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hey, call me back when you get this message • {harri}
« on: October 06, 2018, 04:42:02 PM »
Desperate times called for extraordinarily desperate measures, and if Kay Sterling was anything right now, it was certainly desperate: desperate for advice, help, saving. He’d messed up somehow, but couldn’t quite understand exactly where he’d gone wrong – or if he even was wrong, which he found highly unlikely. Nevertheless, after pacing along the cold tiles of the Slytherin common room enough to create a hole in the ground, he decided to finally bite the bullet and send out an owl. Written in a messy hurried scrawl, he’d struggled to word his thoughts; Mark had always been the more eloquent one, crafting together sentences clever enough to persuade even the stoniest of souls. Kay’s message was simple and to the point: I need help. Please meet me at Honeydukes at 5pm tomorrow. Reflecting on it, perhaps he’d been a tad too cryptic. An ominous frame bordered the words, but she would discover the true meaning in due time.

The weather was warm today, a welcome change from the dreary rain that had plagued them endlessly last month. Kay’s robes were light and airy, and he stood beside a shelf filled with various types of chocolates. Were chocolates a sufficient apology? Was that too mushy? It certainly felt like it; the idea of handing off a box of chocolates to a girl made him want to gag. He didn’t want to recreate some gross cliche scene from those romance novels Lynette never stopped prattling about. While he stopped himself from cringing, he heard the tinkling of a bell and looked over at the door to see his cousin.

“Angharad.” Kay waved, addressing her with an awkward almost smile and making his way over. Should he hug her? It felt a little odd. They weren’t entirely close – she shared a better, stronger relationship with Lynette than the rest of them – but she had always been kind. Choosing her to be the recipient of his request came easily once he’d decided to actually write it. Lynette was open and would happily advise him if he asked, but even the thought of speaking to his sister about girl problems gave him early onset embarrassment. There was Mark, but as close as the pair were, Kay couldn’t find it in himself to vocalise what he was going through to his brother. He still felt a little stupid and silly for fretting as much as he did, and he didn’t want Mark to confirm that he was being ridiculous. Speaking to Harri just seemed the best option. She and Jessalyn were similar, he thought, and it was likely she’d have better luck figuring out how girls’ minds worked considering… well… she was one.

With a sharp intake of breath, he finally brought himself to speak again, red tinging the tips of his ears. “So… there’s a girl…”

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