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[Ukraine Satellite Ministry Ofc] Everybody Gets Angry (open)
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MONDAY, 26 AUGUST 2002, 1:00 PM

“Sometimes the routes leading to feelings of anger are so convoluted and circuitous that it takes enormous skill to discern their original source, or fountainhead. But regardless of the reason for or the source of the anger or the relative ease or complexity in perceiving either the anger or its source - everybody, but everybody, gets angry.”
Theodore Isaac Rubin

Everybody on her World Cup team had agreed, but none of them had originally wanted to go this far. It was only when everybody had realised how they had been manoeuvred into this situation -- the pressure put on them by the Russian Ministry to reorganise their leagues in the same way the Russian Ministry had ordered Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz to merge two years ago (and everyone knew how well that had gone), the heavy favouring of Russian teams over Ukrainian and especially Belarusian teams, the journalistic disposition toward Russian news and barely glossing over Ukrainian, and finally, the seeming partiality of the Slavic referees toward the Russian team during the quarterfinal match of the World Cup. Liliya had nothing against any of the Russian players themselves except for her long-time rivalry with @Veronika Petrova, but her rising rage against the Russian Ministry and in particular nationalists like @Vadoma Vikhrova was almost without peer.

So she, with the other four League team captains, and the six other World Cup team members from those League teams, had arranged a sit-down with the team and club owners. Somewhat delightfully, all but one (the Castles' owners, the Filimonovs who were from Russia anyway) felt the same way about the ill relations between Russia and Ukraine. Her own club owners, the Shevchenkos, had been especially in favour of Liliya's idea. Sasha and Anna were by now longtime friends who had long admired Liliya and shared a lot of her sensibilities. It was why they had supported her ascendance to the captaincy in 1997. With pressure put on by the other teams, even the Filimonovs caved in, making it a unanimous decision. Sasha had immediately called the Ministry and requested the use of the Ministry's satellite office in Kremenchuk (the only Ukrainian office they had), so that the Monday after the World Cup championship, they could hold a press conference. Remarkably, nobody questioned what was going to be said.

Originally they were all going to wear their World Cup uniforms for solidarity and a statement of defiance - white robes with strong azure sleeves and hoods, decorated with the tryzub of the country's coat-of-arms on the hood, back, and shoulders. But cooler heads (not Liliya's) had prevailed and pointed out that the World Cup team was controlled entirely by the Ministry. Instead the seven player-panelists wore their respective team uniforms. Liliya was the only one wearing the metal-scaled red robes of Zhytomyr, but all her Ironbelly teammates were standing in the wings with their silent support. Dima and Rustam had their rich Lviv purples on, Tymofij wore Mykolaiv's gold-embroidered russet brown, Olha was adorned in the Miners' charcoal and bronze, and Alina and Omelyan dressed in the Castles' creme and merlot. Each team's World Cup representatives were also seated by their respective club owners - just one in the case of partners or couples, so Anna sat in her tailored metallic grey business robe and jacket next to Liliya in the middle of the tables.

It was Anna who opened the remarks of the press conference, making some nice tidy remarks about the success of the Ukrainian national team in the World Cup proceedings up to the quarterfinal match against Russia, and how proud all the club owners were of their teams and the teams' representatives to the World Cup both on the international stage and in the League stage. Then she indicated Liliya to turn the floor over to her, and they crossed wands, Liliya casting "Quietus" on Anna's neck while Anna cast "Sonorus" on Liliya's. "Thank you, Madame Shevchenko," Liliya began, and then turned to address the crowd of reporters, agents, and high-profile fans. "At this time, the combined Russian League captains of Ukraine would like to make an announcement." She didn't feel it necessary to point out that she was the only League captain on the national team, and as such, the only one qualified to make the pronouncement. The reporters were supposed to be smart, they could connect the dots.

"As you all know, the Russian Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical Games and Sports, under the esteemed Director Vadoma Vikhrova, moderates the recently combined Russian Quidditch League comprising teams from the European countries Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; as well as the Eurasian Quidditch League from Asian countries to the immediate east. Someone uncharitable might suggest that the name Russian League ought to be applied to the latter, where all countries except for Afghanistan either have Russian as its official language or its inter-ethnic language. Whereas, every single member country of the currently named Russian League has its own proud, and separate, heritage and tongue." Murmurs of discontent and unease began passing through the crowd below her, but Liliya was already on a roll (and needed to stick to her script or else she'd blow a gasket and possibly do something unprofessional.

"Furthermore, a review has been made by the Ukrainian teams displayed here today of the actions of the Russian Ministry of Magic in regards to bias and fair treatment of the other Eastern European countries it purports to represent. We have shared with one another multiple instances where, at the very least, Ukrainian teams have been slighted in favour of rulings for Russian teams - likely unintentionally, but perhaps in that light all the worse for its roots in the blind nationalist attitude of Russian natives in the Ministry. The failure of oversight in the recent World Cup quarterfinal match, where a Slavic referee was assigned to the Ukraine versus Russia game whose calls were contested innumerable times, is a prime and final example of the Russian Ministry's predilection.

"As such," Liliya looked up and down the table at her peers, making sure just as a formality one last time that nobody was dissenting, but all the faces were stony and stoic. "As such, with support from its captains, the owners of the Ukrainian Quidditch League teams - Lviv Kings, Mykolaiv Shields, Zhytomyr Ironbellies, Donetsk Miners, and Kiev Castles - have unanimously voted to withdraw from the Russian Ministry Department of Magical Games and Sports. Under an advisory board comprising all eight club owners, these teams are henceforth under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Independent Quidditch League, answerable to the International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee but no longer in conjunction with, or supported by, the Russian Ministry of Magic."

Into the stunned silence, she concluded, "We will now take questions from the press." Immediately everybody started talking and hands rose into the air. Liliya smiled triumphantly and leaned back in her seat, letting Anna handle the selection of questioners but fully prepared to answer anything directed at her specifically.

OOC: posted with permission from Dylan, Elena, Mel, and Laura ^_^
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