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[EoT] This Is How Your Future Begins (open)
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Ordinarily, as the more senior of the Mahoutokoro students recalled, the End of Term festival day was held in the dojos, the dining room, or (as last year) the courtyard itself. None of the students were completely certain what had prompted Headmaster Ogami to announce that this year's academic conclusion would be held in the Ceremony Hall, which was only regularly utilised for Beginning of Terms and Sortings, and saw occasional use for plays, tea ceremonies, and major announcements. The final decision of the school faculty on who had passed the Seishin no Mezame was something that was eagerly looked forward to by the student body but had never really been considered important enough to rate the Ceremony Hall.

Rumours were flying around the school with the quiet buzz of murmurs and whispered questions highlighted against the otherwise typically well-disciplined demeanour of Mahoutokoro's denizens, all the way up until the end of June and the actual day of the End Of Term. Students had been given the morning to be social and relax, perhaps spend their time packing their things for the return trip home for the summer or fretting about the results of their final examinations. At half past eleven, however, when the doors to the Ceremony Hall opened wide of their own accord, the silently waiting throng of students filed nervously inside, not sure what to expect of this unexpectedly formal feast.

Five tables were laid out in the front of the Ceremony Hall as was traditional, one for each of the Five Houses, with all of their ornate dishes decorated with the mon and colour of its House. On each side of the stage  another table was set; this was where the Mahoutokoro professors, as well as the ten graduating members of the Tengu Council, were already seated. Most of the place settings on all seven tables still had neatly folded cloth napkins upon the plates, but in a few places the coloured cloth napkins had taken the shapes of tiny dragons and were floating around the room. They were floating around hesitantly, as if not sure what they were allowed to do. An occasional cloth dragon would swoop down toward one of the punch basins, and once in a great while one would actually succeed in soaking itself and tightening its shape, but almost immediately (or more often before they could reach the liquid) one of the Professors or Tengu would cast a spell from their wand and deter the creature, or one of the benevolent yokai would fly over and run interference, preventing the little cloth ghosts from making too much of a mess in the Ceremony Hall.

Once the entire student body had cautiously made their way into their seats at their House tables, Headmaster Ogami rose from his seat closest to the stage at the western faculty table, somberly climbed the three steps onto the stage, and proceeded to a podium set up in the middle in near-silence. A single cloth dragon made as if to perch on the podium, but Kikuchi-sensei's familiar Rasetsuten in Makimono form screeched at it in mid-air and the yokai veered off to rest next to Kumiko-sensei's plate on the east faculty table. A few students noticed that some of the professors, such as Kikuchi-sensei, were on edge, while others such as Kumiko-sensei looked beatific and remarkably at peace.

Clearing his throat, Headmaster Ogami addressed the assemblage in a studiously neutral tone. "Students, we gather once more at the conclusion of an exciting and successful year of education at the Mahoutokoro Institute of Spirits and Magic. I, and the entire faculty, thank you once again for continuing to be examples we can be proud of. You have all brought honour to the school and to all those attend, and have attended in the past." He paused, and indicated the Tengu at each of the tables, as well as other seventh-year students that were preparing to leave the school for the last time. "In particular, we thank the graduating Mahoutokoro Class of 2002, who have excelled these last seven years or more and are about to embark on their great adventure of adulthood and take their places in their chosen fields of professional study. Graduates, rise and be recognised by your School." As they all rose, the usual combination of blushes and bows scattered across the room, all the other witches, wizards, and yokai loudly but politely applauded. Under the circumstances, everyone seemed to think it was too awkward a situation to cheer and whoop as they had done for last year's feast.

"Mahoutokoro has a long and proud history," Ogami went on, "stretching back to the ninth century Heian period. In that time we have learned much about magic, contributed to our sphere of the world and to the study and knowledge of magic in general. We pride ourselves on discipline and precision, on academic strength, and on our ability to relate to the natural world. But not everything has been learned that is to be learned. As our graduates go out and use the building blocks they have attained here to make further discoveries, we who remain here will also see and discover new things, exciting things... things that have not been witnessed for a very long time."

He made a noise that might have been a sigh, before going on. "Some of you have seen unusual yokai since the Seishin no Mezame last month - whose results, by the way, will be announced later today, lest any of you think I have forgotten," he allowed himself a slight smile and this let the students know they could allow themselves a slight chuckle. "Many of you believed that you were seeing things, or that you were mistaken. As you can see," gesturing to the flying cloth dragons all around them, "you were not. The elusive dragon yokai, which have rarely been seen on Onogoro Island since their disappearance in nineteen-fifty-two, have returned for the first time in seventy years. These shiro uneri are just one example of how we have been," his pause here was extremely brief almost as to go unnoticed, "gifted with their return and their presence. It is a major omen, though I confess I do not know what it portends.

"Regardless, we are all here now in this powerful time and this powerful place, and if nothing else the presence of the dragon yokai will certainly make this feast a memorable one. I invite you all now to partake of the food which has been prepared for your departure, as some of you are students here no more, and some we will see again in the fall. If the shiro uneri land near you, you need not be alarmed," Ogami added, indicating the cloth dragon yokai once more. "I must insist that you do not give them anything to drink, though you may feed them small grains from the covered pots at your tables if you wish to do so. Please, enjoy yourselves. Otsukare sama deshita (Thank you for your hard work)," he spread his arms wide, along with all the faculty, and they once again wordlessly conjured the food from the kitchens onto the tables in front of the students. He descended from the stage while the murmurs of hungry students beginning to gossip and claim food began to rise throughout the Ceremony Hall, noting that Kikuchi-sensei was already ready to engage him in conversation once again as soon as he took his seat once more.

Nyima [ Mahoutokoro Adult ]
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Re: [EoT] This Is How Your Future Begins (open)
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This was it, her last farewell at Mahoutokoro. Nyima was a bit melancholy about the entire process. She had excelled in her studies; she had passed her First Rank Test at the end of her fifth year, and she had been made the female Tengu of her House for her seventh year. She had a plan for her after-school career; with her practical and academic strengths and the grades she had received, she was a shoe-in for a job with the Amachibu, the international Asian magical police division that served to protect the general public and contain the most dangerous elements of Dark magic.

But the last seven years had been full of very fond memories. She had become very close to her fellow students and all of her professors; she had come to know the halls and rooms and corridors of Mahōsho-no-shiro intimately and grown comfortable there. Like her fathers and mother before her, she felt that she had been imbued with part of the spirit of Mahoutokoro and she knew in her heart she would never really leave the place. As cliched as it sounded, the things she had learned her would last her a lifetime. Speaking of which. "Stupefy," she murmured, pointing her wand at one of the shiro uneri diving toward a punch bowl at the Kaze table, and repelling it from its attempt to soak itself.

Folklore had it that shiro uneri liked to fill themselves with dirty dishwater and then strangle servants. Of course, dragon yokai were extremely rare around Onogoro Island, much more around the rest of the world, so folklore was really all they had to go on. Kumiko-sensei had briefed the entire Tengu Council on what to expect of the creatures and what was expected of them, the Tengu, during the End of Term feast. Given the rarity of the dragon yokai and the gravity of their present circumstances, Nyima understood why Ogami-kōchō had moved the feast to the Ceremony Hall. Things were about to start happening. With a small pang Nyima realised that it was unlikely she would be around to see the things that were happening, leaving the school as she was, unless by some miracle when she entered the Amachibu she was stationed at Mahoutokoro for some reason. It didn't seem probable.

Once the student body was gathered and seated, and Ogami-kōchō began his address to the assemblage, Nyima stood as she and her classmates were recognised, with a deep bow that she hoped communicated to the rest of the students, You are honouring me for graduating, but I honour you for continuing to be here. You made my time here more than worthwhile. She resumed her seat and listened politely and carefully to Ogami-kōchō, keeping an eye on the shiro uneri and hoping she wouldn't have to interrupt the headmaster's speech to Stun another yokai (and fortunately she didn't). Then when he and the other professors raised their arms and performed the remarkable feat of Summoning the feast - the showmanship of which never failed to impress Nyima despite knowing clinically how it was done - she bowed her head in silent words of gratitude before partaking of her last meal at the Mahoutokoro Institute of Spirits and Magic.

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