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[vienna] out of the woods. [tag; harlan]
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"You should have worn black. You'll blend in better."

The deep voice belonged to Peter, a tall man who was currently fussing about with his silver cufflinks. Charlotte blinked, a slim eyebrow raised. "And what fifteenth century handbook did you get that piece of advice out of?" She asked, sarcastically. Peter simply took one look at her and shrugged, seemingly unperturbed by his vaguely offensive comment. Neither of them usually received invites to any sort of event but this was a big deal and come Hell or high water, they were going in.

Charley was dressed in a floor length red gown before Peter turned towards her. Before she could do anything, he pointed his wand at her and like her very own Fairy Godmother, her dress was transformed. "Hey!" Charlotte blurted out as the dress was altered, her eyes wide in confusion and anger. In its place was an off the shoulder slinky dress in the inkiest shade of black. Form-fitting and cut close to the body, it was peppered with little bits of glitter. The back was open, showing the expanse of skin from her neck, her shoulder blades and to the middle of her back as she boggled at him. "And this is supposed to get me under the radar?" She barked at Peter who simply smiled, threw on his jacket and strode out, leaving Charlotte to grab her trailing hem and trot after him.

The only protection against the cool night air was her curtain of dark hair which had been styled into shining curls that tumbled over her bare shoulders. Charlotte uttered a string of colourful curse words as she hopped over the cobble stones, simultaneously trying not to break her ankle as well as attempting to slide her diamond drop earrings into her earlobes.

It was the night the European selections for the World Cup were officially going to be announced. It was a long time away but it didn't really matter. Vienna had been chosen as the host city and the venue was a grand and vast building on the outskirts. Charlotte broke into a jog as she tried to meet his much longer strides as they lingered near the back of the crowd. "Focus," Peter snapped sharply, causing her to raise her eyebrows. "Relax," she soothed him. "We're not spies. We're just here to get the names, grab a glass of bubbly and then leave. An hour, maximum. I can barely breathe," she grunted as she pulled a face and heaved up her neckline, shimmying to get more comfortable.

They joined the line of people at the entrance to the venue. Peter looked around carefully as Charlotte moved up the line. Invitations had been sent but people weren't required to bring them. Instead, an enchanted guest list was being held. A person had to give their name and they'd be struck off and admitted. Once a name had been used, a ward was cast to prevent anyone else entering using the same name. So, Lottie did what she needed to do; she stole the invite from the Prophet's rival newspaper.

"Rachel Pennyfield and Daniel Rodgers," she told the ward, which relaxed and let them enter before closing quickly behind them to seal itself shut. They'd gotten there just in time because a few people behind them were the real Rachel Pennyfield and Daniel Rodgers, the editor and co-editor. Charley and Peter were halfway up the stairs before the other two journalists had arrived. She'd never liked Rachel. The redhead was very snotty. She always sounded monotonous and like she was chewing a giant toffee and Daniel was a schmoozer. He was slimy and creep and a downright nasty person. As far as she was concerned, they had it coming.
Charlotte reached the top of the stairs, just in time to see the ward turn red as an alarm sounded. Rachel and Daniel were swiftly grabbed by security as they attempted to get into the coveted event. Rachel was shrieking and smacking a man with her blinged out handbag while Daniel was demanding that he be unhanded at once. The commotion allowed Charlotte and Peter to slide in through the front door as she gave her boss a wink.

"I'll meet you in the hall," Peter said as he turned down the corridor that lead into the event space. Lottie nodded. "I'm just going to nip to the loo and have a little look around," she replied as he went one way and she the other. It was astonishingly beautiful. Around her, people were dressed in finery. From ball gowns to suits and everything in between, there was a merry chatter as people were wandering down the corridors and ready to take their seats. Charlotte's heels sank into the plush carpet as she wandered in the opposite direction. She did want to take a sneak peak before she got rumbled but now that she thought about it, a bathroom visit seemed like a good idea.

Distracted, she began to climb the white, ornate sweeping staircase. Her hand gently touched the smooth wood of the banister as the old wood creaked beneath her weight. Her jaw dropped as she saw the golden sconces that punctuated the walls around her. It was incredibly beautiful. Without meaning to, she'd accidentally bumped into someone on the stairs. "Entschuldigung," she said politely, reaching out touch the person's arm warmly before picking up the skirt of her dress and jogging up the rest of the stairs.

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