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Why are you running away? [Konrad]
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:25:06 AM »
        The cliffs on either side of the valley were decorated in their own colors. The western force wore bright warm chestnut hues and seem to leaned in as if greeting the sun, while the eastern side still stood dark and brooding. With beep bluish-black shadows extending out in aggressive jagged lines towards its brightly lit rival, one could hardly imagine the two faces were once connected nor that a thin narrow stream had divided them.

        Most of nature was oblivious to the morning standoff, instead it awoke just before dawn and greeted the spring. Barn swallows chittered in the trees like red squirrels sharing in the enjoyment of the bright sunny spring morning. A small group of Putorana bighorn sheep made their way down steep slopes to the smooth still water of the lake below, as part of their morning ritual like coffee. Beneath her pounding feet were smaller creatures stirring among the rocks and in their burrows, awaking with the gradual warmth of the morning.

        It was not part of Esmeray ritual to get up this early. Nor was it part of her routine to start a run just before daybreak. Yet here she was, up out of Kolbovstoretz's cave and running up her evening's exercise trail, when she normally would be rolling over in hopes of getting another two to three hours of sleep. The problem was that she had been tossing and turning all night and only slept for a few hours at a time. After the last hour she gave up simply out of frustration of staring at her eyelids and the crack in the cave-wall ceiling. Within the last few weeks, her sleeping patters had become more and more erratic. Although she was not one who kept to a strict schedule, she had noticed it began to affect her memory and patience.  The Tigrova fifth year knew it all stemmed from her concerns about her compiling assignments, her teetering grades and the dreaded fast approaching OWLs. She hoped that with a good run followed by a large breakfast, she could get more sleep before knocking out an essay and getting in some much-needed clear headed study time.

      Once outside, the cool morning air woke her. The brunette’s leg muscles fell into its familiar rhythm and her breathing soon followed. Breathing in for four, then slowly out for four, she jogged up the valley's path. Being a gradual incline, it was the perfect running warm up. She knew this path well and took it often in the evening. If she continued along the path, it would eventually plateau along a ridge where it split. One trail continued further up the mountain and the other more treaded path looped back, descending down another valley to the lakes edge. Esmeray had found that a walk along the shore, was the perfect cool down after the 45-minute run. It was a loop shared by a few runners, which was why she was not surprised she heard a similar cadence to her own stride coming up from behind her.

       Glancing back she found the outline of her fellow jogger barely visible behind the bending path's trees. She decided to pick up the pace at least until she reach the plateau. She had always hated to let someone over take her as she ran. She was anything, if not competitive and sometime used her own nature to challenge herself against others. Even with her quickened pace, she heard the steps of the fellow runner grow steadily louder. Esmeray frowned, wondering how long the other student had been following her, and if they had cut over from another path. She dug in her reserve, and gave her run a bit of boost, although found it to have little effect. Her mirror was still closing. Frustrated she glanced back again and was able to make out the familiar outline, which once would have brought her a beaming smile...Konrad.

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Running was the best way to clear his mind, especially after a night of very little sleep. Konrad hated that his brother was so plagued by nightmares. He spent a good part of his days trying to find some way to help him but usually came up short. They'd tried potions and spells and talking about it but nothing seemed to work. He just hoped that one day they would let up. And until that day he'd be right there, in the next bed, getting woken up all night and never growing angry for it. Yawning as he started his run he cracked his neck, ran a hand through his hair, and bounced a little to shake off any bit of sleepiness he had left. Running kept him moving, kept him from realizing that he didn't really have much going for him anymore. He used to have big plans but now Anders was really the only thing he worried about. His grades, graduation, careers none of that really held much weight anymore. The only other thing he had to look forward to after graduation was being reunited with his team of sled dogs. He missed them so much but he didn't let himself think about it.

Taking the path he normally did in the mornings Konrad felt his nerves beginning to settle. He always felt frazzled when he didn't get enough sleep. Especially when the sleep was broken up into little pieces and he never really fell all the way back to sleep. It made him feel jittery and tense but he did his best to make sure Anders never saw that. The last thing he needed was to accidentally give his brother a guilt trip about something neither one of them could stop.

Turning down the path he followed it up and down the hill and around the bend until he was out from behind the trees and then he saw her. Esmeray. She was running not far ahead of him and the fact that she seemed to be pushing to pick up the pace made him smile. He knew things with them were still kind of weird but it wasn't like they had to talk if they were racing. He pushed his own speed up, his cheeks getting a bit redder and his forehead glistening a little. Finally he reached her and gave her his classic whirlwind smile before giving it everything he had and breaking away from her.

"Come on Esme!" He called back, for a second forgetting they hadn't talked in so long that the nickname sounded foreign.

Running fixed everything.

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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It frustrated Esmeray to no end that Konrad could easily ketch up to her.  She considered herself a good runner, at least one of the best distance runners at Koldovstoretz. Yet while her body was built lean for distances, Konrad had trained his own strong muscular legs for more then just power. Truthfully it should not have been a surprise to Esmeray, because Konrad always rivaled her. She had first met him while they both tried out for the same position on the Deveritch team. Being a natural tree flyer and almost two years her senior, he won the position, while she only made the reserves. At that time she found the playful challenges between them to be invigorating. Their natural competitive natures with each other eventually developed into a strange type of chemistry.  A chemistry that was doomed the moment it started.

Running now neck and neck, she looked over at him just as he flashed that wonderfully, bright smile. Her breath caught and felt the similar tug in her chest. Pushing the old feelings down she reminded herself that she hated him and did not return the smile instead concentrated in placing her feet down on the path and not getting lost in... the past.

Within the moment of her internal struggle, he had somehow pulled in front. It was obvious that he was showing off, she thought and believed that he was making a mistake by not pacing himself. She entertained an image of him exhausted at the tail end of the path, while she whizzed past him, while yelling something about being late for breakfast.

The girl's daydreams were cut short by his taunt. Whether it was his old nickname for her or the competitive nature kicked back in, but the developing plan was gone in the next breath. She pushed herself again and found herself gaining on him. The trail was not wide at this point. As she neared, they had to run only a wand’s width apart. It was closer to him then Esmeray allowed herself to be, in over a year.

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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He wondered if she was always this fast but mostly he was just glad she wasn't running in the opposite direction. He kind of hated how things had ended with them, it was complicated and strange and he never did well with that. Konrad was a simple wizard but that never meant he didn't want to be her friend anymore. He wished they would have ended on better terms but he still had hope they could get better. He was willing to live with how things were now, he still felt kind of hurt, but he had faith it wouldn't be like this forever.

When they finally rounded the last turn that led to the clearing in the trees and down to the lake Konrad pushed just a little harder. He enjoyed the competition. "Last stretch!" He howled back to her, not letting her win, but running out of steam fast. He'd pushed too much too soon, he was slowing down and his body was refusing to keep up the pace. She was going to pass him any second he knew it. He'd gotten ahead of himself. She was faster than he remembered, she must of been training more.

Letting his hands fall to his knees as he took in a few deep breaths at the finish line he smiled up at her. His cheeks were bright red and his hair was wind blown but he was happy. Laughing among the much needed deep breaths he stretched with his hands out on either side of him. "You've gotten faster." He complimented her with another bright white smile. "Have you been practicing?"

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Her breath came in gasps, her heart was pounding fiercely, and her muscles burned at their limit as she continued to push them. She felt little of the pain for her senses took him in… her ears enjoyed the rhythm of his breath,her lungs the scent of his sweat and her heart, his playful presence. All of it she missed. Her fingers longed to reach out for his hand and her lips longed to return his bright beaming smile. She had never felt like this with anyone before or after him.

He is a dishonored Half-blood of a disgraced Family. Esmeray, your interaction with this… Lidström ends now. She remembered how her father’s words had torn her in two, even before mother’s ultimatum; aile ya da erkek arkadaş, discard this disgraced half-blooded crush.
That was the end of her parent’s argument. In their minds those statements had settled it. Yet Esmeray knew there was more. If they found out a year ago that she kept her relationship with Konrad… her sweet half-blood boyfriend, they would have removed her from school and kept her at home. It is unclear if they would have just detained her until she was 17 or forcefully married her off or just obliviate her memory of him. But No. It was not the simple choice of Family or your boyfriend.  They would not have let her just choose him. If she was 17 and got out of their grasp and then announced that she eloped, then and only then she could have chosen him because she would be out of her parent’s control and under the protection of wizard laws. As an adult they could still disowned her, refused her any inheritance, her parents would never talk to her again, she would never be welcome back to her home town and she would not get to watch her little brother grow up.  But that was what she was willing to do. She was not willing to give up Konrad’s heart, not after she attempted it once before.

For the briefest of moments she had tried. She had attempted to cut him out of her Red mooned Turkish heart but soon found out how deep her love for Lidström dyed her heart. When she gave up her family she had found out that her heart was only cut in two. Yet when she tried to cut Konrad out of her heart, she found that her heart had to be cut out completely. There was not a piece left, non worth salvaging. The Esmeray she was, would not survive.

Her plan a year ago was to pretend a break up and date in secrecy until she was 17 . It was a simple concept, but executing it was the issue. Looking back now, she know it would have been destined to fail and she would have end up a zihin köle becerdin in her parents’ custody. But 15-year-old her believed in true love. Alas, she forgot to ask about where his heart stood, if he felt as deeply. The ruse only lasted a week or two… before he called it off. It was as if it was a test for him, and unfortunately the she did not pass. Within a second his love stopped. The relationship ended. They were no longer together. He said something about not being able to live in secrecy, and it was not right. sağ lanet Esmeray did everything she could; yelled, screamed, even hit him. She tried to tear out his heart by dating another. She had no reaction from him, nothing but the pity-filled baby blue eyes that said they had already seen enough pain for a lifetime and was sad that they caused more.

He had pulled in front. Leaving her behind he, running after him… as her heart bled.

No, it was easier to hate him. If she concentrated on how much she hated him then she did not feel the pain. Maybe just, maybe the dye of love will bleed from her heart, and it would return to its bright red proud Turkish color.

She turned the corner at saw the dark lake.  He called back to her, but his words of encouragement fell on depth ears. Like the path, her life was all downhill from here.  She had felt love she could not shake off. One she was willing to give everything for him and Konrad has tossed it aside. She let her weight of her body recklessly carry her at the neck breaking speed down the path. She passed him on the way to the edge of the snow melt swollen shore. She knew she was going to run straight into the waters if she did not stop. If she was unluckily she would stumble, slip and face plant. The dark waters might be her end. No. She put on the brakes, she ran over the edge of the path, the pebbles slid under her shoes. She came to a halted just a meter from that lapping water, barely upright with one hand catching herself.Her legs were shaking. By her will alone she kept her balance as she straightened and she turned around to face him.

She found him bent over smiling, asking her about running. Running ! What was wrong with him. He never saw what was in my heart. Never.

She forced her wobbly legs to walk beneath her as she made her way back to the path. She walked up to him. Up until that point she thought she would punch him, yet face with his smile she sunk to her knees. This is not good. Her face was two feet away from his now. This was why she had to keep her distance, how else was she going to hate him. She attempted to clap his head between her hands and started to lean forward to giving him a kiss that said the words she couldn’t.

As she leaned in “I loved you, Konrad,” escaped her lips  While the other words in her head and I still do. did not.
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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Konrad was pretty emotionally intuitive, he was pretty good at reading a situation or some ones body language, and he liked to think he was pretty good when it came to the fairer sex, but nothing about Esme was ever what it seemed. It was part of what had attracted him to her what felt like forever ago. She was wild, anytime she was supposed to be one thing she ended up being something else entirely, he envied that in her. He wished he could be more than what everyone assumed he was. He was a jock, he was charming and handsome and athletic, just like they thought he would be. But he wanted to be more. He wished he had been enough for her family but he wasn't. Story of his life, he was over it.

And yet it seemed she wasn't.

When she came close to him he wondered what she was going to do. Was she going to yell at him again? Tell him to shove off and find another path to run on? Was she going to joke with him like they used to and everything could maybe go back to being kind of normal? That would of been his preference. They were friends before they dated and honestly he missed that. Never would he have guessed what she did next. He felt her hands on either side of his face and the moment slowed down as she came in for a kiss. It was weird, kissing her again, but he didn't push her away. Konrad didn't have a mean bone in his body but he had to be honest with her. "Esme..." he said softly, not really kissing her back but not trying to hurt her either. He took a step away from where she was, an unfamiliar frown crossing his features. "I'm sorry I just..."

"We can't go back there."

He hated telling her something that might cause her pain. In his memory they were both to blame for what happened. Sometimes he tried to replay it in his head. What if they hadn't tried to date in secret, would they of been able to remain friends? It was like they tore a bandage off of a fresh wound trying to pretend like they had. What if he had been able to handle being kept in the dark, would they still be together? Could they of been happy that way... he wondered, but his gut always brought him to the same conclusion. As much as he cared for her he couldn't live that kind of a lie and he had a feeling she wouldn't of been able to forever either. It would of only delayed the hurt, not stopped it.

"I loved you too..." He wondered if he should say it, but he never lied to her before and he wasn't about to start now. "But everything has changed." He followed quickly, taking another step back before dropping down to sit on a fallen tree trunk that wasn't covered in too much snow. "You know?"

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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An explosion of emotions happened when Esmeray's lips touched his. Part of her expected him to pull away, the other part of her expected him to kiss her back. Her skin waited for his touch, yet her brain was telling her she should slap him, while her heart just wanted him to tell her he loves her.

What am I doing? What is wrong with me?

She asked herself again the moment just before she realized it was different. His kiss felt different and he was not kissing back. But it was more than that. Something was missing. She kept her eyes shut when he said her name. It was only when he pulled back… she finally opened her eyes.

The Tigova was on her knees, looking at his feet. She saw him step away. She should have realized he had stepped away a year ago. A sob escaped her mouth for a split second before she hid it with a sharp intake of breath. Placing her hands on the dirt and gravel, she allowed them to claw the ground before she pushed herself-upright. Exhausted, she willed her legs to stand, and her blueish-copper-green watery eyes to meet Konrad's baby-blue ones, while she let out a frustrated breath that was on the verge of turning in to a scream…

“You are sorry?” She started to ask with her hands in fists. Fighting the urge to throw the sand and sharp rocks digging in her palm into his face.  Then his next words We can't go back there. stopped whatever train of thought she had. A flood of the many reasons she told herself, why they can’t be together popped up in her head.

“I know, I know…” she said to herself. Esmeray shook her head as if trying to clear her brain. She needs to find the anger again. Not more pain, No more longing. No more love…

Then he said it I loved you too… A cool wave washed over her. Deep down she knew she needed her hear that. Just one last time. She needed to know that he did love her and she did not imagine it. At one time they had something she thought was worth fighting for and lying for and losing her family for. She knew the only problem was he could not lie. She just wished he could, and he tried but… he was just too much of a good guy and he could not keep up the ruse.

but everything changed.

Now she found it, the anger. It might be wrapped in love, pain and sorrow but it’s there…

“What do you mean everything is changed? Do I know? Of course, I know.  But how could you just stop loving me so…so .. I mean, I know we could not continue, but I mean, I was willing to give up everything for you. And you… you… you!”. She lifted her fists up like a child about to have a tantrum. She wanted to pound his chest. She finally only let out a frustrated grunt, while bringing down her arms and releasing her fists full of sand and gravel. She let it pepper her legs and she guiltful noticed some dirt went towards his while she continued. “How could you just be over it?”

A thought occurred to her… “Are you with someone else?" She wiped her hands clean on her hips before examining them. A few rocks had scratched deep enough to cause a few red marks on the center of her palm. She crossed her hands hoping to hide them. As if hiding them would, also hide her stupidity. "I know I have no right to ask you this."
She had dated someone else right away, halfway to get back at him and halfway to get him back. There were not the emotions in that relationship she had with him. It was not real. While Esmeray knew her and Konrad had something real. Still, Konrad had the right to date anyone he wants now, including… A new cored of jealousy wrapped around her anger as she thought of Miss Perfect.

“But are you with Valentina? I mean I saw you two at Parent’s day together…. I mean you can be. I just need to know.”
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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Everything about this moment felt so raw, unreal, unnatural, and he wasn't a fan. He thought maybe for a second they could go back to being friends. Back to before everything got more complex than he was able to handle but he was starting to see now that just wasn't possible. It hurt even more now than it had before. Like he'd put all that drama and pain on pause and now someone had pressed play again. She was hurt, clearly, and he was too, but how were they supposed to fix it? They couldn't stop being who they were. They couldn't turn the clock back on all of the nonsense and noise that had kept them apart. He was tired of feeling like he wasn't good enough for her. He was tired of trying to figure out how to make things work. He gave up on all of that a long time, it wasn't like him to give up, but he had to. He had to cut loose from all of it before it dragged him under. He just hated that he had hurt her in the process. He loved her, once, and it felt like yesterday and ten years ago all at the same time.

He watched her as she seemed to go from one emotion to the next faster than he could comprehend. He was fairly emotionally articulate, it was one of the few strengths he had, but even he couldn't figure out what she was thinking or feeling. He never really could. She was like a rip tide, constantly changing and evolving and it was all he could do to keep from getting swept up in it. He opened his mouth and shut it a few times during the course of what she was doing and saying. He wanted to interrupt and say something that would make it better, make her stop, but he couldn't find the words or the right time. Instead he leaned back, hands slipping into his jacket pockets and head falling back against another tree. He stared up into the sky, sighing, until she said something that set him off.

"Me?" He wasn't mean or cruel, he couldn't be, but he was serious. The smile that lit up his face was replaced by a swell of emotion and a deep frown. Eyebrows furrowed, eyes narrow, he just stared at her until he could speak. "How can you possibly blame me for this. You weren't willing to give up anything, you wanted to hide. That's not sacrifice Esmeray. That's not brave." She tried to re-spin the whole thing like it was him who had made them fall apart. Like it was his doing but he remembered an entirely different story. It was her family that got between them, and they both let it happen. To be fair neither one of them had fought hard enough but they were teenagers what did they know about love. He wanted to speak again but he felt his cheeks getting red. She was one of the few people who could actually hurt him, make him angry, and he hated it. Sitting back again he shook his head. He was over this entire conversation, yes he was over it. And then she did it again.

"Thanks for the permission but no." He told her shortly. "I am not dating Vale, we're just friends." He wanted to tell her how he had needed a friend on parents day and Valentina was there. That she kept him distracted from the fact that his own parents would never come to another event like that again. He wanted to make her understand, and maybe a little bit guilty, but he held himself back. He didn't need to drag her down. "Look I wasn't trying to bring all this up. I thought maybe we could be friends again. Run together like we used to... but if it's just going to cause drama then forget it." He felt defeated, it was clear in his voice and posture that he didn't want to deal with any of this. He wasn't trying to fight with her, he hated fighting with her.

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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A year ago, she loved how carefree and relaxed he always was. Back then it was like a breath of fresh air for her compared to the rigidness of her family and school. Yet now, the sight of him leaning against the tree staring up at the sky made her feel he wanted to be anywhere but here talking to her. This just fueled the chaotic flame within her. She had kept spouting her frustrations that she had bounded up all year, in a hardly comprehensible manner.

When her rants triggered something within him, she was at first happy when he started to really react but what he said made no sense to her. She just stood there with a confused expression on her face before replying: “I am not brave? You know I was the one willing to risk MY parents finding out. You know they would have likely pulled me from school and kept me home like a prisoner? I would have likely end up in an arrange marriage by seventeen. I don’t think they would even bothered to threaten you, unless... you tied to come for me. Maybe they are right. I mean, I thought what we had was worth it, but I guess you did not.”

She tilted her head back and looked at the clear morning sky, she had angrily watched him stare at a moment a go. The colors of the morning sun light hand faded into a rich blue. It was the color of his eyes. She took in a breath of the crisp morning air and said. “I guess you did the right thing. Like you always do. They would have found out one way or another if we continued. I would be no longer enrolled in Kolbotstorez and engaged to a creepy second cousin by now.”

She gave a laugh that seemed to release some of her stress in her chest. 
When he said he was not with Valentina an additional tingle of tension released from her spinal cord down her back. She let out a breath and looked out at the lake. She did not know why she was so jealous of their Deveritch captain. She was trying to put together words to explain just why Valentina was such a concern to her… Was it that she was muggle born and so she could relate more to Konrad? She knew deep down that Konrad was in pain since his mother’s death and his father stuck in the hospital and what he really needed was a stable loving relationship and stable family structure. She wished she could have given it to him, but because of her family, she couldn’t.   

She was thankful he moved on to another subject and did not wait for a response, but her relief was short lived. Esmeray realized she had pushed him to his limit. Her parents blew their chance to be romantically together and now she was messing up any hope of being friends. She felt like she was losing him again.

“I am sorry, OKAY!? But with breakups, there is drama. I just had not had anyone to talk to. My parents used my sister as a spy and what was I going to do? Tell my friends we broke up again? Risk it get around to my sister?" She gave a short laugh. "I was mad and I needed to get it all out.”
The thought of her sister made her look down the path toward the school. Feeling exposed so she walked over to him and sat an arms distance away from him on the log. “Look, Konrad you were my friend and then my boyfriend. I really missed... us. I wanted to hate you, I wanted you to fight for me… but I guess the break up was for the best.”

She kicked the ground as she remembered the kiss and how different it felt. It was missing something. Passion? She loved him and cared for him deeply, but something had changed. A memory of his smile during the run... She wanted to be friends... if they could. She had really did miss him. His laugh. She said a three letter Turkish cuss word a little too loudly before adding, “So you think we could be friends?” 
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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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As much as he probably should have wanted to get into all of this with her Konrad just didn't. It wasn't that he didn't care or had somewhere else to be it was just that it all seemed so raw and strange. They dated for less time than they had been stuck in this weird dramatic tiff. He remembered when he wanted to be around her all the time, hear her laugh, listen to her thoughts, and he remembered when she betrayed him. Even if he knew realistically she hadn't meant to and he tried to not blame her for the pitfalls of her family some small part of him still felt like she had. It was probably hypocritical to be mad at her for her family thinking badly of him because of his family but rationality didn't always win. "I didn't want to date you in secret." He said to her, still leaning up against the tree, eyes closed now. "I didn't want you to get into trouble either though." She always played the martyr when this came up and sometimes he let her but they had both been to blame. She thought it would work in secret, he didn't, and then he convinced himself it could, and she changed her mind. It was tragic and almost funny but clearly not meant to be.

"No I know..." he said, the cheerfulness that usually was nearly depleted from his voice. He hated break ups, he loved being in a relationship but this part almost made it not worth it. Konrad was a good boyfriend usually. He was doting, he listened, he tried to be cute and surprising, but they never even really got to that part. It was like there was all this emotion and hype leading up to something that never really happened. They never even really "broke up" because they never really even "got together". They were a couple, sure, but for how long? And that left everything raw and undecided and incomplete and frustrating. "I'm sorry you didn't have anyone to talk to you..." He meant that part, finding a shred of their former friendship and clinging to it, he still cared about it. Sitting forward as she moved to sit with him he pivoted to be able to see her. She seemed calmer now, less likely to smack him, but with Esme that was always still a possibility.

Her next words got his blood boiling again and it was all he could do to keep from shouting at her. He clenched his jaw and took a deep breath half wondering if she was just trying to get him to be as angry and upset as she had been. How could she say something so hurtful? And then to top it off she turned around and asked if they could go back to being friends. Konrad took a moment, blinking a few times as a few different reactions coursed through him until finally the strongest one rose to the top. He laughed. "Really?" He said, eyes growing bright again and dimples back in full. He smiled and chuckled loudly, shaking his head as he moved to run his hand through his hair. "Of course we can be friends, but you gotta' stop with the drama." He didn't want to be rude about it but he was serious. If they were going to be friends she couldn't go around saying things like 'I wanted you to fight for me' because he thought he had. It hurt that she had said that, did she really think that way about him? He didn't give up on them until she had made it impossible to do anything but.

He supposed that was always how it went though, no matter the details behind a break up, everyone always blamed the other person. It was natural and it sucked. "Look I'm sorry for everything that happened between us. It never should of gone that way, but I'd like to be friends again, if you want?"

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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Oh gosh I have blown it. The sixteen-year-old thought as he laughed. Could it be possible to hurt more to lose the chance of ever being a friend again, than when he stopped being my boyfriend? When they broke up a year ago, she was shocked, angry and in disbelief. This time she had just gutted herself in front of him, poured out everything… all her anger and pain and now there was nothing left except a raw love, a longing for their past friendship and a sorrow that it could be gone for good. When she heard him ask ‘Really,’ she thought that he would go into a tirade about why they couldn’t be friends. Yet it was then his face had changed. She thought she saw relieve and joy in his chuckled filled smile. She held her breath and waited until he spoke again.

An explosion of her joy was replaced by a white flash of anger. “I am not the one bringing drama.. err being dramatic. It was my family. They are full of it! I am.., I was just getting things off my chest.  I mean, I guess I was a little dramatic. I didn't mean too…”

Her mind replayed the kiss, the throwing sand, the marching around, yelling, and accusations, all  as if she saw it from a third person point of view. “Oh. May the jinn protect me. I am turning into them aren’t I?.” Over their time dating, she had hinted just how often her parents has fought when she was young, and that they split a few times. She hoped he remembered also she wanted to be nothing like them. She turned toward him and said with a grin. “Promise me, if I become a drama queen again you would throw a quaffle in my face.”

She illustrated the old joke between them by smacking her palm to her own temple and then facetiously toppled off the log. She rolled over and sat up on the ground. She let out a few giggles while she stretched out her abused legs.

She listened to him and then simply replied. “I am sorry too…” She could have list all that she was sorry for; Being a drama queen. Her parents being stupid, money and status desiring purebloods. For being so mad at him this year that I did not say more than two words at any time until now. She felt a little guilty, but it was over and she hated to admit she was at fault.

“I do want to.” She held out her hand so that he could help her up.

Normally they would have hugged, or maybe she would have given him a peck on the cheek. Instead she crossed her arms and looked across the smooth lake. She noticed that morning colors changed in the cliffs.  They were not dark and brooding or the vivid hues of flame, instead the warm sunlight colored them the more neutral colors of grey and tan. Birds fluttered joyfully about the trees and below them the shining snow have thinned to give way to the bright greens of new spouted grass of spring. She felt changed too. Her heart was still dyed with her love for him, but  it was so much lighter now. Whatever was new or renewing between them she wanted it and did not want it to be awkward. So she turned to him and dramatically rubbed her belly. “Man, I am starving. You want to head back and grab some breakfast? I swear I could eat a full plate of eggs and three cups of tea.”
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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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Konrad was still chuckling by the time she began to protest the fact that she had been dramatic and her words only edged him further along in the strange glee he was experiencing. Maybe it was because they had been at odds for so long now it seemed comical. Maybe it was relief because maybe, finally, it was going back to how it used to be. Laughter had always been a big part of their friendship and especially when they were laughing at themselves. He smiled at her, nodding his head knowingly as she began to smile again and joke around. "You got a deal." He told her lightly and let out another loud roar of a laugh as she fell off the log in a typically Esme type of way. "Not dramatic at all." He teased, his smile reaching all the way up to his eyes. "You are wild you know that?" It was said in a friendly way, she was always surprising him, she was interesting that was to say the very least. "But you're not them."

She apologized as well and Konrad started to feel better about the whole thing. He was happy that they had a chance to hash some things out. He knew there would always be some weirdness between them, that was unavoidable, and they would probably argue now and again but at least they were talking. That was progress. It had been a weird year not really being able to talk to her even though they were teammates. Standing up as she held her hand up to him he helped her up and then tucked his hands into the pockets of his sweater. His posture was lighter, his smile bright, and his blue eyes beamed at her. This was how it should of been all along. They were friends once, they could be again.

"Yeah food sounds good." He agreed before chuckling at her antics once more. "Okay, lets just make sure there isn't any caffeine in those four cups yeah?" He laughed before he looked in the direction of the school building, and then back to her and wiggled his eye brows. "Race you back?!" And he was off, running ahead of her knowing she'd catch up. It was like they were back to the old days, running along side each other instead of in opposite directions and it felt right.


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Re: Why are you running away? [Konrad]
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She had laughed at him calling her dramatic. It warmed her to have him make light hearted fun over her behavior. She gave a jester like hand flourish bow from the ground when he called her wild. Of course, a true untamable Tigrova recognizes another.  When he said she was not her family, all she gave was silently staring in veneration while letting out a sigh of relief. She was a rebel at heart and as such to become your parents were of the worst conceivable outcome.

When he pulled her up, she grabbed his forearm, as a male classmate would another. She tied to do the majority of the lifting herself. Being girly did not come naturally and she hated to seem dainty or weak. With Konrad’s strength and two inches of height over hers, one would think it would be hard to feel not dainty with him. Yet, even with his gentleman-like nature, he had somehow always treated her as teammate, challenger and even equal partner. It made her feel she could be even more herself. This was something she truly missed.

When he agreed to the food she replied. “I said THREE cups, but I will take four, especially if it gives me an excuse for a bathroom break in History of Magic. Oh, and they better have caffeine, or I’ll fall asleep halfway through the Giant Wars of the 1700’s.” She gave a laugh and was gearing up to give an imitations of the professor's voice followed by her snoring, when she noticed him glance away and back again. He then gave her a look that means to her that he had something up his sleeve. She was looking down the path in front of them trying to decipher his attentions, when she barely registered his question, (although technically more of an announcement) and he shot past her. Her body instinctually jerked into life in response, even while she complained “Hey! You know that is not fare!”

Her body found it’s stride, as the furthest corner of her mind reeled. She realized her sister will see them eating together… as friends. she corrected, before her rebellious thoughts bubbled up. Let her tell our parents.  I will be damned if I let them choose my friends.

"So what do I get if I win?" She yelled as she started to close the gap between them.

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