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[class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:17:33 PM »
The end of the school year was coming closer. While there were still a few weeks until the end of term, Galina Viktorovna could already tell that the students were either stressed because of the end of the year exams or simply tired from the year and looking forward to the summer holidays. Of course that came as no surprise. This was part of the yearly rhythm at school, after all. The Alchemy professor was usually rather strict and her students were aware of that. Nonetheless the Potioneer could tell that a change of her routine might be helpful if she wanted them to pay attention and actually learn something useful.

Alchemy was in the first place meant to to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects. However, to Galina Viktorovna it was not solely about objects, it was also a way to improve the state of a being. Truth be told, the professor found this much more interesting than working on materials. The Krylovs had already realised that ages ago. They created cosmetics, perfumes and potions that could help people to feel better and achieve what they wanted. They sold perfumes that had the effects of a light love potion for example. This potion did not create an unreal infatuation like Amortentia, it basically just furthered developing feelings. It was like a dung supporting the growth of a plant.

Galina Viktorovna had developed many potions over the years but none of them would be covered in her class today. After all, she did not want to share the secret recipes although some students might actually be eager to work with them. What she wanted to cover was an elixir established in the wizarding world that could cure depression and relieve stress. The elixir was not maybe not the easiest potion to brew but Galina Viktorovna hoped that the students would still manage it and enjoy the class. After all, she was going to do something that she usually never did. The Potioneer generally discouraged students from testing potions - some were simply dangerous per se and others could do harm if not brewed properly - today, however, she intended to handle things differently.

As the students settled in, Galina Viktorovna rose from her chair and offered a slight smile. "Good afternoon," she greeted them. As usual she didn't speak louder to drown out the voices of students. If they didn't listen to her now they'd regret it later. They'd miss important information, she could consequently deduct chips, give detentions... She was the one with the power in this classroom and she had demonstrated it in the past to make sure that her students knew about that.

"In today's lesson we will go from theory to brewing to utilisation of an elixir," she explained. "As you know by now, there are ways to improve the physical or mental state of a person by the use of potions. We teachers are quite aware that with exams coming up students are tempted to take potions that are supposed to help you to learn, to focus, to stay awake longer, to calm the nerves etc. A lot of these potions are banned from school as you should be aware. I want you to gain a better understanding of what a potion can do and what not. Potions can be dangerous. They can have bad effects on you and, therefore, you should definitely not take any potions from untrustworthy sources." She paused, hoping that none of her students took any concoctions carelessly.

"The potion we will work on today is the Elixir to Induce Euphoria. What it does is quite obvious by its name. However, I'd like you to summarise what you know about the elixir anyway. You can name what it's used for, its ingredients, characteristics, side effects... All that you know about it." She looked around, hoping that most of her students would be able to contribute. As most of them had already gone through some years of magical education she assumed that they'd know at least something about the Elixir to Induce Euphoria.

Zviad Gogoladze [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 09:28:41 AM »
Alchemy was a good class. Not that Zviad liked the professor very much or was particularly gifted when it came to brewing potions - no, the main appeal of the class lay in snatching vials of potions or whatever else they were creating, stealing ingredients and having something to sell to others or use on others just for the fun of it. The boy found he could brew most potions in an acceptable manner too though. So it was not a class where he had to fear being humiliated like he sometimes felt in other classes that were pretty new to him as a former Koldovstoretz student.

As he entered the classroom, the boy nodded at the professor and took a seat. He found it a little awkward to be among the first to arrive. It was not really like him to be this early. However, the boy couldn't deny that he had changed quite a bit over the last two years. He was not exactly becoming a model student but he worked harder than ever before and he actually had the ambition to pass his exams while in the past it had not mattered to him at all.

The lesson began and he looked expectantly at Galina Viktorovna. Hopefully she'd offer them something today that was worth it. From his chosen place in the back of the room Zviad had to listen closely to hear her introduction properly. Why did this professor not talk a little louder? Zviad decided against asking her to raise her voice because he had a feeling that she would not appreciate such a comment at all. Instead he leaned forward a little, hoping beyond hope that this would help him to hear her better.

He was quite impressed when he heard that they'd be taking an elixir. He perked up when she mentioned potions that helped to concentrate, to stay awake or to calm. With regard to the upcoming exams this was indeed quite interesting. Of course, Galina Viktorovna warned them and told them not to take these potions but it was a decent business idea she had mentioned there. He'd have to check where to get all these potions and then he'd sell them to his classmates. Yes, this was a good plan.

He made a few quick notes of what had come to his mind before looking up at the professor again. He raised his hand, hoping to get a chance for an early answer to her question as that meant that he could still choose which part he wanted to cover.

"As the name already states, the Elixir to Induce Euphoria induces a sense of happiness upon the drinker and it can even cure depression. If brewed properly the potion is of sunshine yellow colour." His voice trailed off and he wondered if he should mention that he had once almost bought this elixir on the black market but had refrained because it's colour had been more beige than sunshine yellow.

Marja Kirkkomäki [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2018, 06:30:53 PM »
The end of term was nearly upon them, meaning only one thing for Marja... ridiculous levels of multi-tasking. The Drakonya Krov was studying hard for her upcoming exams, carrying out her student librarian duties, and dealing with her newfound feelings for a certain special someone. The academic witch was not going to accept anything less than the very highest grades, it just simply wasn't in her vocabulary. Alchemy was not Marja's most natural class but she found that she still excelled in it well enough for her taste and even better, she quite enjoyed the class too. Yes, Galina Viktorovna was not like her sister, but the friendly witch liked the former too.

The Kirkkomäki sat right in the front of the class, closest to the potioneer. In the front row, Marja found she could hear better, see better, and learn better. The hardworking Finn was not one to hide away during class. Galina Viktorovna's soft voice immediately caught her attention and she listened carefully. Utilisation? We're going to drink it? The student librarian suddenly leaned forward a little, her interest very clearly piqued. When she mentioned the usage of potions to aid in exams, Marja frowned and guiltily hunched her shoulders. The Finnish girl had been tempted to use a wide-eye potion to help her juggle her activities, but coffee was doing just as a good a job and so she hadn't actually used a potion yet.

Ooh! Marja thought, I know this one! The Drakonya Krov listened to an older boy as he spoke first, though she narrowed her eyes at him as she was pretty sure that he was scum from Koldovstoretz. He, unfortunately, was entirely correct in what he said. Marja was now determined to out-do him and gain favour from Galina Viktorovna, and so she enthusiastically shot her hand up into the air.

"The elixir is sweet to the taste and also has a very distinctive smell which is equally as pleasant," she began, nodding her head every so often to accentuate the key points. "It even produces a rainbow when the brewing is complete!" Marja beamed brightly, she'd always enjoyed that particular characteristic and she couldn't wait to finally see it in person. "The side-effects of the potion are nose-tweaking and excessive amounts of singing," she continued, as the academic witch flitted through her brain for all the information. "Oh! And the main ingredients are... wormwood, porcupine quills, sopophorous beans and er... Shrivelfig." Marja listed them off, counting them with her fingers as she went. "I think that's all of them," she muttered, eager to get on with brewing the advanced potion so that she could actually taste it, and more importantly, see that rainbow!

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Re: [class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2018, 09:32:23 PM »
Lev wasn’t the best in alchemy, it was too precise for him. He liked weaponry and survival—subjects where he took concepts and worked them to make them his own. He didn’t need to be as precise when starting a fire as he did when making a potion or purifying a material. However, the topic for the day did strike Lev’s fancy. There was a potion that made someone… happy? He wanted a whole batch, or even a few batches. He could see himself getting addicted to the stuff and he didn’t even care.

He knew nothing about it, however, and let his classmates talk. It seemed Zviad knew a bit about it, which was good. Lev liked Zviad a lot for being a former Koldo. Lev had sat close to him, though not right next to him as he spoke. Sunshine yellow color, how odd. It made sense, though. Yellow was a ‘happy’ color, albeit, as Lev would say, ugly. Then miss Krov know-it-all started talking, and Lev zone completely out. She knew everything about the potion, so it seemed—she even knew the ingredients from the top of her head!

Lev couldn’t help but comment. “So Kirkkomäki, what you’re saying is that you’re selling the good stuff?” he teased lightly. He knew he would lose some chips for his mouth, probably, but he hated a know-it-all, especially one who knew more than he did. Gailina Viktorovna was a strict professor, though—nothing like Fisker, who let most anything slide—so he wasn’t sure how severely he would be punished. It wasn’t as though he was crude or anything, even if he was a little snide.

All that aside, he was excited to brew the potion today, more excited than usual—especially because it was heavily implied that they would be drinking their potions, and he could certainly use a pick-me-up.

Gio Gambino [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2018, 07:02:09 PM »
Alchemy was not his best subject, not at all. If Gio had to score it on a scale of one to ten as one, he liked it would come in at a hard four. He didn’t like things that required him to remember things exactly. He could thrive in his survival class and even his defense class but when it came to potions and the likes it was hard for the Krov to focus. Despite his not being good at the class Gio hated more the fact that he knew very little about the concoction their professor spoke of. He looked up as other classmates chimed in, the eldest of them wasn’t one Gio knew socially. All the Romanian knew was that the other boy had stayed after the merge had ended, a bold choice considering how harshly Durmstrang had welcomed the former Koldo’s peers.

His head shook as another student chimed in and his brow arched as the girl sprouted off a list that seemed far too long. He snorted before clearing his throat as Lev commented and the fifth year shifted in his seat to straighten up. He glanced at his best friends beau and gave a slight nod in recognition for the boy and his comment. It was right on the nose and as older students being outshined by younger years still had a sting to it. The Krov was looking forward to a drink of what was brewed because a feeling of calm was just what he needed but that left room for a question he had to ask.

“If there is a rainbow when the brew is done right…what happens if we mess up along the way?” He knew he was bound to, measuring wasn’t something he was strong at and of all the things he did in class, getting this elixir right was one of them. “I mean, will we know right away that something has been done wrong or will it only be apparent after the elixir is finished brewing and ready to be tasted….?” Would a bad brew make him mean or would it have no effects at all?

Gio had issues putting things into his body that could have bad effects as his body was treated like a temple. The boy meditated and ate well and the thought that he could take a faulty potion and threaten that made him unsure.

Galina Krylova [ Board Mod ]
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Re: [class/MP] An everlasting piece of art [all years]
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2018, 08:39:17 PM »
Galina Viktorovna listened to what the students offered about the Elixir to Induce Euphoria. She had hoped for more participation but the basics were all covered anyway. While the Klyk Vampira graduate was not too happy about it she had to admit that the best reply came from a girl of the other house. Marja Kirkkomäki clearly knew a lot about the elixir and deserved to be rewarded for it even if that meant that she'd have to give chips to Drakonya Krov. Lev Leskov's comment was terribly immature and Gio Gambino asked a question he had already answered himself. The witch tried to keep a neutral expression and waited briefly if there was anyone else who wanted to contribute to the lesson. When nobody else spoke up, she nodded at the class.

"Mr. Gogoladze, you're quite right. 10 chips to Klyk Vampira." That was actually quite a generous gesture but at least Zviad had offered something that was right even if it did not go in depth. "Miss Kirkkomäki, you seem to know a lot about the Elixir to Induce Euphoria. I expect nothing but a perfect brew from you. For now, you get 15 chips for Drakonya Krov." She paused and looked at Lev Leskov with a scrutinising expression. "Mr. Leskov, if you don't want to spend the evening cleaning my classroom by hand you should stop making such inappropriate remarks and better focus on the next task."

"Mr. Gambino... You answered your own question already before asking it. Therefore I will assume that you don't need much further explanation." Sometimes it was disappointing that students did not actually think. They saw 1 + 1 but didn't make 2 out of it. "As you said, a rainbow only appears and the sunshine yellow colour only develops when the potion has been done correctly. Hence, when you see neither of that you've messed it up and should not dare to taste it." She didn't want any poisonings in her class, after all. She'd have to do the paper work afterwards and rumours would spread that would likely reflect badly on her even if it was hardly her mistake if students tried potions that hadn't been brewed correctly.

"As previously stated the next step in today's lesson will be to brew the Elixir to Induce Euphoria. I will, therefore, ask you to get the ingredients needed from the cupboard and then brew the potion. Naturally you can ask questions if you are struggling. However, I hope that you won't just ask because you're too lazy to actually give the task some thought. You are welcome to talk to your seating neighbours but please keep your voices low." Since Galina Viktorovna was not a new professor most students were probably aware of her dislike of loud noises. Nonetheless the woman liked to remind them of it occasionally.

"Please, go ahead. If you focus and follow the instructions from your textbooks you should get this done before the end of the lesson." She took a seat at her desk now and watched her students as they began to move towards the cupboard, wondering how many of them would actually manage to take the right ingredients for the Elixir.


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