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democracy in action. [ricky]
« on: October 03, 2018, 01:53:36 AM »
june 2002

It was a day before the end of the term and Jack should of been figuring out where the pair of hiking boots he'd lost during the bonfire were but instead he was running rampant down the hall. Mary Lou had won the presidency and he was a senate and that meant they were going to hall all the chocolate pudding they wanted. He had faith that Mary Lou would help him keep the promises he had made to his year. He had faith she would be a good president. Most of all he was just way too excited about it. He knew how much it meant to her.


He was shouting as he ran full speed down the hall, dodging by student with a nose in her book, smashing into the held hands of a couple and basically prying his way through them, before finally reaching the end of the line. Once he'd reached the end of the hall John Henry turned back around and began running in the other direction. Dressed in old jeans, muddy sneakers, and a wizarding wrock band shirt the nearly fourth year newly minted Senate official was not exactly the picture of respect. Honestly he probably was a terrible choice for Senate but he had campaigned hard, he had good ideas, he truly believed he had earned it. Believed he deserved it. Just like his big sister. "BIRD IS THE WORD!" He shouted again, this time in a sing song voice as he through old assignments and papers he probably should of been holding onto out from his bag and up into the air. They floated behind him chaotically in the air before falling to the ground.


Running up to an obviously upper class student Jack barely registered the face before he was talking loudly at them. A little whisper coming through the two front teeth he had yet to grow back and a crack in his voice. "Did you hear? Mary Lou Bird is the new president?" Pulling his red baseball cap from the top of his wild curls for a moment he cupped the bill with his hands and folded it a bit before placing it back on his head. He was stupidly excited, it was obvious, and John Henry had never been the type to keep that sort of thing under wraps. Even when he was sad or bored he was shouting, especially when he was angry. Shouting was basically his resting volume. If ever he was quiet it was surely because something was wrong.

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Re: democracy in action. [ricky]
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It was finally the end of term - thank god - and Ricky was anxious to return home. He missed lounging around all day doing nothing, going for a slice of the best pizza in all the world, watching baseball games with some of his friends, and being anywhere but at this school. Hell, he even missed the smell of piss and garbage whenever he walked the streets of Manhattan. When Ricky said he was ready to leave this school, he meant it. However, being stuck at the school for a couple more days didn't stop him trying to flirt with whoever he could find. Since the incident at Koldovstoretz, Ricky had been avoiding someone and had taken to proving to himself that what happened didn't mean anything. It was a stupid accident - he was drunk and things had gone too far. He'd been put into an awkward situation where now he was overthinking everything. So, yes, flirt with any girl he could find became his first priority.

He was leaning against the wall, talking to a fourth year. She was a pretty thing: dark brown hair, dark skin, a great ass, and legs for days. He didn't remember what house she was in or what her name was, but she had a beautiful smile and Ricky was so close to convincing her to make out with him in a broom closet for a few hours. Well, that is until some lunatic of a kid started shouting and running up and down the hall. The girl suddenly made an excuse for why she had to leave, and Ricky mentally cursed at this kid for ruining the mood. He turned so his back was against the wall and he folded his arms against his chest as he watched in fascination. Ricky didn't have the fainted idea what the kid was yelling about, but after a few seconds he heard the words "democracy in action" and suddenly knew it had to be related to the stupid elections.

Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to pick up his book bag, but was stopped short when the kid ran up to him and asked if he'd heard about Mary Lou becoming the new president. Honestly, as much as Ricky liked Mary Lou, he didn't give a rats ass if she became president. He didn't care about the elections at all and thought the whole damn thing - presidency and student senate - were wastes of time. Sure he'd been interested in it once upon a time when he was young and naive, but he'd grown up since then and realized that all these kids did was make empty promises they couldn't keep to kids who held on to their every word... who became angry and agitated when these so-called "student politicians" couldn't get a damn thing done. No, sir. Ricky wasn't interested in it one bit.

But yet, Ricky didn't have the heart to outright tell this kid that he didn't give a shit.

So, instead, he put on his best fake smile and tried his damnedest to be polite. "Oh yeah," he started, nodding his head. "I heard. That's... that's really great."

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Re: democracy in action. [ricky]
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Jack repeated the older student with a lisp and a bit of an incredulous look before he crossed his hand over his chest and cocked his hip to the side. "It's more than great my new friend. It is AMAZING!~" Everything to John Henry Bird the Seventh was amazing but this excellent news more than most. "I mean you understand what this means right?" He asked, realizing the other, older, clearly cooler boy was leaning up against the hallway wall. He mimicked him, wanting to be suave and cool too and leaned up against the wall. Down to the very way Ricky's feet were arranged on the floor John Henry mirrored what he was doing and then finished what he was saying.

"It means we can have chocolate pudding with every meal." Sure it almost certainly didn't mean that but he was still bright eyed and hopeful. John Henry had never been let down by his representatives, he had full faith in both the system and his big sister who also happened to be his biggest hero. He knew if anyone could make dreams come true it was her. She could be trusted. "Probably some other really cool stuff too but I'm just here for the pudding." Honestly he had a weird and probably highly unhealthy obsession with snacks, chocolate, pudding, and sweets of all varieties. He was a growing boy, he needed the sustenance. And as a preteen who had zero interest in girls in that way and no self control he really didn't mind his pudgy little stomach most days.

"Mary Lou is my sister. You're, are you guys friends?"


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