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The Daily Prophet [ Daily Prophet ]
2003 Posts

Volume 05. June 2002.

Despite Wilmar Rabidustell and the German Ministry’s excellent cooperation and (supposedly) exquisite team of volunteers that gathered to put into action the plan of blowing up the incoming asteroid, the stratagem has been an utter and complete failure. Moments after the rock entered the Earth's atmosphere, the wizarding village of Strudelburg had been immediately evacuated, all residents being hosted now in wizarding inns in Berlin.

Nonetheless, due to poor calculations, the village of Strudelburg has been wiped off the map only as collateral damage – the asteroid had contact with Germany’s brand new and extremely expensive 2002 World Cup Quidditch pitch, thus leaving the country facing not only an ongoing environmental disaster after the collision, but also inapt to host this year’s World Cup. Thankfully, all witches and wizards present at the time on the pitch have successfully Disapparated before the impact, so none of them were severely hurt, however German Ministry Officials are still unable to enter the site and analyse the asteroid.

The International Confederation of Wizards released the following statement, through famous magizoologist and renowned inspector Hugo Göstav Holmström: “While the German Ministry of Magic had done its best in dealing with the situation, its best had not been the best. The environmental hazard that has been created in the country at the moment is of utmost importance, and the ICW will do everything in its power to solve the situation. Regarding the 2002 World Cup, the ICW has deemed Germany as tragically incapable of hosting such an event, and my colleagues from the Department of Magical Games and Sports will release a public statement as soon as they decide on the new location of the World Cup.”

Following the events in Germany, the International Confederation of Wizards has organised an emergency conference in Geneva, inviting not only all healers (researchers), herbologists, magizoologists, potioneers, and other naturalists, but also activists and charities, along with investors. The thematic is centred on the environmental hazard that issues in Germany, with the debate’s purpose being the planning of strategies of saving as many magical creatures and plants as possible, along with the creation of a new potion which can help anyone exposed to the possible radiations. ICW inspector Hugo Göstav Holmström will be overseeing the symposium.

End of term at Ilvermorny comes with the traditional festivities atop Mt. Greylock. Headmaster Agilbert Fontaine scheduled all exams to end early, for students to enjoy the multitude surprises of the great outdoors: sno-cone machines, popcorn, soft pretzels, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and all of the standard carnival games, including bouncy castles! Shackamaxon vendors have also been invited to sell their goods, so everyone will surely find something that suits their taste.

Mahoutokoro prepares for its End of Term ceremony, celebrating the graduation of its seventh year students and announcing the successes of the First Rank applicants. Almost as an omen, Onogoro Island has been surprised by the awakening of a large number of dragon yokai, for the first time in seventy years! Emerging from beneath Mahoutokoro Castle, the imperial spirits have begun flying over and observing the school, village, and island. Some lucky students may even get to see a roosted yokai up close, though the faculty cautions students to be aware of the younger, more mischievous ones.
Beauxbatons' End of Term brings the close of a tumultuous year. The celebrations are somber. The school remembers the loss of one of it's professors in a unique way as Madame Maxime is forced to answer some tough questions about her leadership. There's a hint of change on the winds for the coming year and they bring new challenges, new problems and new opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for ways you and your character can get involved!

After hosting the stressful Order of the Dragon for three months, as well as accommodating students from Ilvermorny, the staff and student body of Koldovstoretz host their first End of Term celebrations since the failed merge with Durmstrang last term. Welcoming eight new baby dragons as they send off their new graduates into the world, the school welcomes a less eventful feast in hopes that the following term will bring them more stability.

After many months of planning, the long-awaited Professor vs. Student Quidditch match is finally coming to Durmstrang to end the year right. Headmaster Sevastyan Yeshevsky has planned a right spectacle, complete with quidditch commentating by famous alumna, and captain of the Moscow Metalmen, Veronika Petrova. Other famous quidditch players are said to be on the guest list, along with the Swedish Minister of Magic, Nils Nyström.

After the end of a miraculously-uneventful year, students will board the Hogwarts Express and return home to their families on Tuesday, June 18. To mark the end of another year and to celebrate the year of learning and friendship that followed the disasters of the dome, the faculty and staff have announced an end-of-year ball that all students may attend. The festivities will begin at 6pm on Sunday, June 16, in the Great Hall. Following dinner, there will be an hour of dancing before the younger students (Years 1 through 3) will be excused at 9pm. The party for the older students (Years 4 through 7) will continue until midnight. Dress robes are encouraged. Dance lessons will be held on Saturdays, June 8 and 15 for all interested students. Notable alumni have been invited to attend the event, and students can look forward to special performances from a variety of accomplished witches and wizards during the course of the evening. [[OOC: If you feel your character is famous/accomplished enough to have been invited, feel free to post them at Hogwarts along with guest(s). Invited guests could include quidditch players, musicians, performers, potioneers, illusionists, etc.]]

Dear Daily Prophet Readers,

It was a bright and sunny day on the first weekend of May when a special field trip to Hogwarts was held for the Hogsmeade Magical Preschool and Daycare. Older students from Hogwarts spent the day being mentors and tour guides to our young knowledge seekers. The turn out and participation was bigger than anticipated, which was a grand delight for all. There were many activities that included a picnic, toy broom racing, crafts, and scary, but not too scary, stories by the lake from the ghosts. I couldn't be anymore proud of all of the Hogwarts students who participated in the event for showing our children what school was like and all of the fun things they could do!

I write to you, not because of all of the positives. But as an apology for the hiccups that happened during the event that left some of the parents (who are reading this) concerned about sending their child to our daycare. It is true that three little wizards, unnamed because of policy, had wandered into the forbidden forest on an epic quest to find the biggest rock to stand on. Our low head count lead us to create a new game for our hosts and little ones, a hide and seek, in search for the three brave musketeers. We found them quickly, on a rock, near the big oak tree on the outer edge of the forest, and they were having fun. None of them were injured, and I made sure that they saw the Hogwarts School Nurse before the day was up. It is also true that Moaning Myrtle terrified a young little witch to tears in the girl's lavatory. I am aware that a Hogwarts young lady had thought it would have been a good experience, but it was not the case. I am working with her parents to ensure she is a happy girl.

With all of that said, we will be re-evaluating whether or not this will become tradition or a rare occurrence and are working with the Hogwarts Administration to find a way that everyone will have fun the next time our daycare visits and work on a list of precautions. We thank the staff of Hogwarts, and the parents of our children, for this opportunity to try something new.


Miss Tina Flowers
Hogsmeade Magical Preschool and Daycare Administrator
Emotions were at an all-time high as the month of May brought the first rank test to Mahoutokoro Institute. Spectators were in awe as a select few courageous souls embarked on a journey over a course of a three day period to demonstrate the fruits of their hard work, ending in a showcase of the very best that the institute has to offer. It was a great success, students of all years brought forth their best efforts, the rest of the student body left notably impressed by some of the performances, one student in particular managing to summon a ferocious dog yōkai only to bind its spirit with a powerful spell that left the other students stunned. While all students did their best, only the elite received their first rank, those who did not will have an opportunity to try again the following year.

"The lava sucked. Like bad. It was so terrible I have no words to describe how the day was a total disaster. But I will. Travel time was not well thought out, AT ALL. Here I was thinking I would hop around and glide through the day with ease, nope, not at all. It was obstacle after obstacle. If I wasn’t trying to best the competition, which was fierce, I was helping someone from dropping out of the race completely. My body ached from the constant close calls where I nearly fell into the lava but didn’t and some first year thought it okay to use me like a stepping stone. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I lost a shoe. A shoe! How does that even happen?! Like seriously, my favorite shoe at that. The icing on the cake was the fact that I struggled and fought to make it to the end only to slip and fall into the lava just moments before my victory. The lava sucked." -- A shoeless student

The grounds of Koldovstoreztz was abuzz with more than the chatter of its students as parents and younger siblings joined them on Ozero Vivi. With each passing day of the festivities, the grounds gained more occupants and the growing dragons found the new additions more and more interesting. So much that during a peaceful dinner the mischievous dragons rampaged through. What had been a peaceful dinner turned into chaos as tables were nearly toppled and dragons ate food from plates as people jumped from their seats. Parents and children alike did the best they could to give the young creature's space as tablecloths caught fire and long wings flew too close overhead. The beach was left to the dragons as everyone was led inside.  Parents soon left after the incidents and as the grounds lulled back into a gentle hum the dragons seemed more content.

When friends find Green Fields Ablaze
A day to remember turns into a night of horrors for best friends, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan. After an exciting day at the 1994 Quidditch World cup, the pair “collapsed in their cots”, only to be frantically awaken by Finnigan’s mother to find the chaos caused by Death Eaters. How will the “mudblood," the "half-and-half" and his "blood traitor" mother escape the pandemonium? Keep reading this Rent-a-Canon/time turner to find out! [link]

shake, rattle and roll
It's his birthday, but Banshee frontman Charlie Baker comes to the rescue of his date with an old fashioned remedy for an upset stomach when magical confectioner Honey Bea Flume feels a little worse for wear following a rollercoaster ride. The pair are exploring a muggle theme park - will Charlie get the birthday present he's after? [link]
The Water is Wide
Can a good Gryffindor girl go bad? Students of the pluckiest Hogwarts House had always had a penchant for finding trouble, but Quidditch Captain Keela Doyle can't seem to stay away from ex-convinct DJ Conway, who so infamously was arrested from last spring's End of Term feast for murdering a graduating Hufflepuff student but was declared "innocent" in his August trial. Miss Doyle had valiantly defended her yearmate at the trial, but had it just been loyalty, or something more? Doyle and Conway were seen multiple times in close proximity this year in spite of Doyle's alleged interest in a certain Mr. Pym also of Gryffindor: perhaps the perfect cover. Most recently they were spending intimate time on the shores of Hogwarts' Black Lake. Has Conway extended his mastery of the Dark Arts to gain a hold over the pristine Miss Doyle, or has this good girl's poor decisions taken her too deep into a maelstrom that might drown her? [link]

Casualties of Memory
Overwhelmed by a sense of guilt and unimpressed with the Ministry of Magic, Obliviator Edith Holthouse pays a visit to Gryffindor student Dennis Creevey in order to inform him that the muggle, Floxglove Sharpe, whom the teenage boy had just spent a romantic evening with, had been wiped of her memory. To make matters worse, he would be expected to attend a hearing regarding the matter. Read this compelling tale exploring the importance of remembering and how an act of compassion can reveal truth about the world around us [here].

Is the Forbidden forest the best classroom?
It is no surprise that Hogwarts requiring students to enter the Forbidden Forest has raised concerns from parents throughout the years. Yet, what once was a punishment meant to make students repent, now is accepted as part of the class curriculum and disguised as an "overnight camp out." Hogwarts' new teaching methods are already rearing disastrous results with two students dangerously affected by eating magical plants, and with at least one more lost in the woods. How many more students will be traumatized? Is this avant-garde style of teaching worth risking the students' lives? [link]

Remembering Waldo Burgstaller
By Waldo Burgstaller Well, it looks like I’m dead, aren’t I? It should have happened years ago, honestly. I passed away peacefully tragically comically we’re not actually sure because there is no body to be found (author’s note: cross out all that don’t apply) at the young age of one hundred twelve. In another life, I was a successful author (AN: please do recognize my work posthumously, I have a lot of dependents), penning titles such as (but not limited to): The Battlefield of My Heart (1919), Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (1940), and The History and Social Influence of Cheese (1954). Graduating in 1908, I was a former Ombrelune who lived in Liechtenstein, Paris, and Geneva before making his home in Neroli, where I lived for the past fifty-two years. I gave up my lovely little cheese shop to waste away at continued on Page 3

You had me at merlot
Famous Quidditch player Hefin Howell and venerated violinist Christèle Deveaux have publicly confirmed their relationship status as a couple. The two socialites have begun dating shortly after meeting for the first time in March, the pair having been spotted attending several events and shows together since then. As announced, the two have become an official couple around the start of May. While the media previously presented the couple’s relationship as a merely frivolous affair between two young heirs, it seems that it’s much more serious than expected. When asked whether or not this would lead to an engagement, Mr. Howell uncharacteristically answered with “Anything is possible, especially with Christèle by my side.” Earlier this month, the ‘royal couple of the wizarding world’ – as the Quidditch player’s fans have labelled them – have been spotted attending a show at the Wizarding Flemish Opera in Brussels, Belgium.

New French Minister of Magic
The Ministère de la Magie has a new Minister for Magic. The elected Minister, Adaline Chartrand, won in a landslide victory against former Minister Eugène Clement. Previously the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Chartrand began her career in the Ministère six decades ago as an Auror before advancing through the ranks to Lead Auror, Head of the Auror Office, and most recently Department Head for the last fifteen years.

Chartrand is quoted as “never having had political aspirations” and “only wanting what is best for [her] country”. Her campaign was largely run by fellow Ministère employees. Clement has been criticised for his soft approach to politics and spending too much time (and Ministère money) on social events and elaborate gifts to other ministries. His most recent act of imposing a smoking ban within the Ministère is believed to have played a large part in his decreased popularity and loss at election time. Clement had been Minister for Magic since 1994.

There is growing concern amongst French witches and wizards that there is a dark threat, akin to that faced in Britain in recent years, gaining momentum. It is believed the appointment of Minister Chartrand is a vote of confidence in her ability to steer the country through any potential unrest. Her campaign policies included a reform of education following the events at Beauxbatons this last term, investment in the French economy, and a review of department spending.

Offering 10% Off. Now through July 31st. Come in on your birthday for a free scoop of ice-cream. Offered year-round. Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade Locations.

The Daily Prophet has managed to get hold of highly valued Hogwarts Professor and Quidditch expert Fflur Blevins. See her forecasts for the upcoming World Cup and much more in this month’s interview, below. The redaction would like to thank her for all her insight, and cannot wait to see which of the former Quidditch Player’s expectations will come true. Please make sure you send in fan letters for Miss Blevins for our next issue!

Melissa Randall: As many of our readers are more and more excited regarding the upcoming Quidditch World Cup, The Daily Prophet has decided to spice things up and invite a specialist to comment on the matter, rather than a Quidditch Player. As such, today we have the honour of being in the presence of highly esteemed Hogwarts Flying Professor, and former Quidditch Player, Fflur Blevins. It’s absolutely wonderful to see you once more, and thank you very much making time for this interview. How are you?
Fflur Blevins: [chuckles upon hearing 'highly esteemed'] Doing well, thanks.

MR: How is teaching at Hogwarts? Do we have any upcoming graduates us Quidditch enthusiasts should be excited for?
FB: Teaching is great. Then again, I teach an elective that isn't exactly academic, so... [shrugs] But yeah. Gryffindor's captain will definitely be one to watch. Keela Doyle. She's got quite a forceful swing.

MR: [arches eyebrow in surprise] Such good news! We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Miss Doyle’s activities after graduation. Which teams would you deem as lucky to have her, as you are aware of her talents and strengths on the field?
FB: They'd all be lucky. [almost rolls eyes]

MR: On to the World Cup! There are several wonderful players from various teams; Liliya Wolanski for Ukraine, Viktor Krum for Bulgaria, Rawya Zaghloul for Egypt, Veronika Petrova for Russia, especially. How would you qualify all of their talents?
FB: They clearly all have talent, Wolanski and Petrova more than the other two you mentioned. But in the end, I think it'll be Zaghloul and Egypt. Played against (and lost to) Egypt in '94 and she's only gotten better since. And speaking of Wales, I'm surprised you aren't asking about Rhydderch. [raises eyebrow] I'd say she's better than some that you did ask about.

MR: [smirks] I have a question about Rhydderch, separately of course. [points towards her list] She’s our local pride, in our own little corner of the world. [nods] Therefore, we have Welsh Chaser Morwen Rhydderch being quite in the spotlight, a sensational presence on the pitch. Even her captain, Gwenog Jones, holds young Morwen highly. What are your predictions for her? You predicted Egypt will win, but what about Rhydderch’s performance, and Wales’?
FB: Well, Jones used to have a high opinion of me, too. [smirks] But really, Wales obviously knows what they're doing. Finals in '98, but the team has had some turnover since, so I don't think they'll make it quite as far this Cup. I'm sure both Jones and Rhydderch have a bit of extra motivation after losing the League Champs last season, though, so I'm sure it'll still be a good show.

MR: Since you brought up your relationship with Miss Jones, [smiles] our readers are quite intrigued by the subject. I will not dwell on the topic a lot, rest assured, but have you and the Welsh captain reconnected? As far as public knowledge goes, you haven’t met ever since 1995, when you were fired from the Welsh National Team, due to your excessive drinking problems. [clears throat] Just to be clear, I’m only asking because The Daily Prophet wants your interview to be regarded as an objective and good source of information for Quidditch fans.
FB: [deadpan] I doubt anyone could be more objective than me.

MR: On a similar train of thought, is your opinion of Morwen influenced in any way by the fact that she is of muggle descent?
FB: [raises eyebrow] Is yours?

MR: [smirks] Miss Rhydderch is one of my favourites this season. And another favourite of mine, and of yours of course, is a certain other individual quite familiar with muggles. The Daily Prophet has obtained exclusive information that you are ‘Charlie Baker’s mystery woman’ from Paris, 1996. [hands her a photography of the two of them, where Fflur’s face is especially noticeable] Do you have anything to comment on the matter? [flips hair over her shoulder] It also seems you’ve been spending a lot of time in each other’s presence recently; any more surprises we should be expecting?
FB: [arches eyebrow at the photo] Not really seeing what his familiarity with muggles has anything to do with but... I can definitely say that my hair was looking exceptionally good that day, wasn't it? [looks back up] Is it really that surprising that I have the ability to have friends?

MR: Silence is an answer too, I guess. [arches eyebrow] Talking about relationships, do you have anything to comment regarding yours with revered actor Robin Byrne-Davidson? His fans would love to hear your impression of the artist.
FB: [rolls eyes] If they're his fans, then they must already know how positively dreamy he is.

MR: Cute. [giggles] And that would be all. Thank you very much for your time, Miss Blevins, I am sure your predictions will be highly appreciated by every Quidditch fan. I know I definitely feel much more excited by this upcoming World Cup now, after discussing with you. We all look forward to seeing you at the Quidditch World Cup, hopefully accompanied by the “positively dreamy” Mr. Byrne-Davidson.
FB: Yeah, there's nothing more exciting than watching quidditch.

Remembrance of the Dark Day in May
By Aubrey Headley It has been four years since darkness was defeated within the UK region, and it still feels like it was yesterday. There has been a lot going on for the Hogwarts region since May 2nd 1998, as the balance continues to correct itself. From repairing the school, to the dome, and uprisings over a variety of subjects - the impact of the war continues to bare a scar the wizarding world. However, in light of everything, the wizarding world continues to strongly move forward with perseverance and desire to be better.

Families paid tribute to the fallen within Hogwarts grounds with a beautiful lantern lighting ceremony. One lantern represented each witch and wizard who was lost during the time the Dark Lord rose to power for his second and final time. The first lantern to be released was by the headmistress after a wonderful, tearful speech about the need for continued unity and inclusion. There were so many lanterns, that it lit up the entire Hogwarts grounds and eventually the sky. It put into perspective how we must continue to love one another, and make time for friends and family. There were several hundred lanterns, and many important and influential guests came to the grounds for strong support in the wizarding community.

"It is important to remember what once was. If we do not learn about our history, we may be doomed to repeat it", one influential member of society said, who would like to remain anonymous. Another, a ministry official, noted that the ceremony brought people together, to mourn and remember together, and that was important for them. The evening wasn't full of grief however. Many individuals stayed behind to share stories of their loved ones around the campfires, and shared laughs and memories.

Outside of Hogwarts, many small tributes were paid as well. The Ministry had a minute of silence in the morning, where everyone and everything paused - including the elevator. Three wizards were stuck in the elevator at the time of the minute of silence, neither of them minded the momentary inconvenience. St. Mungo's paused at the time the war ended, ringing a simple bell once, that could be heard through the hallways. It was a brief second that brought chills. The wizarding government allies around the world sent their regards as we remember this day, four years ago. They too have felt sorrow for our fallen, as the wizarding world continues to feel more connected and smaller than ever before.

Next May, at the five year mark, it is expected there will be a more grand ceremony.
The Ministry’s Department of Miseries
By Martha-Ann Jones ‘Hiding’ during the war sometimes meant ‘hiding in plain sight’. Muggleborns were required to attend a Ministry hearing, presenting papers that showed proof they had inherited their magic, rather than stealing it. Most didn’t have the papers -- how could they? -- but some had fate on their side. Not everyone in the world is a terrible person; not everyone turned a blind eye to the misfortune that their fellow witches and wizards were enduring simply because of something they had no control over: their parents. Papers were able to be forged, and even some within the Ministry could do it, and offered to help. The Commission often caught wind of the forgeries and would introduce a new counterfeit measure, but those against the Commission were smarter, more dedicated, finding new ways around, saving more ‘magic pretenders’.

Of course, pretending to be someone you’re not can be just as hard as being on the run -- I’m not trying to downplay anything here -- but all of those who weren’t able to survive with a forgery are now just faced with yet another ‘what if?’. What if instead of Azkaban, what if they could have kept their job, what if, what if, what if? What if the Ministry actually showed any semblance of remorse?

By Imogen Alexander Nestled on a quaint side street in the popular tourist spot of Chatoeil is The Hummingbird Bistro. On first glance, it's a pastel paradise and easily identifiable with its candy coloured exterior. With fresh flowers and even fresher dishes, I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting top notch food in a wonderfully warm atmosphere. The seafood is locally sourced from the harbour and the owner, Mr. Felix Keller, was more than happy to tell me the ins and outs of his establishment.

It's a candy floss dream and a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. It's a well liked spot for couples on date nights and the bistro spills out onto the harbour side, awarding diners with gorgeous views. The Hummingbird's cakes are out of this world and the coffee is also locally roasted, which makes the spot have a wonderfully communal vibe. My favourite thing about the bistro (apart from Mr. Keller) is that you feel instantly welcome. There's even cute little affirmations on the take away coffee cups and take out containers.

All in all, I love it here. The food is superb and prepared with care, the desserts are a dream and time I spend there was highly enjoyable. When you visit, I recommend the salted caramel doughnuts after a chicken alfredo salad. Yum!

Billie Fay & Phillip Donnelly
Couple of the Month - July
Emma Hennings
Post of the Month - July
the fear we face, the bitterness we erase
love and other disasters
Thread of the Month - July
a lot of awesome people

the daily prophet needs you!
You may have noticed this issue of The Daily Prophet is a bit smaller than previous months and that is because we want to use more member written content for it. We would love to have more stories written by members and input! Do not be shy, we accept all stories about anything you can think of! It can be random blurbs about your characters, other characters (with driver permissions), and non played characters! Don't feel like writing the article yourself? That's fine too! Just send us a PM with what you would like to read about and we will do the work. Any thread can be spotlighted regardless of what "playtime" it is set in or when the first/last post was. Tell us what your characters are up to, announce their upcoming big life events, make up stuff, we want it all~

how to contribute
Out-of-Character, The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee and Admin Team.

In-Character, The Daily Prophet is led by a newly appointed Editor-in-Chief named Llewella Leona Lloyd, an outspoken, middle aged, pathetically single Welsh journalist who refers to herself as the Grey Lion.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to PM @Elena or a member of the Plot Committee.
Hello, this is @Elena. It was my first time organising and being in charge of TDP and I would like to thank everyone who’d made this a very pleasant experience to me. Firstly, the plot committee, @Chaw, @Heather, and @Katya, has done greatly, and this issue wouldn’t have been possible without them. Thanks to @Christine, @Dylan, @Fee, @Sioban, @Sophie, and @Taed as they’ve prepared a lot of awesome events for EoT and much more. Lastly, but definitely not least, I would like to thank @Laura, @Mel, and @Samm for their great resourcefulness. I love you all<33~

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rip me

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"on the bright side, bellefeuille adopts all of the cats :3 everyone please drop by the common room so we wash the babies and get the cheese smell off of them"
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"on the bright side, bellefeuille adopts all of the cats :3 everyone please drop by the common room so we wash the babies and get the cheese smell off of them"

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this one is simultaneously mortified (by the gossip column) and preening (from Fflur’s interview)
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no quidditch world cup for germany :'(

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“Our Ministry sucks, we should get a new Minister too >>”

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #8 on: September 12, 2018, 07:45:48 PM »
"Finally! It took us long enough to get to the quidditch match. Are you guys ready to sweep the quidditch pitch with the ancient dinosaurs on broomsticks?"
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #9 on: September 13, 2018, 12:22:23 AM »
As a general note, we ask that students do not post outside of their respective schools until playtime switches to July. Thanks!

Sevastyan Yeshevsky [ Professor ]
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #10 on: September 13, 2018, 09:45:53 AM »
The Durmstrang End of Term Quidditch Match has begun!

Minerva McGonagall [ Professor ]
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #11 on: September 14, 2018, 05:56:55 PM »
Hogwarts EoT festivities are in full swing! Feel free to post in the main thread and/or create your own spin-off thread(s).

Please note that only First through Third Years must return to their dormitories by 9pm, while Fourth through Seventh Years may stay out until midnight.
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Olympe Maxime [ Professor ]
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #12 on: September 15, 2018, 08:46:18 AM »

Ogami Toshiyuki [ Professor ]
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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #13 on: September 17, 2018, 04:37:33 PM »
Student body and faculty,

The Mahoutokoro End of Term Feast will be held in the Ceremony Hall of Mahoutokoro Castle. Please remember to attend.

Ogami Toshiyuki

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Re: [Announcement] The Daily Prophet - June Edition (Mini-Plots & More!)
« Reply #14 on: September 21, 2018, 08:14:06 PM »
Don't forget to join the best school ever Ilvermorny in celebrating the End of the Year!

feel free to make your own spin off threads from this one.



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