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Author Topic:  forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]  (Read 144 times)

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forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]
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june 2002

Charlie Baker’s mystery woman.

That bloody article literally couldn’t have come out at a more inconvenient time. He’d been on such a high; finally happy with Kate, planning their future – or, as much future as Charlie could stomach before he withdrew into himself again. So far, that future extended to August. The date Kate had selected for their real wedding. Charlie couldn’t care less about the formality of it all – he loved Kate, he’d proven that now, he thought – but Kate couldn’t bear ‘disappointing’ her family by not doing it all properly.

So despite the fact that they were already husband and wife, Charlie and Kate had told their parents, and Kate’s sister Fran, that they’d merely gotten engaged in Las Vegas. Charlie wasn’t even remotely terrible at keeping secrets, but he wasn’t enjoying this one. Could see the look in Kate’s eyes every time he referred to her publicly as his girlfriend and not his wife – but it was what she wanted. A ceremony in California with her numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins all there to bear witness.

Charlie had written to Fflur a couple of days ago, asking to catch up with her. Though now he thought about it, phrasing it ’we need to talk’ probably added a sense of foreboding he hadn’t intended. Well, whatever. He had made the trip up to Hogsmeade, because the last thing he needed was Kate glaring at Fflur the minute she walked through the door, despite assuring him that she trusted him and didn't have anything against Fflur. At all. Not one thing. Charlie had explained, multiple times now, that there was not and never had been anything between him and one of his oldest friends. And he believed it, at least, if nobody else did.

He moved his way through the village, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible – being recognised under normal circumstances was one thing, but being spotted visiting his ‘mystery woman’ would really be put the icing on the wedding cake. It was a warm afternoon in June, so Charlie for once wasn’t wearing his usual leather jacket, instead just a plain white t-shirt with black jeans and boots. He’d somehow forgotten that Scotland was further north than London, however, and was feeling the cool breeze through the thin cotton of his t-shirt. The musician slipped through the gate and walked up the short path to Robin’s front door, ran his hand through his hair once before rapping his knuckles on the wood. He turned slightly and crossed his arms while he waited, gazing off along the street at the row of stone cottages, so far from the hustle and bustle of where he lived. 

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Re: forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]
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‘We need to talk’ was never a particularly good phrase to hear; considering that Fflur had just had an interview published in which she didn’t explicitly deny a relationship with the man saying those words to her... it certainly wasn’t going to be great. But he was back with the American -- Kate, she reminded herself -- and she also hadn’t confirmed anything in the interview. It was a ridiculous interview anyway, and she figured that Charlie could see that. Going from quidditch to muggleborns and then using that to question her friendship with the man.

It might have been her own fault for agreeing to do it all in the first place; she didn’t have a publicist anymore and could have probably benefited from some sort of guiding hand. It had been more successful than her last interview, anyway; significantly less inebriated. That should count as a win, really.

The window above the kitchen sink was open; there was the slightest breeze; Fflur had ditched her school-required robes for her life-required leather jacket. She had a cup of tea in front of her, a paperback book in one hand, her other hand busy scratching behind the dog’s ears as he laid his head in her lap. She wasn’t really reading, not really drinking her tea, more just glancing at the clock across the room. She had offered to meet him in some third location, wanting to nip whatever rumors there could be in the bud, but here they were. It was a school day, so at least there wouldn’t be any prying eyes of students in the village for him to avoid, she figured.

She hadn’t told Charlie about her lapse in sobriety -- why not, she wasn’t sure -- but she didn’t think that today was really the day for it. The possibility that she could have been more tight-lipped in the interview by staying sober probably wasn’t the best reveal she could make. Robin had appreciated his mentions, anyway. Positively dreamy. While she doubted that Charlie could be upset he didn’t get a similar nod, she’d really appreciate it if that was the actual reason for his visit.

The knock happened a split second before Bert’s barks and Fflur let the dog beat her to the door. She slid to a stop, socked feet on the hardwood, just before the door, and she pulled it open with a smile, one hand on Bert’s collar. Fflur stepped back, bringing Bert with her, letting him calm down as Charlie came through the door and closed it behind him. She figured she’d let the man state the real reason for his visit before she dug herself a deeper hole.

With her free arm, Fflur pulled him into a hug, taking care to not squish Bert between them; he was calming down, and she let go of his collar after another beat; he sniffed Charlie once before losing interest and retreating to the sofa. “Drink?” She took a step backwards in the direction of the kitchen. “I have tea. And more tea. Maybe also water.” She smirked, still wondering why she wasn’t being completely honest about the bottle of vodka on top of the fridge, behind the loaf of bread. She’d figure that out later.

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Re: forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]
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Charlie heard the telltale barking of Robin’s dog behind the door. He’d grown used to the idea, slowly, that two of his close friends were a couple. It had felt weird coming to Robin’s house to see Fflur the last time they had caught up, but it seemed surprisingly normal this time around. Charlie tried to keep his expression impassive as he entered the cottage quickly; he doubted there were any paparazzi as such in Hogsmeade but that didn’t mean there weren’t nosy neighbours. Of course, Kate at least knew he was coming here and why – but he didn’t want to stoke the fire that he was trying so desperately to put out.
“Hey, trouble.” The musician hugged Fflur back, glad they had finally moved past that awkward stage following his… mistake back in February. The musician crouched down to give the Golden Retriever a proper welcome – avoiding Fflur’s gaze for the time being. He wasn’t sure how well, or poorly, she was going to take his news. He realised he would be softening the true blow somewhat by reducing his married status to that of engaged (after all, he had promised Kate that only they would know they were already husband and wife), but he knew it would still be a shock to the system.
It seemed Bert was as interested in Charlie as his owner might be at this particular moment; Charlie still wasn’t sure how Robin felt about the weird little triangle they now found themselves in. Charlie had been much closer to the older man before Fflur had re-entered the picture – which, unlike most situations where the friend felt jilted by a new girlfriend, Charlie had rediscovered in Fflur one of his best mates. Which was why he was here today. He hoped Robin wouldn’t take this as another blow to their own friendship.
“Yeah, cuppa tea would be great. Milk, no sugar.” He replied, standing up and following her further into the room. He glanced around and took a seat on the part of the sofa not occupied by Bert. Charlie gave the dog another scratch behind the ears as he waited patiently for Fflur to return with his tea, thankful to have something to do with his hands other than twiddle his thumbs anxiously.
“Cheers.” He took the mug from her carefully and took a sip, letting out the customary quiet ‘ah’ noise of approval before setting it down on the coffee table and waiting for her to sit. For all the time he’d spent trying to formulate how best to relay his news, it had all emptied out of his head the moment he’d stepped into the cottage. Charlie looked across the room at Fflur and blurted out “I’m engaged.”

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