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Author Topic:  forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]  (Read 16 times)

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forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]
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june 2002

Charlie Baker’s mystery woman.

That bloody article literally couldn’t have come out at a more inconvenient time. He’d been on such a high; finally happy with Kate, planning their future – or, as much future as Charlie could stomach before he withdrew into himself again. So far, that future extended to August. The date Kate had selected for their real wedding. Charlie couldn’t care less about the formality of it all – he loved Kate, he’d proven that now, he thought – but Kate couldn’t bear ‘disappointing’ her family by not doing it all properly.

So despite the fact that they were already husband and wife, Charlie and Kate had told their parents, and Kate’s sister Fran, that they’d merely gotten engaged in Las Vegas. Charlie wasn’t even remotely terrible at keeping secrets, but he wasn’t enjoying this one. Could see the look in Kate’s eyes every time he referred to her publicly as his girlfriend and not his wife – but it was what she wanted. A ceremony in California with her numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins all there to bear witness.

Charlie had written to Fflur a couple of days ago, asking to catch up with her. Though now he thought about it, phrasing it ’we need to talk’ probably added a sense of foreboding he hadn’t intended. Well, whatever. He had made the trip up to Hogsmeade, because the last thing he needed was Kate glaring at Fflur the minute she walked through the door, despite assuring him that she trusted him and didn't have anything against Fflur. At all. Not one thing. Charlie had explained, multiple times now, that there was not and never had been anything between him and one of his oldest friends. And he believed it, at least, if nobody else did.

He moved his way through the village, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible – being recognised under normal circumstances was one thing, but being spotted visiting his ‘mystery woman’ would really be put the icing on the wedding cake. It was a warm afternoon in June, so Charlie for once wasn’t wearing his usual leather jacket, instead just a plain white t-shirt with black jeans and boots. He’d somehow forgotten that Scotland was further north than London, however, and was feeling the cool breeze through the thin cotton of his t-shirt. The musician slipped through the gate and walked up the short path to Robin’s front door, ran his hand through his hair once before rapping his knuckles on the wood. He turned slightly and crossed his arms while he waited, gazing off along the street at the row of stone cottages, so far from the hustle and bustle of where he lived. 

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