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    « on: July 19, 2018, 06:31:33 PM »
    Lisbon, Portugal | July 1996

    “It’s not much farther, promise.” Quinn was careful not to choke her little brother as she held onto him; she’d hate to kill him after insisting he give her a piggyback ride to the next club. They had done shots at the last one, something with rum, maybe -- she wasn’t too picky when it came to men buying her drinks -- but they had enough of that place so it was time for something new.

    @Alex Regan had come over from Dublin with her parents and all their other siblings a few days ago, but everyone else except her (favorite) sibling had left that afternoon after lunch. They had a whole summer together in front of them, and Quinn had a full two weeks off from official training with the Braga Broomfleet to properly enjoy herself. She had missed him too much, had told him how awful she felt for leaving him behind, especially considering she had left home a full year and a half than either of them had anticipated.

    But they had fit back together like nothing had changed, much to Quinn’s hidden relief, and she hadn’t wanted to waste any time.

    Her boyfriend Estevão was old -- twenty-three already -- and had decided to stay in Braga for the night, saying that he trusted Alex to take good care of her. He must not have been too familiar with the younger Regan, but Quinn wasn’t about to argue. She didn’t really want to spend time with the Portuguese man anyway; they had been ‘exclusive’ for a few months now but he was nothing if not on her nerves. He was hot though, and kind of sort of employed as a trainer with the Broomfleet, so she wasn’t sure how to exit the relationship gracefully. It was easier just to ignore it sometimes.

    Like now. “That one there,” she said authoritatively, pointing quickly toward an inconspicuous door up ahead with her right hand, her left pulling again at the hem of her dress, only somewhat caring about how much or how little she was flashing the people behind them. She hadn’t planned her outfit anticipating that she would want to be carried, but she also wasn’t about to walk the streets of Bairro Alto with bare feet, though she had been tempted. She had worn one of her newest pairs, a cute silver pair of heels that her dad had purchased for her earlier in the week, which also apparently had built in knives sewn into the leather.

    She maneuvered her way back to the pavement just outside the door before offering the man at the door a little wave, scooting inside and pulling Alex in after her. “I think…” she paused as she scanned the room. It was crowded, but there were certainly a few men by themselves (though she had no problem with taken men, either). “That one.” She pointed at a tall and tanned guy, hair slicked back, button-up shirt unbuttoned practically to his navel, white linen pants. Not really her type, but she knew she could get a round of drinks out of him. “What do you think?”
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    “May I remind you—“ Alex paused, awkwardly heaving Quinn more securely up on his back. “—Which of us is the professional athlete?” His sister, of course, was the sort of professional athlete who was generally small and light, but he’d been carrying her for quite a while. He shifted her to one arm to shake out the other for a moment, and then switched. “Isn’t there some kind of charm to make your shoes feel better?” In some ways women’s fashion was more practical (Alex wouldn’t have minded an excuse to carry a purse) but they could certainly be stupid about their heels.

    He let Quinn direct him toward the next venue nevertheless. If it were still his birthday he might have argued further, but that had been yesterday’s family affair. Even if tonight was technically a part of the celebration—he couldn’t turn seventeen without a night on the town, could he?—he wasn’t really owed anything. Time to be a good brother again.

    The evening was the beginning of a comprehensive tour of Portuguese wizarding nightlife. Quinn had been here long enough to know what she was doing. Alex was just being taken for the ride, and enjoying it thoroughly. He tucked his sweaty hair behind his ears as he let Quinn down and straightened up to take in the view down the hill. He breathed in the humid night air and grinned. His seventeenth summer wasn’t going to be spent anywhere but where his closest sister was, and he was thankful she was somewhere nice. She could’ve been drafted onto a team somewhere he could speak the language a little better, of course. But she also could have ended up playing for Siberia, so he was luckier than not.

    Alex smiled pleasantly and muttered a quick “obrigado” to the bouncer as Quinn pulled him inside. This club was smaller than the last. He leaned against a free table and fanned himself with his hand, glancing down the bar to check out the other patrons. He and Quinn had begun to run low on money before it had even gotten dark, but fortunately they were young and attractive.

    Quinn pointed out a tall wizard on the edge of the dance floor, and Alex narrowed his eyes, appraising him. “Wouldn’t say no,” he decided. “What, oh, for you?” It should have been obvious. The bars in Quinn’s repertoire weren’t ones where he was likely to be hit on, and that wasn’t even what he was here for, but Alex was drunk and fuzzy and an adult for the second night, feeling ready to be here for everything at once. “Yeah, go for it,” he said with a chuckle, leaning close to Quinn’s ear to speak over the music. “See if he’ll get your brother something too.” He looked over toward a couple women across the room who looked as if they’d reached middle age with some reluctance and flashed one of them a smile as they made eye contact. “If not, I’ll try them.”

    His eyes drifted back to the sleazy wizard, and after a moment he leaned toward Quinn again. “How many more buttons could I undo before you pretend not to know me?”

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    “Unless you think you could do better,” Quinn replied with a roll of her eyes, still wanting his approval before she made any sort of attempt. She didn’t want to waste her time if he didn’t think the guy would be worth it. She leaned in closer as Alex spoke again, slipping an arm around his waist, half for proximity’s sake and half for her own balance. “Oh, of course. Won’t be a success if I can’t.” She was still sizing up the man with the deep-V, planning out how best to approach him without fully disgusting herself.

    Her gaze shifted to the women her brother was talking about, and Quinn shrugged. “I don’t have to fail for you to try them, you know.” Free drinks were free drinks. She was a professional athlete now, sure, but she didn’t actually make any money until she actually played.

    Quinn tilted her head as she looked back over to her original target, her eyes drifting down the line of unbuttoned buttons. “Hmm,” she considered for a moment, as if it took some actual thought. “I guess it depends if your chest hair has come in yet.” She eyed one particularly gnarly curled one, even from her viewpoint a ways away, that was certainly not doing the man any favors.

    “Here goes.” Quinn unlatched herself from Alex and grabbed to empty glasses off the nearest table, one in each hand, the ice clinking obviously as she made her way to the bar. She caught the man’s elbow with her upper arm and tripped dramatically, throwing her glasses of ice on the floor in her ‘effort’ to remain upright. It must have been convincing enough, making him think that she had spilled two full drinks, though that might have been helped by her sudden and rapid Portuguese complaints that she had indeed just spilled two free drinks.

    “I learned way too much about that man,” she declared as she returned, two freshly made and freshly bought gin and tonics in tow. “His name is Robert, he’s visiting from California, doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese, and,” she paused for dramatic effect, “He says I’m lucky to have such a cute boyfriend.” She slid a glass to her brother, holding her own up to offer a cheers before she tipped it back, straw pushed aside, and took a large gulp. She was enjoying having Alex around, of course, but if this was the start of some new trend for people to like him more than her, he might need to go back to Ireland early. Still, she chose not to be too annoyed as she shared his spoils with him.
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    Alex tightened his lips and fingered his highest done button as he watched Quinn swipe a pair of empty glasses and set off toward her mark. Whatever she said, he undid just the one. There was something to be said for the continental style. He liked the ease of it. That wasn’t something his clothes often had.

    He looked again toward the women he’d been eyeing. If he’d wanted to he could have charmed them. That was more his style. He was less of a trickster than Quinn, preferred to rely on straight charisma, and half the time genuinely enjoyed it. But as he watched the ladies chatting at their spindly table it seemed like so much work. He wasn’t in the mood to do work. He would have to do enough work next year, and he was on vacation, and he was a lightweight drunk and it was his birthday and he just wanted to dance.

    Quinn returned and Alex slung an arm around her shoulders. He gratefully took a glass. “Cheers to the future,” he said, clinking his glass with Quinn’s before sipping from it. “Someday you’ll be rich enough there’s no need to steal.” He listened intently to her findings, but didn’t catch her last drift immediately. “Does he know your boyfriend?” asked Alex. “No—wait.” Unable to act reasonably, he stared over his shoulder at Robert from California. “Huh.” Deciding he wouldn’t say no was alright in theory, but the thought of actually engaging with this bloke made him more nervous than he’d admit. The man looked up then. Their eyes met. Alex summoned a bit more restraint this time and sent back his best smoldering gaze over the rim of his glass. There was no denying he liked this feeling, being attractive. But for now he thought he’d like being with his sister more than with some stranger. “Well, he can go on thinking you’re lucky,” said Alex, locking an elbow around Quinn’s neck and kissing the side of her head.

    He pulled out his wand and sent his glass over the crowd back to the bar. It clattered over as he set it down and he winced and quickly turned his back. “C’mon,” he urged, taking both of Quinn’s hands and tugging her toward him onto the edge of the dance floor. He shimmied his shoulders a little. ”I like this music.”


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