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Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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[bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
« on: August 19, 2018, 12:56:50 AM »
Adjusting her bag on her shoulder, Carrie emerged from the base of the tree marking her House’s living quarters into the late-afternoon May sunlight, several of her Housemates close behind her. For weeks, the former Virginian and a few of her friends had discussed going for a hike or having a picnic or a bonfire or something of that nature, but the weather had been rainier than they’d hoped for most of the past month. Now, they finally had a perfect weekend evening for it; with the new date now coinciding perfectly with Wampus winning the Quodpot Cup, fellow unofficial-planning-committee member Bertie – unsurprisingly – clamored to have the central focus be a celebration of that. Pleased as she was by the victory, she’d merely rolled her eyes at her friend and – with a wry smile – told him he could feel free to come dressed in full Quodpot attire, but not to get sour when no one laid at his feet to worship him.

What had started out as an upperclassmen-only outing, however, had somehow reached the ears of some of the younger students. They couldn’t exactly bail out and reschedule now… well, they could, but the Iron Witch knew she would feel badly about it if they did; she’d spent too much time mentoring the Wayward Girls at House Irons to even consider letting the younger students down like that. Never mind that they weren’t on the invite list to begin with… but who was she to deny them a fun evening on the grounds? Worst-case, they could always stay out after the younger ones went inside for the night.
Plus, there was no knowing if the weather would even hold out for a reschedule, anyways.

Carrie was armed with several large thermoses of hot apple cider with extra cinnamon; one in particular contained a healthy dollop of Firewhiskey (borrowed from a Seventh Year friend whose recently-turned-21-year-old brother had bought him an extra bottle while they were home for Easter). Sure, it was spring, but the early-May evenings up on Mount Greylock were still far from warm. Lou was positively indignant when she found out about the addition of the spiked cider, but Carrie had simply grinned at her friend and stowed that particular thermos safely away in her personal bag – and further assuaged her by wearing her campaign badge pinned to her outfit. If people wanted alcohol, there was hardly a way to stop them from bringing it. Plus, the whiskey would bring a little extra warmth on what promised to be a chilly night.
They also had several baskets of food, happily bestowed upon them by the kitchen staff of Pukwudgies. Laden with the fruits of their labor, the initial troupe made their way up the mountainside along the winding trails until they reached the agreed-upon spot – a small clearing with several large rocks adjacent to the stream – and began setting up.

Shading her eyes against the descending sun, Carrie spotted a few more people coming up the trail behind them. She turned to her friends, hands casually propped on her hips.
“We should probably wait another half-hour before starting the bonfire, yeah?” Carrie raised her eyebrows at Lou in particular: she was undoubtedly the savviest of the group, coming from a family that owned an outdoor goods store and having hiked the Appalachian Trail by herself. “Don’t want it to burn itself out too quickly…”
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Adam Nguyen [ Thunderbird ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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Adam hadn't intended to go to the bonfire.

Actually, Adam had forgotten about the bonfire. Something about Wampus, which he wasn't in, winning at Quodpot, which he also wasn't in. But he liked Carrie, and he liked having an excuse to be out after dark, and he liked fires. And Carrie, as well as several of her company, had baskets of food. He wasn't prepared for a bonfire-- he'd just seen Carrie and her small procession heading past him on the way to the woods, and tagged along-- but he lagged behind. He was more of a wanderer than a hiker, most of the time.

They trailed through the woods, settling finally in a small clearing by the stream. Adam set down his skateboard and toed it into position, sitting down carefully just as Carrie asked the group at large about the logistics of the bonfire. He checked his watch-- it would probably be dusky enough in a half hour that they'd all appreciate the fire. He shifted his weight on his board, rocking it gently on its wheels. Carrie seemed to be asking Mary Lou, not him, and Mary Lou probably knew better, but he said anyway "Yeah, probably. Would it burn itself out if it was magical, though?"

Since coming to Ilvermorny he'd asked a lot of these nonsensical questions-- does magical fire burn on oxygen or wood, or does it just burn?-- but he never really expected an answer. These questions were less about actually learning about the science of magic, and more about some intrinsic teenage desire to one-up the wizarding world at large. (Not that they weren't still interesting, sometimes.)

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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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The late day in May prove to be dismal for the Horned Serpents. This had contrasted greatly with last month expectations. April had still held promise, although they were in third place, there was such a narrow margin. At that time it was still believed House quadpot cup was still ‘any one’s game.’ Yet with the final two games in May the narrow margin crumbled, with Wampus pulling further ahead.  Their final game resulted with Horned Serpent holding in 3rd place, although with a decreased lead. The only consolation was they still held a 18 point lead over Thunderbird, and because of that they were not on the bottom of the scoreboard. Still The golden house of Ilvermorny stood with dull spirits and the roomers of a bonfire seemed the only bright light following the Wampus win. Braving the boasting Wampus a few of the Horned Serpents trickled out from their house's water depths with the promise of an evening of smores, warm cider and the promised pleasure of distracting them from their loss of the Quadpot cup and the most dismal of results... the likelihood of the house cup.

Among the few Serpents that followed celebrating Wampus to the designated large Bonfire area was a first year, whom as a last-minute decision decided to brave the mountain side trail on Ilvermorny grounds fading light. Sylvia had been under extreme pressure this spring. She had found the stress of the approaching end of term compiled with the attempting to campaign extremely strenuous. After a pep talk with her Aunte Mille ( @Mildred Franklin) , she decided strict time management and productivity was the best course of action. Being done with her Homework and studies, she felt obligated to take advantage of every waking minute to devote to effective campaigning. What better way then to pass out some "Vote for Crown(e)" Campaign pins and ...other objects then at a student gathering?  So here she carried a box full of pins, golden crowns, tiaras, even a cape and a glitter scepter. (Much of the assortment was influenced by her self-appointed campaign manager, @Sunny Bird .) She was not sure how well her campaign- swag will be received at the bonfire or if she will feel comfortable with giving it out at all… but she had it and it would be a waste, if not a failure to not get rid of it, give it out tonight.

The sun hung low in the air as Sylvia caught up to some upperclassmen near the main pit area. She was squinting at their silhouetted shapes trying to see if she knew any of them when her foot hit a log she had failed to see. Most likely because of her obstructed vision from the large box she held. As she stumbled she flung her hands out to catch herself. The resulting action released her hold of the box, letting her campaign wears fly in the air.

“AHHH. OH!.... Ouch!” Her gloves protected her hands as they found the ash covered compacted dirt near the fire pit. Yet as she finished climbing over the log her shin throbbed. Rubbing and testing her mildly injured shin, she found it was not bad. It was not bleeding, and instead only exhibited an indent, which would likely raise to form a welt or a deep bruise. When she got to her feet, she met the gaze of her fellow students and her embarrassed face stretched to a new level of horror. She found that her Campaign memorabilia was strewn out among the first arrivers. A few items landed on laps of seated students and at least one crown landed right on top of a students head. 

"Oh, I'm sorry."  She could not think of a more embarrassing way to hand it all out. She fought the urge to run back to the safety of her dorm room. It would not be polite. Instead she picked up the box and said. "I guess,... um. If you want you can keep ... um it. If not..." her voice caught in her throat. Maybe running back to the room was the best idea.

(ooc: I think @Gilbert Lightwood  should come claim your crown! Wampus of the hour!)
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Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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Gray eyes drifted around the clearing as everyone began to file in, her body rested against a tree and she watched each arriving face. She had hiked up with the small group that had been following Carrie but the Serpent had kept a nice distance between them. Love couldn’t say much to her feelings as they were ever changing but she knew that butterflies were in fact butterflies. The wings in her stomach flapped so vigorously that it was hard to ignore and so the fifth did her best to stay out of the sixth years way.

Wampus had reason to celebrate with a recent win under their belt and Love found that her celebratory mood was slightly dimmed. After all, she had wanted her own house to win, even if it seemed unlikely as the time continued to pass by. Her gaze drifted as something fluttered to land near her feet, a boy’s voice touching her ears at the mention of a fire. The orphan leaned to pick up the paper and her eyes drifted until they landed on Sylvia. School politics were for the brave at heart which Love was not, despite her constant trying. She was far too shy to speak for a group as a whole and found that losing herself to music was always the better choice.

“I’ll keep mine.” The older Serpent said to the younger girl as her frame was pushed from the tree top walk over, bending to help gather everything she could near her. She gave the younger girl a smile as she handed her everything but the flyer she intended to keep. “Are you okay?” She asked finally, realizing the girl had tripped and fallen, even though Sylvia appeared to be just fine. “I could never run for a student office.” She confessed. Gray eyes drifted from the younger year to Carrie and then back again as she moved to have a sit on a nicely sized rock.

Delicate hands rubbed together as she looked out to the open portion of the clearing that would serve as their meeting ground. The wind was calm enough to help Love relax and her gaze rose to the sky, which showed signs of an impending color change as duck found itself drawing nearer. “This is a nice day compared to all the ones before it.” She said more to herself than anyone in particular, “Good choice on the day to whoever picked.” She said and once more her gaze drifted to the other Iron Witch and the faint blush in her cheek rose before her gaze drifted elsewhere. Her gaze drifted back to those who slowly shuffled in and she took a much-needed deep breath, hands falling back to support her weight as she allowed herself to relax fully.

There was no need to be shy here, not with these people. Most of them she had sat beside for years and still there was something keeping her for opening up fully. “If you need help with anything...” He eyes moved toward Carrie but didn’t land directly on the other girl, “just let me know. I don’t mind setting up something if needed.”

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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A familiar nearby voice saved the faltering first year’s ego. Sylvia turned to find Love Daniels bent over, retrieving several of her stroon campaign pins and a few flyers from the ground. When Love's face lifted Sylvia returned her smile brightly. She was happily surprised by the older Horned Serpent’s presence. Although the two met earlier in the year, they had not seen much of each other throughout the year. Even so Sylvia never forgot just how friendly the violin player was and she was exceptionally happy to see her now. When Love inquired about her injury it reinforced Sylvia's positive view of her fellow Horned Serpent.

"Yes. I think so.” Sylvia replied as she looked down, but became quite shocked to see the state of her stockings. They were now decorated with pieces of tree bark and patched with ashy-dirt. Giving the allusion she had crawled through the forest to get there.  Horrified of the state of her appearance, the young perfectionist attempted to quickly wipe off her stockings, while she continued her replied to Love's comment. “Even if I don’t look it. But thank you. I am sure it will just be a bruise."

She noticed a small tear in her stalking, but it could not be helped. Thankfully it was the end of the year and she will hopefully get new one’s next year. Sylvia moved on to the next mess of the evening. She picked up the remaining unclaimed items from the ground. When she heard her friend’s statement, part of her wanted to argue that Love would be perfect for a senate position but the other part of her understood.

"Um, I guess it was kind of expected of me. But it is not too bad. Well campaigning has been..." stressful "a lot of work. But If I get elected on to the senate, I think I will really enjoy planning and decorating events and helping next year’s first years."

Finished Sylvia lifted her eyes to find Loves gaze elsewhere. Sylvia followed her friends eyes to an older Wampus girl who Sylvia had over heard a Professor’s call, Ms. Marshall. Love face returned to Sylvia without comment and instead found a boulder to perch on. Love reminded Sylvia of a stork. Tall, graceful, and watchful. The first year found a smaller stone near Love to call her own. For there was always safety in numbers. Sylvia tried to cross her legs, so the whole in her stalking did not show and face the group.

She met Love's the small-talk about the weather with a nod of her head and small statements of agreement. Yet, Sylvia got the sense that something else was on Love's mind. By the way Love kept glancing at Marshall, Sylvia wondered if Marshall had been mean to Love or for some reason made her uncomfortable.  A lot of the upperclassmen seemed to Sylvia to be callous and cold hearted, even the worst were egotistical like that Wampus Quadpot Captain, Big Ego-Birdie. Sylvia started to secretly loathe him, with all the muster a first year would dare. Whatever made Love feel uncomfortable, Sylvia did not know. But she kept a quiet eye on the exchange and was surprised with Love's eagerness to help Marshall.
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Adam Nguyen [ Thunderbird ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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If Adam remembered right, this bonfire had been for upperclassmen. Like, "for upperclassmen" to the point where his own presence there was pushing the limit a little. Like, "for upperclassmen" meaning somebody had probably smuggled in alcohol. Like "for upperclassmen" meaning it was actually going to be fun. "For upperclassmen" meaning-- you got the point.

But the underclassmen hadn't gotten that memo, as sometimes happened at otherwise-promising events. Adam didn't hate underclassmen or anything, but they were sort of a mess.

  • Exhibit A: within thirty seconds of her arrival, this one had tripped on a tree root and spilled her student-office-campaigning gear everywhere. Some of the buttons landed around Adam's feet; he leaned over to collect them, then pocketed one and handed the others to the nearest nearby student.
  • Exhibit B: this one apparently cared enough about student government at 12 years old that she'd spent her time and effort making all this shit. Poor thing.

Luckily, Love Daniels was the first one to offer help, which meant Adam didn't have to. The other girl-- Something Crowne, judging by the campaign button-- didn't look badly hurt anyway. And her mouth was still working. Even now she was going on about what she'd do if she was elected to the Senate, how much she wanted to plan and decorate events and then help the incoming first years. (At this last bit he rolled his eyes almost imperceptibly-- nobody ever really wanted to hang around first years, least of all second years.) He was tempted to interrupt her, to tell her that she'd have her chances later on to give these kinds of speeches, or to hand out these leaflets and whatever else she had in that box. But he kept his mouth shut, so as not to be an asshole.

When he'd first come to Massachusetts, Adam had greeted the student office at Ilvermorny with the same excited awe as Something Crowne was showing. At his elementary school, nobody had really cared what the student council wanted unless it was suitably unimportant, like cafeteria decorations, or the theme of the end-of-year picnic. That Ilvermorny actually valued and encouraged its students to voice their opinions-- holy shit, that was a dream come true.

Of course, now he was 16 and knew better. The Ilvermorny student government accomplished nothing of consequence. Just like at his elementary school, their valued and encouraged student voices were reserved for school dances and shit. Not "Hey, maybe we shouldn't let some of our teachers tie up students and then cancel class." Certainly not "Hey, maybe we could just wear normal clothes like every other high school in America." Nothing, in short, that actually made much of a difference.

And the school dances weren't even fun, but now he really was being an asshole. "Carrie picked the day," he said, as Love commented on the weather.

The two girls settled into the group near each other, Something Crowne seeming to follow the conversation closely. As Love offered to help Carrie with anything, Adam added in-- "Yeah, and you're gonna need a lot more sticks, if you want to keep a fire going for a while."
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Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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A familiar voice from the periphery met her ears, and Carrie shifted her gaze slightly to see Adam, trusty skateboard in tow. She grinned toothily at him.

“Would it burn itself out if it was magical, though?”

She bit her lip. Even after living in the magical world for nearly nine years, there were still things that simply didn’t occur to her. Could they start the fire (or maintain it) with magic? Sure. Had she planned for that?

The Sixth Year lifted a shoulder casually.
“Dunno, really… to be honest, though, I hadn’t thought to use magic for it. I remember my Girl Scout training well enough to get us by, I think.” Her Brownie troop had gone on a few overnight trips to the Shenandoah Valley and the surrounding campgrounds, where the girls had learned a few basic survival skills that included starting a fire. She waggled her eyebrows playfully at the younger Thunderbird, tossing her long dark hair over her shoulder with a casual flick of her wrist. She’d probably need to braid it soon to keep it from becoming a rat’s nest, she thought absently – the wind had picked up slightly, and though it was May the mountains were often much cooler than closer to sea-level.

Before she could get her next thought organized, a shout came from behind her, and Carrie whirled around to find a small girl sprawled on the ground with various paraphernalia strewn about her. The Wampus moved towards her, but her fellow Iron Witch – Love – was already handling the situation. She beamed and waved to the younger girl, but she wasn’t sure if Love had seen since she’d already engaged the even younger girl in conversation. (Was she, Carrie, really about to be a Seventh Year in a few months’ time? She didn’t particularly care to think about it at the moment.)

Instead she’d busied herself with finding several good-sized stones to serve as their makeshift fire pit before arranging the scraps of kindling and few sizeable logs she’d gathered on the way up within the stone ring, tenting them against each other.

“Carrie picked the day.”

Her head popped up upon hearing her name, instinctively swiveling in the direction the comment had come from.
“Hmm? Oh, yeah, a few of us did! Tried to have it even earlier in the year, but it’s been so damn—er, darn rainy…”
She squinted at the collection of kindling then, picking up a piece to inspect it further. It was quite possibly still too damp to give off much more than a lot of smoke. She sat back on her heels, chewing at her lower lip. They could use the hot air charm to dry some of the thinner pieces… otherwise they’d either need to find drier stuff, spend the evening enveloped in smoke, or go the magical route.

As she worked, Love asked if there was anything she could help with, and as Carrie glanced up Adam chimed in again.
“Yeah, and you’re gonna need a lot more sticks, if you want to keep a fire going for a while.”

The Wampus grinned wolfishly, cupping a hand to her ear. “Ooh, is that a volunteer I hear?” she teased, then winked at the pair of them. “If y’all feel like foraging for some more kindling, that’d be super helpful! Try to pick the driest pieces you can… otherwise we’ll have more smoke than fire. You can usually find them in areas with a lot of tree cover, and ideally they’ll be laying on top of something other than the ground so less moisture is absorbed. Thanks!”

Carrie withdrew the flint from her bag and knelt again by the circle, vaguely noting the slowly-seeping coolness in the knees of her jeans as they pressed into the still-damp dirt. She took in a deep lungful of the mountain air, closing her eyes briefly. It was going to be a great evening; she could feel it.
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Adam Nguyen [ Thunderbird ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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He had not been volunteering in the slightest, but whatever. The group in the clearing was getting to a size where he did feel a bit like retreating into the woods and foraging for sticks. Not that he was going without protest. “Ugh,” he said, almost jokingly, but he stood anyway and scooped up his board. Taking it with him would make it harder to carry the kindling, but he wasn’t about to leave it unsupervised.

Turning to @Love Daniels , he pointed behind him with one thumb. “I can go this way, you can go that way?” he suggested. Carrie was already kneeling in the dirt with a flint (a flint! Adam was only in fifth year but he knew how to use Incendio. And he had a Bic lighter in his pocket, too.) But Carrie probably wanted to do it the Girl Scout way, so without a word he turned on his heel and headed into the woods.

She wanted drier sticks, which meant he was out of luck. It wasn’t quite summer yet, and the ground was still a little dewy. Even so, he managed to pick up an armful of branches-- some of them drier or greener than others-- before he made his way back to the clearing, clearing his throat to announce his return.

“I’m back,” he said. “I can put them…” He shrugged. “Wherever.” He stooped to put his skateboard down and free up his other hand, then stood unhelpfully holding his kindling out for her to take.

In the twilight he felt justified in taking a moment or two to just enjoy the night, to tilt his head back and look at the trees silhouetted in the gray sky. He checked his watch-- it was starting to get darker, to the point that he’d had to watch his step carefully for the last few minutes he’d been foraging through the underbrush, to the point where he couldn’t actually read his watch. It was getting colder, too. Adam was glad he’d brought a sweatshirt tonight.

With the weather like this, foggy and a little too cold, it reminded him of home. Summer weather had better hurry its ass up and get there soon-- this was miserable.

“Hey Carrie,” he said, to get her attention. He nodded at the baskets she and her friends had brought out to the clearing-- “What’s in the baskets?”

He supposed that it was too much to hope for booze. Not with Mary Lou Bird here, and certainly not when there were so many underclassmen hanging around. But hey-- there had to be dessert somewhere, right?

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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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It was probably her fault the underclassmen were there -- she had no secrets from her little brothers, and her little brothers had big mouths. She’d never admit it, though, after seeing the faces of the other sixth years when they had found out. She knew her audience, knew that taking the blame for inviting children to their bonfire would be political suicide at this point. No, thank you.

She wasn’t quiet about anything else, though. “Are you sure you have to bring that?” While she could think of a few people who would appreciate Carrie’s ‘adult’ cider -- Lou glanced around every hundred steps or so to see if they would run into him -- she still didn’t think it was the best option. Younger students aside, it still wasn’t legal. And while she may have tried just a tiny bit of tequila at the dance a couple months ago, there hadn’t been fire, or any other real dangers -- the side of a mountain, for example -- when that had happened. She could feel that presidency slipping through her fingers with every slish-sloshy sound of the firewhisky she knew was in Carrie’s hands. Lou clung to her own thermos of very non-alcoholic water.

Lou took another glance around, though this time she was looking at her friend walking beside her; the sight of her campaign badge (lovingly supplied by @Sunny Bird ) was enough to calm her down a smidge. She was still a healthy amount of worried about the evening, all concerns about alcohol aside. She had worn one of her less tattered flannels, had paid attention to her curls, had donned a cuter pair of hiking boots (cleaned of mud, too) and -- something she never usually did outdoors -- had spent an inordinate amount of time getting each side of her eyeliner even. She was thankful for the logistics of feeding students and keeping them warm to distract herself.

Her backpack was stuffed with snacks; her thermos-free hand was clutching the handles of another basket of food. They were the first ones to the clearing -- unfortunately -- and Lou unloaded her goods much less eagerly than Carrie did. She was still watching the trail they had just arrived on, waiting, wishing, not fully comprehending the question she was being asked. Lou was kneeling on the ground next to her backpack, her hands idly pulling things out and handing them to anyone who offered. “Yeah, sounds good.” She didn’t know what she had just agreed to, and she didn’t mind when Adam, a Thunderbird a year younger, answered the rest of Carrie’s question.

She would have answered his question -- that they would use a regular fire since it was easier to control -- but she was too distracted looking for the boy that still wasn’t there yet. Fashionably late, or something equally cool. Lou had long ago given up hope of getting over her crush any time soon, but she also wasn’t about to act on it until she knew she wouldn’t be embarrassing herself. That sort of thing wouldn’t do well for the election. “Girl Scouts, yeah,” Lou agreed again without much thought.

Lou was only brought back to reality and the people around her when something hit her in the head, thankfully cushioned by her mess of hair. She reached up, expecting an acorn or really, anything else except someone else’s campaign button. Lou already had this one, of course; in fact, she had five, all neatly pinned to her backpack, all the generous gifts from her littlest brother. She smiled down at the button before pinning it to her shirt, just below her own proclaiming Bird is the word, but slightly lower than the button Sunny had made for their brother Jack. Sunny had a good button business going, if nothing else.

Her head turned instinctively at Carrie’s ‘damn’ and the speed with which she corrected herself to ‘darn’ made her smile. Finally all this time spent together was paying off. She was back to trail surveys almost as quickly, though. It wasn’t until Carrie had sent off a few volunteers to go find sticks that Lou started paying attention to her again. Lou sat on a boulder an arm’s reach away from the firepit, where her friend was crouching with a flint. Lou had a lighter -- for this reason alone -- but she was intrigued to see Carrie’s technique, she supposed. That, and she didn’t want to be busy with the fire once @Gilbert Lightwood got there, if he ever did.

Lou pointed to a bare patch of earth near the firepit for Adam to drop the sticks; Carrie hadn’t stacked the wood on the fire correctly, but Lou wasn’t yet to the point of calling it out. She was trying her hardest to play it cool, which was basically her new mantra these days. Play it cool, Lou, she reminded herself as she took another glance up the trail.

“We brought snacks,” Lou answered without looking back and before Carrie could take the chance. But she turned her attentions back to the group then. “Popcorn, smores stuff, cocoa. Carrie made cider.” Lou pulled her water bottle closer, as if the moment she let it out of her sight Carrie would try to sneak something into it.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
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Sitting there, watching the interweaving relationship of the upperclassman was making her feel out of place. You think she would have been more comfortable when she noticed Mary Lue was there. She was Jack and Sunny’s older sister and pretty much Sylvia’s idol. I mean who wouldn’t wanted to be her. She had been on the Senate every year (as far as Sylvia knew) and more then likely going to be their President next year. Sylvia wished she had more opportunity to talk to her, get some pointers and judging by how well Sylvia made friends with her brothers, the Serpent could only rationalize that she and Mary Lou would be just as good friends.
Unfortunately, so far there hasn’t be much opportunity to form any time of bond this year, but she still held on to a vague fantasy of idealized mentor friendship.

Sylvia had smiled at her idol, hoping to be welcomed and recognized as a fellow running class-man or witch or whatever. But Mary Lou seemed focused on Carrie and was acquiring about the drinks and fire or something. She only spared a glance in Sylvia’s direction for a split second. As if she did not want to recognize Sylvia's presence. It left Sylvia wishing that Jack or Sunny or even Leah Miller was here.

A feeling of being let down and even more out of place, she was only too happy to volunteer when they mentioned the need of firewood.   Sylvia jumped up from Love’s side and joyfully announced. “I’ll help too!?”

She went another direction then the Asian older boy, who brought his wheeled peace of wood with him.  She wondered down hill in a zig-zag pattern, picking up a range of wood, from twigs to arm size branches. She made an effort to get the ones sitting on rock cropping rather then dark damp earth.

To be out doing something and helping was way better than sitting around weirdly feeling like … like what? That I don’t belong? Which was nonsense. We are all classmates, right? It was only in her head. She said giving her head a little shake as if the action shook out the thoughts.  She picked up another good size branch and added it to her pile. I can here to pass out some campaign items and join in the festivities. Right? Well I did that. Maybe I will hang out for a bit longer then head back soon.


Light was dimming, and she did not see the branched until she stepped on it. Surprised she bent down and picked up the two pieces added it to the bundle in her arms. She realized now it was getting dark. Old fears of Hidebehind crept into the young girl’s imagination and she swore she heard steps to the left of her.  She gave out a little shriek and turned and ran back. At least she thought it was the direction she thought she came from. She pushed through some branches into a foggy clearing, but it was empty. Fears flooded the young girl as the realization she was lost.

“, no, no.” she said as she spun in a circle.

Her heart pounded, and she tried to take deep breaths and think. Her Father’s voice came into her If you get lost, always stay were you are, so you don’t get more lost.

Spending the night lost in an open field was not her plan nor was yelling for help. She could hear a rustle in the trees. The fear filled First year was about to drop the wood and takeout her wand, when she heard another sound. Talking. It was the group! Speeding up the hill she followed the sound and within a few minutes bursted out of the woods into the middle of the the circle of her classmates, while there were talking about some snacks and drinks they brought.

She felt a few eyes on her. She blushed and said the first thing that came to her head. “I wouldn’t mind some Coco.”

She piled the wood on to the growing pile and shoved her trembling hands in her jacket. She was not going to head back now. SHe did not want to be alone out there. I can head back with the first person that leaves, she thought.

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