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(Ollivander's)Conjuring a Refined Student[Riley Adair]
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“Ollllie… I told you …just a second!” Her house elf was pulling on her hand, forcing her quickly down the stairs.  She stumbled down the last two steps, bearley catching herself with the sweeping wooden railing, as her feet found the main floor of the house. Her sudden appearance scared the magically animated birds and other critters in the richly floral parlor's wallpaper decorated with the fruit and late blooming flowers of summer. Once she caught her balance, she glanced up. Immediately her mouth fell open with the surprise of finding the dining room and the parlor beyond, almost completely emptied. A few lone chairs sat at either end of the gaping expanse. At one end only a pair dining chairs positioned with her childhood chalk board formed a sad makeshift classroom for a single student. While the opposite side of the palar remained up touched with the tea table and two arm chairs sitting lonely in the bay window.

“We are expecting Mr. Adair in a few minutes.” Her mother said behind her simultaneously checking her skirt watch while levitating a tray of tea sandwiches and cookies with her wand. When her mother's eyes lifted, Lesleigh noticed that she gave a familiar grimace as she took in Lesleigh's attire.

“It is not like he is a Hogwarts Professor…” Lesleigh said as she folded her arms protectively over her Black banshee band shirt and frayed jean vest.  Although fulling knowing she would have worn the same thing even meeting her favorite professor. What did she expect me to get out my school uniform? she sarcastically thought as Oli assisted her mother with the tray.

“And.. mum is this all necessary?” Lesleigh gestured to the empty room she took a few steps and stood where the couch once was “I thought you said he was going to show me some spells to help me at work. It is not like we are going to cast a patronus.”

She glanced back at her mother, Korrrine who seemed deep in thought still studying Lesleigh's outfit. Then before she know it, her mother started in on how he came highly recommended, was very professional and how she was sure that what he taught would help her at work… blah blah blah. More or less, the same spill she gave her before.

“I know, I know…” Lesleigh said while waving her hand as she walked across the room and was just about to collapsed into the tea armchair when her mother muttered something. A strange sensation like butterfly wings brushing her skin startled the twenty-year-old girl. The blond looked down to see her shirt and vest which had already changed into a tight white scooped neck blouse and her rolled short jeans were transform to a full- flowy mauve-rose tea length skirt. “MUM! I can’t believe YOU! I mean bloody mum, I am not five!”

Lesleigh ran over to the mirror in the foyer to examine her transfigured “new” outfit. The ancient painting of Geraint Ollivander looked through his spectacles at his descendant while mummled and nodded approvingly.  Les rolled her eyes, relieved inwardly that it at least it did not have bows or flowers. Although the skirts high waist did made her look thin, it was way to long for her tastes and needed about half of it cut off. She let her fingers linger on the blouse neck line a little too long. She hated to admit the top was cute and would be a perfect addition to her business attire. Her mother was busy smiling and saying something about how much better it was to always make a good impression. Lesleigh caught her mother reflection reaching out to touch her long blond hair before Lesleigh batted away her mother's hand. Lesleigh was sure that her mother was going to offer to do something about her hair with the some arguments like one should not look like they are just stumbling back from a rock concert. Thankfully her hair was saved by three steady knocks at the door.     

Les quickly looked for her wand while her mother opened the door and greeted her new teacher. Unfortunately, she did not have time to shorten her skirt by the time she was being introduced to a dark-haired man standing a head above her. She was most taken by his grey-blue eyes until his face sharpened into a devilishly handsome smile. He was a lot younger than Les expected and quite younger than most her Professors where in school. Maybe it is common for young-hot-professors to do private tutoring before they… get old and given the opportunity to teach full time.  “It is nice to meet you Mr. Adair. Oh…” she realized she was holding out her wand and had to quickly switch it to her off hand to give a more formal hand shake.

Her mother went into her hostess/ fundraiser mode and showed Adair the cleared out parlor and connecting dining room (now classroom) asking if there was any other modification he required. Seeing that everything was in order. She waved her wand summing her handbag and hat, which floated from table in the foyer gracefully. As she positioned them and adorn lacy summer gloves she announced she must be off. She was keeping the other ladies from the Witches Institute waiting and had a meeting with S.C.A.R.E. immediately following. She bid her good byes to Mr. Adair and thanked him again. Stopping at the foyer before leaving, her mother added as an afterthought, "Lesleigh, if Mr. Adair needs anything else don’t hesitate to call Oli. She keeps herself-hidden but always ready and watching if she is needed."

"Yes, Mum." Les replies as polite as she could as her mother let herself out the front door. Something about her mother tone said that Oli will be her mother eyes and ears and will intervene if needed. As if her or her new professor could not be trusted to conduct themselves properly. It was not like they were alone with Izotz  and Papa in the shop down stairs. Still the thoughts flooded the boy crazed young woman's mind as she glanced at the dark professor and she could feel her cheeks redden. She tried to cover her thoughts by forcing her mind onto another subject. "Would you like some tea before for we begin?" 

She gestured to the bay window ready with a small assortments of snacks, knowing that Oli will float the cups and teapot in.
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Riley Adair [ Order of The Phoenix ]
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Re: (Ollivander's)Conjuring a Refined Student[Riley Adair]
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Today was a break in Riley’s normal routine, he was going to give a lesson in Conjuring to the daughter of the Ollivander’s. He loved Conjuring himself and had excelled at it when he went to Ilvermorny; one of the best in his year. Now he used that skill to earn a meager living and as a cover for his activity in England. He had already given lessons to several others; how to conjure puppets, it was the easiest part of the subject. And the most harmless; he wouldn’t want to teach dark wizards and witches magic that could be dangerous in the wrong hands, but puppets were mostly harmless. It gave him access to people who wouldn’t normally look at him twice and there was valuable information to gather just by having lessons with their children or entering their houses. Not that he thought the Ollivander’s were bad people, on the contrary, he knew of and respected Mr. Ollivander greatly. From what he had experienced of his wife so far he was simultaneously impressed and a little intimidated.

He had brought his Grimoire with him; it was one he had written himself to use for such lessons. He didn’t want to show the full extent of what conjuring could actually do so he only kept information about simple puppets and some spirit conjuring as well in it. The dark green book was tucked under his arm as he walked up to the Ollivander’s residence. He wore a black leather jacket; it was well worn and soft. He had put on a dark navy shirt just to make himself a little more presentable and wore dark jeans without holes in them for once. He realized he probably didn’t look as ‘refined’ as he should, but this was how he was comfortable dressing and doing conjuring in uncomfortable clothing was not ideal.

The door opened after a few knocks and Mrs Ollivander stood in the door. He greeted her and was soon introduced to the younger Ms. Ollivander who he noticed stuck her wand towards him; he couldn’t help but chuckle discreetly and politely took and shook her hand once she managed to switch her wand to her other hand. “Nice to meet you Miss Ollivander,” he greeted her politely and followed Mrs Ollivander into the dining room. He looked around at the interesting wallpaper, he was always fascinated by the decor of the different wizarding families; it was all so different from where he grew up in America. “It’s perfect,” he assured her with a smile. “Have a good day,” He bowed his head slightly as Mrs. Ollivander left and turned his attention to the younger Ollivander. The fact that she was a little red in the face didn’t even register with him.

“Tea sounds nice,” He nodded with a smile. “We can talk about Conjuring a little before we start the lesson.” He joined her at the bay window and put his Grimoire in his lap. “This is a grimoire, I don’t know if you’re familiar with them already. They’re books of magic used in Conjuring because you often have to remember a lot and it takes years to memorize it all. What do you need help with most in your life?” He asked picking up some snacks. “It can be used for alot, just not the best magic for a spontaneous fight,” he chuckled taking a bite of the snack and grabbing the teacup as the house elf floated it to them.


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