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Fflur Blevins [ Professor ]
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[blind pig] dumb enough to try [luc]
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:47:49 AM »
june 2002

“Well I can’t understand your accent, mate.”

Fflur repeated his words back to him, wiping her hands on the bar towel before throwing it over her shoulder. She leaned forward, her palms on the edge of the bar. “I dunno what to tell you. You can either drink the gin and tonic or you can wear it.” She rolled her eyes as he complained that he hadn’t ordered a gin and tonic -- again. “And I told you that we don’t serve old fashioneds here.” They had a bit of a standoff, the prepared g&t on the bar between them, before Fflur moved forward and swiped it back. “Now you don’t get any drink.”

It wasn’t terribly busy in the bar yet and they did serve old fashioneds there, or at least she assumed. Fflur had only been working there for about two hours now as part of some sort of trial period and all things considered, it was going well enough. She hadn’t followed through on her threat to throw a drink on anyone, at least. She leaned back against the back of the bar and sipped the ‘returned’ drink, nodding her head ever so slightly to the music.

It wasn’t a permanent gig, not at all. It wouldn’t even really be a temporary one for a couple weeks, not until school was out. But it was Saturday afternoon and Robin had endless rehearsals, so what else was she going to do? Fflur was planning to spend her summer here in the city, and as much as she’d like to see her boyfriend’s play five hundred times, it didn’t seem like the best use of her time. And might have also seemed a little clingy.

“Hey.” @Luc Bastien had just reappeared from some back room and she jumped on the opportunity to complain about the guy who was now ordering his old fashioned from the other bartender farther down the bar. “You’ve got a lot of rude customers here.” She tilted her head toward the man, regretting not making him take the drink with him. But, as she took another sip of it, she took that regret back.

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Re: [blind pig] dumb enough to try [luc]
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"My stars and garters!"

The exclamation from the owner of The Blind Pig was sure to have cut through the thumping of the music from the gramophones just outside of the back room. Stumbling backward and nearly knocking over a crate of booze, Luc Bastien clasped a hand tight on top of his chest as if grasping for his heart to settle the fury of it's beating. With his other hand, he threw the prosthetic snake he'd stumbled upon while searching for a vial of potion from his top-secret cabinet as far as possible from his being. As it turned out, perhaps his secret cabinet was not so secret after all.

Once he'd assumed regular breathing, Luc crept toward the fake critter and kicked it with his own red, faux-snake boot, then a few more times for good measure. It wasn't alive, that he could derive. With a flick of his wrist, the imposter was floating in the air in front of him, dangling just in front of his nose. The wizard took a good look and breathed out a sigh of relief before grabbing the toy by the tail and parading through the entrance to the bar.

Before he could start pointing fingers, his newest barkeep, Fflur Blevins beat him to the punch. Impatiently, he waited for her to finish her observation, while holding the snake up to the height of his shoulder. Not nice customers? Luc paused. There were many things he tolerated in his establishment (many things), but rude customers simply was not one of them. Hazy blue eyes scanned the room but only saw familiar faces.

"You've been here ten minutes, mademoiselle!" He groaned. "Mathematically, there is no possible way that you've even spoken to a lot of people yet," He assured before taking another step forward to share his unfortunate encounter from moments before. "Or scientifically," He trailed off, his free hand dancing through the air. "Whatever," Luc shook his head with an exasperated sigh. Two hours felt a lot like ten minutes for him, anyway.

"Someone has got it out for me," The owner finally spat out, dropping the snake on the bar and nearly sending the drunk man at the end of the bar that had been there since noon flying from his barstool. "This was found in my cabinet," He explained, taking the drink from her hand without thought and taking a sip. He didn't drink but he certainly needed it. "This tastes like shit," Luc happily handed the mysterious mixture back to his friend with the peroxide hair. "Ten points from your score card," He cooed, referencing the fact that she hadn't been officially offered the job yet.
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Fflur Blevins [ Professor ]
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Re: [blind pig] dumb enough to try [luc]
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2018, 02:55:54 PM »
“Ten minutes,” Fflur said flatly, rolling her eyes. Arguing would get her nowhere, but when had that ever really stopped her? Two hours, ten minutes, it was all the same. “Doesn’t make him any less rude, or me any less right.” She jabbed her thumb in the direction of the man down the bar, but she was already moving past being upset about him. She had his unwanted drink, after all. Win, win. She offered Luc a lazy smile as she pulled the drink away from her mouth; she really ought to set the glass down -- if she couldn’t go as far as dumping it out -- but she didn’t let it out of her grasp.

Fflur glanced at the snake on the bartop, her drink already back at her lips. She had noticed it earlier but had elected not to say anything -- that was usually the better option with Luc, anyway -- and she would much rather keep discussing the manners of some of the bar’s patrons, but whatever. There’d be plenty of time for that later; she’d be spending a lot of time at this bar, whether or not she was employed there.

It wasn’t real, clearly, and Fflur was about to point out as much before she had far more important things to focus on. She balked as Luc took the drink from her hands; she assumed she was about to be scolded for drinking and working, or maybe even drinking at all in the first place -- he had seemed almost pleased that one time last summer she had visited and had nothing to drink -- but her the corners of her lips tugged upwards as he took a sip for himself. She laughed; “That’s what gin tastes like.” She took the glass back happily, taking another swallow before finally (and willingly) relinquishing her grip on it as she set it down on the back bar.

“Make it twenty,” she said with a shrug and a smirk, crossing her arms across her chest and leaning back against the bar. She had plenty of experience now awarding and deducting meaningless points from students, awarding and deducting really meaningful points from professors and former students. “What’s that put me at, negative forty or so?” They hadn’t had this sort of conversation before; hell, they had barely talked legality or logistics before he had handed her an apron and let her have access to all the bottles behind the bar. She doubted the existence of her scorecard, not that it would really matter if it did. Again, she’d be in this bar one way or the other.

“You want some tea?” Fflur quirked an eyebrow as she asked. “Y’know, for the damaged nerves.” She tilted her head toward the snake still sitting on the bar. “I feel like me even asking should win me all my points back.” She laughed and picked up her glass again to finish off the drink, taking the extra mile to place the empty in the bus tub under the bar. She was a gold star employee, really.


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