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Volume 07. September 2002.

worldwide: Diplomatic ties to be tested in Nigeria
Thursday 5th of September sees the beginning of the newly christened “W9” conference, in Ibadan, Nigeria. The eight largest wizarding economies, joined for the first time by the hosts as the newest member, will sit down at the weekend for a series of crunch talks and sessions relating to geopolitics, economics and topics of a social interest to witches and wizards across the world. Whilst the W9 organisation is putting a brave face on matters and selling the conference as a time to mend wounds and strengthen ties, insiders confess that they fear tensions will be high in the wake of the Swedish-British diplomatic fallout, not to mention German resentment after the Quidditch World Cup debacle. Wizarding diplomats will be on their toes throughout the weekend in an attempt to smooth over the cracks in international relations, and The Daily Prophet will be reporting daily from the conference with the latest information.

adults: A Night With the Stars
Minister Murakami and the Japanese Ministry of Magic are proud to announce that this year’s Quidditch Gala will take place on September 1st (7pm) at the Golden Orchard Hotel in the beautiful city of Singapore. One of the oldest wizarding resorts in the world, the Golden Orchard has gained international renown for its lavish dinner parties and galas, and is sure to impress this years guests with a dinner inspired by the cultural fusion found on the island. The guest list is as distinguished as the location, attracting a plethora of celebrated names in the world of Quidditch, socialites, and philanthropists among others. In addition to honoring the best players of the year along with the best moments at the 2002 Quidditch World Cup, the gala will also offer an opportunity for guests to participate in raffles, an opportunity to meet the most outstanding players of the year, unlimited signature cocktails, and a night full of dancing and good conversation. The generous contribution by the Japanese Ministry of Magic ensures that all guests will certainly have a night they will remember fondly.
Headmistress Olympe Maxime welcomes students to a new year at Beaxubatons. There are some new faces in the teaching staff, with some long-standing professors having been replaced with little explanation. As reported in The Daily Prophet, Ministère Officials are present at the school, with the Head of the Auror Office attending the feast in place of a Defense professor. The feast itself is, for the first time in memorable history, a celebration of all cultures featuring foods from every known country that the Academie accepts.

This year, Durmstang is hosting a grand re-opening in its original location of Lulea, Sweden. Fancy dress is encouraged. Dinner will be followed by dancing and mingling with students new and old, and various famous alumni.

Another year at Hogwarts… The Welcome Feast begins as normal, following a slight delay -- Groundskeeper Rubeus Hagrid is unable to command the boats for some reason, so first years arrive an hour late and via carriage. Once they arrive, however, the Feast continues without issue, simply running later than usual. The Professors can be seen talking fervently at the head table, presumably trying to ascertain what caused the problem.

During the week of the beginning of the new term, students and professors alike celebrate the South American tradition of Friendship Day to welcome new students to their houses, catch flying paper birds, and indulge in cuisines from all parts of the Americas. Headmaster Agilbert Fontaine delivers the welcome speech at the first feast, detailing what's to come for the year after the first years have completed the sorting ceremony.

Not too be outdone by its rival school, Durmstrang, Koldovstoretez will be holding a grand beginning of term ball for the students. It's rumored that Koldovstoretz alumnus Kasimir Krupin, the Russian Minister for Magic,  will make an appearance and speak to the school body.


Peaceful demonstrations are occurring all over the Russian Ministry’s underground stations as the wizarding community has revealed its support for Minister for Magic Kasimir Lazarevich Krupin. According to the politician’s followers, Krupin needs to not only maintain his position as Minister for Magic, but be able to have further executive powers, and not be dependent on wizengamots for each decision he takes. The people attribute Durmstrang’s departure from Russia to Krupin, and it is seen as a resonating success.

However, one of the opposition’s leaders stated that Krupin is not to be trusted, for it is extremely suspicious how the assassination of one of Russia’s best lawyers – and a pureblood – happened at an especially convenient time for the Minister, and it only further emphasises Krupin’s sympathy towards “his own kind, mudbloods”.

Official surveys conversely reveal Krupin’s popularity raised by forty percent within the last two weeks.
The Ministère has published an Emergencies Act on September 1st, according to which officials will visit Beauxbatons on a constant basis, closely monitoring the school’s activity. All Defense classes will be run by Ministère-appointed Aurors or Department of Magical Law Enforcement officials on rotation. Whilst there is little surprise amongst the Wizarding community at the Ministère’s actions vis-à-vis Beauxbatons, in part due to the controversies faced by the school in the last year, the fact that the action has been promulgated through an Emergencies Act has caused worries among parents.

Lead Auror Chantal Garnier declared: “The Ministère simply made a priority of the students’ safety, so the publishing of an Emergencies Act can only emphasise the Minister’s desire to protect the children from harm. Regarding the Defense classes, it had been brought to our attention that the Beauxbatons curriculum has not made the subject a priority since the last Triwizard Tournament, and the Ministère merely wants to bring back interest in defensive spells and charms.” Garnier has been recently promoted thanks to her outstanding rate of success with international cases.

Japan and Mexico Reach Trade Agreement
After almost two arduous years of negotiation, it has been announced that Mexico and Japan will enter a bilateral free-trade agreement. The two Ministers of Magic met just last week in Mexico to sign a contract stating their willingness to move forward with the process, something that citizens in both countries had been eagerly waiting for some time. Although an official starting date has not yet been announced, as terms are still being decided on, many speculate that this new treat could be put into effect as early as the end of the month. In addition to the trading of goods, both countries will work towards creating policies that will improve the business environment, employer-employee relations, as well as more support for small and medium sized businesses. The agreement will eliminate tariffs on commodity trade and industrial products, allowing for more freedom in the import/export of magical herbs and plants, magical creatures, magical technology, among other things.

An agreement was reached after Mexico chose its new Minister of Magic, Rosario Villalobos, whose stance on economic cooperation and liberalization attracted the attention of Murakami Reina, Japan’s Minister of Magic. Minister Villalobos believes that this is the first step in creating more opportunities for the country as well as building strong partnerships for future ventures. Economists believe that this will indeed benefit both countries significantly and predict a rise in more interest in agreements from other countries.

EXCLUSIVE: Gaius Purcell speaks

The Daily Prophet’s most valued political analyst Melissa Knox has managed to obtain an exclusive interview with nobody else than former Diplomat, Death Eater, and Azkaban prisoner, Mr Gaius Purcell. In this interview, held in a humble muggle establishment in the French countryside, a very modest Mr Purcell discusses his time in Azkaban, his release, and his take on Britain’s current politics and foreign affairs. For security reasons, all letters in response to this interview shall undergo a meticulous analysis organised by Reddington & Associates, before reaching the Daily Prophet’s redaction. [link]

MELISSA KNOX >> “Mr Purcell, I would like to thank you, on behalf of our publication, for agreeing to have this interview. I am very honoured to finally meet you in person, the one who can only valiantly be deemed a survivor of” [Melissa pauses for a moment, and lets out a soft, yet aching sigh, as she wipes off a tear with her black silk and lace handkerchief] “Azkaban.”
GAIUS PURCELL >> [Gaius nods once in thanks] "No, it is my pleasure to share my story with you and your readers, Ms Knox. At the time of political upheaval and uncertainty, I feel the public have a right to know as much information as is possible, so as to make better informed decisions."

MK >> “If that is the case, should you be comfortable with approaching this certain subject, I have a slight inquiry.” [Melissa hesitates, and deeply inhales, as her emotions overtake her for a moment, due to the delicate nature of the topic] “The Shacklebolt government prides itself with creating the ban against the usage of Dementors in regards to the guarding of Azkaban. However, we, the people, have received no concrete evidence of such a change taking place, doubt further emphasised by the Swedish government’s claims and actions. Has your stay there been as comfortable as Minister for Magic Shacklebolt claims?”
GP >> [Gaius nods, understanding the question. He considers it for a moment.] "As you would imagine, Azkaban is not a comfortable place. Nor should it be. Some of Britain's most unpleasant characters are kept within its walls, and that is most certainly a good thing. Mister Shacklebolt is indeed correct, there are no more Dementors at Azkaban. A fact I much appreciated." [He gives a brief chuckle] "My detention was not entirely pleasant, however I was not mistreated, if that is what you mean."

MK >> “That is reassuring to know, then.” [Melissa sketches a soft smile] “Since we approached the subject of governments, it is quite intriguing that you are blamed for so many of Tom Riddle and Pius Thicknesse’s deeds, when you were not involved at all with the British Ministry at the time. There are a lot of fake news regarding your activities during that time, all delivered blindly by the Shacklebolt government’s favoured media. Do you believe certain political forces are trying to wrong you? Considering another country’s government has come to your defence, one cannot but only doubt the credibility of our own.”
GP >> [The expression upon Gaius' face becomes more serious] "An interesting question, indeed. The events of May nineteen-ninety-eight are often misread, surprisingly by many learned political analysts. I can imagine this can only be because they hold 'acceptable' biases. My activities at that time are no state-secret, they were recorded, with reasonable accuracy, during my trial. Yes, I was a senior member of Tom Riddle's Death Eaters. Yes, we established, as per our stated aim, control over a dying Ministry of Magic in an attempt to hold Britain together during a time of intense internal conflict. And yes, for just over nine months we nearly unified the country. The fact that Sweden sees this period as one of great progress for Britain, is, I believe, an exoneration of our aims at the time. Naturally, the current Ministry of Magic would see things differently" [He smiles at Melissa, a shared joke.]

MK >> “Indeed, Britain’s Ministry had quite the stability during those nine months, along with great international relations. And, as you mentioned, it is a known fact that during your time as a diplomat relations with Sweden were at their peak. Accordingly, were you surprised by the Nyström administration’s acts or did you know of them beforehand?”
GP >> "Well, I have no contact nor shared interest with Sweden at present, I assure you. However, I believe the Nyström administration is reacting in part to what could be read as a blatant disregard for the safety and security of the magical population of the British Isles, by their current government. I'm sure not only Sweden is alarmed at how bad things have become in Britain over the past four years."

MK >> “It is a sad truth, indeed, that our current government’s approaches are far from proficient. If we went by Shacklebolt’s doctrine and system of approach, we ought to declare war to Sweden for its beliefs and policies.”
GP >> "Well, I understand what you mean, however Mister Shacklebolt is an intelligent and experienced man, and I am sure he is working very hard currently to repair those damaged links between the two countries. Whether he currently possesses the correct quality of personnel for such a sensitive job, is another matter . . ."

MK >> “Sitting here with you, it just struck me that you were – you are – judged for carrying the weight of someone else’s plans for a new world order. In the aftermath, everyone has acted as if you have done everything single-handedly, as though there was nobody else in the room and there were not any other parties involved. That is how the Shacklebolt government presents it: Purcell’s War. It seems as if Minister Shacklebolt is using his intelligence to place onto you all of Tom Riddle’s deeds, when you were not even part of the government at the time.”
GP >> [Gaius laughs for a moment] "Miss Knox, you should have been my defence lawyer. There are several factors to unpack here. Yes, I participated in the governmental planning for Tom Riddle. Yes, at the same time Britain was wracked by a militant insurgency; an insurgency, I must add, that did not have popular support, but was rather run by a group of student radicals, which unfortunately had its original roots in Hogwarts, of all places. We all are brutally aware of the horrific events that took place in May nineteen-ninety-eight, the epicentre of which was at the school, and the horrific loss of life on all sides, I do not need to refresh memories of that time. Your readers may have first-hand experience. Of course, what happened next was most interesting. Many important figures lost their lives; much of the history and reasoning for events was lost in the process; we were then left with a confused narrative, which, of course, was perfect for the student radicals, who then were free to construct their own simplified, romantic view of what had happened, and this became the official truth. In this view, I, and the beliefs I defended, were necessarily demonised. That truly was the last battle of the war. "
MK >> [Melissa hides her amusement at the lawyer remark] “Following that train of thought, two questions – firstly, regarding the fact that your beliefs and actions were demonised. Do you regret acting as part of Tom Riddle’s organisation? Apart from everything else,” [Melissa pauses, offering Gaius a compassionate glance] “it gave people a reason to overlook your awe-inspiring career as a diplomat.”
GP >> "Indeed, a good question. I have few regrets with regards participating in Tom Riddle's organisation; his beliefs aligned with those of my own, and I truly believed he acted with the best interests of the wizarding people of Britain. In fact, I feel as though we are currently much too close to the original events, to measure the success and effectiveness of Riddle. History may judge him very differently than he is today. And all movements require a vanguard, that role was taken by the Death Eaters." [He pauses to sip from a glass of water] "My career as a diplomat, I personally feel, was not as important as attempting to make a lasting political change in Britain."

MK >> “You are far too modest, Mr Purcell. A good quality in a diplomat, I must say.” [Melissa inhales deeply before continuing] “Secondly, going back to your previous comment, it appears that the student radicals’ narrative is indeed not going according to plan, for survivors of the Second Wizarding War, through the means of our exquisite columnist Edith Holthouse, claim that the Shacklebolt government fails to keep the vast majority of its idyllic promises. Truthfully, as a political analyst, I can easily point out the obvious, that one cannot expect much of a man who was merely the acting bodyguard of the muggle Prime Minister and therefore has no experience with diplomacy, politics and social policies. Not to mention that he simply was found suitable for the position because there is – was –“ [Melissa glances at Gaius suggestively] “a lack of leaders in Britain, along with the fact that the alternative would have been a one of the before-mentioned student radicals. Considering your own magnificent career, if you were in power during all the time after Tom Riddle’s defeat, and not unjustly imprisoned for slight ideological differences, we probably would have all matters handled much more professionally. Correct?”
GP >> [Gaius gives a slow nod, considering the question. He takes some time to answer it.] "Here, I would disagree with you, Miss Knox. First, Mister Shacklebolt is a fine politician. True, his experience may be lacking, however the fact that Britain is currently not tearing itself apart in a civil war is a near-miraculous feat. I am a firm believer that doing a job is much better than simply training for a job, from the perspective of learning. However, the rot in the current administration runs much deeper than its leadership, and this is what Miss Holthouse's most interesting articles teach us. We currently have a populace that were never correctly reconciled after those tragic events; a Ministry that, dying on its feet in the mid-nineties and untrusted my the vast majority of the population, had a large majority of its skilled and experienced leaders ripped from its heart in that infernal summer, and remains now as a shell of an organisation. It is no surprise to me that current public trust in the Ministry is at shockingly low levels; that the promises made to Miss Holthouse were never kept - they never could be kept; they were the pipe-dreams of extremists, rather cruelly used to garner support from a hurt and scarred people. Mister Shacklebolt is attempting to herd cats, and I'm not sure he has the solution to this current lack of conviction in his institution. I'm not sure anyone has, for that matter. But, this is the world they created."

MK >> [Melissa nods approvingly, and takes a sip from a glass of water] “There are many who support your opinion, Mr Purcell. However, those of extreme ideology who remain loyal to the Minister, state, and I quote, ‘If Kingsley Shacklebolt had felt he had popular support he probably would have respected his promises’.” [She hands Gaius the piece of parchment, an article from The Quibbler] “What is your opinion regarding this declaration of a Shacklebolt follower?”
GP >> [Gaius takes the article and scans over it] "I have no opinion; the question rather is; why do the supporters of Mister Shacklebolt believe he has already lost the support of the populace? That is what should be keeping his analysts up at night."

MK >> “Indeed.” [Melissa arches an eyebrow, visibly impressed] “Following this logic, I shall ask about it partly because it has been, continues to be, and will always be used as an excuse. One obviously cannot have a war without popular support for that war. However, because of what happened to you in the aftermath of nineteen-ninety-eight, within the Ministry of Magic there obviously is not popular support for intervention when it comes to helping victims and survivors, for it would be labelled by the Minister himself as an ‘act of corruption’. Conversely, it is perceived by the people that the government not going in and meddling in certain affairs causes more misery than them properly interfering. Is the man who harshly judged you afraid to be judged by his own standards?”
GP >> "The issue you describe is, I believe, a reasonably normal state of affairs for a society nearly torn apart by violence and hate. The government that takes control after such a scenario will always be seen to be in the wrong, to be doing too much or too little; the situation is catch-22, and this is exactly where Mister Shacklebolt does have my sympathies. I am afraid that the situation that the British Ministry, and therefore the Minister himself, have got themselves into is that they are too tarnished by the events that brought them to power; they will be forever linked with those dark days. I do not think it is too controversial to suggest that a clean-sweep of the Ministry is long overdue, in fact I believe many of your readers would agree with me there."

MK >> “Many of the Prophet’s readers will surely agree with you on that matter, Mr Purcell. And I must say that your compassion for the Minister reveals great character.” [Melissa pauses for a moment] “Please allow me to pry and inquire regarding your own future plans.” [She smiles, offering Gaius a disconsolate look] “I must state that it would be a pity for someone with your vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of politics and diplomacy to retire, especially after you single-handedly repaired our relations with Sweden, thus compensating for the Ministry’s instability. You know what they say, absence is presence, and your absence has made many realise how truly needed your presence is.”
GP >> [Gaius smiles, almost bashfully] "Whilst I am honoured by your kind and considerate words, Miss Knox, I am afraid that you are overestimating my capabilities. Our conversation today may have taken a slight negative bent, which of course, considering the current state of public opinion in Britain, is not surprising at all. However, I am optimistic for the future; I believe that there is a new generation of witches and wizards in the country who have turned their backs on the mistakes of the previous generations, and who will almost certainly work towards ensuring that such errors are never again repeated. Therefore I have no further plans other than a quiet retirement, and if I am lucky I would very much wish to continue my historical writings. I am glad to leave the world of political intrigue behind to younger men and women, who I am very sure still have the stomach for the fight. Hopefully our shared future will be much more peaceful than our past."

MK >> “Mr Purcell, you are far too modest.” [Melissa smirks almost teasingly at his reaction] “I shall not further inconvenience you. Thank you very much for meeting with me today, and, again, it has been a pleasure and an honour to personally meet you.” [She pauses, and extends her hand to shake his] “It has been an inspirational and aspirational encounter, and I can only hope everyone shall take note of the unjust treatment you have gone through. You are truly remarkable for being one of the few people to have survived an extremist regime’s oppression, and I look forward to reading your future writings.”
GP >> "It has been my pleasure."

Minister for Magic profiles – Sweden: Nils Nyström

Born and raised in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, Minister for Magic Nils Nyström is a fifty-three year old Durmstrang alumni. Being one of the most remarkable figures of Vampyrfångare, Mr Nyström had not only been the top student during his time at Durmstrang, but also served as duelling captain and tsar of his house. Coming from a long line of diplomats and politicians, pureblood elitists, and often supporters of dark magic usage, Nyström’s career had been pre-established for him, having been tailored to become a diplomat since a fragile age.

Upon graduation, at eighteen, Nyström became a Diplomat for the Department of International Magical Cooperation, International Magical Office of Law. Five years later, at the age of twenty-three, he undertook the promotion exam, and was transferred to the Department of International Magical Cooperation, International Magical Office of Law of the International Confederation of Wizards as an Inspector. His work at the International Confederation of Wizards is admired up to this day, many of the cases he personally handled being not only studied by Law students, but are also incorporated in Law examinations worldwide.

Thanks to his remarkable activity at the International Confederation of Wizards, Nyström had been approached by the Swedish Minister for Magic to become his counsellor for International Affairs. Having worked at the International Confederation of Wizards for twelve years, a thirty-three year old Nyström decided that it was perhaps time for a change, and consequently returned to his country, to serve the Swedish people within the government. His collaboration with the Minister however had not been especially fruitful, for within five years, Nyström quit the Minister’s cabinet. According to the press release at the time, Mr Nyström declared that a ‘clash of ideologies’ occurred, and that he did not believe the Minister reflected the people’s views and principles through his legislature. The law which triggered Nyström’s ‘honour demission’ is rumoured to have been a decision of the Minister to punish Aurors who are particularly strict with muggleborn criminals.

Two months later, a forty year old Nyström returns to the Ministry of Magic, being offered the position of Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, after the previous one’s official retirement. Nyström’s mandate as Department Head had been revolutionary for the Swedish Ministry, as the former Diplomat had managed to negotiate several deals favourable for Sweden, and gain many trust-worthy ties with other countries and wizarding communities. His platform as Department Head within the Ministry centred on the fact that every other department should answer to the Department of International Magical Cooperation, because it was considered that all internal affairs affect international ones. As such, Nyström constructed himself an even tighter web of connections throughout all the Ministry, becoming an even more influential individual.

As muggleborns were receiving less severe sentences in Court, Nyström’s clash of ideologies with the Minister had surfaced once more. He held a press conference, where he publicly accused the Minister for favouring muggleborns, thus claiming that the Minister’s programme was to empower muggleborns over purebloods and halfbloods. His press release was taken particularly seriously by all Swedish witches and wizards – who, as a society, favour blood purity in general – and after two months of rather violent protests, the Minister for Magic was overthrown and imprisoned for life for high treason.

Following these events, at the age of forty-five, Nyström was overwhelmingly voted as Minister for Magic, receiving the support of over ninety percent of the Wizengamot, the rest simply abstaining from the vote; as such, there was no actual veto against his naming as Minister for Magic.

Nyström’s platform as Minister for Magic reflected the Swedish people’s values and principles to the core, the politician prodigiously becoming ‘the best Minister for Magic Sweden has had for centuries’. His resounding success can be noticed in several of his actions, the following being the most acclaimed by the people of Sweden:

1. Every muggleborn criminal receives an amount of extra five years on top of the regular punishment, so they would never rebel against purebloods.
2. Internal affairs, under any circumstances, cannot affect international affairs.
3. Corrupt newspapers, along with those spreading fabricated or incorrect news, were taken to trial, many of them being closed through court mandate for bribery and usage of slush funds.
4. Purebloods and halfbloods are favoured for jobs both within the public and the private sector, and their salaries are fifty percent higher than a muggleborn’s in the same position.
5. Additional funds were granted and invested for the promotion and nurture of the wizarding culture of Sweden, organisation of festivals, introduction of new holidays, and overall encouragement and promotion of Swedish culture and patriotism.
6. The Nyström administration had placed an emphasis on equal rights for witches, and it is the first government in the history of Sweden to have only witches as Department Heads.
7. Better health benefits and opportunities for werewolves, vampires, vily, sirens, giants, goblins, and other magical creatures.
8. Funding and encouraging Durmstrang’s move back to Sweden.

Minister for Magic Nils Nyström is known to be a very diplomatic and charming man, with impressive rhetorical skills. He has created the image of a perfect politician, having devoted all of his life to Sweden. When inquired regarding his personal life, Mr Nyström had always declared that he ‘belongs to Sweden’ and that his only children are ‘the students of Durmstrang, the future and hope of our society’. While many papers have tried to discover the personal endeavours of Mr Nyström, the only relationship the public has been made aware of was his liaison with Japanese Minister for Magic Murakami Reina. It had been apparently a particularly serious relationship, but the two have since separated due to their busy schedules. While Ms Murakami has since married and formed a family, Mr Nyström has never tried to replace the gap left behind by Ms Murakami.

Minister for Magic Nils Nyström is also loyal to his friends and highly prizes fair international relations, as recently proved by his latest dealing with the British government.

He's funny, he's witty, he's talented. Ugh. Is there anything he can't do?

I'm still upset that Australia didn't qualify for the World Cup. Even more so than the fact that my own country didn't, either. I was reading his interview with Rita Skeeter and I think he handled himself beautifully. He's cool, calm and collected and I think he swerved her questions with the grace of a swan.

He's such a nice guy. He's formidable on the pitch and off it, especially. I'm really interested to see how hard he gets back into training now the World Cup is over. I'm imagining he's got a lot to prove since his promotion to captain but I reckon he'll be just fine. Plus, apparently he got into a bit of a barney with that singer bloke. I can't remember his name. Chesterfield, was it? Like the furniture; stiff and boring. I'm much more of a Weird Sisters fan myself.

And he's going to that wedding that everyone's chatting about. Imagine him in the Californian sun, the light bouncing off his chest as he dips and in out of the pool and --

I bet his girlfriend is lovely, too. Do you think there will be photos of her? I haven't seen her but I bet she's just lovely. The lucky thing. Imagine having Hefin on your arm? I think I'd pass out. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I'm really proud of him and I hope he's proud of his fans, too. I also hope he'll play more friendly games in the British League because I can't really afford to apparate to Australia and watch him play. Especially now since I've got to pay rent and stuff. Come back to the UK, Hefin! I promise the weather isn't always so crappy!

P.S. You're smoking hot. Have you had a haircut?

P.P.S. Can I have a signed photo? I creased the other one from carrying it in my purse.

Lots of love,

Pippa Appleton.
“I saw security escort out Lesleigh Ollivander from the opening of The Carthin Hotel. She actually thought that her Label employee badge was equivalent to a press pass! It made my night!”

“I think Vincent Aguilar is the next Uric the Oddball! I saw him staring at a pair of sticks for three hours straight! He was convinced they were a breeding pair of Dugbogs. Someone should send him a jellyfish hat!”

“It looks like miss perfect Ilvermorny student, Sylvia Crowne, will get her first failing grade, and be proclaimed an Idiota in Professor Maria Schmidt Esposito’s Curse Braking class! The girl looked like she was going to crawl out of her skin during the field trip through the local rainforest to test their skills at an ancient cursed temple.”

“I hear from a freaked out Korrine Ollivander that a good chunk of the recent funds raised for the Village of Strudelburg has gone missing. I think they should have checked the Quidditch World Cup attendees with the biggest bulging pockets.“

Two fresh faces have been spotted coming and going from Akiyama Records. These recent Mahoutokoro graduates are unknown talents. Will we see them burst onto the scene or will they vanish like so much smoke? We're excited to see what the future holds for these aspiring artists!

Gravesend Griffins beater Roxanna Rathbone and seeker Cloé Cardozo have been caught coming out of bars and clubs of various levels of class and cleanliness. Are these two fierce Quidditch gals on the prowl for partners or will they leave a trail of broken hearts behind them?


Moscow Metalmen captain and Russian National beater Veronika Petrova has been spotted in Geneva, at a café near the International Confederation of Wizards’ Headquarters, having a seemingly intimate meeting with ICW Magical Games and Sports Inspector Balakrishna Bandyopadhyay. Is the Russian minx wanting to charm her way into the exotic Bandyopadhyay’s life, or is Petrova going to be placed under supervision due her excess of violence during the 2002 World Cup? Whispers state Petrova has been severely displeased by Russia’s performance, so perhaps she is indeed seeking to unwind.

The 424th Quidditch World Cup final had been a particularly intense game, with Egypt and Bulgaria maintaining an even score until the very last moment, when Egyptian seeker Rawya Zaghloul beat Viktor Krum to the snitch by mere seconds, thus ensuring Egypt’s win with 450 to 300. Labelled as a ‘crushing disappointment’ for Bulgaria, a tearful Krum announced his retirement at the press conference following the game, causing shockwaves within the world of Quidditch.

That's The Way The Cookie Krumbles
By Charlotte Bright Like so many Quidditch fans around the world, I was shocked and disappointed to hear the sudden news that Victor Krum would be hanging up his broom for the foreseeable future.

He's had a glittering career. From becoming the star of Durmstrang to the sparkling diamond of international Quidditch, it's with great sadness that I write this tribute. While Mr. Krum is still a very young man, it's likely his pride and ego had taken a bruising since losing out to Egypt in last month's World Cup final. Despite him guiding his team to second place in the last World Cup, it didn't seem to be enough for the Bulgarian. While I've never had the weight of a nation on my shoulders, it's not hard to see why this loss might have been particularly devastating.

Despite what Viktor might be thinking, he is not a disappointment to his country, his fans or his team. He played beautifully well, directing his team with the grace of a conductor performing with a full symphony orchestra. Unlike Harlan Bellamy, Mr. Krum guided his team to a World Cup final. As a unit, they played incredibly well and it saddens me to think that the Seeker might not see things that way. He was a fearless leader, a tactical genius and an inspiring man. Charming, charismatic and exciting to watch and he still all of those things. He always will be.

The world was stunned into silence after Mr. Krum's announcement but soon, tributes and stories came flooding in. Everyone from the Bulgarian Minister of Magic to the editor of the Quidditch Gazette had nothing but good things to say about him. While the location of the Seeker is currently unknown, sources have spoken about him renting a private island in the Indian Ocean for the remainder of the summer, possibly to take time off and get his life back on track.

One thing we know for certain is that it's possible that Viktor Krum may return to Quidditch as a coach. The sport is in his blood and I'd be surprised if he can shake if off completely.  If that's the case, the teams of the world cannot breathe a sigh of relief just yet. I have no doubt that whatever the man turns his hand to next, he'll be just as brilliant.

So Viktor, thank you. Thank you for being world class. Thank you for being humble, passionate and hard working. Thank you for giving the world a master class in the art of broom-work and never letting your talents go to waste. Your country and your fans have taken you to their hearts and I can assure you, that there is where you'll stay forever.

Label Magazine holds its yearly fashion conference
Label Magazine invites all artists, game changers, and fashionistas to join its yearly fashion conference which will be held in London on the 28th of September. This year’s theme focuses on the revival of vintage fashion, showcasing a variety of designers that have taken the reintroduction of retro to the new level. It is a celebration of creativity and change, bringing together some of the most innovative minds, from a designer whose brand is built on inclusivity to the activist that is challenging the way the fashion industry works. Guests will have the opportunity to sit down with designers, creatives, and a variety of speakers over lunch, network, and get a sneak peek at a few pieces from Label Magazine’s favorite lines. 

Flash Sale
Breen's Potatoes will make an appearance in Diagon Alley during the first week of this month, market stand hours are from 10am - 7pm Monday through Saturday. Selling Potatoes at 10 Knuts a pound. Selling Oats form 5 Knuts a pound.
Health Code or Civil Rights Violation?
By Grunkla Mercurial We at the Daily Prophet would like to inform you, and cautiously warn you, that the Diagon Alley dive bar affectionately known as The Goblin Hole has reopened after quite a dramatic and public battle of rights. Last week, after a spike in the number of food poisoning related injuries were reported from St. Mungo's, the Wizarding Health Organization shut down the pub for what it deemed were "health code violations". A report released by a private firm (hired by the Ministry) detailed the food related items are contaminated and not safe for public consumption. A historical establishment, the Goblin Hole is more a way station for all manner of beasts, creatures, and magical folks and is known for serving dishes and specialities not recommended for human digestive systems. Despite the growing number of cases in St. Mungo's, thanks to a Goblin Rights' protest the Ministry of Magic has ruled to allow the pub to reopen immediately. Those responsible for the protest did not return our owls, but we did get a quote from a waitress wishing to remain anonymous. "Ain't our [censored] fault them hu-mees chose to eat the dragon fire dung nuts, shoulda' charged them for the [censored] drapes they [censored] set on [censored] fire." Curious (and a little nervous), we did some digging and we were shocked to learn which items on the menu were responsible! Among the listed recipes are some of my personal favorites: toe-fungus stew, bat wing pie, and barley and belch drafts. Think you might have eaten something that could right this moment be eating you from the inside out? Anyone experiencing the terribly painful and humiliating symptoms should immediately... continued on page 9A

advice letter
Dear Mrs Hurtz,

I think I am in love with my tutor. I am a twenty year old adult witch and am currently taking classes with this devilishly handsome warlock with the best smile and crispest blue eyes I have ever seen. The only problem is he's a decade older than me and completely oblivious that I have a crush on him since the moment we met. I am getting increasingly jealous every time he must rush off to another tutoring appointment. I am really thinking about using a few drops of a love potion in his tea to at least plant the seed of attraction in his mind before he gets swept up by another witch.
I really do not know what else I can do.

A Head Over Heels Student

Dear Head Over Heels,

You are not the first student to have a crushed on their professor. Unfortunately, it is not ethical for either of you pursue any romantic relationship while he is still your tutor, nor should you slip him any amount of a love potion. Even if it is to just “plant a seed of attraction.” Instead,  I would recommend to immediately cancel your classes and find another tutor. Then wait at least a month before you ask him for coffee. Which is what I hear is quite acceptable course of actions among the younger generation. Good luck.

Yours truly,
Grizel Hurtz

Counting Down to Next June

Forget something? Need something to distract you from the fact that summer is over? For the first month of term all Mail-Orders to school locations are HALF PRICE at Graffiti is Art Too! Parchment, canvas, auto-filling quills, magic ink, paint brushes, charcoal, enchanted film and cameras, and so much more on sale! All student orders will also receive a special free "back to school survival kit". Each small tote bag is full of the essential goods any young artist might need during the coming months of being locked up behind the doors of the institution. Half price, easy to hide tattoos are also available during the holidays to any student showing a house crest! Limit one per customer. Discounts can not be applied to existing balances or with other coupons or promotions. Graffiti is Art Too! is not responsible for any art work created by the magical spray paint included in the back to school kits or paint cans spilled by clumsy owls.
Letter From a Reader
Dear Aliens,

I think maybe you have forgotten about us. This last term at Hogwarts was actually kind of... boring. It was quiet and simple and not in the least bit dangerous and it's not that I mind not having a crazy wizard try to kill us or monsters try and eat us but... where have you gone? Have you left us for good? Did you get what you came for? How come we never met? Or did we and I just don't remember... Oh Merlin have you brainwashed me? Is that how I some how passed Potions?

Please come back soon and if you don't mind I would love some space rocks.

Jari [personal information and address have been censored]

Screwed up with your Witch lately? We've got you covered
Our top shops to get her a gift that'll make her forget she's mad at you.

Lou's Gallery - Camden, London. Get her a gift that'll really get her cauldron bubbling, if you know what we mean. And if that doesn't work, you can always get yourself something instead.
The Lovecraft Apothecary - South Kensington, London. Every witch loves beauty products right? Can't go wrong with some nice skin care and lotion.
Fioriture - Sector 1, Neroli. This magiflorist can make just about any arrangement, but remember to it needs to be personal, don't just grab whatever is in the window.
Lux Aeterna - Toley Street, London. Scented candles are a sure way back into any witch's good graces. They even make special molded forms, we suggest the "I'm Sorry I'm a Knob" shape.
Asclepius's Apothecary & Greenhouse - Knockturn Alley, London. When apologies aren't enough there are always memory potions love potions.
Duchi s krylami - St. Petersburg, Russia. Trust us; you can not go wrong with some trademarked Krylov scented perfume and famed "Winged Lips" lip balm.
Honeydukes Sweetshop - Hogsmeade. A sweet treat is sure to win her over, especially if you happen to remember what her favorite candy is... yes she told you, think hard.
Iris Lane Vintage - Dame Street, Dublin. Lovely vintage wares and clothing sure to make her feel special and unique. We recommend gift receipts and if you don't know her size: do not buy bigger just in case.
Sugar and Spice Critter Cafe - Hogsmeade. Keep this one in your robe pocket's for when you've really made a mess of things. Spend an hour with her, some kittens, and maybe even a unicorn and it'll be like it never happened.

The Hummingbird Bistro is Fluttering
A Restaurant Review by the famous wizarding chef Zinerva Alescio.

Upon my arrival to Chatoeil, France, a quant wizarding town frequented by Beauxbatons students I was quite parched and ready for a meal. It was morning, I had a moment to observe the shops located in the town and had selected The Hummingbird Bistro as a new journey this month. The decor would likely shock anyone who wasn't prepared for a year round Valentine's Day extravaganza. If it wasn't a bistro, it could be a nice floral shop. You wouldn't expect floral chandeliers from a place that serves food. It could be described as a place that would make sense in a dollhouse in the bedroom of a little witch.

Nonetheless, they serve the best breakfast I have had in Chatoeil. Eggs are cooked to perfection, I asked for sunny-side-down and they did not disappoint to ensure the yolk was still in tact when I flipped it over. Just the right amount of salt and pepper was used. The toast menu considers the level of which to toast your bread, whether light, medium, or heavy. Heavy wasn't even burnt, like some places that give away charcoal for a side plate and expect you to pay for it. Their jelly and jams are locally sourced, unfortunately out of strawberry due to a strawberry shortage, I went for blueberry. Sweet but tarte, like blueberries naturally are. The side of hash was delightfully crispy, with a lacking of that mush of undercooked potato. I was expecting my coffee to be substandard, the typical coffee that you'd get at restruants who have it on their menu just to say they have some. It had a bit of a hazelnut flavor to it, wasn't underwatered or overwatered, and smelled like a soft and easy morning.

I give this bistro a 4.5/5 stars for my visit. Even treated to a 10% discount as an alumni to Beauxbatons. Please check this little place out on your next visit. The décor is romantic and feminine, but the cooking is divine.

Staff Notice:
The Daily Prophet announces the departure of its Senior Editor; Bernardo Moss. An extraordinary sitting of the Prophet’s board took place on Friday, 30th August, where allegations relating to the purported inappropriate conduct of Mr. Moss towards one Ms. Nathalie Wilkins, Ministerial Press Officer, were discussed in detail. It was unanimously agreed by all attending that it was not feasible for Mr. Moss to continue in his present role and simultaneously represent the goals and aims of the Daily Prophet. Mr Moss has, as of 1st September, been removed from the role of Senior Editor. The Daily Prophet will not make any further public comment on the matter, but has always underlined its commitment to fairness and equality in the workplace.

Ms. Melissa Knox will act as temporary Senior Editor of the paper, until a suitable replacement has been selected.

The Ministry's Department of Miseries
By Edith Holthouse I really appreciate the advice I’ve received over the past several weeks, concerned readers who take time out of their busy, busy schedules to send me a letter with helpful suggestions, including (but not limited to):
  - stop writing before I curse your fingers off,
  - run slower next time someone is chasing you,
  - stop and consider that maybe you are the problem, and
 - you should blame yourself for what happened to your friend.

But by far, the best piece of advice was that I better figure out what I’m trying to achieve with this column before sending it to print again. I’m still working on that one, but I’ll get there.

So really, from the bottom of my heart: I appreciate it.

letter from a friend

To whom it may concern whoever can fix this [censored] mess,

My name is Yusuf and I am a wizard without hope. For months I have been making complaints to the Ministry about my fool brained no-good [censored]hole prick of a neighbor and no one will do a Godric-damned thing. I have written letters, howlers, and even camped out in front of the reception desk (until I was forcefully removed by some handsy wizards), all to no avail. My neighbor is a menace when it comes to magic. He's always out in the yard trying some new stupid spells he's created and the next one is always worse than the last. A week ago he set my house on fire AND THEN HE FLOODED IT! [Censored] for brains then claimed he was a hero for putting out the fire. My cat was not amused. Anyone with a feline friend will understand the sheer tangible hatred and pure loathing in the eyes of their cat. I have to check under the sofa before I sit down just in case she is underneath waiting to enact her revenge on my ankles.

AND THEN THIS WEEK: Oh that Merlin [censored] blasted [censored] sensed jerk made it rain frogs. Yes. [censored] [censored] [we don't know if this is profanity, but we censored it anyway] Frogs. I have attached proof with this letter. Something needs to be done with him. I hear they have a prison in England, send him there, let him try some funky [censored] spells on those creepily cloaked fellows. See how they handle it.

That or I swear I'll let the cat loose on him.

I don't like frogs.
Letter to the Editor in Regards to The Ministry's Department of Miseries, August 2002
To the Editor:
As a society that values the future of the wizarding community, we must consider the following question: Do we value upholding the traditions which have played a heavy role in shaping the community we have today, or must we be held accountable for making the general population content? On one hand, following tradition feels outdated; the world is changing and with it, what it means to be a practitioner of magic changes on a yearly basis. Nevertheless, a government that aligns its agenda in accordance to whoever complains the loudest becomes effectively inefficient. The argument for equality sounds noble on paper, but the fact of the matter is that we are not all equal in the eyes of the Ministry as made obvious by the way some in the community are seen with pity while others are looked upon with disdain. If anyone should be allowed to put forth their grievances against the government, it should be us, the small community that strives to retain our magical heritage from the greedy hands of those who wish to exploit it for their own good. But what have we been given? We have been accused for our beliefs; families and friends have been torn apart for holding a creed that has been passed from generation to generation close to their hearts. We have been metaphorically marked as evil and unconcerned with the world when all we wish for is to create a sound and safe environment for the future of the wizarding community.

I sincerely wished to feel pity for Ms. Holthouse after reading her article in last month’s issue of the Daily Prophet, however, I found myself unmoved by her argument. Certainly the War was not only difficult to those of her…heritage. Rather, it was a devastating outcome for all those involved, particularly for the pureblooded community whose beliefs were twisted by the media and converted into something extremely alternative. It is unfair to decide that one group’s desire for permanence is more important that another. After all, though the initial sanctions placed against the muggleborn community might have seemed difficult to implement in the beginning, it was ultimately done with their safety in mind. Further accommodations have been made in the regaining of previous employment, support groups, sympathetic gazes in the streets, and I am certain that as I write this, further legislation will be written or advocated for in an effort to right a “wrong” that the Ministry believes was committed in the past.

I urge Ms. Holthouse to find guidance in her own conclusion; it is indeed people like her that are part of the problem but it is not due to the unkind hand dealt by fate but it is due to personal choice. Therefore, I implore her to find comfort in the fact that there is a solution for her “suffering” and “loneliness” that awaits her once she decides to stop blaming our society for her personal insecurities.

Genevieve D. Grosvenor

MACUSA Clock Mishap
Earlier this month, the large clock that resides in MACUSA headquarters promptly stopped working, causing temporary chaos as the device is used by many workers to help get to where they're going throughout the skyscraper. An investigation launched into the disturbance determined that the cause of the failure was sabotage by a disgruntled house elf employee. The elf in question; their name withheld due to the ongoing investigation; had apparently removed decades-old ancient charms that had been in use to help the clock function. The elf has been placed on leave without pay and is due into court on a date to be determined.

At this time witches and wizards are to remain diligent about their management of time and have their own timepiece on hand until the clock is restored to proper working condition. It is hopeful that with the assistance of magical researchers, it should be back in service in two to three weeks. Please disregard the current stationary time, it is only correct twice a day.

Thank you,
MACUSA Facility Management Committee
Hot off the press from Ukraine!
E. Reavley, KREMENCHUK, UKRAINE -- The captains and owners of five Quidditch League teams from Ukraine announced in late August their withdrawal from the Russian Ministry Department of Magical Games and Sports.

At a last-minute press conference Monday following Egypt's victory over Bulgaria in the World Cup final, the seven members of the Ukrainian National Team and the owners of their corresponding League teams - Lviv Kings, Mykolaiv Shields, Zhytomyr Ironbellies, Donetsk Miners, and Kiev Castles - revealed the formation of the Ukrainian Independent Quidditch League, which will answer to the International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee but will not answer to the Russian Ministry. The press conference was held at the Russian Ministry's only Ukrainian satellite office in Kremenchuk.

Liliya Wolanski, Ironbellies Captain and national team Chaser, decried the Ministry's attempts at "fair treatment of the other Eastern European countries it purports to represent."

"We have shared with one another multiple instances where [we] have been slighted in favour of rulings for Russian teams," Wolanski insisted in one of her diatribes.

In place of the authority of the Russian Department of Magical Games and Sports, the eight owners of the five Ukrainian teams will form an advisory board for the new UIL.

"Of course we are pleased to continue to hold friendly competitions with our Russian and Belarusian neighbours," Ironbellies co-owner Anna Shevchenko told reporters among other comments. "But we will no longer fight tooth and nail to barely scrabble at the top when native Russian teams are being clearly favoured by their own government officials, corrupt or otherwise."

Gavrie Filimonov, a Russian native but co-owner of the Kiev Castles, very notably had little to say on the subject. "The performance of the Castles this year, and of [Omelyan] Hryshchuk and [Alina] Osipenko in the World Cup, provides a case for unity among the Ukrainian players," Filimonov stated in his only response.

Later that afternoon, Magical Games and Sports Head Vadoma Vikhrova gave a measured response to the Ukrainian cries of support for its players and outrage against her department.

"Enrollment in the Ministry's official League has always been and will always be voluntary," Vikhrova stated. "We are disheartened, but obligated, to honour the request of our five proud Ukrainian teams, who will no longer receive promotion, advertisement, funding, or merchandising from the Minsitry of Magic."

It is unclear whether the Ministry will allow their remaining official teams in the Russian League to enter into any contests with the seceded Ukrainian Independent League, or if teams from the Eurasian League which the Ministry also oversees will be reassigned to the Russian League to fill some of the vacated spots on the regular season schedule.

general information
The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee, with help from the Admin Team. The new layout has been inspired from members’ suggestions and, accordingly, it is considered to be a team effort of the entire community.

As such, within the content, one can find the following sections: (i) Current events and Mini Plots of the Month, the section which encompasses all MPs, along with worldwide political trends and shifts, (ii) Hold your hippogriffs!, the sole section ran by the Admin Team to deliver plot-related articles, (iii) Cat’s among the pixies, where the monthly interview, along with the Minister for Magic profiles can be found, (iv) The babbling cauldron, your #1 source for all gossip and rumours, (v) Snitches and witches, all articles related to social events, and, lastly, (vi) Losing a Knut and finding a Galleon, where all other political articles can be found.
how to contribute
Firstly, by playing out the MPs! We all want you to participate in the lovely settings provided by the Plot Committee, and encourage all kinds of involvement. In regards to the worldwide plot, one can thread it out with any kind of character, regardless of location, age or profession. World politics can be easily mentioned in any thread, or simply by casually stating that your character was reading the local newspaper for some distraction. It’s an easy way to gain MP FPP points, perhaps this being the most malleable MP to thread out!

Secondly, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact @Elena or a member of the Plot Committee.

Please take note that you can submit any kind of articles or blurbs you wish, or simply link us to a thread or personal plot you want to be mentioned or written about, and we’ll do the writing for you!
We would like to thank everyone for all their support and help in writing this issue.

Firstly, the Daily Prophet wouldn’t be possible without the creativity and help of the Plot Committee: @Gavin, @Samm, @Heather, @Sarah C, @Chaw, and @Elena.

Secondly, thanks to @Mel, @Taed, @Christine, @Sioban, @Ashton, @Laura, and @Dylan for their marvellous contributions.

We hope you will all enjoy this new issue and will have fun in the new playtime!

Special thanks from @Elena
I would like to thank @Gavin for his wonderful editing skills, @Samm for her flawless graphic-making abilities which resulted in our fancy new headers, and, last but definitely not least, @Christine for the glorious original coding, which is so easy to use it’s truly out of this world.

Elena [ Super-Admin ]
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(ii) Hold your hippogriffs!, the sole section ran by the Admin Team to deliver plot-related articles

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BoT for Durmstrang is here and Koldovstoretz is here

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The Hanaoka Elders were extremely pleased with the trade agreement and sent a congratulatory bouquet to the ministry!

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Two new The Daily Prophet badges have been released! One for IC writers and contributors, and one for IC interviewees, and have already been awarded.
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