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Freefall {Freya}
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Re: Freefall {Freya}
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Freya adjusted her glasses on her nose as she stepped into the place. She was a little out of breath, having gotten lost on the way and then ending up having to rush to make it in time. She felt a bit flustered already as she stood there and awkwardly searched for his face in the crowd. Freya decided that she liked the aesthetic of the place. It was sort of similar to a hipstery venue near where she lived that hosted poetry readings and other artsy sort of events. She wondered vaguely if this place did anything like that. After a moment, she caught sight of him, standing as he saw her too. Freya smiled, her cheeks tinged with pink immediately. She was used to it by now but it still made her want to roll her eyes at herself. She pushed some blonde curls back from her face and made her way over to him.

"Hey Emil," she said, a little breathless, her eyes crinkling a little at the edges as she smiled. She briefly overthought whether she should go in for a hug of if he was going to kiss her cheek - French people seemed to do that a lot, she'd discovered - as she approached him. "I hope you weren't waiting long," she said, "I was early so I thought I'd walk but then I got lost and ended up in a completely different cafe and then freaked out and thought I'd get here late..." She trailed off, then laughed a little at herself. She talked a lot anyway, but more so when she was nervous. Quickly, too. She didn't even consider that he might not have understood anything she'd said.

Emil was handsome, she thought, taking the seat he indicated. He had the cheekbones, the eyebrows and his eyes were kind of stunning. Not just the colour or the shape, either - not to discount that, of course - but there was some dreamy aspect to them when he looked lost in thought or perhaps caught in a daydream. Freya had been a little startled meeting all of Prosper's friends, actually, because they were all ridiculously good-looking. Prosper included. Was it a French thing, she wondered? She didn't remember so many model-types in her year at school. Girls or boys. The blonde hadn't spent much time with Emil, couldn't remember a time when they'd been alone together in the few times they'd met, but he seemed very relaxed all of the time which she appreciated. Freya was flustered easily by men and his more subdued enthusiasm took the edge off her awkwardness. Not that it was much help now.

Nothing much had happened in Freya's life romantically for the past year. She'd gone out on a couple dates, kissed lots of people at parties, and had slept with one guy, who she wasn't even seeing. While she'd had ephemeral crushes on her barista, the guy who worked in the quidditch supplies shop near her work and one of Erika's (human) associates, she hadn't really gone full-crush on anyone for a long time. She kind of missed the feeling. Since Ari had started seeing Prosper officially a few months ago - and gone on that ridiculous holiday with him to Greece - Freya had really started thinking about romance and its absence from her life. Now that Finn was training a lot and travelling away a bunch for his career, she was at home alone a lot too. Maybe that was why she felt so fluttery when he turned his pretty eyes on her.

"Um," she said, briefly distracted and trying to cover it up with a quick smile, "So do you come here often? Do you live near here?" Freya realised that she didn't really know that much about Emil. He was a dreamy French artist, friends with the more outgoing boyfriend of her best friend. She leaned forward a bit, resting her cheek in her palm, elbow on the table. "I don't really know much about you," she admitted, laughing again.

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Re: Freefall {Freya}
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Re: Freefall {Freya}
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She liked how he said her name; all soft edges and curves. Freya lived in a pretty multi-cultural and transient city, but almost all of her friends were British. Not even just British, she thought, but English. Finn was Scottish, but Ariana, Jeremy, Danny, Tess... All born in England. Freya had done a little travel outside of the UK, but mostly just to the places that everyone went - Paris, Berlin, Barcelona etc. When she was younger she'd barely left the UK, and would have killed to go anywhere else at all; she made a mental note to start planning something more interesting later. For now she'd just appreciate his accent and try not to get caught up in it.

"It's good to see you too," Freya replied, her flushed cheeks not losing their rosy hue anytime soon. She adjusted her glasses as he started talking. Andorra? Freya had to roll her eyes at herself internally; the one thing she'd thought she'd known about him (that he was French) wasn't even right. It made sense now that she knew; his accent was distinctly not-French now that she was paying attention. Freya nodded as he spoke, keeping eye contact and giving other nonverbal cues to show she was paying attention. Neroli? She'd heard of the place, but hadn't been. It occurred to her that she really didn't know much about him. Was it shallow of her to be here, all flustered and fluttery more or less just because he was handsome and seemed nice? She shrugged internally, dismissing the thought.

"Yeah, England," Freya said, nodding and pushing her glasses up her nose with one finger. She smiled brightly, "Tinworth, actually, in Cornwall. Do you know Exeter? Bath?" Not seeing much recognition in his eyes, the blonde waved a hand, it wasn't important. "It doesn't matter. West of London, basically," she summarised with a happy shrug. "Ari's from near there too," she added unnecessarily. She was rambling a bit again, but that was pretty normal. Her friends knew her habit of talking too much, too quickly, rambling about random things... especially when she was nervous, flustered or excited. There were elements of all of those here. She knew it, too.

"Hmm?" Freya's honey-brown eyes flicked from his pretty face to the menu he was holding. She tilted her head a little to look at it. "Are we eating here?" she asked curiously, "Or should I just get a drink?" Honestly, she'd sort of momentarily forgotten they were in a cafe at all.


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