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[od] star roving || marja
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August 2002

“We are truly sisters now.” Aphrodisia said with excitement as she grabbed Marja’s hand, entwining their fingers. Marja’s initiation had taken place the day before, and since the tattoo ceremony could easily tamper with one’s chakra flow and therefore cause them quite the amount of weariness, Aphrodisia had allowed Marja to rest for the remaining of the day. Today, however, it was different. After the two girls had breakfast with Aphrodisia’s grandfather, Xerxes, the part Greek was eager to show her best friend around the entire headquarters of the Order of the Dragon, for she knew Marja would terribly enjoy each and every aspect of it.

She quickly ran on one of the main hallways, encouraging her friend to keep up with her pace. “I have so many things I want to show you.” She exclaimed eager, turning around briefly so she could glance at her friend, the veils of her dress gently swaying in her movement. “I shall take you to my favourite place first though, you will absolutely love it.” Aphrodisia added with a giggle, positive that Marja would indeed be in utter and complete awe of what she was going to show her.

The two soon quickly reached some stairs, and, at the lower level, there was a greenhouse built within the Carpathian mountains, a small and quiet establishment where the younger dragons, not yet especially developed, would enjoy spending their time, either splashing in the small pond, or running around playing with one another. Two little white darlings had immediately flew in the girls’ way as soon as they sensed Aphrodisia’s scent.

“Oh, here you are, my lovelies.” She let go of Marja’s hand, and allowed one of the two twin dragons land on her shoulder. Aphrodisia glanced at her friend, and encouraged her to allow the other baby dragon land on her own shoulder. “It’s alright, they’re just two lovely girls, sisters, like us two.” She added, with a wide smile on her face. “I thought we could name them together.”

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