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Author Topic:  [May MP] In the pit of Chaos. [OPEN}  (Read 222 times)

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[May MP] In the pit of Chaos. [OPEN}
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Oh my gosh how can this get any worse.

It was not the fact she had had listened to over five minutes of her mother nag her about ‘proper witches attire.' Nor was it fact she had to stressfully watch her father talk to Leandra Floros and Maryana Nikolaeva, Professors of her worst subject. What was driving Esmeray completely mad was the fact she saw just how happy her ex-boyfriend, Konrad was with Valentina Teodorescu and her parents. All the Teodorercu’s were practically ‘sokulan’ Konrad.
She was in the middle of shooting daggers at them with her eyes, when she heard her mother say, “Esmeray, are you listening to me?”

“What?” Examining her mother’s horrid look. “Oh, I mean yes, Mother. I just ran out of time today. I will try to dress more appropriately next time.” It was a lie. She just could not see spending all day in that velvet monstrosity of a witch’s robe. Still her hair practically stood on end as she watched her mother turned to the direction that captured Esmeray’s attention. Esmeray let out her breath as her mother's eyes scanned past Konrad’s back without hesitation. Her mother must not have known what Konrad looked like. She had told her parents that she had broken up last year and her and Konrad have not talked once. Which wasn’t much a lie at least at the time.

It was just that moment that Valentina Teodorescu’s father attempted to pull Masa into his lap like a large pet Cat. It was clear by the dragon’s tail and rising scales, that Masa was irritated. Luckily Mr. Teodorescu was rescued by his daughter, who quickly snatch the dragon from his lap.

“Muggles.” Esmeray said as an attempt to convince her mother that the muggles odd behavior had been her main focus.

“I don’t see why there are invited at all.”  Her mother said a little too disdainfully, for the present mix company. Yet, the words did not cause any disturbance within Esmeray’s growing pit of anger and frustrations, instead slowly sank joining the chaos.

“Esmeray, where is Altan?” asked her sister who had just came back from the restroom.

“What? Oh, Altan. He is…?” Esmeray looked around wildly. Her sister asked her to keep an eye on him when she was gone, which was quite normal when their parents where at social events like this. “He wanted to get some more cookies from another table…” When she said it out loud, she realized it was just a ruse to leave and take a closer look at the dragons. “shoot.”

“You two better go find him, now.” Her mother ordered, before turning and finding something else to entertain her. 10 year old, Altan's recurring disappearance was his new form of fun and so had had  taxing her mother as of late

Esmeray and Naray obediently got up and took quick stock of the area and the dragons. With a rising fear Esmeray realized a few of the dragons were not here. The two sister split up and went in different directions to search for him. It was then that Esmeray noticed Konrad and Valentina slipped out of the dining area together. She was just about to leave and follow them while also searching for her brother, when a quick flash of flame and her brother bell like laugh drawn her attention to a corner of the room. 

Alten who held a small pile of cookies was tossing them into the air one at time to the dragon, while another student put out a tablecloth that caught fire.

“You see that one! It was like a 3-foot-wide fireball!” Alten announced.
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