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Tristan Deveaux [ Ombrelune ]
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Tristan, who had been doing stable service every year for the last few years, was surprised at how much he enjoyed these little music lessons every weekend. He spent a few hours a day each weekend, teaching about four young musicians how to read music and play piano… and it was paying off. They were actually getting to be quite good! Tristan liked piano, though he was more passionate about Cello, and piano was easier for music beginners to master. He thought learning an instrument was important. It taught discipline and practice, preparation and dedication. It was a beautiful thing. He doubted he would ever play in an orchestra like his sister—he had bigger dreams, honestly—but he was quite good, and glad to be helping the children he taught in a way he could see.

He had been lucky to find a place to house the lessons that was so perfect. He expected to end up in a church or something like that, but to find a music shop willing to let him volunteer there was great. Having a music shop where the owner actively worked in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, where he hoped to do an internship that summer, was even better. He knew Chantal was good at her job from the class she subbed in Defense and Diplomacy, his favorite subject.

He hoped that she would be willing to write him a personal recommendation for the position, both as a professor who observed his work, and as a mentor who observed his work ethic and communication skills with his students. Not only that, but he knew Chantal and Christèle were friendly, which gave him an in. He never bet on anything where he could fail, but he was pretty confident that she could write him something fantastic. He already had some letters from his other professors, but he knew that a recommendation from someone within the department spoke loads about his ability.

He was a little distracted throughout the whole lesson, trying to think of what he was going to say—yet he remained good enough at his job to still correct several errors. They would be having a recital soon, during the last weekend of the season,for their parents at the church in the middle of the square. He hoped they’d be ready for something beautiful, albeit simple, by then. He packed up after his last student had left for the day, and went slower than usual. He needed to prepare himself for what he was going to say. He had this rehearsed, but he was a bit nervous. He needed to be able to convince her he was worthwhile, in case she hadn’t noticed his capability already.

He wiped down the piano and closed it, sliding his satchel over his shoulder and heading towards the door that separated the shop from the studio. He could hear the music playing. It was probably something muggle, as he didn’t really recognize it. They played a lot of muggle music in the shop. He was pretty sure that Chantal was muggleborn, or at least halfblood—not that he saw any problem with that. He, like his parents and sister Christèle,  considered muggleborn wizards to be just as good as the rest—except maybe for marriage. He smiled at her, as his client exited from the front door. “He’s getting very good, you know. Have you been listening?” He asked.

He approached her behind the counter, tightening his grip on his satchel. “It reminds me of when I was just learning. I was so eager to play, I never wanted to stop. My mother had to impose quiet hours so she could sleep. Were you like that when you started to play?”

@Chantal Garnier

Chantal Garnier [ French Ministry ]
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Re: [chatoeil] Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare [Chantal]
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Chantal hadn’t visited the Chatoeil or the music shop as often recently, for she was preparing for her upcoming diplomacy certification exam at the end of the month. While she hadn’t thought beyond being an auror, the witch had learned from a fellow co-worker than having this certification especially would grant a person in her position more decision taking abilities, and Chantal did desire that. It was hard studying though; her previous studies had been done at Beauxbatons years ago, where the library provided a quieter environment. Libraries in Paris were too full for her taste, and her flat in the French capital was also in a central area, the noise causing her too much discomfort.

Matthieu had asked her to take care of the shop for a weekend, as he would go to a muggle festival, to see what new bands were around. Ever since living in the wizarding world, in a wizarding village in particular, her brother hadn’t been in contact with the muggle world as much as she, so he did have to go and work harder to keep up with everything. But it had been a good idea – her coming to the Chatoeil. Despite the fact that it was the weekend, and therefore ‘crowded’ by Chatoeil standards, it was still peaceful, and just the perfect location for her to do a last revision before her exams.

The shop had been a bit busy that day, but every client just purchased their desired music and then left quietly, therefore not bothering her at all. In the back, the studio was being used by Tristan, who was giving his weekly music lessons to local children. She could sometimes hear the piano in between the music tracks that played in the shop; while not her favourite band, Chantal saw her brother had the last Goo Goo Dolls’ album in stock, so out of curiosity she put Gutterflower to play. The volume was low enough for her to read, but still she could listen and enjoy the rhythm of the music. Matthieu’s taste in music definitely differed from hers, but she had to admit, some of the tracks were catchy indeed.

Tristan’s music lesson ended, and the young child passed by her, greeting her and then leaving slowly, as he – as always – curiously gazed towards the muggle section of the music shop. Chantal followed the boy with her eyes, and smirked as he left the shop. His curiosity was somewhat endearing. The sixth year Ombrelune soon made an appearance in the shop, and Chantal straightened her back as she glanced in his direction. Normally, she’d just tell students they did a good job and have them leave as soon as possible – the witch enjoyed not talking to them much – but not only that Tristan was Christèle’s brother, but he was also a smart kid, so actually maintaining a nice conversation with him wasn’t that much of an effort.

“Yes, I have.” She sketched a smile. “You’re being quite patient with him, so that’s definitely encouraging for him.” Chantal nodded once, and then flipped her hair over her shoulder as she crossed her legs, and gestured the boy to take a seat on the chair next to hers. She held her breath for a moment as Tristan inquired how Chantal herself was when she first started to play. The action had been almost involuntarily.

Chantal herself had been playing the piano since a fragile age, and there were often times when she regretted not going on a more artistic path, like Christèle. She never opened up about this, and she wouldn’t now, or ever, but the topic of the piano left her a bittersweet taste. Chantal still played, but not as often and definitely not as effervescently. The piano was both a friend and a stranger at this point, and sometimes the witch felt as if she’d betrayed the love of her life when thinking that she wasn’t playing on a daily basis anymore.

“I started playing when I was five, and I picked it up much faster than both my siblings.” Her smile grew a little warmer. “We didn’t have a piano at home at first, but my father got me one once he took note of my skills. But I was never imposed quiet hours, even if I practiced most of the time.” Chantal let out a soft laugh, and shrugged one shoulder. “I especially liked the piano at first because it’s very exact. It was relaxing to know something so beautiful can result from the best of precision. Everything is black and white with it. In more than one way.” She shifted in her seat and then eyed Tristan curiously.

“Are you thinking of pursuing the piano professionally?” Chantal inquired, not sure whether out of pleasantry, or out of actual curiosity. She hadn’t talked to Tristan enough to realise how different he was from Christèle, but she figured if he had chosen piano lessons as his student service that he was, indeed, quite serious about playing the piano. Then again, rather than having similarities with Christèle, he could also be similar to Chantal herself; she’d also offered piano lessons as her student service, but had gone to work for the Ministry after graduation.
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Tristan Deveaux [ Ombrelune ]
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Re: [chatoeil] Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare [Chantal]
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Tristan graciously took the seat Chantal offered him, and smiled at her as she spoke. “Oh no, no.” He replied, to her question about playing professionally. “Actually, that’s something I hoped to speak to you about.” This was a bit more direct than he had in mind, but she had made him such a beautiful segway, it seemed a shame to waste it. “I’m hoping to follow in my Father’s footsteps and go to work in the department of International Magical Cooperation.” He admitted.

“I’m applying for the internship this summer, and was hoping you might be willing to write a recommendation for me, as someone who has been able to observe me both professionally and personally.” He wanted to bite his lip out of nerves but forced himself not to. He needed to relax, be cool. He hoped that he looked it. “I hope to take my diplomacy certification someday.” He added, not aware of what she was studying, but certain of what he wanted. “My Father’s a diplomat, as well.”

All things considered, he liked and looked up to Chantal. She was an interesting person, and in the same line of work that he, himself, hoped to enter. He wanted to emulate her as much as he wanted to emulate anyone. He thought she was a woman with class, wit, and ability. He approved of that very much.

Tristan had groomed himself to be in a good position for this internship, knowing that internships often turned into job opportunities. With his name, his father, his grades, his ability, and her recommendation, he would certainly get it. He was still worried, though, as nothing was set in stone until he got the letter in his hand. He hoped she had seen enough of him to know what to write, but he could certainly sell himself if he needed to.


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