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Camile Demir [ Professor ]
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[EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« on: September 16, 2018, 05:48:00 AM »
Camile sat quite proudly in her place among the professors. Despite the stress that hosting the Order of the Dragon for nearly three grueling months had placed on her as well as the rest of the staff, the Tigrova alumna was rather pleased with the way the past year had gone. Perhaps she would even go so far as to say it had been an excellent year, considering it was only her first as a headmistress. The hosting program between Koldovstoretz and Ilvermorny had been a smashing success, and the school was looking better than ever before thanks to the redecorating that had taken place at the beginning of term. In fact, the items that the students had hung from the tree back in September still remained, suspended in the boughs and dangling above them as they sat in the great cavern. The thing Camile was most proud of however, was the fact that they had not only passed the incredibly thorough inspection of the Order of the Dragon, but that the Order had also seen fit to award them eight baby dragons.

Several feet long now, the dragons were with them for the end of term ceremony, and they would even have a part to play. For months Camile had been working with the dragonology professor to train the young creatures, and though it had been extremely difficult and both of them had come away with multiple minor burns and scratches, the Turkish woman was fairly certain that they had done it. So far they were behaving exactly as planned, all eight of them sitting very nicely on pedestals behind the house they represented with a banner between each pair of dragons.

Camile looked curiously around the cavern as the students found seats and settled down a bit, the impending summer likely filling their minds with more excitement than she could ever bring. Oh well, she figured that by the end of summer they might be excited to come back to school again. She always had been anyway. When all the students were seated, Camile rose quite suddenly and knocked her chair over, which resulted in a loud crash on the cavern floor. That was one way to gain some attention.  "Another year has come and gone," she began, beaming at her own clumsiness, “and it really has been an incredible year. I’d like to thank all of you for your cooperation with the Order of the Dragon, I know it was difficult but it most certainly paid off!” She gestured at the dragons, who seemed rather proud atop their pedestals, with the exception of Lamya, one of Rayasov’s Antipodean Opaleyes, who seemed quite itchy

“I’d also like to thank you for your help in making Koldovstoretz feel like home again. Your support of each other as we’ve healed from the merge and gone back to our old ways. Lastly, I would like to wish you all a happy summer, though I hope you learn at least one new thing during your holiday. Enjoy the feast!” With that she gave a big clap and food appeared on the tables, but Camile wasn't looking at the food. Her attention was on the baby dragons. Her clap had been their cue to blow a small bit of fire into the air, but it seemed that the young creatures had completely forgotten their training. Medvedev’s Peruvian Vipertooths were still standing on their pedestals, looking quite proud of themselves, while her speech appeared to have put Zhivoystya’s Chinese Fireballs to sleep. Rayasov’s Antipodean Opaleyes were incredibly interested in the pedestals, and poor Hala was bending so low that she lost her balance and fell onto the floor. Only Tigrova’s Romanian Longhorns had remembered the fire at all, though Misha and Mişa had set their banner on fire and were having an enjoyable time biting and clawing at it. Camile let out a sigh as she picked up her chair and sat back down, but she couldn't be too disappointed. Baby dragons were incredibly hard to train after all. She just hoped that Hala would be able to get back up to her stand.

Aysoy Esmeray [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2018, 08:52:04 PM »
Esmeray walked within the sea of Tigrova girls, all loudly talking or giggling as they made their way to the Great Cavern. The strong willed fifth year made her voice the loudest when she proclaimed, “The only thing good about O.W.L.s, is that it is OVER!” One of the girls next to her gave a little Whoop. While most just laughed and went on to describe the worst question on a test or which one they think they did best on. Their chittering continued as they entered the Great Cavern and melted into their referred tables under the large tree.

It was not just due to the fact that their O.W.L.s were over, that Esmeray and several her classmates where in such high spirits. This year had been jammed packed with the trip to Ilvermorny, getting ready for all the Visitors to the school, and the inspections by the Order of Dragons. It was a relief that it was all finished. During this year, Esmeray had unconsciously held onto a tension, as if she was waiting for something awful to happen. But it had not. Every visitor had came and left without (much) incident. The school had received praise from the Order of Dragons and was promised eight new dragons. But once she realized they passed the one-year anniversary of the awful fight at Dumbstrang, Emeray felt like she could finally let go of a breath she had been holding. It did not look like Kolbovstoretz was going to be closed and merged permanently with that crazy school. Instead the Students at Koldovstoretz were now looking forward to another year in THEIR school and they will be able to continue raising dragons next fall.

The promise of new dragons was the best. Something about the dragons remind Esmeray of herself. She did not know if it was that fact they were so inquisitive, playful or thrill seeking or more of the challenge that they were so untamable and unmanageable, but she felt bonded to them. She longed to be there when they took their first flight. She had been visiting them almost every day, until the Headmistress had borrowed them for “training.” The last few weeks, Esmeray had felt withdrawals. She realized playing with them helped her relieve her tensions especially during the intense days of studies and tests.

Thinking about her dragons, Esmeray glanced at Masa and Masha. She was surprised to find them holding incredibly still and proud, on a pedestal under the Tigrova banner. Glancing around to the other dragons, she found that with an exception of one that had an itch and another that seemed to be having a hard time keeping balanced, most held the same position.  The fifth year was extremely impressed. To get one or two dragons to hold still was a feat, but all eight (at least to attempt to) was a miracle.

When the Headmistress stood up, her chair fell and made an cacophony of sound that echo against the cavers walls like a bell. Yet it did not faze their strong willed Tigrova Headmistress. If there was anyone that Esmeray would want to be like it was her. The sixteen-year-old listen intently to the Headmistress.  She admired her, the confidence, the brilliance, while also having away with dragons. If I did well On my OWLS, maybe I can be the next Headmistress... after being a quidditch star of course.

Esmeray thoughts were snapped back to the here and now with the Headmistress's clap. With the addition of the food appearing on the table, two fireballs also leaped into the air form her houses dragons. She turned to see the banners on fire and the dragons joyful jumping up to snap at the flames. Esmeray jumped to her feet and pulled out her wand.

"Masha Down!" she commanded before razing her wand. She hoped to not hit him with her water summoning charm, but as the jet stream was produced it still startled the playful dragon. He let go of the banner, and landed awkwardly on the pedestal, before rolling to the floor. Esmeray ran over and knelt next, to him to check if he was injured. Thankfully the dragon simply stood up, gave an all body shake and sent water droplets into the students face. As she tried to wipe off the water with her sleeve, the tall girl was almost knocked forward. Partly to protect her brother and partly to be included in the playful experience, Masa jumped on Esmeray's back.

"Masa offI! I'm not playing." They must have missed her as much as she missed them.

Nayiri Yazdjian [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2018, 07:33:50 AM »
Nayiri couldn't believe that the year had come to an end. It seemed only yesterday that they had finally returned to Koldovstoretz after that disastrous year at Durmstrang. In fact, she still couldn't believe that the Russian Ministry had thought that that would be a good idea. On point of that, the heinous headmistress they had was enough to make the Armenian start prematurely greying. Nevertheless, she was extremely happy to be celebrating the end of term at Koldovstoretz instead of that other dumb school.

The Snezhnaya Koroleva entered the dining hall and immediately took a seat at the Tigrova table, waiting for a few of her friends to arrive. She looked off towards the Medvedev table and suddenly realized the only good thing about Durmstrang - she'd been able to sit with her guy best friend there. But, as more people entered the hall and sat down, soon the headmistress began her speech. Nayiri listened intently, trying to look as responsible as possible, since this feast was her last duty as Snezhnaya Koroleva, and then she suspected she'd return to just being a regular student in the fall. She sort of wished she could continue her role, but she knew it was someone else's turn and honestly she was fine with that. It'd been an amazing experience.

When the headmistress finished speaking and the feast finally began, Nayiri dug in and in between bites of food began chattering with her friends, mainly discussing their plans for the summer and what the next school year was going to be like.

Mats Balldrshóll [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2018, 05:24:22 PM »
The year had been a whirlwind of self-recovery and self-discovery, and in certain ways it was hard to believe that it was already June. But on the other hand, the year had flown by so fast, Mats felt like he hardly remembered being in any of his classes, and hoped he could retain at least some of what he had learned so the next fall wouldn't be a spectacular failure. Still, in spite of the excitement of another year coming to a close and getting his end of year results and saying goodbye to other friends for another summer vacation, Maty barely had eyes for anyone except his kavaler over at the Medvedev table, until Professor Demir's loud crash drew his attention back to the dais.

Right. I'm a Snegvoin for a few more hours, must be professional, he thought to himself, purposely disregarding his venture into Pirates Bay as his sole rule-breaking incident in a long history of being a model student. He composed himself and listened to Professor Demir's pleasant, and delightfully short, speech, concluding with a clap at which only Mişa and Misha had responded properly with a fireball. Unfortunately, it lit their House banner on fire. Fortunately, Aysoy was already watching intently and dealing with the situation.

Thank goodness, Maty thought with desperate relief. No matter his attempts, Draconian Magic remained one of his most terrible weaknesses. He had stayed as far away from the dragons as possible unless his duties demanded it. They did not demand it today. Still, the Longhorns were giving Aysoy a bit of a hard time and Maty felt bad leaving her to deal with the babies herself. Sighing, and drawing his wand, he stepped up toward the pedestals where she was being tackled by... Mişa, he thought, but wasn't sure.

@Aysoy Esmeray "Need a hand?" he asked politely. He could think of a half dozen extremely non-lethal spells that would help contain or control the dragons, most likely. Draconian Magic he might not know, but Psionics and Duelling he did. A Freezing Charm or a Stunning Spell would probably be sufficient to corral the babies if Aysoy couldn't handle it herself.

Mattias Hedlund [ Medvedev ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2018, 10:18:20 PM »
Mattias was pooped. He had been sprinting through the end of the year without even the hint of a respite. His duties as Snegvoin, his classes, and his relationship with Mats had all taken at least some toll of him. And now two of those things were coming to a close while the other one had ratcheted up to another level. Mattias had spent as many spare minutes as he could with Mats over the last few days, minutes that he was glad he was investing in the younger boy since they were about to be a part for a while. Summer was going to be hard, even if they could work out a chance to get together during it.  However tired he was though, tonight was about the end of the year. A celebration that would be well received by all, hopefully. The year had been stressful yes, but it had also been incredibly rewarding. The dragons spread around the room showing the evidence of that. Looking back over at the pedestals behind the Medvedev table, Mattias smiled at the pair of young dragons doing their best to behave as they stood on display, showing off their new training for the rest of the school to see. Tearing his eyes away, Mattias looked across the room and tried to make eye contact with his boyfriend. Mats had been looking back and forth at him for the last few minutes, but now that Professor Demir had gotten up, it looked like he was going to, at least try, to take his role as Snegvoin more seriously. Smiling Mattias looked up at the dais himself.

Her speech was short and to the point, quite normal for the occasion. The speech reminded them of the pain of the merge, of the difficulty they had faced during the commission's visit and of everything else that had happened over the weeks and months that had proceeded this gathering. At her clap, the Medvedev Peruvian Vipertooths remained stoic on their pedestal, showing off their majestic nature. As he turned his head from the pedestal though, the sight of the food took all thoughts of the dragons from his mind. He hadn't realized until just now how hungry he in fact was. Looking to his friends on either side, Mattias started grabbing and passing plates of food so that the group could fill their plates. Once everyone had their desired foods covering the plate, Mattias and his group laid into their meals, happily chatting away about their summer plans and how excited they were to get a break from the rigors of school. After a while though, the group's discussion died down and they turned their attentions elsewhere. As Mattias finished the last of his food, he looked around and noticed that everyone else was engrossed in conversations elsewhere. Stepping back from the table rather quietly, he maneuvered his way across the room rather stealthily.

As he was making his way across the room, Mattias saw Mats and Aysoy trying to work on putting out some flames and trying to manage a young dragon. It was apparent that the “training” that had been done had been rudimentary at best. That being the case, a young dragon who was burning things, jumping on people, and angry or scared could cause all sorts of trouble, intentional or not. Slipping his wand from his pocket, Mattias stepped up next to Mats and Aysoy and chuckled, “They can be quite the handful can’t they? Can I offer some assistance?”
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Valentina Teodorescu [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2018, 01:38:06 PM »
End of term feast didn’t even feel special anymore. Valentina heard Headmistress Demir’s speech, nonetheless, she didn’t listen to it. As soon as it ended, the Tigrova pulled out a parchment from her sleeve, an official letter from the Russian Ministry of Magic, which was informing of her success – she’d managed to get an internship with the Minister of Magic himself, Kasimir Lazarevich Krupin. Valentina had been reading the letter over and over ever since it had arrived early that morning, still anxious regarding its content. She had applied for the internship after her tarot cards told her that any decision she would take that day would be successful, but even Valentina herself was impressed by the outcome.

The cards were always right, yes, but never before they had such precision. She ran a hand through her deep red curls, and glanced over the signature. Krupin – it was the real deal. Valentina grabbed her goblet and took a generous sip out of the juice, and had been momentarily distraught by the noise around her. It seemed that the little dragons were once again causing trouble but, by now, it was no surprise. Somehow, that had become the normal. She glanced back towards the piece of parchment in her hand – her new normal will certainly be different compared to this. But the cards had told her it would be a good change; Valentine would definitely also consult the crystal globe though, along with the stars’ alignment, to make sure everything would be just perfect.

But her new beginning could wait; right now, it was the end of her sixth year at Koldovstoretz. A nice year, better than the one before, that was certain. It had been good to return to normal. Well, as normal as a magical school could get. Valentina slipped her letter in her uniform’s pocket, and then sipped more of her juice, as she turned towards Nayiri and their other friends, joining the discussion regarding their summer plans and their last year at Koldovstoretz. Of course, they all knew of the letter she’d received, nonetheless, Valentina tried as much as she could to hide her excitement until she knew for sure the stars would be on her side.

s h e ' s   a   w a l k i n g   g a l a x y   s p a r k l i n g   e y e s   w i t h   p o r c e l a i n   f i r e

Aysoy Esmeray [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2018, 01:52:26 AM »
The Tigrova elbowed the dragon, trying to dislodge the playful beast from her back. Unfortunately, Mişa refused to take the hint. Instead she climbed up higher, while giving a playful clicking sound. The sound alerted her brother, who now was getting to his feet. By the flick of his tail, the dragon loving witch could tell he wanted to join his sister in the climb the student game. Esmeray knew she had to get the dragon off her soon or they will want to play on her all night.

She caught sight of a pair of student boots stepping up and recognized @Mats Balldrshóll  voice.
“Oh, Merhaba Mat.” She greeted him with her normal mixture of Turkish before switching over to pure Russian. “Oh, I am okay. I just need to get her off of me. It was my fault for getting down on their level. She thinks it is play time. I think if I just…”

 She attempted a defense move to throw the dragon off her back. The dragon’s long claws dug into her School robes and refused to be dislodged. Instead Mişa respond with a playful nip on her ear, which she was able to quickly dodge by tilting her head down and right. 

“Well, that did not work.” Esmeray said after letting out a frustrating sigh. She had spent quite a bit of time with the dragons and thought she should be able to handle them by herself. She must now be creating a spectacle for @Mattias Hedlund  joined them and offer his assistance. At least Masha was distracted by the newcomers and the already weighted down witch was spared hosting an additional dragon, as least for now. A thought occurred to her.  “We just need something to distract them.”

“Can the two of you...” Her words halted a little before she continued.

Her words had almost acknowledged them as a couple, which was something she tried not to do. She was at first appalled by the concept that two of her WIZARD friends were dating each other. She was not sure if they were doing it to rebel or if it was just common in Mats's Muggle world. She was sure it was a faze for Mattias at least, because his mother was Pure blood. So, like her, he would likely be expected to marry a respectable member of the wizard community and produce the next generation. Which would not be possible if he continues with this guy on guy stuff. She did not know how he was getting away with it now. Her parents went total çılgın last year just because she had a “Half breed boyfriend with a mentally ill-wizard father.” To get serious with a guy who has no-family or a disgraced family was one thing but if she yapmak with a girl, her parents would likely say that she screwed up her chances for a good marriage and ground her forever. Needless to say she did not see how dating the same sex would pan out well at all. Still she liked Mats and Mattias and wanted to keep them as friends. So she tried to pretend she did not notice signs of their relationship.

Trying to continue on with the conversation she said, “…throw them some snack or something they can play with.”

Just then a thought occurred to her as she looked pass them and saw someone at a table grab a roll. “Wait! How about we make some mice?” Excited she quickly summoned two rolls over from a nearby table, (likely straight off of another student's plate.)  The rolls drifted down and settled between her and Masha, who eyed then sniffed the rolls inquisitively. 

"Any of you excellent at Caster Magic?" She asked. Knowing her own spell, the mouse might taste like a bread roll to the dragons and they might never forgiver her.
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