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[Eruda] Home Isn't Just A Place, But The People I'm With [Gio]
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First, it had been Autumn. Her mother had loved winter but when she passed, spring and summer were easily her new favorite seasons, especially summer when everything had time to be kissed by the sun and reach their full bloom in height and color. Valda loved that it was warmer so she didn't have to wear so many layers to keep her warm. She usually wandered around her home and outside on her property barefoot while wearing her denim shorts and a loose blouse, short dress, or tank top and t-shirt. Just like everything else around her, Valda had been kissed by the sun too. Her fair skin had suffered a couple sunburns, but nothing too extreme that couldn't be cured with some magical potions she had brought home or with some medication she purchased at the local muggle drugstore. Her skin had taken on a honey-golden tint. The scars she won while fighting off a band of wolves were a bright pink in contrast. Her freckles? Those specks scattered all over her body that she used to think made her ugly and look dirty had darkened. Even more appeared after she had been in the sun for so long. They now mirrored the numerous starts that could be seen in a summer's night sky.

She'd started her summer off enjoying the festivities going on in India, but found it to be quite lonely. Though she had a lot of fun, she was relieved when the party was over and she was able to return home. It had been hard at first. The last time she had stepped through the door was before she'd left to go to school that year. All winter break, she couldn't bring herself to go and visit the house so she stayed at Sasha's only twenty minutes away until she later went to be with Gio. This time though, he was coming to visit her. During the few days of being home and before he'd gotten there, she had forced herself to go inside and tidy it. Her mother's room remain untouched. Valda hadn't been able to bring herself to even look in there. It all hurt too much when she did. It hurt to be home, but having her best friend with her for the rest of summer helped her more than she could express. It had been almost therapeutic to be here with him and no one else.

The days with him there had been wonderful. Soon enough, her home didn't feel like a skeleton of what was, but with each day, was beginning to feel full and lively again after there had been years of strife, sadness, and death. Life was breathing within its thin walls and above it's slightly tilted foundation once again. She showed off all of her muggle appliances, the brick fireplace that was always lit in winter, the electricity and running water, her mother's garden outside, the creek that ran down the hill behind her house, and the bright starry sky over head with the twinkling city lights below as they'd spend sleepless nights sitting on her rooftop while looking down at the rest of the city beneath them. There were no neighbors this far away from town, and the old path that led to her home from the city was growing narrower with the lack of cars to travel up and down it. It was just the two of them.

Through a break in the leaves hanging high in a canopy-like fashion over their heads, the sun shone down on the little garden in which Valda and Gio were working. The summer's noon heat was all too noticeable, but the breezes racing between the trees and the nice shade overhead that would sweep across them with the wind helped them combat the heat. Her red-striped cat watched them from a shady spot underneath the fence as if to mock them that he could lounge in the shade while they worked in the sun. Valda felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of her face as she pulled at a sturdy weed. New seeds had been planted and cared for, but the weeds always came back. Valda was adamant about keeping the pesky plants out of the garden so her flowers and vegetables could grow. Her hands and from her feet to her knees were covered in dirt. Though she was careful about her appearance, she wasn't one to shy away from a little dirt.

There was a soft pop that came from the ground once she'd managed to triumphantly pull the stubborn weed and all of its roots out of the ground. Sitting up straight and stretching her back, Valda ran a hand through her hair to reclip it in a tighter hold. A couple loose strands slipped out and hung around her face. It was odd, feeling her hair be cut so short. Feeling as if she needed some controlled change in her life, and to help her combat the summer heat, she decided a couple days back to cut her hair. Now that she was of age, she used her magic to clean it up. It was short and about chin length. Her curls were more prominent than ever before.  She crawled over to where Gio was, placing a kiss on his cheek as she watched him work on his own section she had assigned him to. "You see those little pink flowers? Those are Azaleas. We have our chamomile, of course, right over here." She pointed at each section where the different plants rested, beaming proudly at the healthy condition all of the plants were in. "You see those lovely blue ones? Their latin name is Crocus speciosus. There aren't a lot of them and those are actually wild ones. They just sprung up one day and have continued to grow there ever since." She looked between the flowers and up at him with one of the biggest grins she'd worn in a long time. She'd been smiling more and more. Gio always managed to make her smile, even when he wasn't trying to. Just looking at him and knowing he was there with her was enough. "You know, they're almost as blue as your eyes. Almost. I don't think anything can be as blue as them." She put her focus back on the plants, but instead of going back to her half, she started helping him with the small weeds in his area. She enjoyed being in his company. Even just being near him settled her nerves and made her feel at home again.

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