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Sevastyan Yeshevsky [ Professor ]
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[EoT prof/student quidditch match] beautiful disaster [stands]
« on: September 12, 2018, 09:45:39 PM »
This was a long time coming. What had originally began as something fun to increase morale for the students had been put off and put off until it became the end of the year spectacle. Sevastyan was tired. This year, trying to bring Durmstrang back to its former glory had been harder than he could have even imagined, especially with the interference of the Order of the Dragon and the Russian ministry. They deserved more than that, better than that. They deserved to be revered. They deserved to stand alone. They needed something better than this, and there was something better in the works now, that no student had even began to comprehend. Perhaps it would breathe life into this tired school again, once and for all. He wouldn't dare say the words, they were so far from being finalized, but he had invited special guests to make a showing at the game, seeing if this would be the right decision, but Sevastyan was certain that it was time for Durmstrang to be respected again.

The day was bright and sunny, hot—even for summer. Sevastyan was decked out in Durmstrang Red, with hints of blue and silver—to showcase his pride in his own house of Klyk Vampira. This was different than a usual quidditch match, however, as it wasn't the houses playing against each other, but rather the students versus the faculty. It would be interesting to see who would win. The faculty team was rather different than the house teams, most of them hadn't played quidditch ever, and some simply hadn't played since they were in school themselves. There were no professional quidditch players among them, though Sevastyan wondered if there may be a few students who might take up the sport professionally.

In truth, he hoped the students would win. He had organized a party after the match, not quite a ball, but certainly fun for everyone for the students to celebrate their success. He had no doubt they would win. He was so certain that, instead of sitting alongside the faculty during the match, he was in the Klyk Vampira section of the stands, rooting the teams on with the students.  He held his wand to his throat to amplify his voice. "Welcome everyone to Durmstrang's first Student/Professor Quidditch match! I'm sure you are all ready to watch your favorite professors be pummeled into the dust!" He paused, for cheering.  "Before we begin, I just wanted to thank some of our special guests for joining us today, our brilliant commentator—captain of the Moscow Metalmen, and Russian National Team player, Miss @Veronika Petrova! Also, among the stands are a few other famous faces, so please be courteous to our alumni, yes? Finally, I would like to welcome the Swedish Minister of Magic, Mister Nils Nyström. Welcome, welcome! Now, without further ado, let the games begin!"

As the team captains approached for the coin toss, Sevastyan was a little proud of being able to put this together. Then, suddenly, they were off in the skies, and he watched the quaffle move. This would be an interesting game, regardless of outcome, and certainly—he hoped—this would be more fun for everyone than the last year's end of term. Sevastyan was no one if not a friend of the students. He wanted that to be clear as day, here. He was a fun headmaster. He was someone the students could come to, trust, and even care for. He wanted them to respect him by loving him, not by fearing him. He thought that more things like this, maybe, would make that the case.

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Melita Albescu [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [EoT prof/student quidditch match] beautiful disaster [stands]
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2018, 10:24:49 PM »
Miki was so so so excited for the game. Normally she wasn't a big Quidditch spectator, but this was different. Today was the big game everyone had been waiting for, where the professors would play against the students! Practically everyone was here, even students who had graduated and become kind of famous since they had left. She had seen a number of Quidditch stars in the stands, and they were commentating on the game as well. The stands buzzed with excitement.

The Krov had even more reason than most to be excited as Miki's favorite cousin @Mihaela Lupesco and Miha's new boyfriend @Lev Leskov were both playing for the student team. She was so proud of them, making the team out of all the students in the school who had tried out for the game. Miki hadn't tried out, she was absolute rubbish on a broom. She would much rather sit in the stands and cheer until she lost her voice. She could hard;y wait of the game to start!

As the players took to the field, Miki held up the sign she had made. In bright green and gold flashing letters, it read "GO MIHA! GO LEV!" with a dragon breathing fire along the top. It was impossible to miss, and she hoped that it made Miha and Lev feel loved and supported.

Nils Nyström [ Swedish Ministry ]
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Re: [EoT prof/student quidditch match] beautiful disaster [stands]
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2018, 09:45:09 PM »
It was the first time he was visiting Durmstrang since their move. Nils had not seen the new location or castle before and, truth be told, while he was impressed by its grandeur, it was not perfect. It was far from it, as a matter of fact. Seeing the unfamiliar and new location made the Swedish Minister realise that, perhaps, it had been far too long since he had visited Russia, and had grown unaccustomed to its architecture. Nonetheless, as an alumni, a former duelling captain, and a former tsar, Nils couldn’t but feel slight disenchantment with the lack of familiarity with the current school, the castle, its grounds, its pitch. It did not feel like his Durmstrang, the school of his soul and heart. Perhaps it was also the fact that now the glorious Institute was located in a country which had a mudblood for a Minister of Magic… such a government made Durmstrang instantly seem much less than it actually was. A pity.

Regardless, he was the guest of honour, so Nils showed nothing but pleasurableness and courtesy towards Headmaster Yeshevsky. Sevastyan Nikolayevich was a great Headmaster in Nils’ opinion, but just had the misfortune of encountering a very challenging year in this first important advancement in his career. Nonetheless, through his presence today at the Quidditch game, Nils openly showed his support for his dear friend. If parents had to say anything regarding Sevastyan Nikolayevich now, they would all know it would be an offense towards Nils himself. The Minister offered a charming smile as Headmaster Yeshevsky introduced him to the public, and stood up for a moment, elegantly placing a hand on his chest as he greeted the spectators from his stand. The sun was shining, which made his robes look more refined and sophisticated than initially intended – they were dark blue, with silver finishing, revealing Nils’ support towards his house, rather than towards a specific team during today’s game.

However, Nils did hope that the students’ team would win. In the end, the children were their future; the brightest hope wizarding kind had. Much more so because they were all of pure origins – or, at least, the vast majority of them. Nils snapped his fingers, and his spokesperson, Jessica Jonasson, who was standing behind his seat, drew closer. “What is her name again?” His voice was smooth, deeper than usual, just the slightest bit demanding. Ronja Lindqvist, Jessica immediately informed him, as she also casually arranged the collar of his robe, making sure it looked simply flawless for all the pictures that would be taken that day. Nils had personally invited Ronja to referee today’s game, and he had taken notice of her attractiveness, of course, nonetheless she was just another blonde in a mass of striking women, therefore should she not live up to the task, Jessica would make sure Ronja hadn’t even existed in the first place. Today, it was all about making Sevastyan shine.

Naturally, Nils only glanced in Ronja’s direction, analysing each and every one of her gestures and moves; if she wanted a promotion, she had to excel that day. The game was lacklustre – any game in which a player wasn’t disappearing for a month or two was absolutely tedious. It seemed that a professor, Saari, had scored, and Nils applauded the witch’s success, despite feeling that perhaps she wasn’t good enough of a professor, outdoing her students so shamelessly. Wasn’t the purpose of a mentor to have its apprentices outshine them? It seemed that the Durmstrang staff did not understand the message Sevastyan was trying to send – the superiority of the Institute’s students.

When a student scored though, Nils gracefully got up from his seat and clapped, his wide smile being the highest praise he could offer the female student. A Xydakis, Klyk Vampira. Jessica whispered in his ear, and the Minister winked in the girl’s direction as she made eye contact with him. His eyes then fell on Holmström’s figure as he took a seat again; Nils had noticed the girl’s brother in the stands, and wondered why he’d have come there. Of course, his sister was playing. A pride to Sweden, her presence there, to such an extent that Nils could overlook the girl being sorted in the wrong house, as Jessica herself had informed him. He then followed Ronja’s gaze, and noticed the golden snitch near one of the staff members. Well, imaginably the game would lastly grow attention-grabbing…

A strong gust of wind however gained his attention, for one of the professors was almost knocked out their broom, later on losing all control over their direction, spinning towards the students’ stands. Naturally worried for the children’s well-being, Nils got up immediately, and glanced in the wizard’s direction. He got wrapped into a cloth and then disappearing into thin air – a vanishing cloth. The Swede then let out a nonchalant laugh, and started clapping as he took back to his seat. “Now this is starting to look like an appropriate Quidditch match.” Nils commented with an amused smile still, leaning in Sevastyan Nikolayevich’s direction, as his gaze followed Ronja. Her refereeing was obviously going to be put to the challenge, and both he and Jessica were carefully observing her reactions. She’d better not disappoint him. 

Korrine Ollivander [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: [EoT prof/student quidditch match] beautiful disaster [stands]
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2018, 06:03:38 PM »
Korrine looked out over Durmstrang quidditch field to the wide snaking river bent around a mountain beyond. She  smell the crisp sea salt air and knew there were somewhere by the ocean but which one she could not tell. The day had been a world wind adventure and now that she had a second to sit and take a breath she marveled over the fact that she was even here.

She had packed her bags a week before to attend the International Confederation of Wizards emergency conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The complete destruction of the wizard village of Strudelburg had been appalling to the 74-year-old witch. Never in all her days could she remember hearing of a town which was completely obliterated in one night. The number of wizards, witches and their children that suddenly found themselves homeless with little more than the clothing on their back was horrific. Let alone all the flora and fauna that was luckily (or unlucky) enough to survive the blast, was now suffering from radiation. Yet what was more appalling was how the members of the conference were more focus on the newly built World Cup Quidditch pitch which was destroyed along with the town. If the money they were pouring to see that quidditch cup went on without a hitch, into housing instead, they would be able to rebuild the town. Korrine only allowed herself to grumble this  internally, while she kept a pleasant mask on and continuously tried to persuade the quidditch nitwit politicians where to redirect the funds. After over 6 years of little to no interaction in the political realm she had found out a number of her old friends and acquaintances retired or replaced. Still there were a few that listened her small nudges and help her bend the conversation from Quidditch disaster back to the real issues of Strudelburg.

At the conference, the Swedish Minister of Magic, Mister @Nils Nyström was someone she desperately wanted to confer with. She had a plan to set up an aid-supply base at Sweeten's border. Not far from the disaster, would allow port key goods in, store them and apparate goods and supplies to the emergency housing and medical relief to the site as needed, while skirting the overtaxed German Ministry. Yet every time Korrine attempted to bring up the idea to the playboy minister, she had been intercepted by his beautiful young assistant Jessica. Korrine could tell that Jessica had put her ideas on the back burner. What aggravated Korrine greatly was if she had been forty years younger, she would not be having this problem. Short of taking a anti-ageing potion and dorning her most revealing attire, she instead took the opportunity to be a guest at the Durmstrang Professor and Teacher quidditch match.

A old friend who was the lead fawna expert, was also a retired Durmstrang Herborigiest Professor and had a spare ticket to the coveted Durmstrang end of term event. Lucky they positioned her just right and behind the guest of honor box, and within conversational distance with the Swedish Minister. It was not until the game began did she realized she had been quite oblivious to the significance of the event. She had first perceived it was a type of end of year quidditch match like at Hogwarts and found it quite an usual that foreign ministers would be present. She was amazed that quite a few of the politicians of eastern Europe attended with their families along with a number of other famous Durmstrang alum. Headmaster SEVASTYAN YESHEVSKY did a great introduction, reigniting her old love for quidditch flame, which had been neglected for so long.

The Hufflepuff Alum always had a hard time knowing where to look while she followed a quidditch game for there were so many balls in play and action was happening simultaneously on different section of the field. Because of this she missed the first score by the Professor team because her and many others where gaping as the rogue bludger that smacked into the student. Korrine did not understand why the student was not immediately removed from the game and checked for serious injury nor the bludger was not investigated by the ref. The notion that Durmstrang was one of the the more vicious school seemed at the moment justified.

She caught the students goal and noticed that Swedish Minister stood and clapped respectfully for the female student. As always, Jessica had whispered in his ear giving him need to know information. Korrine watched as Nyström reexamine the student and another student cheering in the stands. Her dear friend informed her that Nyström is a proud Klyk Vampira and not only still adones the colors proudly but is very parsall to the graduates of the house. There was a bitter tone in her friends voice. Korrine knew that her retired friend was a Drakonya Krov Alum and guested she ran into byasest before. If they involved the Swedish Minister of Magic Korrine wouldn't ask at not where they could be overheard.

The game continued and Korrine was following a quaffle cluster as a professor was suddenly swept from the group. The movement was so abnormal and misdirect the player, that it attract most of the stadium attention. Korrine in took a deep breath with as she narrowed her eyes with concern when a banner wrapped around the flying professor. Although she had followed him closely with her Galilean binoculars to his surprise he appeared to have disappeared. Korrine join in the shocked gasps rang within her stand, yet she over heard Nyström pleased comment.

A little appalled she decided to take the opportunity to convert directly with the allusive Minister. "Do disappearing Professors happen often within this end of year match? I couldn't see how this was not foul play." She said as she eyed the young blond referee, who after a moment of expressing concern for the complete disappearance of a player, moved on to continuously watch the game. "I am surprised the Referee is not doing anything about it. Do they typically investigate theses odd events later?"   
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