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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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“Oh,” She said deflated. She was hoping to make a point that the experience of visiting other schools were fun. Traveling had been among the best highlights for her this year.  She felt bad that he missed it. Yet she knew that C.H.I.P.S are important. They help you continue in your education in subject that you could eventually turn into careers or help you get them at least. Skipping on trips and getting extra study time in was the right choice in the long run. “I guess that is smart, to stay and study. I should remember to do that my fifth year. How did…”

She stopped herself. She glanced down and placed the tips of his figures on her forehead thinking, she had already asked him how his test went. Her brain swam trying to think of something else to say. The memories of meeting Máse and Masha in Koldovstoretz surfaced. She brushed back her hair and addressed him again. “I mean, I met dragons while I was there. Well they were not full grown… but they were big enough.” she left out to bite me or roast me and claw me to death. But she survived and although her cloak got singed, she enjoyed the experience.

Oh boy where am I going with this. Then she remembered his word saying the school was not what he wanted. She quickly formulated another point. “I did not want to go see the dragons. I was nervous… and did not think it was safe. But I did and is was an experience I think I will always remember. Not that I will be a Dragonologist but it is not often you get to play with them.”

“If I was homeschooled I don’t think my parents would have brought me anywhere near dragon, let alone play with them.” She picked at her nails a little nervously although trying to look up and smile. “so,…even if you don’t want to be here. I hope you get to do and experience a few things that make it… worth it.”

The first year glanced back out at the grounds. Wondering if she should excuse herself and try the wet hill slide. SHe did not want to get wet initially but now that she saw that most everyone else tried it she now wanted to try it too.

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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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He had made his excuse in the first place because he knew that she couldn't argue with the CHEPIs, but as she agreed wholeheartedly with his choice he felt a little tug at his conscience for lying to her. Although he had needed to study for the tests, it was dishonest to say they were the main reason he'd decided to stay at Ilvermorny. Probably the real reasons were a combination of disliking all the Magical transportation he'd tried so far-- the fireplace thing, the Portkeys, brooms-- and xenophobia. And his fear of being judged.

But it wasn't like she'd ever have to know that. Probably she'd think he was some sort of bigot if he said so, anyway.

"I mean," Sylvia said. "I met dragons while I was there. Well they were not full grown--"

Adam hadn't met any dragons yet, which felt unfair, but that was his own fault. She seemed like she'd been afraid of these dragons, and he couldn't help being incredulous at that. They were dragons! But then he'd grown up thinking dragons were awesome, instead of being warned that dragons were dangerous, an attitude that would likely get him killed if he ever came across a real dragon. But even if this attitude got him killed... what a way to go.

"I did not want to go see the dragons," Sylvia continued, and Adam realized with resigned horror that she was still trying to make a point. Considering she'd started this whole thing by complaining about the school he'd kind of expected her to be a little less butthurt when he agreed with her. She was putting a lot more emotion into her hypothetical defense of Ilvermorny than he could say he put into hypothetically hating it. He supposed she was, like, twelve.

"...even if you don't want to be here, I hope you get to do and experience a few things that make it worth it," she finished. Adam gave her a fast smile, hoping that it communicated his feelings. Yes, he was sincerely grateful for the sentiment and for her kindness, especially since they'd only met just now. And also, this entire thing was embarrassing as fuck.

"Me too," he said simply. "Hope you get to meet more-- maybe not dragons, but whatever you want to meet. Mermaids or unicorns or whatever." He grimaced to himself-- he probably sounded like an idiot. He could never really remember which magical creatures were actually, like, real. Pegasuses? (Pegasi?)

Through this last part of their conversation Sylvia had been casting glances at the hill, and Adam realized that she probably wanted to go back and join the party. He hoped he hadn't ruined her mood or anything-- it really was a nice day. Even with all this shit the teachers had put up for the end of term. "You should go on the Slip-n-Slide," he said, tilting his head at it. He remembered suddenly about the receipt with his address on the back; he smoothed it between his fingers and handed it to her. "If your owl can like, figure this out," he said. "I mean-- if you want." Could owls read? Could owls tell where to go from his zip code? Could an owl make it all the way to the Bay Area safely? The more he thought about owl mail the less it made sense to him. He supposed he hadn't grown up with it.

"Don't take it on the water slide," he added. Then he remembered belatedly there was probably a spell to fix wet, ruined paper-- there seemed to be a spell to fix all kinds of things, to the point where Adam kind of thought it was unethical for the Wizarding World to keep itself so separate from the No-maj one-- but whatever. If she knew of one, he would leave that to her.

"And I'll see you next year, probably," he said, with all the nonchalance he could muster.

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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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Sylvia beamed with self-pride. She believed that she finally got through to him. The first year was grateful that this upperclassman had bothered to listen to her and heard her out. With a new perspective, she hoped he will change his views and see Ilvermorny in a more positive light.

 “Oh yes!,” She said nodding with enthusiastic agreement.  “I would love to see a Unicorn, but not a Mermaid. My father told me to stay away from the Mermaids at least the ones at Lake Superior. He said they do not treat Children well. I guess they see us a threat to their hatchlings or is it fry? Well, Anyways, he said most males are not as bad. They will see that you are back on land and away from their territory in any case.”

When he addressed the water slide, she nodded. She looked at at the plastic slip which glistened with water, and watched another student zoomed down. While steading her courage, she addressed him to say farewells “Okay I will. It was…”

She stopped she farwells when he stretched out his hand and noticed it was not to shake hers but to hand her something. She looked down and saw he was holding the long piece of paper. She took it and studied it, while wondering why he was curious if her owl can read it. There in her ink from her quill was what appeared to be his name and address followed and some random numbers she guessed was a code or something. "Adam EN-guy-en. " She read jest unter her breath, before answering him.

“Sure, he can read this. Oh, is it okay that I write you then?” She looked up at him beaming. She jumped up and down twice and made a little squeaking sound before she got herself back under control. “Thanks, Adam. I love having Pen Pals! This will be great! I will, he will.”   

When he mentioned the water slide, she had almost forgot about it for she was so excited about his address. “OH? OH! Yeah, you are right.” She spun on the spot, her skit catching some air as she skipped back to her School bag. She placed her quill back on the side pocket and then placed Adam address safely in a notebook.  As she secured the straps she called back. “Are you going to try the water slide too?”

She stood up and faced him.
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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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Man, if all he’d had to do was fake like he believed her, he could have had it made. As she beamed at him, Adam hoped fervently that this meant the conversation had moved on entirely. Adam gave a kind of shrug-cringe gesture as Sylvia gladly moved on, pondering the nature of mermaids and their children. He had never met a merperson before and frankly did not want to. He had seen the drawings in his textbooks and was perfectly fine without, thank you.

She took the paper and read it closely; Adam had intended to ditch once she’d gotten it but she seemed confused by it at first. Maybe she didn’t understand No-maj mailing addresses. “Adam en-guy-en,” she said after a moment.

He hadn’t been about to pronounce his name for her, either, but she’d just absolutely butchered it, so he said “Nguyen. Like, uh— Ng-uy-en. Nguyen.” More to make himself feel better about throwing her into the Vietnamese name creek without a paddle— he had never met somebody who could pronounce it on the first try and she’d made a valiant attempt.

“Oh, is it okay that I write you then?” Sylvia said, and as soon as Adam had said “Yeah” she started doing a kind of twelve-year-old happy dance. “Thanks, Adam! I love having pen pals.”

“It’s chill,” mumbled Adam.

She skipped to put the receipt away— skipped!!— and Adam put his hands in his jean pockets and watched her with some bemusement. Weird how such total childishness and such earnest busybody-ness could coincide. Little kids were weird. “Are you going to try the water slide too?” she asked, and Adam shrugged.

“Not in jeans,” he said. Probably there was a spell to dry his jeans, or something, but at this point the jeans were more like an excuse. All he really wanted to do now was get another Sno-cone and wait out the rest of the party and then get on the first bus home. “Have fun though!” he added, almost too late.

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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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She glanced down at his wide warn blue jeans that was rolled up showing his thin white socked ankles. She personally wished she had gone back to her dorm room to change. Yet being so exhausted after the finals she knows she might have stayed and missed out on the last day of school activities. She figured she could afford to let her clothes suffer from a bit of powder sugar or from whatever the water slide does to them and have her mother help her with getting out any remaining stains during the summer. She opened her mouth to ask why he was wearing the jeans if it was not to protect his school clothes from getting wet and grass stains. With a second thought she halted the question. There might be something special about the jeans she was not aware of, maybe a spell or enchantment. Not wanting to appear naive or ill informed, she instead just gave out a simple “Oh.”

With his words wishing her fun, she is lifted her eyes from the jeans in question to meet his face to continue. “Well, I guess. I will try too. It looks fun…” Taking a few steps in the slide’s direction. “I will see you later? Oh, or write you over the summer I mean!” Her beaming smile returned with the thought of exchanging letters.

 Her last words were called over her shoulder before she took off in a sprint across the lawn. “Bye Adam Nguyen!” (Which she pronounced "Adam Gwen")

Within a moment she arrived at the slide which was experiencing a lull in attendees. The single drenched classman in front of her took a running start and jumped on to his belly landing and sliding head first with his momentum. He yelled with enthusiastic excitement as he gained speed down the hill. Sylvia took a deep breath and rocked back and forth before forcing her body to repeat his actions. It did  proved to be quite fun!

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Re: man vs. nature {eot - open}
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Gwen? Gwen??

He wasn't about to yell after a little kid who was already sprinting-- sprinting!-- away from him, so he just watched bemusedly as she departed. Gwen.

It wasn't a hard G sound, it was a ng. Like, nnng. Nnng. Nnnguyen. It wasn't hard.

But whatever. There was still the rest of the party. With the bright sun, the too-sweet candy smells, the sounds of frying oil and chattering teenagers, Adam felt  suddenly exhausted. Which was fitting. No better way to finish off his fifth year than tired for no reason, and with sticky banana coconuty hands, and baking in the sun wishing he'd worn shorts, and a little miserable. That set the tone nicely, really.

He had friends here, somewhere-- he hoped none of them had seen him engage Sylvia Crowne, Ilvermorny Senate elect, in a discussion of Magbob identity crises-- and he knew he should go seek them out. He wouldn't see them for two months and half of them didn't have his address or phone number.

But instead he dicked around. Tried some carnival games and faked disappointment when he sucked at all of them, browsed the Shackamaxon vendors' booths as though he had the money or the intent to buy anything. Actively avoided all of his professors, sat down alone with another Sno-cone (Mango banana because fuck him.)

If Ilvermorny had wanted to encourage outdoorsiness in its students today, it'd done a good job, sure. But it was too hot, too drowsy, too busy. Or maybe his conversation with Sylvia had just reminded him too soon that he was going home, and that even though right now he couldn't wait to be back, he'd hate it by the end of the week. And probably, that made him a total asshole and a terrible son.

Adam let his Sno-cone melt down his hand and decided, sticky and half-asleep was the only way to end a start-of-summer-break party anyway.

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