'd found a cheap warehouse turned frat-house to live in fully loaded with cockroaches, a balcony only accessible by rusted fire escape, and stacks of old pizza boxes piling up and with about ten of them crammed in they were making the rent. Nights were filled with roof top adventures and parties, mornings with plenty of wake up potions and aspirin. They went to work and partied, they came home and partied, it was a good life and honestly Jeremy thought it would last forever.

The constant shenanigans at Hogwarts had carried over to adult life and he was mistakenly under the impression that this was what adult life was. He could screw around, be a fool, and be happy forever. He was riding this high for as long as it lasted and never looking toward the future. He had no goals or dreams, no plans to move up in the world. Jeremy, unlike most, was entirely content with his place in society. He had little responsibility and even less power but he was happy and that was all that mattered. He was happy. On a typical day like today Jeremy would climb up the haphazard ladder to the roof, smoke a bowl, and contemplate something deep and profound that he would never remember but today he decided to change things up. Today he was going to get high and take a field trip to Hogsmeade instead. He'd heard around the water cooler (more typically known as disgusting owl roost on floor two) that Banshee was coming to the village this Friday and he didn't want to miss it. Of course he loved their music, but Jeremy loved chaos even more and a headlining band visiting a school shopping district was sure to cause some mayhem.

He apparated to Hogsmeade looking about as much of a mess as he usually did. His worn down used to be black but now more of a charcoal gray colored wizards robes were barely tall enough for him. They did a poor job hiding his ridiculous shirt of a cowboy cat riding a shark and his black slacks were tattered at the bottom just enough to show off the high top neon sneakers he was flaunting. Of course those too were covered in soot and dirt from the daily grind. After reaching Hogsmeade he quickly ducked into the Broomsticks to grab a butter beer and took it on the road to sit outside and watch the witches and wizards fluttering by. He loved the hustle and bustle of this little village, it made him smile, as he sat back and sipped on his butterbeer. Soon groups of people turned into crowds which evolved into masses of magical folk bumping into each other and growing annoyed as a whole. Jeremy smiled from his perch behind the rod iron fence that closed in the small eating patio he had sat at. His little table was right at the edge, close enough to touch people passing by, but protected from the herd. The little umbrella above it was nearly floating away in the spring wind but the sun wasn't too bad today. He sipped on his chilled butter beer and smiled at irritated middle aged men who looked entirely uncomfortable bringing their teenage daughters and their friends to get autographs.

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Henry Murphy [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [mp] embrace the glorious mess. [henry]
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It was mid-afternoon by the time Henry finished his fifth Butterbeer and shouldered his bookbag. Just doing all the work due on Monday probably wasn’t enough, but his brain had sure had enough. In the end of his Potions questions it had taken him three tries to correctly spell “powder.” Henry thought it was a good enough time to take a break.

Though he’d  spent a good portion of his money drinking several Butterbeers in succession,  Honeydukes sounded to him like the place to be. However, he didn’t make it five feet from the Three Broomsticks’ door before he caught sight of a head of familiar curls. He shifted his bag and cupped his hands around his mouth. “Hey Jere!”

His older friend bounded over and Henry grinned. “Oh, wow,” he said, “am I glad to see you!” Henry wished at once he’d sounded less enthusiastic about it, but he’d thought about Jeremy and his friends this year more than he’d expected to. Hogwarts felt like much darker a place without them. Teenage shenanigans still went on, of course, but in a less joyful way. The rest of them were sad drinkers. Not that Henry himself had had a drink in a while, and precious little shenanigan-type behavior. “How’ve you been?” he asked. “What’ve you been doing?” He hoped desperately that Jeremy had a job. Less out of genuine well-wishing, true, more for his own state of nervousness: if Jeremy Edwards had landed on his feet after school, Henry would surely be fine.

“You’re not meeting anyone, are you?” Henry asked. “I was thinking I’d go get some Peppermint Toads for the month, or, y’know. We could do whatever.” The thought of shenanigans, or perhaps just the sight of Jeremy, had pushed his mind to the direction of substance use, but he wasn’t about to ask.

“You know who was just at the table next to me?” He said as they set off. “Viktor Krum.” Henry grimaced, pink-cheeked, and buried a hand in his curls. “I told him who he was.”

Jeremy Edwards [ British Ministry ]
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Re: [mp] embrace the glorious mess. [henry]
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"Meeting someone? Yeah I got a hot witch meeting me here. She likes me for my mind." He boasted, lying through his wild smile, and puffed out his Gryffindor chest. Of course he wasn't meeting any one he didn't have anyone to 'meet'. That sounded so fancy. Sure he had friends but they all shared an apartment so he didn't exactly need to go out of his way to meet them for lunch. "Nah man I was just baking, gonna' see the band later." He scratched his head, large curls bouncing as he did and then pushed the sunglasses on his face off and into his mane. "That's if I can figure out where their playing at..."

"No shit your lying?"

Jeremy couldn't help but curse as the idea of Viktor Krum, the original VIKTOR KRUM, sitting next to Henry in Hogsmeade really began to dawn on him. There was just simply no way, was there? He thought about it long and hard for about all of five seconds before shifting to sit back in his seat harshly. He leaned back, two feet of the chair off the ground haphazardly and shook his fiery curls.
"Man, why does nothing good ever happen to me...." After he was done throwing himself a little pity party Jeremy sat forward abruptly and put his elbows on the table. "You told him who he was? Smooooth." Jeremy teased his younger friend with a chuckle before more words began to surface. "Did you get an autograph, wait wait, did he make it out to Viktor Krum?" Jeremy was on his own little roll now and laughing as he did.

"What'cha reckon he was doing in Hogsmeade?" And then something began to dawn on him. It had to be true, no way it could be a coincidence. "Wait.... Is Viktor Krum part of Banshee now?" Jeremy's face grew very still as he contemplated the notion until a smile started to reappear. That would be sweet. "Wooooah..."
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