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[russian ministry] honey honey, don't conceal it || mary lou
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July 2002

“Thank you, Kasimir.” Valentina politely thanked the Russian Minister for Magic as she exited his office. It was the second week of her internship at the Russian Ministry of Magic, and it was going much better than Valentina would have anticipated. It had been true, she was accepted to work with the Minister’s staff directly, and not only that, but Valentina was exposed to all kind of opportunities. The Russian Ministry had an excellent programme for their interns, and Valentina was gladly receiving all the benefits. Not only that she would also accompany Kasimir on all of his trips, but she also got to attend several meetings, with equally important witches and wizards. It was overwhelming, yes, but everything she was learning was worth it. The stars were finally on her side.

An hour ago, Kasimir Lazarevich had a meeting with Diane Robinson, the President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America. Of course, she wasn’t allowed to attend the more confidential one-on-one meetings, so now Valentina had passed on to Kasimir the notes his secretary had taken of the earlier meeting, and allowed her superior to prepare himself in peace and quiet. Meanwhile, it was lunch time, and Valentina surprisingly had plans with a friend. A friend, and not a co-worker! For the very first time that summer, for the very first time since she’d moved to Moscow for the internship.

Her dear American friend, @Mary Lou Bird, was also having an internship that summer, and it just happened to be in President Robinson’s cabinet, so she naturally accompanied the older witch in this official visit as well. Valentina was little said excited to catch up with Mary Lou; in the end, exchanging letters wasn’t the same as talking in person. It felt more intimate, yes, and somehow writing made their friendship feel especially deep and close, and because of that reason precisely it was always good to see Mary Lou in person. It just felt special, in every possible way.

They agreed to meet on the underground’s platform, just next to five metres golden bear statue at the Minister’s stop. She was honestly fascinated with the statue, and was quite eager to hear what Mary Lou had to say about it; about all the Russian Ministry, actually. Hopefully, her friend found it as charming as she did. In the end, such luxury wasn’t so common. Valentina wondered how the MACUSA offices were; perhaps she would be lucky enough to accompany Kasimir in a trip there. A girl could dream.

Going down the stairs, Valentina arranged the cloak of her dress; the one benefit of working in a magical environment was that she wasn’t eccentric at all. Even her cosmic blue lipstick seemed to blend in perfectly in a proper magical atmosphere. Somehow, it felt a little reassuring, that she truly belonged somewhere. Perhaps it was also because the Minister was also so open and nice to her. This summer was great.

“Lou!” Valentina let out an excited squeal, let it be in a loud whisper, as she fastened the pace and approached her friend, who was already by the statue. “I hope I’m not late? Sorry if that’s the case.” She immediately apologised (in perfect English, her pride and joy), not wanting to seem like a bad host. She drew closer, and pulled her friend into a hug, kissing her on both cheeks later on. “Did you get a tour?” She knew President Robinson didn’t, for it wasn’t the older witch’s first time there, but Valentina wasn’t sure about Mary Lou. “And how is the boyfriend?” Of course, Valentina just had to ask the most important question right away.
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