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Trial and Error [All Years]
« on: August 04, 2018, 03:03:21 AM »
It had been a good year overall for Monty as a professor. His students seemed to grasp his lessons decently well enough and he couldn’t think of a perfect time to introduce them to something more thrilling. He rearranged his classroom to have multiple rounded tables with chairs, about six to a table, situated around them. With a flick of his wand the trunk he had sitting in the corner of the classroom, near his desk, opened and an assortment of objects floated their way onto the tables. Each table had six different items ranging from household utensils to no-maj sporting goods. Nothing was too big or bulky that a student couldn’t ideally pick the item up though he figured some of the more bulky items might be a tad heavy for some of his younger students. “Excellent,” Monty bemused to himself as he put his wand away and clasped his hands. This lesson was going to be a fun one for the students at least Monty would hope so. Now he just had to wait for his student to arrive.

As the last trickle of students made their way into class he began his lesson. “Congratulations on making it this far class,” Monty announced gleefully. He looked around at his students and wondered how this lesson would go on with their minds and if they would enjoy the challenge. For the younger students it certainly would be a bit more difficult, but for the older students it might be a bit more relaxing for them at least he hoped it would be. “Today we will be working in pairs. Younger students should find an older student to pair up with,” Monty gave with a smile before adding, “Though I won’t say no to you pairing up with your year-mates just be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.” There would be no real trouble for students if they did this outside of them possibly not completing the task.

Monty made a gesture to the objects placed in front of them, “As you can see each table has a collection of random objects placed in their center. They each have been cast with a charm, hex, or curse on them and your task is to discover the spell used on them and a counter for said spell. For you younger student’s your main objective is to figure out what the spell is and what its effect on the user is. You can do this by either testing out spells on it to see how it will react or simply touching the item and let its spell take effect upon you.” The professor took a moment for the students to look at the items real quick before adding, “None of these items will be of any real danger to you so you needn’t worry about major injury or death from them. That being said some do tend to pack a punch so choose wisely.” Monty then directed his attention to the older students, “For you that are getting closer to leaving school you will be attempting to discern the spell while attempting to fix any adverse effects it has on the younger students. This will also include removing the charm or spell upon the item and returning it to the trunk.” Monty made a gesture to the open trunk near his desk.

Monty decided that he would demonstrate the task at hand for those who might be a bit more skeptical of the task.  He grabbed a hand mirror that was upon one of the near-by tables and could feel the spell work on him right away. This one was one of the more simple ones which caused the user’s hand to be covered with dirt. “As you can see this mirror leaves dirt on the place of contact and to fix this we must first release the charm placed upon it,” Monty said calmly. He took his wand out and cleared his voice before stating, “Finite Incantatem.” The mirror shook a little bit before becoming unmoving again and when it did the mirror reflected back a thumbs-up. Monty directed the mirror towards the class adding, “As you can see when you get the spell correct the item will reveal some sort of gesture or noise that the task has been completed and the item is now back to its normal state. Conversely if done incorrectly it will let you know by buzzing or heating up. Don’t be discouraged to try again or even choose a different item as there are plenty to go around.” Monty then waved his wand again and had the mirror place itself back into the trunk. “Now for the removal of the spell in which I have been afflicted with,” Monty said gently, “How you get rid of this is more open to you than the object so don’t feel like you have to try the same old trick each time.” He gazed at a few of the older students before pointing at his hand with his wand and saying, “Scourgify” Foamy pink bubbles erupted from his wand and began cleaning his hand. “I will be pacing around the room watching you all and helping out anyone who needs a push in the right direction so feel free to get started,” Monty added before making his move around the classroom.

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 03:32:36 AM »
Defense against the dark arts was a class Shimmer had no real opinion on. The subject was something she knew was useful and everything, but the professor was another thing. He was almost a little too chirpy at times. The young woman thought there was something strange about the older man. “I bet you he isn’t even senile,” Shimmer said aloud as she made her way to the classroom. She didn’t care who heard and honestly why should she? Shimmer would be graduating from this dump of a school and be heading towards her goal of being a part of the people who judge wizards for their crimes. She was so close she could almost taste it she just needed to finish these next few months and she would be free.

When she entered the classroom her left eyebrow raised up on intrigue. The desks were replaced with rounded tables with strange objects placed upon them. She had to hold her tongue for a second there as she wanted to make a snide remark on how he had no sense of design for an older professor.  She made her way to a table and sat down and leaned on her arm and waited for class to start. As the professor began to talk she had to suppress a groan. Could this man be any more of a windbag? To top it all off she would be forced to work with a whelp of a student. This was going to be a tedious task for the older girl and she knew she was going to hate this lesson. “I bet one of these children are going to end up falling out of their chair in surprise from this, “she said in a mumble to herself before smiling, “Would be great if they ended up knocking themselves out too.” That would certainly make this class more enjoyable still it really depended on who was easy to frighten.

After his speech of a lesson and demonstration Shimmer sighed, “Finally we can get this over with.” She picked herself out of her chair and examined the objects at her table and wondered if she should just do everything herself. It would be a lot easier and faster, but if her thoughts on the professor were correct he would probably scold her and take points from her house if she did that. So she reluctantly decided she would find a student to work with and just finish this as quickly as possible. She walked to the nearest student younger than her and demanded, “You are teaming up with me so let’s get this over with.” She didn’t wait for a response and waited for them to join her back at her table.

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2018, 11:35:47 AM »
The beaming first year practically skipped down the hall to her next class. It was her class with her grandfather! Her favorite class ever. Not that she did not like cooking with Great-Auntie Millie, or Charms with Great-Uncle Ernie, but loved that she saw her Grandfather twice a week.

His classes where always fun. Well… except all the scary things they learned. Who knew there was so many scary beasts out there and different ways to do bad things? Still her Grandfather always found different ways to challenge Sylvia and the rest of the class. She did not understand why everyone was not skipping to his class with a giant smile on their face too.

When she entered the room, she immediately noticed the desks were rearranged. Oh! YOU KNEW the class was going to be really good one, if Grandpa Monty moved the desks! She thought as she became even more excited.

She found a table near her grandfather and waved in her friends ( @Sunny Bird  , @John Henry Bird VII  , and @Leah Miller ) to join her, as soon as they entered to door. It was something she might never do normally but she was feeling giddy. Sylvia looked over the objects on the desk. She thought there was a puzzle or something was hidden among them. Grandpa always like no-maj things, so she studied the objects that looked like they could be no-maj, a little harder then the others. Although she was careful not to touch them, not that she was worried, but more because she wanted to follow her Grandfathers instructions…

She shushed her friends when her Grandfather started to talk. Soon a small shiver of fear ran up her spine. Curse, hex, evil charmed all of them? She glanced wildly at the items on the table and leaned back into her chair, as if they could come to life and bite her any minute. Being raised by multi generational wizards, Sylvia knew better than to pick up anything mysterious. She knew jinxes could be placed on any object and it was a common prank among children. She had seen a few no-maj born, first years that did not have a clue yet get some nasty spells placed on them from picking up some tantalizing object in the halls. Her own father placed a protective jinx on her diary for her, but she had no idea how to remove them. This class will be very interesting.   

The Horned Serpent carefully took out her Charms book and her Defense Against the Dark Arts book and flipped them to the index. Sylvia quickly found the word she was looking for…Revelio. It was a spell she had yet to formally learned, but came across it in her reading.  But before she had a chance to break out her wand, her Grandfather started to speak again.
The young girl let out a shriek when her grandfather picked up the hand mirror. With a relief, she realized the spell only caused a fine layer of dust to form on his hand. His hand did not turn to stone, nor was it going to fall off. With just a few of her grandfather's words, “Finite Incantatem and Scourgify” the object was nullified and the damage was undone.

She was in the middle of looking up “Finite Incantatem,” hoping deeply to earn some extra house points for being the first, first year to be able to cancel the objects hex. But she soom was interrupted when she heard a voice ( @Shimmer Vega) behind her. “You are teaming up with me so let’s get this over with.”

“What?” Sylvia turned around in time to see a seventh year walk away.

“Was she talking to me?” Sylvia asked Sunny.

Reluctantly, she gathered her books and her book back and walked over to the table where a lot of the upperclassman chose to sit. “Um, hi. You want to work together with me?” She said a little hesitantly before sitting down near the open seat next to her.

“You are not going to make me hold something are you? Can’t we use the Reveal I mean revelio or something? ”  She said shyly, not looking the underclassmen inthe eye, as she reset her books on the table.

She dared a glanced back at her Grandfather and her friends hoping for a reprieve. Most seventh and sixth years were so angry, scary and big. She did not know why her grandfather was making them team up. The first and second years should have worked together as a team or something. Maybe this class will not be so fun… she allowed herself one self-pitying ”sniffle.”
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Shimmer Vega [ American Ministry ]
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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2018, 09:07:29 AM »
It took the girl whom she had asked to pair with her some time to finally join her at her table. “Took you long enough,” she commented to the girl with her arms folded. Did the girl honestly think she was going to wait for her forever? If it might not have possibly docked her points and given her a detention she might have dragged the poor girl kicking and screaming. Yet she knew she needed to stay in some good graces with the professors if she was to graduate from this institution. She looked over the girl some more, who just so happened to be in the same house as her, and felt she was probably going to need as much help as possible to do well in this lesson and Shimmer wasn’t going to have it. When the first year asked her if she would be forcing her to touch one of the items Shimmer sighed in disbelief. Was this girl really thinking of touching it herself? Did she not realize how dangerous that would be? Even if the professor did take safety measures to ensure no one was harmed having the intelligence to doubt and figure things out without risking yourself was a better choice.

Shimmer watched the girl and saw her sniffle slightly after looking at the professor and her friends whom she just left. She rolled her eyes and sighed once more and tried to take a more gentle tone of voice for the girl’s sake. “From what the professor has said I’m basically your baby-sitter for this class. So do whatever you want to do and how you wish to do it,” Shimmer said as calmly as she could. She pulled out her wand and added, “I may not care for this lesson, but I’m not about to let our house end up behind.” She wanted her house to have the most cranberries in the cauldron this year and they needed to either be the first to finish their task or one of the best. Shimmer turned away from the young girl and looked at the objects on the table and began to study them herself wondering what kind of enchantments and spells they could have upon them. Despite not liking the professor she had enough respect for him to know he probably had some tricky ones lying in wait for some of the students to figure out. In response to her thoughts about this she said, “Careful I have a sneaking suspicion one of these could prove very…” She paused to consider her words before adding, “Effective to say the least.”

Cassidy Meadows [ Pukwudgie ]
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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2018, 07:36:33 PM »
A part of her wasn't sure attending Defense Against the Dark Arts would be a good thing. Based on her past experiences, she was hesitant to believe she'd even survive the class. There was something about the class that caused her problems, and she didn't really know why. Was it because she was a first year? Or that she didn't want to hurt another student or attack an object? She didn't know. Maybe she just needed a huge boost in encouragement. Whatever it was, she felt jinxed with figuring out the right spells to use for whatever they were defending themselves from.

Cassidy listened intently to Professor Franklin speak. There were many objects on the table, some of them had curses or hexes on them, others had normal spells. She had a slight worried look in her face before he mentioned that none of the spells would be super harmful. Well what a relief! The first year didn't think she'd want to pick up any object playing roulette with a curse if it was going to send her to the nurses. She hadn't been doing very fabulous in the class so far, it all seemed relatively complex to her. She tried her best though, and she hoped Professor Franklin liked her. She was indeed a hard-worker, and she wouldn't give up on the class. The witch looked around the room for an older student, as they had to be in pairs. She wasn't entirely sure who to select, and decided that maybe the best course of action would be to wait patiently for someone to choose her.

Nonetheless she wanted to make an effort, in hopes to improve her grade a little, so she walked up to the nearest older student, "Hi, can I be your partner?" She smiled up at them. "We can pick anywhere to sit, and you can pick the object." She held up her textbook a little, "I also have this to look through, and we can work together to solve the puzzle." She was sure her and her teammate would succeed.

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2018, 02:25:13 AM »
Leah entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, textbook, notebook, and pencil case in hand, and noticed her friend Sylvia waving from one of the tables. She smiled a little and made her way over to the table and sat down, putting her things down in front of her. She pushed her textbook off to the side and took out her notebook and a pen, opening her notebook, and prepared to take notes on today's lesson. When she heard the professor explain their exercise for the day, she looked at the objects, intrigued a bit.

When their professor mentioned working in pairs with one of the upperclassmen, Leah looked down at her table, beginning to feel butterflies in her stomach. She felt the prickles of nervousness begin to creep up her body. She didn't know any of the upperclassmen and she was nervous to pair up with one of them. She wondered if she could complete the assignment by herself, as it would, at least, make her feel a bit better and more comfortable. If she couldn't complete the assignment by herself, she would, at least, wait for someone to come to her. In the meantime, as she was waiting for someone to pair up with her, she wrote down notes on what the professor was saying about the objects and what happened when he picked up the mirror.

So we know that mirror he demonstrated can leave dirt behind at the point of contact. I wonder what the other objects do. He said they can pack a bit of a punch, but nothing lethal or dangerous, which is a good thing. I just hope whoever pairs up with me is friendly and likes to help underclassmen like me. I'd really feel better doing this on my own and taking down the necessary notes, but if he wants us to do this in pairs, I have no choice. As she tended to do, she got lost in her thoughts, thinking about the assignment, as well as other things.

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2018, 08:16:32 AM »
Adam wasn't awful at Defense Against the Dark Arts-- he just wasn't any good. And he hated partner projects. Invariably, he either did all the work, or he felt like a complete ass while his partner did all the work. Today would probably be the former, if he had to work with an underclassman. He'd been an underclassman once and could say with impunity that they never had any self-confidence.

On that happy thought he glanced around as his classmates started pairing themselves up-- he'd gravitated to his usual haunt, as close to the door as possible-- and waited. Eventually the underachievers would be the only ones left, and whoever got stuck with him wouldn't mind so much when they failed.

Instead, though, one of the nearest students [ @Cassidy Meadows ] approached him and asked to be his partner. He blinked at her for a moment as she rushed to be an accommodating partner. "Yeah! Yeah," he said, quickly. "Uh-- we can just sit here. And I don't care what object you want..." He gestured vaguely at the array on the table. "Don't touch them, though."

His partner seemed pretty optimistic, clutching her textbook cheerfully and chattering. "We can work together to solve the puzzle," she was saying as Adam used one foot to pull out a chair for himself.

Adam was far less optimistic, but he also wasn't a dick. "Yeah, yeah, sure," he said, in response, pulling out a chair for her. "I'm Adam. Uhh, full warning, this isn't really my best subject. But who knows! It does help to work together. To, you know, solve-- whatever puzzle."

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #7 on: September 13, 2018, 03:43:07 PM »
How Alohilani was still in this class she had no idea. She wasn't just bad at Defence Against the Dark Arts... she was terrible at it. The Hawaiian witch wasn't one for worrying or working hard on subjects that didn't make her happy, and this class certainly did not make her happy at all. The sooner she could leave DADA behind, the better (for everyone involved). Still, here she was, sitting in her seat staring out the window up at the sky more than looking at the various objects around the table.

Vaguely listening to Professor Franklin's instructions, she looked around the room for a student, older or younger, to work with. Sure, they didn't need to pair up just yet but it would help her not listen to whatever instructions were currently taking place. Alohilani just didn't like the idea of some objects being deliberately hexed or cursed. Perhaps, she mused, that was her problem with the class. The Pukwudgie tore her eyes away from the shifting clouds in the sky long enough to watch the Professor's demonstration and from that figured out what they were supposed to be doing. Figure out the spell on the object, what effect that spell had and remove it. Alohilani nodded to herself as she ran the list through her head. It sounded right.

Spotting a first year student ( @Leah Miller ) a few feet in front of her, the Hawaiian witch quickly closed the distance to claim the girl as her partner. Sure, she was still technically an underclassman but it would still be a big enough age gap... probably. "Hey," she greeted the first year warmly, "I'm Alohilani! What's your name?" The Pukwudgie witch smiled softly at the girl as she waited for a reply. "Come be my partner for this, let's go." She shook her head in direction of the objects they needed and she gazed around the room until her eyes fell on what she thought was a... hockey stick. Her no-maj friends back home in Moloka'i played with them sometimes at their special no-maj school. Alohilani had tried the game once or twice but it wasn't her forte. Not that anything really seemed to be her forte. She pointed out the stick to her new first year friend and lead them along to it. "That looks good enough for us, don't you think?"

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #8 on: September 13, 2018, 09:27:57 PM »
Carrie’s arms were folded on her desk, her cheek resting on them as she waited for her classmates to file in. She hadn’t slept well at all last night, and so as soon as she’d greeted Professor Franklin and chosen a seat towards the middle-back of the room, she’d lowered her head to the desk. The Sixth Year could feel the beginnings of a headache forming behind her eyes and sighed inwardly in resignation. Hopefully the worst of it would remain at bay until after class; she generally disliked leaving the room while class was in session, lest she miss anything important or get behind in her note-taking. Carrie wasn’t what one would call a fanatic about academics, but she did like to stay on top of things. DADA wasn’t one of her best subjects, but it certainly wasn’t one of her worst either.

She nodded along absently as Professor Franklin detailed the plan for today, but winced inwardly when he mentioned pairs work. The gregarious former Virginian usually loved group work, but her mounting headache had other plans today; for once in her life, she hoped she could snag one of the… less chatty… underclassmen to pair up with.

Unfortunately most of the ickles she knew reasonably well had already been “spoken for”, and so she sought out the nearest younger student who didn’t appear to have a partner.
“Hi!” She offered a friendly smile despite her throbbing head, hoping it didn’t look more like a grimace for it. “Want to be partners?”
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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2018, 10:58:14 AM »
Minerva was not excited about Defense Against the Dark Arts class in the very least, the entire class had been a nightmare from the beginning of her student career at Ilvermorny, not because of the professors, no they had always been particularly knowledgeable and very willing to help. On the contrary, it was due to their help so far that Minerva had managed to pass. She simply did not find it fun, not as fun as painting and with the desires to eventually become an artist, she didn’t see the need of studying or focusing on anything else. It wasn’t something she could tell her father, of course, he would have been disappointed to hear about her disinterest in anything to do with school, he expected her to graduate and probably with perfect scores on her exams, which was certainly not going to happen. At this rate, she would consider moving up to seventh grade an unexpected but very pleasant surprise. As she walked into the class she found a seat at one of the tables in the back, smiling in the direction of some of the classmates she did recognize, and waving at @Carrie Marshall . Minerva would have sat next to her but it seemed like the table filled up quickly.

Carrie was friends with everyone at the school it seemed, so that was definitely no surprise.

Minerva listened to Professor Franklin attentively, forcing herself to internalize the groan of frustration that threatened to pass through her lips. Great, now she’d not only have to do something potentially dangerous, Minerva had never been very good with a wand, but she had to do it with a younger student. Minerva looked around the room, but settled on the second year next to her that gave her a nervous smile. He smiled nice enough, “Hey there, wanna work together?” she asked with as big of a smile as she could muster. “I’m no expert but I promise not to get you killed,” she joked to which he responded with a nervous laugh of his own.

Minerva looked on closely as the Professor continued to explain what they were to do, it sounded easy enough, at least it seemed like something she would be able to do. She had been studying a few of her spells the other day so if any of those helped then she would definitely be in the clear.  The boy next to her looked nervous though, did he not trust her? Minerva relaxed her head on the arm she propped on her desk, at least to pretend to be enraptured in the professor’s lesson. In all truth, her mind was somewhere else, thinking about what she would be painting next. Even this time of the year, the sixth year Thunderbird still had a difficult time focusing on the here and now.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
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Sylvia glanced up at the upper classman when she heard the word, Babysitter. She took offence to the use of the word. Being an eleven year old witch, who now lived at Ilvermorny the majority of the year, made her think she had permanently outgrown baby-sitting. She was about to say a remark to that thought, when the next statement made her brow wrinkled. Whatever you want to do and how you wish to do it. She though this might be a trick or a ploy to have her to something dumb. She had seen many older classmates bait and took pleasure in the humiliation of lower classman and this dark tall witch did not look the exception.

It was the next statement that flew Sylvia for a loop. She glanced at the girl’s badge which head the words @Shimmer Vega  next to the same golden horned serpent that adorned her own name.  She looked up into the girls eyes that had moved on to analyze the objects on the table with a determined focus. Whatever was the Shimmers negative view of lower classman seem to be put aside for the task at hand. Sylvia rolled up her sleeve retrieved a ruler form her bag and try to announce. “Okay, Let’s get started.”  With the most mustered self-confidence she could.

I will prove to her that I don’t need a babysitter. she thought although a little part of herself secretly hope that Shimmer or her Grandfather would stop her from doing anything unsafe.

The Shimmer's last words hit Sylvia’s ears as she prodded one item and then another. She was not sure if the object were be that dangerous, because she did not think her grandfather would do anything like that. But he did like to make some things fun... Maybe. The first was a white worn tennis shoe. It seemed to have no response the the touch of the ruler. That item might have to be picked up or put on for the jinx to work. She thought before she moved on the next time, which was a muggle baseball ball. With the rulers touch, the ball gave a little shiver then release a goo from it stitched. The goo the color of greenish-milk gave off a faint tangy order that Sylvia could not place. She was worried the goo now forming a growing puddle on the table would touch other objects and might set them off. She tried to pull it away from the others with her ruler, yet when it touched the solidifying goo substance, became clear and rock hard around the edge of her ruler.

“My ruler is stuck!” She announced attempting to pull it a few more times before giving up and gingerly let it go. The ruler stood up on end next to the ball as if they were each other's best friends. Satisfied that her ruler was not going to fall and start a weird chain reaction she jumped into the pages of her Defense Against the Dark Arts book.

“Do you think it was a sticking charm or fixing charm?” She flipped through the pages until she found an illustration she remembered. “Like a Colloshoo, but for a ball not shoes?” She pointed to the illustration that had a similar goo like substance below someone’s feet.
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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
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As she was lost in her thoughts, she barely noticed when someone else came up to her table and began introducing themselves. She'd heard footsteps come closer and closer, but thought it was another pair forming up. When the footsteps stopped, a voice rang out. It was another girl's voice, soft and cheerful, and with a bit of an accent that Leah couldn't quite place. She was introducing herself and inviting Leah to be her partner.

"Oh, um, hello. My name is Leah. It's nice to meet you. And, alright, I'll be your partner."

After agreeing to be partners, Leah watched Alohilani look around the room and wondered what she was searching for. Then, apparently, as quick as it had started, the search was over. She was being led over to a hockey stick, not unlike the ones she'd seen on TV when she watched hockey games with her parents. Looking at the hockey stick, then looking around to see if there were any better-looking objects to choose from, Leah nodded.

"The hockey stick should be fine to work with."

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2018, 07:46:23 AM »
Ricky wouldn't admit it, but he actually liked this class, if only for the sheer fact that Defense Against the Dark Arts was one of the only subjects that he was kind of good at. He entered the classroom, running a hand through his recently cut hair and smoothed it out, then took a seat and set his book bag off to the side. He looked around and waited for some of his friends to show up. He didn't have many in this class, but he enjoyed talking to the ones he had. He soon noticed Carrie and Minerva, but made no move to get up and talk to one of them. He didn't feel like talking to either of them today.

As class started and Professor Franklin began explaining the lesson, he drew circles on the desk with his finger. He might have liked this class, but he was already bored and wanted to be anywhere else but here. Soon, he began to tap his foot against the floor and drum his fingertips on the desk. He was a restless individual naturally, but even more so when he didn't want to be somewhere. Soon enough, the professor finished explaining the lesson and Ricky was tasked at finding someone younger to partner up with. Honestly, wouldn't this go quicker if he could work with someone who knew what they were doing? He didn't have time to worry about some kid messing up or getting hurt or wasting his time. The sooner he finished with this class, the sooner he could get back to his dorm for his midday nap.

"Alright, let's get this over with," he said to himself as he got up from his seat and looked for a partner. Soon enough he spotted a kid and walked up to them, tapping them on the shoulder. "Aye, you're my partner now. Let's go," he said, ushering them to his desk. Once they sat down, he looked at his partner and said, "Look, kid, I don't care about your name or what you wanna be when you grow up. Let's just get this crap done so I can get back to my nap, okay?"

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Re: Trial and Error [All Years]
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Valeria slipped into Defense Against the Dark Arts class a few minutes after it had already started, doing her best to stay closer to the door but not before she swept the room to see if she knew any familiar faces. She noticed her cousin @Ricky Luzzatto sitting on his own and considered moving closer to him but decided against it when she realized how far away he was. The last thing she wanted was to draw anymore attention to herself than necessary. In general, she enjoyed the class and the Professor never gave her a hard time, not something she could say about every single one of her classes. To make matters worse, Valeria was starting to feel the beginnings of a splitting headache, most likely due to the drinking she had taken to the previous night. It had not been a lot but her roommate and her got onto the topic of @Hollister Graham and naturally, the alcohol came out and the conversation got serious. Valeria felt lucky for having such an understanding roommate, the two of them had surprisingly become the closest of friends. It was nice to have someone to talk to.

She took a seat close to Minnie, giving the girl a polite smile which she returned wholeheartedly. The Thunderbird’s friendliness was a bit over the top she decided but made nothing of it, pulling the rubber band off of her wrist as she tied her hair up into a makeshift bun, half paying attention to the professor’s words. Valeria subconsciously rolled her eyes at the word partner, a little frustrated that she would have to work with a younger student rather than her fellow yearmates. Valeria had not gone out of her way to make friends with any of the younger kids this year, had felt more comfortably keeping to herself. It made sense for her, Valeria felt like a lot was going on in her own life. She shook the thoughts away, sighing heavily as she turned to the young boy, looked like a third year or something to her, and flashed him a grin, “Looks like it’s me and you, buddy,” she said, though from his expression it looked as if she had threatened him rather than tried to make friends.

Valeria looked on as her cousin moved up to another student and nearly burst out in laughter at the way he approached one of the younger kids. Instead, she turned her chair to face the younger student she was now partnered up with, “Hope you’ve been paying attention because I’m not about to fail this assignment so…” she said sternly, suppressing a smile as she saw how seriously she was being taken. This might be an entertaining class after all.


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