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[Background Information] Döttrar Vik
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Döttrar Vik, or daughter’s cove, is a small coastline town just outside of Luleå, Sweden, and original home to Durmstrang Academy of Magic. Döttrar Vik earned its name by being a small fisherman’s village close to the home of a clan of Siren. The gubernatorial body of Döttrar Vik consists almost entirely of women and has for many years, to better work with the Siren clan nearby on one hand, and to not be affected by their Siren magic, on the other. Despite having Durmstrang within walking distance, Döttrar Vik has maintained a small footprint over the last few years, with all attempts to expand the town resulting in damage to ships and influencial townsfolk going missing under unknown circumstances. As such, the town remains mostly isolated and with few visitors outside of those attempting to visit Durmstrang Academy.

The Sirens of Döttrar Vik have a unique matriarchial culture that bleeds into the town. Sirens walk freely into Döttrar Vik, and are respected as much as any being. There are laws against the unlawful arrest or hunting of these creatures there, and their cooperation is integral to the town’s success. The Sirens work closely with the government to ensure the town is not encroaching upon siren territory or rights and in return the siren do trade with the town, and are careful not to target ships heading to this location. Some mixed siren have artisanal shops along Döttrar Vik’s coastline selling jewelry or other handmade commodities which then benefit the clan.

The town is separated into four sections: a residential area, the coastline marketplace (with an assortment of shops, restaurants, and kiosks), downtown (which includes government buildings and city hall), and the fisherman’s village (a dark hideaway for pirates and unsavory fellows).

The residential area takes of the majority of Döttrar Vik and consists of small homes and house-boats in a suburban setting. These neighborhoods range from ritzy and comfortable, to sketchy and unsafe, depending on their geographic location and proximity to the fisherman’s village. Generally, the closer to downtown, the nicer the home. Those on the coast are the nicest of all.

Downtown is the central hub of Döttrar Vik. This is where city hall is located, along with the siren history museum. There is an artist hall downtown for music and theater performances, along with various small shops and restaurants.

The real cultural hub is the coastline marketplace. This is full of seaside restaurants, shops, and kiosks selling interesting and mystical mercahndise. There are even some kiosks manned by part siren which benefit the clan itself. This is the section where most Durmstrang students will visit during their weekends.

There is also a darkside to Döttrar Vik, however, and that is known as the fisherman’s village. This is the home to many occult shops and pirate taverns, places where most anything could be bought or sold for the right price. Durmstrang students are forbidden from accessing this section of Döttrar Vik for safety reasons, but are physically able to should they desire to break the rules.



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